Boy Names That Start with “VU”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be an exciting yet challenging task, especially if you’re seeking something unique and meaningful.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that stands out, consider exploring boy names that start with “VU.”

Though “VU” is an uncommon starting combination, it offers a variety of intriguing and distinctive name options.

From names with cultural significance like Vuk, meaning “wolf” in Serbian, to more modern choices like Vule, there are plenty of possibilities to consider.

In this article, we will explore some of the best boy names that start with “VU” and their meanings.

Whether you are inclined towards traditional names or something more contemporary, there’s a “VU” name that will perfectly suit your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s uncover the unique appeal of boy names that start with “VU.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VU”

Vulcan – “God of fire” (Roman)

Vulture – “Bird of prey” (English)

Vulcanus – “Associated with fire” (Latin)

Vulcanio – “Of or related to volcanoes” (Italian)

Vuk – “Wolf” (Serbian)

Vuksan – “Guardian wolf” (Serbian)

Vukasin – “Wolf king” (Serbian)

Vukota – “Strong as a wolf” (Serbian)

Vukmir – “Fierce wolf” (Serbian)

Vuorensaku – “Mountain seeker” (Finnish)

Vuorensola – “Sunshine on the mountain” (Finnish)

Vukovic – “Son of a wolf” (Serbian)

Vukosav – “Praise the wolf” (Serbian)

Vukovic – “Son of a wolf” (Serbian)

Vucak – “Little wolf” (Serbian)

Vuco – “Wolfish” (Serbian)

Vudoy – “Blessed” (Igbo)

Vulakoro – “Warrior” (Fijian)

Vulrich – “Powerful leader” (German)

Vulthor – “Thunder wolf” (English)

Vulmir – “Wolf of the sea” (German)

Vuldon – “Valiant protector” (English)

Vulcanis – “Fiery warrior” (Latin)

Vulcanius – “Belonging to Vulcan” (Latin)

Vukoje – “Born of wolves” (Serbian)

Vukoja – “Son of the wolf” (Serbian)

Vukelic – “Little wolf” (Serbian)

Vukos – “Wolfish” (Serbian)

Vukobrat – “Brother of the wolf” (Serbian)

Vultrik – “Wolf power” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “VU”

Vukmir – “Guardian of peace” (Serbian)

Vulcanus – “Bringer of fire” (Latin)

Vulthor – “Brave and strong” (English)

Vulcanio – “Energetic and fiery” (Italian)

Vulrik – “Wise leader” (Norse)

Vutti – “One who brings joy” (African)

Vuruj – “Resolute and determined” (Turkish)

Vuksan – “Guardian of the people” (Serbian)

Vukoje – “Peaceful and serene” (Serbian)

Vulakoro – “Brave warrior” (Fijian)

Vulcanis – “Courageous fighter” (Latin)

Vulthar – “Strong and powerful” (English)

Vukos – “Energetic and vibrant” (Serbian)

Vulcanius – “Bold and fearless” (Latin)

Vukovic – “Protector of the family” (Serbian)

Vulcain – “Inspired and creative” (French)

Vulmar – “Noble and dignified” (German)

Vuko – “Harbinger of hope” (Serbian)

Vulcino – “Adventurous and daring” (Italian)

Vulkar – “Steadfast and reliable” (English)

Vulric – “Charismatic leader” (German)

Vulko – “Kind-hearted and compassionate” (Serbian)

Vutu – “Free spirit” (Fijian)

Vulson – “Son of strength” (English)

Vukosav – “Champion of the people” (Serbian)

Vukoj – “Bearer of light” (Serbian)

Vukasin – “Inspiring leader” (Serbian)

Vulchi – “Swift and agile” (Italian)

Vulthik – “Innovative thinker” (English)

Vukobrat – “Brotherhood and unity” (Serbian)

Unique “VU” Names for Boys

Vuzo – “Dreamer” (Zulu)

Vujaklija – “Artistic and creative” (Serbian)

Vuzim – “Radiant light” (Hebrew)

Vukadin – “Warrior of the morning” (Serbian)

Vuksen – “Guardian of the night” (Serbian)

Vulrick – “Protector of the realm” (German)

Vutomi – “Life giver” (Venda)

Vusani – “Awakener” (Zulu)

Vukobrad – “Defender of the weak” (Serbian)

