Boy Names That Start with “EVA”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a joyful journey filled with anticipation and excitement.

If you’re seeking a name that exudes strength, elegance, or a touch of uniqueness, exploring names beginning with “Eva” might just be the perfect place to start.

While “Eva” may not be the most common starting sound for boy names, it offers a rich assortment of options that carry diverse meanings and origins.

From timeless classics like Evan, meaning “young warrior,” to more modern choices such as Evander, with its heroic connotations, the array of possibilities is both vast and captivating.

In this exploration, we’ll venture into the realm of boy names that start with “Eva,” unveiling their meanings, cultural significance, and perhaps discovering the ideal name that resonates with your aspirations for your son.

So, whether you’re drawn to names steeped in tradition or ones that boast a contemporary flair, join us on this delightful journey as we uncover the allure of boy names that start with “Eva.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “EVA”

Evaldo – “Brave ruler” (Germanic)

Evander – “Good man” (Greek)

Evangelo – “Bearer of good news” (Italian)

Evart – “Shepherd” (Old English)

Evans – “Son of Evan” (Welsh)

Evangelos – “Bringer of good news” (Greek)

Evangelo – “Bringer of good news” (Italian)

Evandro – “Good man” (Portuguese)

Evaldas – “Brave ruler” (Lithuanian)

Evani – “Young fighter” (Irish)

Evanthos – “Blossoming” (Greek)

Evagoras – “He who is happy” (Greek)

Evald – “Shepherd” (Germanic)

Evann – “God is gracious” (Scottish)

Evaristo – “Excellent” (Spanish)

Evannor – “Strong” (Old English)

Evens – “Son of Evan” (Welsh)

Evandro – “Manly” (Spanish)

Evalino – “Brave” (Italian)

Evandro – “Courageous” (Portuguese)

Evarez – “Son of Ever” (Spanish)

Evalds – “Shepherd” (Latvian)

Eviano – “God is gracious” (Latin)

Evarist – “Excellent” (Italian)

Evangelo – “Bringer of good news” (Italian)

Evaniel – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Evarado – “Brave and hardy” (Spanish)

Evencio – “Good victory” (Spanish)

Evange – “Bearer of good news” (Italian)

Evaristo – “Most desired” (Greek)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “EVA”

Evann – “Young warrior” (Scottish)

Everson – “Son of Ever” (English)

Evangelo – “Good news bearer” (Italian)

Evander – “Brave man” (Greek)

Evald – “Strong warrior” (German)

Evarius – “Guardian” (Latin)

Evano – “Gracious” (Italian)

Evaldo – “Strong ruler” (Germanic)

Evran – “Young warrior” (Welsh)

Evanoel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Evron – “Strong as a wild boar” (Hebrew)

Evanio – “Young warrior” (Latin)

Evair – “Good man” (Spanish)

Evanz – “God is gracious” (Scottish)

Evartis – “Brave” (Latvian)

Evannor – “Champion” (Old English)

Evanoir – “Dark warrior” (French)

Evaric – “Eternal ruler” (Latin)

Evalyn – “God is gracious” (Old English)

Evaneo – “Young fighter” (Spanish)

Evanco – “Warrior” (Welsh)

Evanoah – “Gracious” (Latin)

Evalon – “Brave” (Italian)

Evanoe – “Gracious warrior” (Spanish)

Evanico – “Little warrior” (Latin)

Evarion – “Guardian” (Greek)

Evanzi – “Gracious one” (Italian)

Evanthe – “Blossoming” (Greek)

Evanur – “Light warrior” (Old English)

Evancio – “Good victory” (Spanish)

Unique “EVA” Names for Boys

Evadian – “Eternal” (Latin)

Evagin – “Strong as a rock” (Welsh)

Evalder – “Guardian ruler” (Germanic)

Evaran – “Brave protector” (Old English)

Evalion – “Noble protector” (Italian)

Evadino – “Little warrior” (Spanish)

Evaloren – “Light of victory” (Latin)

Evairis – “Everlasting” (Greek)

Evasio – “Bringer of good news” (Italian)

Evaldor – “Strong protector” (Germanic)

Evantor – “Brave warrior” (Greek)

Evadran – “Eternal defender” (Welsh)

Evasian – “Graceful victor” (Spanish)

Evaldon – “Noble guardian” (Germanic)

Evalon – “Brave lion” (Latin)

Evarion – “Ruler of peace” (Greek)

Evailen – “Gracious protector” (Welsh)

Evalen – “Light of grace” (Italian)

Evaroth – “Guardian of wealth” (Old English)

Evalgar – “Brave spear” (Germanic)

Evaser – “Bringer of hope” (Italian)

Evalion – “Noble guardian” (Latin)

Evalenor – “Champion” (Greek)

Evadrian – “Eternal protector” (Welsh)

Evalric – “Brave ruler” (Germanic)

Evandor – “Noble defender” (Greek)

Evasian – “Victor of grace” (Spanish)

Evasir – “Bringer of peace” (Italian)

Evailor – “Guardian of light” (Latin)

Evalon – “Noble warrior” (Old English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “EVA”

Evan – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Everett – “Brave as a wild boar” (English)

Evans – “God is gracious” (Welsh)

Evaristo – “Well-pleasing” (Spanish)

Evander – “Good man” (Greek)

Evangelos – “Messenger of good news” (Greek)

Evander – “Strong and courageous” (Scottish)

Evanson – “Son of Evan” (English)

Evard – “Strong as a boar” (English)

Evann – “Young warrior” (Irish)

Evanio – “Youthful” (Latin)

Evgeni – “Well-born” (Russian)

Evaldo – “Strong” (Italian)

