Boy Names That Start with “KYU”

Looking for a distinctive name for your baby boy? Boy names that start with “KYU” offer a unique and memorable option.

While you may not hear them as often as other names, KYU names carry their own special charm and meaning.

Whether you’re searching for a traditional name like Kyung, meaning “respect” or “honor,” or something more contemporary like Kyuri, there’s a variety of choices to consider.

Each name carries its own history and significance, making the decision all the more exciting.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “KYU” and delve into their meanings, helping you find the perfect fit for your little one.

So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery and uncover the beauty of KYU names together.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KYU”

Kyung – “Respected” (Korean)

Kyuji – “Gentle and compassionate” (Japanese)

Kyungsoo – “Soothing and comforting” (Korean)

Kyungho – “Prosperous and illustrious” (Korean)

Kyutaro – “First son with bravery” (Japanese)

Kyubin – “Bright and shining” (Korean)

Kyushu – “Nine provinces” (Japanese)

Kyuseok – “Sincere and trustworthy” (Korean)

Kyungjin – “Respected and precious” (Korean)

Kyutae – “Great and prosperous” (Korean)

Kyunghwan – “Virtuous and wise” (Korean)

Kyudong – “Eastern prosperity” (Korean)

Kyubum – “Treasure of light” (Korean)

Kyubo – “Splendid and precious” (Korean)

Kyuseong – “Revered and accomplished” (Korean)

Kyusik – “Exemplary and steadfast” (Korean)

Kyungwoo – “Respected and elegant” (Korean)

Kyuhyun – “Eminent and bright” (Korean)

Kyudai – “Big generation” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Gentle first son” (Japanese)

Kyujin – “Wise and precious” (Korean)

Kyuho – “Illustrious and prosperous” (Korean)

Kyungsik – “Respected and steadfast” (Korean)

Kyuyoung – “Noble and prosperous” (Korean)

Kyungwon – “Respected and accomplished” (Korean)

Kyungil – “Respected and disciplined” (Korean)

Kyuhwan – “Splendid and wise” (Korean)

Kyumin – “Bright and clever” (Korean)

Kyunggi – “Respected and powerful” (Korean)

Kyubong – “Treasure of virtue” (Korean)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “KYU”

Kyuzo – “Ninth son” (Japanese)

Kyun – “Foundation” (Korean)

Kyudo – “Way of the bow” (Japanese)

Kyusaku – “Prosperous and helpful” (Japanese)

Kyuriko – “Child of gratitude” (Japanese)

Kyushiro – “Fourth son” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Gentle first son” (Japanese)

Kyungu – “Respected and strong” (African)

Kyujung – “Righteous and illustrious” (Korean)

Kyusuke – “Assisting with resolve” (Japanese)

Kyutaka – “Great and noble” (Japanese)

Kyuichiro – “First son of many” (Japanese)

Kyumin – “Brightness and cleverness” (Korean)

Kyusaburo – “Third son of saburo” (Japanese)

Kyuzaburo – “Ninth son of saburo” (Japanese)

Kyuta – “Happiness and plump” (Japanese)

Kyumars – “First man” (Persian)

Kyushu – “Nine provinces” (Japanese)

Kyushiro – “Lucky fourth son” (Japanese)

Kyungwoo – “Respected and elegant” (Korean)

Kyutaro – “Eternal youth” (Japanese)

Kyungsu – “Respected and enduring” (Korean)

Kyutaro – “Heroic and eldest son” (Japanese)

Kyuhei – “Nine days” (Japanese)

Kyunggi – “Respected and brave” (Korean)

Kyujin – “Gentleman with wisdom” (Korean)

Kyuichi – “First son with wisdom” (Japanese)

Kyusuke – “Assistance with resolve” (Japanese)

Kyuhwan – “Bright and illustrious” (Korean)

Kyungil – “Respected and disciplined” (Korean)

Unique “KYU” Names for Boys

Kyung – “Respected” (Korean)

Kyuho – “Standard or Level” (Korean)

Kyun – “To pause or rest” (Korean)

Kyumin – “Talented and Clever” (Korean)

Kyungsoo – “Excellent and Outstanding” (Korean)

Kyubin – “Bright Gem” (Korean)

Kyubum – “Rich Treasure” (Korean)

Kyubin – “Precious” (Korean)

Kyushik – “Righteous and Virtuous” (Korean)