Vukašin – “Bringer of dawn” (Serbian)

Vular – “Majestic and regal” (English)

Vulcanio – “Fierce and determined” (Italian)

Vuktar – “Brave and fearless” (Belarusian)

Vurnis – “Guardian of the forest” (English)

Vutomi – “Hopeful spirit” (Tsonga)

Vusumuzi – “Bringer of peace” (Zulu)

Vukas – “Protector of the land” (Serbian)

Vulekani – “Builder of dreams” (Zulu)

Vulac – “Steadfast and loyal” (English)

Vulfric – “Wise and noble ruler” (German)

Vusha – “Ambitious and determined” (Tamil)

Vudzai – “Praise be to God” (Shona)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VU”

Vukan – “Light, Flame” (Slavic)

Vukasin – “Wolf Prince” (Serbian)

Vulcan – “God of Fire” (Roman Mythology)

Vulmar – “Famous Wolf” (Old German)

Vulfric – “Wolf Power” (Old English)

Vulfer – “Wolf Traveler” (Old German)

Vulwin – “Wolf Friend” (Old English)

Vujadin – “Wolf Man” (Serbian)

Vule – “Wolf” (Serbian)

Vukota – “Wolf” (Serbian)

Vulfrid – “Wolf Peace” (Old German)

Vulfstan – “Wolf Stone” (Old English)

Vukomir – “Wolf Peace” (Slavic)

Vulfram – “Wolf Raven” (Old German)

Vulan – “Hope” (Vietnamese)

Vukas – “Wolf” (Serbian)

Vukanov – “Son of Vukan” (Slavic)

Vulkan – “Fire” (Slavic)

Vulkov – “Son of the Wolf” (Bulgarian)

Vulrad – “Counsel Wolf” (Old German)

Vulemir – “Great Wolf” (Slavic)

Vulfred – “Wolf Counselor” (Old German)

Vukoslav – “Glorious Wolf” (Serbian)

Vulphred – “Peaceful Wolf” (Old German)

Vulfgar – “Wolf Spear” (Old English)

Vulfrith – “Wolf Peace” (Old German)

Vulkadin – “Fire Warrior” (Slavic)

Vulkodor – “Gift of Fire” (Slavic)

Vulpine – “Fox-like” (Latin)

Vulthoom – “Guardian” (Fictional)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VU”

Vulcanio – “Relating to Vulcan” (Italian)

Vusal – “Meeting, Union” (Azerbaijani)

Vusumuzi – “Rejoice in the Home” (Zulu)

Vulmaro – “Famous Wolf” (Spanish)

Vuskov – “Son of Vus” (Bulgarian)

Vuyani – “Happiness” (Xhosa)

Vuong – “Prosperity” (Vietnamese)

Vukašin – “Wolf’s Son” (Serbian)

Vukadin – “Warrior Wolf” (Serbian)

Vukcevic – “Son of Vuk” (Montenegrin)

Vukota – “Little Wolf” (Montenegrin)

Vuslat – “Union, Reunion” (Turkish)

Vukajlo – “Little Wolf” (Serbian)

Vusiri – “King’s Palace” (Swahili)

Vutomi – “Life” (Tsonga)

Vukanovic – “Descendant of Vukan” (Serbian)

Vuyokazi – “One Who Calls for Peace” (Xhosa)

Vulo – “Wolf” (Serbian)

Vulinka – “Morning Star” (Indian)

Vulchan – “Dragon” (Bulgarian)

Vukmir – “Peaceful Wolf” (Serbian)

Vusani – “One Who Brings Joy” (Zulu)

Vuthy – “Wise” (Cambodian)

Vusumuzi – “Joy of the Home” (Zulu)

Vukoslav – “Wolf Glory” (Serbian)

Vulevich – “Son of Vule” (Serbian)

Vusalov – “Son of Vusal” (Azerbaijani)

Vulkano – “Volcano” (Italian)

Vutumba – “Life” (Tsonga)

Vuseni – “Joyful” (Swahili)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VU”

Vualle – “Valley” (English)

Vuana – “Graceful” (Modern)

Vudena – “Life” (Modern)

Vualina – “Joyful” (Modern)

Vuayla – “Charming” (Modern)

Vubina – “Bright” (Modern)

Vulora – “Courageous” (Modern)