Evarard – “Strong” (Germanic)

Evoy – “Well-born” (Irish)

Evrain – “Peaceful ruler” (Welsh)

Evansh – “Gift of God” (Indian)

Evanton – “From Evan’s town” (English)

Eveld – “Noble protector” (German)

Evelin – “Hazelnut” (Latin)

Evanto – “Youthful” (Italian)

Everest – “Inspired by the mountain” (English)

Evren – “Universe” (Turkish)

Evonte – “Yew tree” (English)

Evanthe – “Fair flower” (Greek)

Evart – “Strong as a wild boar” (English)

Evax – “Brave friend” (Spanish)

Evaldo – “Holds the sword” (German)

Evanon – “God is gracious” (Welsh)

Evric – “Powerful ruler” (Germanic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “EVA”

Evandro – “Strong, brave” (Portuguese)

Evani – “The Earth” (Sanskrit)

Evanton – “From Evan’s town” (Scottish)

Evadne – “Pleasing one” (Greek)

Evaku – “Born second” (Japanese)

Evagrius – “Good watchman” (Latin)

Evaristo – “Well-pleasing” (Italian)

Evrard – “Strong as a wild boar” (French)

Evzen – “Well-born” (Czech)

Evlampios – “Bright light” (Greek)

Evrem – “Strong and mighty” (Turkish)

Evstafiy – “Crowned with laurels” (Russian)

Evrard – “Brave boar” (French)

Evon – “God is gracious” (French)

Evarado – “Strong and brave” (Spanish)

Evgenios – “Noble” (Greek)

Evrhyl – “Strong” (Welsh)

Evyatar – “Brave, strong” (Hebrew)

Evlach – “Falcon” (Greek)

Evian – “Youthful” (French)

Evsevios – “Revered” (Greek)

Evnoich – “Bringer of light” (Russian)

Evgeni – “Noble, well-born” (Russian)

Evgeniy – “Well-born” (Russian)

Evodio – “Well pleasing” (Spanish)

Evrem – “Strong and mighty” (Turkish)

Evindar – “Brave, courageous” (Kurdish)

Evin – “The beloved” (Persian)

Evion – “God is gracious” (French)

Evrani – “Big-hearted” (Persian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “EVA”

Evan – “Young warrior” (Welsh)

Evadne – “Pleasing one” (Greek)

Evaline – “Life” (Latin)

Evander – “Good man” (Greek)

Evangel – “Bringer of good news” (Greek)

Evangeline – “Messenger of good news” (Greek)

Evania – “Peaceful” (Greek)

Evart – “Brave boar” (English)

Evelin – “Desired” (English)

Evette – “Life” (French)

Everest – “Highest peak” (English)

Everly – “From the boar meadow” (English)

Evian – “Water” (French)

Evita – “Living one” (Spanish)

Evra – “Strong as a boar” (Irish)

Evren – “Universe” (Turkish)

Evony – “Yew tree” (English)

Evora – “From Évora, Portugal” (Portuguese)

Evita – “Life” (Latin)

Evanna – “Right-handed” (Irish)

Evrard – “Hardy boar” (French)

Evon – “Archer” (Irish)

Evie – “Life” (Hebrew)

Evka – “Life” (Polish)

Evgeny – “Well-born” (Russian)

Evin – “Radiant” (Turkish)

Evra – “Wild boar” (English)

Ever – “Always” (English)

Evonne – “Yew” (English)

Evora – “Calm” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “EVA”

Evan – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Evadne – “Pleasing one” (Greek)

Evander – “Good man” (Greek)

Evangelos – “Bringer of good news” (Greek)

Evgeny – “Well-born” (Russian)

Evaristo – “One who is well-pleasing” (Spanish)

Evrard – “Hardy boar” (French)

Evzen – “Well-born” (Czech)

Evrat – “Righteousness” (Hebrew)

Evanuel – “God is with us” (Hebrew)

Evaldo – “Brave in war” (Italian)

Evaristus – “Pleasing” (Latin)

Evanok – “Gift of God” (Russian)

Evance – “Good news” (Latin)

Evrardo – “Strong boar” (Spanish)

Evanok – “Gift of God” (Russian)

Evandro – “Good man” (Greek)

Evdokim – “Acceptable to God” (Russian)

Evaristo – “Steadfast” (Italian)

Evanion – “Gift of God” (Welsh)

Evandros – “Brave man” (Greek)

Evgenios – “Well-born” (Greek)

Evlal – “Praise to God” (Turkish)

Evrart – “Strong as a boar” (French)

Evlagios – “Of good speech” (Greek)

Evsene – “God’s gift” (Turkish)

Evander – “Manly” (Greek)

Evanio – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Evodio – “Pleasant” (Spanish)

Evangelino – “Messenger of good news” (Italian)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “EVA”

Evan Peters

American actor known for his roles in television series such as “American Horror Story” and films like “X-Men.”

Evan Spiegel

Co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app.

Evan Goldberg

Canadian screenwriter, producer, and director known for his collaborations with Seth Rogen on films like “Superbad” and “This Is the End.”

Evan Williams

Co-founder of Twitter, a popular social media platform, and founder of Medium, a publishing platform.

Evan Dando

American musician and frontman of the alternative rock band The Lemonheads.

Evan Ross

American actor and musician known for his roles in films like “ATL” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.”

Evan Handler

American actor known for his roles in television series such as “Sex and the City” and “Californication.”

Evan Bayh

American politician who served as the Governor of Indiana and as a United States Senator.

Evan Thomas

American journalist and author known for his work as an editor at Newsweek and for his biographies of political figures like Robert F. Kennedy.

Evan Lysacek

American figure skater who won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics and a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

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