Boy Names That Start with “KN”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that’s distinct and carries its own unique charm, why not explore the realm of KN starting names?

Though not as common as some other initials, KN offers a treasure trove of options that are sure to capture your imagination.

From timeless classics to more modern choices, there’s something for every taste and preference.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best boy names that start with “KN” and unravel their meanings and origins.

Whether you’re seeking a name that exudes strength, grace, or a dash of quirkiness, the world of KN names has it all.

So, join us on this delightful exploration as we uncover the magic of boy names that start with “KN.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KN”

Knight – “Warrior, protector” (English)

Knox – “Round-topped hill” (Scottish)

Kian – “Ancient” (Irish)

Kellan – “Slender” (Irish)

Kade – “Round, gentle” (Gaelic)

Kieran – “Dark-haired” (Irish)

Kenzo – “Strong and healthy” (Japanese)

Kendrick – “Royal ruler” (English)

Kingston – “King’s town” (English)

Kieran – “Little dark one” (Irish)

Kian – “King” (Persian)

Kairo – “Victorious one” (Arabic)

Kelvin – “From the narrow river” (Scottish)

Kellen – “Powerful” (Gaelic)

Koen – “Brave, bold” (Dutch)

Kenneth – “Handsome” (Scottish)

Knightley – “From the knight’s meadow” (English)

Kyrin – “Lordly” (Irish)

Kainoa – “The namesake” (Hawaiian)

Kingsley – “From the king’s meadow” (English)

Knute – “Knot” (Scandinavian)

Kobi – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Knoxton – “From the town on the hill” (English)

Knolan – “Famous knight” (Irish)

Knoll – “Small hill” (English)

Knute – “Knot” (Norse)

Knovas – “Knowledgeable” (Greek)

Knowlton – “From the noble’s town” (English)

Knoz – “Hill” (Czech)

Knud – “Kind, gentle” (Danish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “KN”

Knoville – “From the new town” (English)

Knoval – “Innovative, creative” (English)

Knolan – “Inventive thinker” (Irish)

Kniel – “Unique, one-of-a-kind” (English)

Knovan – “Visionary” (English)

Knaris – “Bright future” (English)

Knax – “Resourceful” (English)

Knaze – “Bold adventurer” (English)

Knaven – “Brave leader” (English)

Kneron – “Forward-thinker” (English)

Knovus – “Inventive mind” (English)

Knoran – “Pioneering spirit” (English)

Knovex – “Innovative thinker” (English)

Knestor – “Visionary leader” (English)

Knevex – “Creative genius” (English)

Knior – “Trailblazer” (English)

Knester – “Trendsetter” (English)

Knevus – “Innovative mind” (English)

Knelan – “Explorer” (English)

Knether – “Cutting-edge” (English)

Knelix – “Original thinker” (English)

Knoric – “Inventive mind” (English)

Knesten – “Trendsetting visionary” (English)

Knelton – “Modern thinker” (English)

Knoran – “Pioneering spirit” (English)

Knevox – “Futuristic innovator” (English)

Kneste – “Forward-looking” (English)

Knosys – “Progressive” (English)

Knitek – “Innovative approach” (English)

Knolen – “Cutting-edge creator” (English)

Unique “KN” Names for Boys

Knox – “Round hill” (Scottish)

Kian – “Ancient” (Irish)

Kellan – “Powerful” (Irish)

Kairos – “Opportune moment” (Greek)

Keegan – “Small and fiery” (Irish)

Kamden – “Winding valley” (English)

Kashton – “From the town of the cashew trees” (English)

Kael – “Mighty warrior” (Irish)

Kyler – “Narrow strait” (German)

Kairo – “Strong and resolute” (Greek)

Kace – “Watchful” (English)

Korbin – “Raven-haired” (Latin)

Kieran – “Dark-haired” (Irish)

Knoxton – “From the town on the hill” (English)

Kylan – “Mighty warrior” (Irish)

Kade – “From the wetlands” (Scottish)

Koray – “Embers of fire” (Turkish)

Kylan – “Mighty” (Gaelic)

Kyan – “Gracious” (Irish)

Karsen – “Son of Carr” (English)

Kieran – “Little dark one” (Irish)

Klay – “From the clay” (English)

Kobie – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Kendrick – “Royal ruler” (English)

Kaine – “Warrior” (Irish)

Kody – “Helper” (English)

Khalil – “Friend” (Arabic)

Kai – “Sea” (Hawaiian)

Kamari – “Moonlight” (Swahili)

Kylan – “Narrow channel” (Irish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KN”

Knox – “Round hill” (Scottish)

Knight – “Servant, soldier” (English)

Knute – “Knot” (Scandinavian)

Kian – “Ancient” (Irish)

Kieran – “Little dark one” (Irish)

Knoll – “Small hill” (English)

Knoah – “Rest” (Hebrew)

Knowles – “Grassy slope” (English)

Knud – “Kind, gentle” (Danish)

Knoxx – “Hill” (English)

Knutson – “Son of Knut” (Scandinavian)

Kneller – “Hill dweller” (English)

Knag – “Hill” (Norwegian)

Knape – “Servant” (English)