Kyungjin – “Respected and Precious” (Korean)

Kyutae – “Big and Great” (Korean)

Kyusang – “Noble and Upright” (Korean)

Kyungil – “Respected and Learned” (Korean)

Kyudong – “Reverence towards the East” (Korean)

Kyusoo – “To rest or take a break” (Korean)

Kyungho – “Respected and Noble” (Korean)

Kyujin – “Wise and Talented” (Korean)

Kyungwoo – “Respected and Noble” (Korean)

Kyungwon – “Respected and First” (Korean)

Kyubong – “Bright and Precious” (Korean)

Kyunghwan – “Respected and Great” (Korean)

Kyusung – “Heroic and Victorious” (Korean)

Kyuchul – “Bright and Loyal” (Korean)

Kyungmin – “Respected and Clever” (Korean)

Kyudong – “Reverence towards the East” (Korean)

Kyusik – “Righteous and Virtuous” (Korean)

Kyungjae – “Respected and Wealthy” (Korean)

Kyuhyun – “Eminent and Wise” (Korean)

Kyuwan – “First and Noble” (Korean)

Kyujun – “Talented and Handsome” (Korean)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KYU”

Kyzer – “Emperor or Ruler” (Modern English)

Kyvan – “Gift of God” (Modern English)

Kyland – “From the Narrow Land” (Modern English)

Kyven – “Beloved and Cherished” (Modern English)

Kyran – “Dark-haired” (Modern Irish)

Kyree – “Lordly or Royal” (Modern English)

Kyland – “Lives near the Narrow Channel” (Modern English)

Kyson – “Son of Kyle” (Modern English)

Kyrell – “Strong and Mighty” (Modern English)

Kyrian – “Dark-haired” (Modern English)

Kyson – “Son of Kyle” (Modern English)

Kyran – “Little King” (Modern Irish)

Kyrell – “From the Cauldron” (Modern English)

Kyree – “Lordly or Regal” (Modern English)

Kyrin – “Dark-haired” (Modern English)

Kyron – “Centaur” (Modern English)

Kyler – “Champion” (Modern English)

Kyran – “Black-haired” (Modern Irish)

Kylan – “Narrow Strait” (Modern English)

Kyson – “Son of Kyle” (Modern English)

Kyree – “Royal” (Modern English)

Kyland – “Land by the Narrow Channel” (Modern English)

Kyrus – “Powerful” (Modern English)

Kyrin – “Dark-haired” (Modern English)

Kyven – “Beloved and Cherished” (Modern English)

Kyler – “Church” (Modern English)

Kyron – “Warrior” (Modern English)

Kyson – “Son of Kyle” (Modern English)

Kyland – “Lives near the Narrow Channel” (Modern English)

Kyson – “Son of Kyle” (Modern English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KYU”

Kyuzo – “First Son” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Brave and Strong Boy” (Japanese)

Kyubei – “Excellent Soldier” (Japanese)

Kyutaka – “Glorious and Noble” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Valiant and Gallant” (Japanese)

Kyudai – “Big and Great” (Japanese)

Kyugo – “Heroic and Courageous” (Japanese)

Kyujin – “Noble and Precious” (Japanese)

Kyushin – “Faithful Heart” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Brave and Courageous” (Japanese)

Kyutetsu – “Iron and Strength” (Japanese)

Kyusuke – “Ultimate and Helper” (Japanese)

Kyuma – “Courageous Horse” (Japanese)

Kyubee – “Excellent and Superior” (Japanese)

Kyurin – “Forest of Wisdom” (Japanese)

Kyusei – “Star of Salvation” (Japanese)

Kyutaro – “Valiant and Fearless” (Japanese)

Kyutarou – “Big Boy” (Japanese)

Kyubei – “First of the Military” (Japanese)

Kyusuke – “Ultimate Helper” (Japanese)

Kyushiro – “Fourth Son” (Japanese)

Kyugo – “Heroic and Brave” (Japanese)

Kyumaro – “Quiet and Gentle” (Japanese)

Kyubei – “First Soldier” (Japanese)

Kyutarou – “Valiant Son” (Japanese)

Kyuma – “Courageous and Loyal” (Japanese)

Kyudo – “Way of the Bow” (Japanese)

Kyusaku – “Ultimate Help” (Japanese)

Kyuhei – “First Soldier” (Japanese)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KYU”

