220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “DOX”

Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for a unique and distinct name for him? If so, then you might want to consider boy names that start with “DOX.”

These names are not only uncommon, but they also carry a certain charm and appeal.

In a world where traditional names like John, Michael, and William are abundant, choosing a unique name for your son can set him apart from the crowd.

Names that start with “DOX” offer a fresh and modern twist to the traditional pool of baby boy names.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong and confident feel, or you’re looking for something with a more laid-back and cool vibe, boy names that start with “DOX” offer a diverse range of options to suit various preferences.

From traditional to quirky, these names have the potential to make a lasting impression and leave a memorable mark.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind name for your little one, consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “DOX.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DOX”

Doxton – “town of the ducks” (English)

Doxley – “meadow where the ducks reside” (English)

Doxan – “graceful” (Greek)

Doxander – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Doxios – “glorious” (Greek)

Doxanor – “gift of grace” (Greek)

Doximus – “noble” (Greek)

Doxtonio – “dedicated town” (Spanish)

Doxiano – “graceful gift” (Spanish)

Doxario – “noble treasure” (Spanish)

Doxanderio – “defender of the people’s treasure” (Spanish)

Doxion – “honorable” (Greek)

Doxtor – “wise leader” (English)

Doxario – “noble” (Spanish)

Doximus – “honorable” (Greek)

Doxell – “blessed” (English)

Doxiano – “graceful” (Spanish)

Doxarios – “noble” (Greek)

Doxamir – “admirable gift” (English)

Doxionis – “honorable” (Greek)

Doxtan – “town leader” (English)

Doxario – “graceful” (Spanish)

Doxelon – “noble one” (Greek)

Doxmir – “admirable” (English)

Doxarios – “graceful” (Greek)

Doxiano – “noble” (Spanish)

Doxellis – “blessed” (English)

Doxiano – “graceful” (Spanish)

Doxtimos – “honorable” (Greek)

Doxario – “noble” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "DOX"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “DOX”

Doxen – “strength” (English)

Doxtonix – “modern town dweller” (English)

Doxaris – “graceful and charming” (Greek)

Doxarian – “noble leader” (Greek)

Doxentio – “town defender” (Spanish)

Doxariox – “noble and modern” (Spanish)

Doxylon – “noble lion” (English)

Doxilo – “charming” (Greek)

Doxavio – “graceful life” (Spanish)

Doxentis – “wise leader” (Greek)

Doxavier – “modern home” (English)

Doxandro – “manly defender” (Greek)

Doxtano – “modern town leader” (Spanish)

Doxarisio – “charming noble” (Spanish)

Doxelios – “blessed” (Greek)

Doximuson – “modern honorable one” (English)

Doxentos – “wise” (Greek)

Doxionel – “modern honorable” (Spanish)

Doxmiran – “admirable man” (English)

Doxarioz – “modern noble” (Spanish)

Doxylonio – “lion-like noble” (Greek)

Doxellion – “blessed one” (English)

Doxentaro – “modern town hero” (Spanish)

Doxarion – “charming noble” (Spanish)

Doxanderix – “modern defender” (Greek)

Doxilio – “charming one” (Spanish)

Doxianoz – “modern graceful” (Spanish)

Doxarisos – “graceful and blessed” (Greek)

Doxillion – “modern noble lion” (English)

Doxavios – “graceful and wise” (Greek)

Unique “DOX” Names for Boys

Doxaro – “visionary leader” (Greek)

Doxlen – “charming and bright” (English)

Doxarioz – “adventurous noble” (Spanish)

Doxianthos – “flower of grace” (Greek)

Doxalio – “blessed with charm” (Spanish)

Doxynthos – “noble blossom” (Greek)

Doxenzo – “graceful conqueror” (Spanish)

Doxarius – “wise and noble” (Greek)

Doxellan – “blessed leader” (English)

Doxaviento – “graceful wind” (Spanish)