Knapp – “Hilltop” (English)

Knowlton – “From the noble’s estate” (English)

Knick – “Hilltop” (English)

Knipe – “Pointed hill” (English)

Knoche – “Hill” (German)

Knolly – “Hilltop” (English)

Knauer – “Bald man” (German)

Knierim – “Knee” (German)

Knudsen – “Son of Knud” (Danish)

Knutson – “Son of Knut” (Swedish)

Kneeland – “From the bold land” (English)

Knickerbocker – “A descendant of Knyker” (Dutch)

Knesel – “Hill” (German)

Knettel – “Knotted” (German)

Knudsen – “Son of Knud” (Danish)

Knopf – “Button” (German)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KN”

Knut – “Knot” (Scandinavian)

Knoa – “Brave” (Hawaiian)

Knud – “Kind-hearted” (Danish)

Knightley – “From the knight’s meadow” (English)

Knolan – “Famous ruler” (Irish)

Knosha – “Intelligent” (Swahili)

Knowles – “From the hills” (English)

Knolan – “Champion” (Irish)

Knapp – “Servant” (German)

Knolan – “Famous ruler” (Irish)

Knute – “Knot” (Norwegian)

Knoah – “Rest, tranquility” (Hebrew)

Knoll – “Hilltop” (English)

Knoph – “Chief, head” (Norwegian)

Knov – “Wisdom” (Arabic)

Knag – “Noble” (Scottish)

Knaven – “Valiant” (Dutch)

Kniaz – “Prince” (Russian)

Knovak – “New” (Czech)

Kness – “Happiness” (Hebrew)

Knar – “The sun” (Armenian)

Knoel – “Christmas” (French)

Knie – “Gentleman” (German)

Knolly – “Determined” (English)

Knorr – “Sturdy” (German)

Knos – “Forest” (Breton)

Knord – “North” (Scandinavian)

Knou – “Peaceful” (Japanese)

Knup – “Resolute” (Dutch)

Knux – “Sharp” (Latin)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KN”

Knox – “Round hill” (Scottish)

Kenya – “Animal Horn” (Swahili)

Kennedy – “Helmeted chief” (Irish)

Kyan – “Little king” (Gaelic)

Kona – “Lady” (Hawaiian)

Kohana – “Little flower” (Native American)

Knoll – “Small hill” (English)

Kian – “Ancient” (Irish)

Kali – “The dark one” (Sanskrit)

Kestrel – “Falcon” (English)

Kieran – “Little dark one” (Irish)

Kiva – “Protected place” (Native American)

Kip – “Pointed hill” (English)

Knight – “Soldier” (English)

Kairi – “Ocean village” (Japanese)

Kael – “Mighty warrior” (Irish)

Koda – “Bear” (Native American)

Kailani – “Sea and sky” (Hawaiian)

Kaleo – “The voice” (Hawaiian)

Kinley – “Fair-haired Viking” (Scottish)

Kairn – “Pile of stones” (Scottish)

Kori – “Maiden” (Greek)

Kamari – “Moonlight” (Swahili)

Kallan – “Slim and fair” (Irish)

Kavi – “Poet” (Sanskrit)

Kanoa – “The free one” (Hawaiian)

Kinsley – “King’s meadow” (English)

Kaelan – “Slim and fair” (Irish)

Keagan – “Small flame” (Irish)

Kade – “From the wetlands” (Gaelic)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KN”

Krishna – “Dark, Black” (Sanskrit)

Kunal – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Keshav – “The one who has long, beautiful hair” (Sanskrit)

Kanhaiya – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Kshitij – “Horizon” (Sanskrit)

Kavi – “Poet” (Sanskrit)

Kartik – “Son of Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Kalyan – “Fortunate” (Sanskrit)

Kripa – “Compassion” (Sanskrit)

Karna – “The first-born child” (Sanskrit)

Kausik – “Sage Vishwamitra” (Sanskrit)

Kirit – “Crown” (Sanskrit)

Kirtan – “Singing praises” (Sanskrit)

Kamalesh – “Lord of desires” (Sanskrit)

Kavindra – “Lord of poets” (Sanskrit)

Kavya – “Poetry” (Sanskrit)

Kamalnath – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Kundan – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Kundanika – “Golden” (Sanskrit)

Keshava – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Kumara – “Youthful” (Sanskrit)

Kshemankar – “The giver of safety” (Sanskrit)

Kaivalya – “Perfect isolation” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KN”

Knut Wicksell

Influential Swedish economist known for his contributions to monetary theory and interest rates, particularly the concept of the natural rate of interest.

Knute Rockne

Legendary American football player and coach, renowned for his tenure as head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, where he revolutionized football strategies and led the team to numerous championships.

Ken Jeong

Known for his roles in comedy films and TV shows such as “The Hangover” trilogy, “Community,” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” Ken Jeong is a talented actor and comedian.

Knut Hamsun

Norwegian writer and Nobel laureate in Literature, acclaimed for his novel “Hunger” and other works exploring the human psyche.

Ken Watanabe

Japanese actor known for his roles in films like “The Last Samurai,” “Inception,” and “Godzilla.”

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