Kyuri – “Cucumber” (Korean)

Kyuto – “Sphere” (Japanese)

Kyun – “Rest” (Korean)

Kyungho – “Righteous and glorious” (Korean)

Kyuriel – “God’s messenger” (Hebrew)

Kyutaro – “Big boy” (Japanese)

Kyungmi – “Beauty and truth” (Korean)

Kyunghwa – “Flower of honor” (Korean)

Kyum – “Mindful” (Korean)

Kyunwoo – “Respectful and great” (Korean)

Kyubin – “Treasure” (Korean)

Kyungsoo – “Glorious and excellent” (Korean)

Kyungja – “Respected and graceful” (Korean)

Kyungsoon – “Glorious and gentle” (Korean)

Kyunghan – “Big and wide” (Korean)

Kyungho – “Glorious and noble” (Korean)

Kyuman – “Gentle and large” (Korean)

Kyunghyun – “Glorious and wise” (Korean)

Kyumja – “Honor and grace” (Korean)

Kyungjae – “Glorious and talented” (Korean)

Kyungmi – “Glorious beauty” (Korean)

Kyumin – “Glorious and clever” (Korean)

Kyu – “Rest” (Japanese)

Kyung – “Glorious” (Korean)

Kyunghoon – “Glorious and bright” (Korean)

Kyunga – “Glorious and elegant” (Korean)

Kyuri – “Cucumber” (Japanese)

Kyungchan – “Glorious and reverent” (Korean)

Kyujin – “Righteous treasure” (Korean)

Kyunghwan – “Glorious and abundant” (Korean)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KYU”

Kyuran – “Devotion to God” (Korean)

Kyukwang – “Glory of God” (Korean)

Kyuseok – “God’s happiness” (Korean)

Kyuhwan – “God’s grace” (Korean)

Kyubeom – “God’s light” (Korean)

Kyuchul – “God’s iron” (Korean)

Kyungtaek – “God’s foundation” (Korean)

Kyungsik – “God’s righteousness” (Korean)

Kyungho – “God’s goodness” (Korean)

Kyutae – “God’s great” (Korean)

Kyuhong – “God’s red” (Korean)

Kyujin – “God’s treasure” (Korean)

Kyungsu – “God’s defense” (Korean)

Kyunghwan – “God’s abundant” (Korean)

Kyungmin – “God’s people” (Korean)

Kyungmo – “God’s pattern” (Korean)

Kyungil – “God’s day” (Korean)

Kyuseong – “God’s success” (Korean)

Kyungjin – “God’s truth” (Korean)

Kyunghee – “God’s grace” (Korean)

Kyunggi – “God’s flag” (Korean)

Kyungwon – “God’s garden” (Korean)

Kyungchul – “God’s iron” (Korean)

Kyuseok – “God’s happiness” (Korean)

Kyujun – “God’s talented” (Korean)

Kyungmo – “God’s pattern” (Korean)

Kyungtae – “God’s great” (Korean)

Kyuhwan – “God’s grace” (Korean)

Kyuchan – “God’s reverent” (Korean)

Kyungman – “God’s perfect” (Korean)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KYU”

Kyu Sakamoto

Renowned Japanese singer and actor best known for his hit song “Sukiyaki,” which became a global sensation in the 1960s.

Kyuhyun Cho

South Korean singer, member of the popular boy band Super Junior, known for his exceptional vocal talent and solo career.

Kyungsoo Do (D.O.)

Another member of the South Korean boy band EXO, known for his singing and acting skills, with roles in various films and dramas.

Kyung-Min Na

Former South Korean footballer who played as a defender and had a successful career both domestically and internationally.

Kyu Jung Baek

Accomplished South Korean golfer, known for her success on the LPGA Tour and winning multiple championships.

Kyu-ri Park

South Korean singer, member of the girl group Kara, known for her singing and dancing abilities.

Kyung-hyun Kim

Noted South Korean film director and screenwriter, known for his work in Korean cinema with films like “Address Unknown” and “War of the Arrows.”

Kyu-chan Lee

Japanese manga artist and illustrator, known for his work on various manga series, including “Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō.”

Kyung-Wha Chung

Renowned South Korean violinist, recognized internationally for her virtuoso performances and recordings.

Kyu-In Shim

South Korean actor, known for his roles in various television dramas and films, contributing to the Korean entertainment industry.

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