Boy Names That Start with “BS”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a momentous decision, one that reflects your hopes and dreams for his future.

If you’re on the lookout for a name that’s distinctive and carries a unique flair, why not consider names starting with “BS”?

While names beginning with “BS” might not be the most common, they certainly offer a range of intriguing options that could be just the right fit for your son.

From timeless classics like Benjamin, which means “son of the right hand” or “favorite son,” to more modern and uncommon choices like Bastian, there’s a wealth of possibilities to explore.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the finest boy names that start with “BS” and unravel their meanings, helping you narrow down your search and find the perfect moniker for your little one.

So, whether you’re drawn to names with a traditional charm or those that exude a sense of uniqueness, rest assured, there’s a “BS” name out there waiting to capture your heart and define your son’s identity.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey of discovery and uncover the charm of boy names that start with “BS.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BS”

Bryson – “Son of Brice” (English)

Brody – “Ditch” (Gaelic)

Brendan – “Prince” (Irish)

Bryant – “Son of Brian” (English)

Benson – “Son of Ben” (English)

Brock – “Badger” (English)

Barrett – “Bear strength” (German)

Bradley – “Broad clearing” (English)

Byron – “Barn for cows” (English)

Beckett – “Bee cottage” (English)

Blaise – “Stammering” (French)

Bishop – “Overseer” (English)

Bennett – “Blessed” (Latin)

Brantley – “Fire” (English)

Brayden – “Broad valley” (English)

Brycen – “Son of Brice” (English)

Bryant – “Strong” (English)

Bridger – “Lives near a bridge” (English)

Branson – “Son of Brandon” (English)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Boden – “Shelter” (German)

Brigham – “Dweller by the bridge” (English)

Brevin – “Courageous” (Irish)

Boyd – “Blond” (Scottish)

Briggs – “From the bridge” (English)

Barton – “Barley settlement” (English)

Basil – “Kingly” (Greek)

Baldwin – “Bold friend” (German)

Bram – “Father of a multitude” (Hebrew)

Baxter – “Baker” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “BS”

Bryden – “From the broad valley” (English)

Branson – “Son of Brandon” (English)

Bryant – “Strong” (English)

Brett – “From Brittany” (English)

Bastian – “Man from Sebaste” (Greek)

Brennan – “Little raven” (Irish)

Braxton – “Brock’s town” (English)

Boston – “Botolph’s town” (English)

Bramwell – “Bramble well” (English)

Bryton – “From the fortified town” (English)

Baylor – “One who delivers goods” (English)

Braylen – “Strong” (American)

Briggs – “From the bridge” (English)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Brenner – “Burning” (German)

Brendon – “Prince” (Irish)

Briggs – “Vigilant” (English)

Briggs – “Strong willed” (English)

Brenner – “Distiller of spirits” (German)

Braddock – “Broad-spreading oak” (English)

Braiden – “Broad valley” (Irish)

Barton – “Barley settlement” (English)

Brenly – “Burn meadow” (English)

Brenton – “From the town by the hill” (English)

Brentley – “Hilltop” (English)

Breck – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Breslin – “Battlefield” (Irish)

Bryar – “Thorny bush of wild roses” (English)

Bramble – “Thorny bush” (English)

Bristol – “Place at the bridge” (English)

Unique “BS” Names for Boys

Balsam – “Fragrant resin” (Hebrew)

Bast – “God of protection and vengeance” (Egyptian)

Bramble – “Thorny bush” (English)

Bayou – “Small stream” (Native American)

Bravo – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Bishop – “Overseer” (English)

Braam – “Blackberry” (Dutch)

Briscoe – “Resolute” (Irish)

Brindle – “Freckled” (English)

Bluestar – “Symbol of hope” (English)

Birch – “Bright, shining” (English)

Blackwell – “Dark stream” (English)

Blaze – “Flame” (English)

Blitz – “Lightning” (German)

Bramwell – “Bramble well” (English)

Brahm – “Supreme spirit” (Hindu)

Bayard – “Russet-haired” (French)

Brogan – “Sturdy shoe” (Irish)

Buckley – “Buck’s meadow” (English)

Barkley – “Birch meadow” (English)

Boone – “Good” (English)

Branton – “Raven settlement” (English)

Bravo – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Blade – “Cutting edge” (English)

Brick – “Man of the bridge” (English)

Bramble – “Thorny bush” (English)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Barlow – “Hill” (English)

Brighton – “Bright town” (English)

Brennan – “Little raven” (Irish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BS”

Benedict – “Blessed” (Latin)

Barrett – “Bear strength” (Germanic)

Bryant – “Strong” (Celtic)

Basil – “Royal” (Greek)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Welsh)

Barnaby – “Son of consolation” (Greek)

Beckett – “Bee cottage” (English)

Bram – “Father of multitude” (Hebrew)

Blaise – “Lisping” (Latin)

Bodhi – “Awakening” (Sanskrit)

Benson – “Son of Benjamin” (English)

Bastian – “Man from Sebaste” (Greek)

Baird – “Poet” (Scottish)

Brock – “Badger” (English)

Bernard – “Brave bear” (Germanic)

Basilio – “Royal” (Spanish)

Benedetto – “Blessed” (Italian)

Boaz – “Swiftness” (Hebrew)

Balthasar – “Protect the king” (Babylonian)