Doxiosio – “charming noble” (Spanish)

Doxilon – “wise lion” (English)

Doxariothos – “noble seeker” (Greek)

Doxalios – “blessed with wisdom” (Greek)

Doxarizo – “charming ruler” (Spanish)

Doxalion – “lion-hearted leader” (English)

Doxarioxis – “noble essence” (Greek)

Doxeliano – “blessed with grace” (Spanish)

Doxenthus – “wise and adventurous” (English)

Doxarino – “charming noble” (Spanish)

Doxynthian – “graceful flower” (Greek)

Doxelion – “lion of blessing” (English)

Doxariko – “noble and unique” (Spanish)

Doxenio – “wise one” (Greek)

Doxarinos – “charming and noble” (Spanish)

Doxethos – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Doxerico – “ruler of charm” (Spanish)

Doxelian – “blessed being” (English)

Doxaristos – “graceful and honored” (Greek)

Doxavante – “adventurous leader” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DOX”

Doxanderus – “timeless defender” (Greek)

Doxwin – “eternal friend” (English)

Doxarioth – “noble essence through time” (Spanish)

Doxylan – “everlasting lion” (English)

Doxionisios – “timeless noble” (Greek)

Doxernesto – “eternally earnest” (Spanish)

Doxleon – “timeless lion-hearted” (English)

Doxariozis – “noble through the ages” (Spanish)

Doxandros – “timeless manly” (Greek)

Doxalden – “eternal leader” (English)

Doxavantos – “adventurous through time” (Spanish)

Doxelianos – “timelessly blessed” (Greek)

Doxaron – “eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Doxilios – “everlasting wisdom” (Greek)

Doxenzo – “timeless conqueror” (Spanish)

Doxarian – “noble throughout time” (Greek)

Doxelianth – “eternal blossom” (English)

Doxarizos – “timeless ruler” (Greek)

Doxariovento – “adventurous through the ages” (Spanish)

Doxilton – “eternal town dweller” (English)

Doxianothos – “timeless seeker” (Greek)

Doxarol – “forever blessed” (Spanish)

Doxenthusius – “wise through time” (English)

Doxaliosos – “timelessly blessed with wisdom” (Greek)

Doxarwin – “eternal friend” (Spanish)

Doxilothon – “timeless blossom” (Greek)

Doxarioleo – “eternal lion” (Spanish)

Doxelianthos – “everlasting flower” (Greek)

Doxaros – “timeless hero” (Spanish)

Doxeliosios – “eternal wisdom” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DOX”

Doxanov – “mystical leader” (Russian)

Doximus – “exotic honorable one” (Latin)

Doxanto – “foreign blessing” (Portuguese)

Doxario – “stranger with nobility” (Italian)

Doxenos – “exotic wisdom” (Greek)

Doxarado – “adventurous traveler” (Spanish)

Doxelio – “foreign lion” (Italian)

Doxianoth – “mysterious seeker” (Greek)

Doxavanté – “exotic leader” (French)

Doxarón – “stranger hero” (Spanish)

Doxeliano – “foreign blessing” (Italian)

Doxalis – “exotic light” (Greek)

Doxarivo – “mysterious ruler” (Spanish)

Doxentius – “foreign wisdom” (Latin)

Doxavío – “exotic life” (Spanish)

Doxiro – “stranger with charm” (Italian)

Doxthos – “exotic spirit” (Greek)

Doxarique – “foreign ruler” (Spanish)

Doxalino – “mysterious blessing” (Italian)

Doxeliano – “exotic lion” (Spanish)

Doxarioth – “stranger essence” (Greek)

Doxéxito – “foreign conqueror” (Spanish)

Doxalon – “exotic lion-hearted” (Italian)

Doxarioz – “mysterious noble” (Spanish)

Doxariano – “foreign noble” (Italian)

Doxarisos – “exotic charm” (Greek)

Doxaroth – “stranger seeker” (Spanish)

Doxalioné – “foreign lion” (French)