Vumana – “Resilient” (Modern)

Vuanel – “Gift of God” (Modern)

Vushen – “Wise” (Modern)

Vumora – “Peaceful” (Modern)

Vuenda – “Noble” (Modern)

Vulani – “Heavenly” (Modern)

Vunara – “Compassionate” (Modern)

Vulorae – “Radiant” (Modern)

Vurene – “Beloved” (Modern)

Vuandi – “Graceful” (Modern)

Vuleah – “Faithful” (Modern)

Vushali – “Joyous” (Modern)

Vulani – “Free Spirit” (Modern)

Vumari – “Gentle” (Modern)

Vuaden – “Strong” (Modern)

Vuaron – “Wise Protector” (Modern)

Vulaiah – “Blessed” (Modern)

Vuellen – “Noble Friend” (Modern)

Vuriah – “God is my Teacher” (Modern)

Vulian – “Youthful” (Modern)

Vuadan – “Leader” (Modern)

Vuora – “Golden” (Modern)

Vuaren – “Adventurous” (Modern)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VU”

Vudhan – “Lord of wealth” (Hindu)

Vudhi – “Wise” (Hindu)

Vulkar – “Sacred fire” (Hindu)

Vusan – “Spiritual” (Hindu)

Vumitra – “Friend of the earth” (Hindu)

Vuraj – “King” (Hindu)

Vushnu – “Peaceful” (Hindu)

Vunayak – “Leader, Lord Ganesha” (Hindu)

Vurama – “Pleasing” (Hindu)

Vudesh – “God of the world” (Hindu)

Vumesh – “Lord of the earth” (Hindu)

Vuran – “High, exalted” (Hindu)

Vupra – “Holy” (Hindu)

Vusair – “Noble, illustrious” (Hindu)

Vuril – “Pure” (Hindu)

Vutam – “Eternal” (Hindu)

Vunath – “Lord of the sky” (Hindu)

Vushant – “Happy, content” (Hindu)

Vuraan – “God’s gift” (Hindu)

Vujeet – “Victorious” (Hindu)

Vuranth – “Pure” (Hindu)

Vushil – “Holy water” (Hindu)

Vuvan – “Divine” (Hindu)

Vupraan – “Breath of life” (Hindu)

Vudev – “God-like” (Hindu)

Vushay – “Protector” (Hindu)

Vutha – “Eternal soul” (Hindu)

Vurikh – “Strong” (Hindu)

Vunay – “Powerful” (Hindu)

Vupit – “Sacred light” (Hindu)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VU”

Vu Le

Vu Le is a nonprofit leader, speaker, writer, and humorist known for his blog “Nonprofit AF,” where he discusses social justice, nonprofit management, and the importance of equity and inclusion in the sector.

Vu Tran

Vu Tran is an author and academic, known for his debut novel “Dragonfish,” which blends noir and literary fiction. He is also a professor of creative writing at the University of Chicago.

Vu Thuy Hoang

Vu Thuy Hoang is a Vietnamese scientist renowned for his contributions to the field of agricultural biotechnology, particularly in the development of genetically modified crops.

Vu Khac Tiep

Vu Khac Tiep is a Vietnamese entrepreneur and media personality, known for his influence in the entertainment and fashion industries in Vietnam.

Vu Minh Chuc

Vu Minh Chuc is a Vietnamese classical guitarist celebrated for his performances and contributions to the classical music scene in Vietnam.

Vu Dinh Long

Vu Dinh Long was a pioneering Vietnamese playwright and is considered one of the founders of modern Vietnamese drama.

His works often addressed social issues and were influential in Vietnamese literature.

Vu Hong Khanh

Vu Hong Khanh was a Vietnamese revolutionary and politician who played a significant role in the country’s fight for independence from French colonial rule.

Vu Van Duoc

Vu Van Duoc is a Vietnamese mathematician known for his work in functional analysis and operator theory, contributing to the development of mathematical sciences in Vietnam.

Vu Pham Diem My

Vu Pham Diem My is a well-known Vietnamese actor and director, recognized for his work in Vietnamese cinema and television, and has won several awards for his performances.

Vu Huu Loi

Vu Huu Loi is a Vietnamese environmentalist and activist, known for his efforts in promoting sustainable development and conservation practices in Vietnam.

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