Buckley – “Buck’s meadow” (English)

Blair – “Field or plain” (Scottish)

Bede – “Prayer” (English)

Baxter – “Baker” (English)

Byron – “From the barns” (English)

Bennet – “Blessed” (Latin)

Brogan – “Sturdy shoe” (Irish)

Braiden – “Salmon” (Gaelic)

Boden – “Shelter” (English)

Balin – “Strong” (Irish)

Bryant – “Strong” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BS”

Bastien – “Revered” (French)

Bogdan – “Given by God” (Slavic)

Benediktas – “Blessed” (Lithuanian)

Brynmor – “Great hill” (Welsh)

Bao – “Precious treasure” (Chinese)

Basem – “Smiling” (Arabic)

Borislav – “Glory of battle” (Slavic)

Basir – “Seeing clearly” (Arabic)

Bramwell – “Broad well” (English)

Baltasar – “Protect the king” (Spanish)

Balthazar – “Protect the king” (Portuguese)

Basileios – “Royal” (Greek)

Bartolomé – “Ploughman” (Spanish)

Baptiste – “Baptizer” (French)

Bogomil – “Beloved by God” (Slavic)

Basilios – “Royal” (Greek)

Balázs – “Bald” (Hungarian)

Bishoy – “Life” (Coptic)

Bjørn – “Bear” (Norwegian)

Bogusław – “Glory of God” (Polish)

Babak – “Father” (Persian)

Basheer – “Bringer of good news” (Arabic)

Berislav – “Peaceful glory” (Slavic)

Bastiano – “Revered” (Italian)

Birch – “Birch tree” (English)

Baltazar – “God protects the king” (Czech)

Boguslav – “Glory of God” (Ukrainian)

Bautista – “Baptizer” (Spanish)

Bassel – “Brave” (Arabic)

Borislav – “Fighting glory” (Bulgarian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BS”

Blaise – “Lisp, stutter” (French)

Basil – “Royal” (Greek)

Briar – “Thorny patch” (English)

Blythe – “Free spirit” (English)

Blair – “Field or plain” (Scottish)

Bexley – “Woodland clearing” (English)

Bellamy – “Good friend” (French)

Brynn – “Hill” (Welsh)

Brett – “From Brittany” (Celtic)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Brennan – “Little raven” (Irish)

Bailey – “Bailiff” (English)

Brinley – “Burnt meadow” (English)

Berkley – “Birch tree meadow” (English)

Blaise – “Lisp, stutter” (French)

Beckett – “Bee cottage” (English)

Bryson – “Son of Brice” (English)

Briar – “Thorny patch” (English)

Baldwin – “Brave friend” (German)

Bentley – “Meadow with bent grass” (English)

Barnaby – “Son of consolation” (Greek)

Brennan – “Little raven” (Irish)

Brin – “Hill” (Welsh)

Bryndis – “Armor goddess” (Norse)

Bronte – “Thunder” (Greek)

Bailey – “Bailiff” (English)

Blair – “Field or plain” (Scottish)

Brett – “From Brittany” (Celtic)

Blaise – “Lisp, stutter” (French)

Bryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BS”

Barak – “Lightning” (Hebrew)

Baruch – “Blessed” (Hebrew)

Bartimaeus – “Son of Timaeus” (Greek)

Benaiah – “God has built” (Hebrew)

Benjamin – “Son of the Right Hand” (Hebrew)

Barnabas – “Son of Encouragement” (Greek)

Bishr – “Joy” (Arabic)

Basim – “Smiling” (Arabic)

Bashir – “Bringer of good news” (Arabic)

Basharat – “Good news” (Arabic)

Bassam – “Smiling” (Arabic)

Basil – “Regal” (Greek)

Bastian – “Revered” (Greek)

Baxter – “Baker” (English)

Balram – “Brother of Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Baladitya – “Young Sun” (Sanskrit)

Balachandra – “Young Moon” (Sanskrit)

Balarama – “Young Rama” (Sanskrit)

Balakrishna – “Young Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Bhaskar – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Bhadra – “Good” (Sanskrit)

Bhanu – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Bhavesh – “Lord of the world” (Sanskrit)

Bharat – “Being maintained” (Sanskrit)

Bimal – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Biren – “Brave” (Sanskrit)

Birbal – “Brave heart” (Sanskrit)

Brahm – “God of creation” (Sanskrit)

Brahma – “Creator of the universe” (Sanskrit)

Brajesh – “King of Braj land” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BS”

Bill Skarsgård

Swedish actor known for his chilling portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the horror film “It” and its sequel.

Benedict Cumberbatch

British actor known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series “Sherlock” and for roles in films such as “The Imitation Game” and “Doctor Strange.”

Billy Bob Thornton

Actor, filmmaker, and musician known for his roles in films such as “Sling Blade,” “Monster’s Ball,” and “Bad Santa.”

Bradley Cooper

Actor and filmmaker known for his roles in films like “Silver Linings Playbook,” “American Sniper,” and “A Star is Born,” which he also directed and produced.

Brian Cox

Scottish actor known for his roles in films like “Braveheart,” “X2,” and “Troy,” as well as for his portrayal of Logan Roy in the television series “Succession.”

Bryan Cranston

Emmy-winning actor known for his role as Walter White in the television series “Breaking Bad” and for his performances in films like “Trumbo” and “Argo.”

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