Doxianos – “exotic blessed” (Greek)

Doxarino – “mysterious ruler” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DOX”

Doxaryn – “graceful soul” (English)

Doxellis – “blessed being” (English)

Doxarioz – “noble spirit” (Spanish)

Doxian – “wise and gracious” (Greek)

Doxent – “enduring leader” (English)

Doxarí – “charming essence” (Spanish)

Doxylonis – “lion-hearted spirit” (Greek)

Doxaris – “graceful one” (Greek)

Doxenzo – “charming conqueror” (Spanish)

Doxalix – “blessed light” (English)

Doxarioth – “noble essence” (Greek)

Doxarizo – “charming ruler” (Spanish)

Doxilian – “wise and blessed” (Greek)

Doxeliano – “blessed lion” (Spanish)

Doxarisos – “graceful and wise” (Greek)

Doxarín – “charming soul” (Spanish)

Doxalon – “enduring lion” (English)

Doxianoz – “graceful spirit” (Spanish)

Doxarothos – “wise seeker” (Greek)

Doxaloné – “lion-hearted soul” (French)

Doxarian – “charming and noble” (Spanish)

Doxentis – “wise and enduring” (Greek)

Doxariox – “noble and modern” (Spanish)

Doxilios – “enduring wisdom” (Greek)

Doxarioven – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Doxariso – “charming essence” (Greek)

Doxylonos – “lion-hearted spirit” (Greek)

Doxellino – “blessed and charming” (Italian)

Doxariozis – “noble spirit” (Spanish)

Doxarivent – “adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DOX”

Doxarianos – “God’s noble one” (Greek)

Doxelios – “God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Doxianthos – “God’s flower” (Greek)

Doxarioth – “God’s essence” (Greek)

Doxanuel – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Doxavento – “God’s wind” (Spanish)

Doxalo – “praise to God” (Spanish)

Doxaristo – “thankful to God” (Spanish)

Doxelonio – “God’s lion” (Greek)

Doxentian – “God’s follower” (English)

Doxariozis – “God’s spirit” (Spanish)

Doxariel – “God’s angel” (Spanish)

Doxaros – “God’s hero” (Greek)

Doxilian – “God’s blessing” (Greek)

Doxantos – “God’s enduring” (Greek)

Doxarisos – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Doxarán – “God’s soul” (Spanish)

Doxirios – “God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Doxavier – “God’s home” (English)

Doxarient – “God’s journey” (Spanish)

Doxarithos – “God’s seeker” (Greek)

Doxarismo – “God’s ruler” (Spanish)

Doxelino – “God’s blessing” (Italian)

Doxarianthos – “God’s blossom” (Greek)

Doxaviano – “God’s life” (Spanish)

Doxarioven – “God’s adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Doxarimil – “God’s beloved” (Spanish)

Doxarimus – “God’s honorable one” (Greek)

Doxeliano – “God’s lion” (Spanish)

Doxarothos – “God’s seeker” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DOX”

Dox Thrash

American artist known for his contributions to the development of the Carborundum printmaking technique.

Dox Fischer

Fictional character from DC Comics, a member of the Green Lantern Corps known for his intellectual prowess.

Dox Quijote

An online alias of a renowned cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker.

Dox Lucas

A professional photographer celebrated for his captivating and thought-provoking visual storytelling.

Dox Amarillo

A pseudonym used by a popular travel blogger, sharing cultural insights and experiences from around the world.

Dox Eales

Notable entrepreneur recognized for founding and leading innovative tech startups.

Dox Elton

A distinguished historian specializing in ancient Greek civilizations and mythology.

Dox Robinson

A prominent jazz saxophonist renowned for his improvisational skills and unique musical style.

Dox Belmont

A successful fashion designer known for his avant-garde creations and influence on modern trends.

Dox Harper

A celebrated chef with a Michelin-starred restaurant, acclaimed for his culinary artistry and creativity.

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