220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “AZU”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, why not consider something truly unique and special?

Boy names that start with “Azu” offer a rare and distinctive option for parents looking to stand out from the crowd.

From Azul, meaning “blue” in Spanish, to Azur, evoking images of the mesmerizing azure skies, these names exude a sense of mystery and charm.

With roots in various cultures and languages, boy names starting with “Azu” carry with them a sense of global diversity and richness.

Whether you’re drawn to the exotic sound of Azuka or the strong and regal vibe of Azuni, there is a perfect “Azu” name for every little boy.

So, if you’re searching for a name that will set your son apart and make a lasting impression, consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “Azu”.

Embrace the uniqueness and beauty that these names offer, and give your baby boy a moniker that is as special as he is.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AZU”

Azur – “Blue” (English)

Azul – “Blue” (Spanish)

Azucar – “Sugar” (Spanish)

Azura – “Sky blue” (English)

Azucena – “Madonna lily” (Spanish)

Azarias – “God has helped” (Greek)

Azulino – “Azure, sky blue” (Spanish)

Azusena – “Lily” (Spanish)

Azuriel – “God is my help” (Hebrew)

Azulejo – “Blue tile” (Spanish)

Azuriah – “The Lord is my help” (Hebrew)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azurine – “Sky blue” (French)

Azunna – “Fourth son” (Igbo)

Azucena – “Lily” (Spanish)

Azor – “Helper” (Hebrew)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azuriah – “The Lord is my help” (Hebrew)

Azucarado – “Sugary” (Spanish)

Azazel – “God strengthens” (Hebrew)

Azunne – “My father’s back” (Igbo)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azuriah – “The Lord is my help” (Hebrew)

Azor – “Helper” (Hebrew)

Azuro – “Azure, sky blue” (Spanish)

Azuolas – “Oak” (Lithuanian)

Azuriah – “The Lord is my help” (Hebrew)

Azusena – “Lily” (Spanish)

Azulino – “Azure, sky blue” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "AZU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AZU”

Azulio – “Blue sky” (Spanish)

Azuko – “Harbor” (Japanese)

Azuris – “Azure, sky blue” (Spanish)

Azulon – “Deep blue” (Spanish)

Azusel – “Divine helper” (Hebrew)

Azubel – “Strong and bold” (Spanish)

Azuliano – “Belonging to the blue” (Spanish)

Azumi – “Safe residence” (Japanese)

Azukar – “Sweetness” (Spanish)

Azuliano – “Blue sky” (Spanish)

Azurek – “Heavenly ruler” (Polish)

Azubuike – “The past is our strength” (Igbo)

Azules – “Blue eyes” (Spanish)

Azuceno – “Lily” (Spanish)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azuliano – “Blue-eyed” (Spanish)

Azunyan – “Quiet and peaceful” (Japanese)

Azukar – “Sweetness” (Spanish)

Azuquita – “Little sugar” (Spanish)

Azulito – “Little blue one” (Spanish)

Azurio – “Blue water” (Spanish)

Azukari – “Acceptance” (Japanese)

Azulete – “Little blue” (Spanish)

Azulian – “Belonging to the blue” (Spanish)

Azurico – “Of the sky” (Spanish)

Azurín – “Little sky” (Spanish)

Azuriz – “Blue river” (Spanish)

Azusuke – “Helpful assistance” (Japanese)

Azukarito – “Sweet one” (Spanish)

Azulín – “Little blue” (Spanish)

Unique “AZU” Names for Boys

Azulon – “Majestic blue” (Spanish)

Azuban – “Bringer of strength” (Spanish)

Azuth – “Mystic blue” (English)

Azumiros – “Azure dawn” (Spanish)

Azulonico – “One with deep blue eyes” (Spanish)

Azuriose – “Blue wind” (Greek)

Azulion – “Lion of the blue sky” (Spanish)

Azuber – “Bearer of light” (Spanish)

Azuthar – “Guardian of the blue” (English)

Azublaze – “Fiery blue” (Spanish)

Azulondo – “Wanderer of the blue” (Spanish)

Azurinex – “Explorer of the azure” (Spanish)

Azuspire – “Inspiring blue” (Spanish)

Azumbra – “Shadow of the blue” (Spanish)

Azuvale – “Valiant blue” (Spanish)

Azuflare – “Radiant blue” (Spanish)

Azuthir – “Bearer of the azure sky” (English)

Azulique – “Unique blue” (Spanish)

Azumbroso – “Magnificent blue” (Spanish)

Azutide – “Tidal blue” (Spanish)

Azufrost – “Frozen blue” (Spanish)

Azulyx – “Boundless blue” (Spanish)

Azusol – “Sunlit blue” (Spanish)

Azulineo – “New beginnings in blue” (Spanish)

Azuglade – “Clear blue sky” (Spanish)

Azulush – “Mysterious blue” (Spanish)

Azuflame – “Flame of the azure” (Spanish)

Azurakai – “Sea and sky” (Spanish)

Azubright – “Bright blue” (Spanish)

Azuspar – “Sparkling blue” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AZU”

Azulon – “Blue mountain” (Spanish)

Azulius – “Son of the blue” (Latin)

Azuryan – “Heavenly blue” (English)

Azuson – “Son of the morning” (Spanish)

Azurin – “Beloved blue” (Spanish)

Azudor – “Gift of the blue” (Spanish)

Azufer – “Bearer of light” (Spanish)

Azuthos – “Blue god” (Greek)

Azumos – “Blue dream” (Greek)

Azurios – “Blue river” (Spanish)

Azunor – “North wind” (Spanish)

Azudon – “Gift from above” (Spanish)

Azulio – “Blue sky” (Spanish)

Azurico – “Sky blue” (Spanish)

Azulius – “Of the blue” (Spanish)

Azulindo – “Beautiful blue” (Spanish)

Azurino – “Little blue” (Spanish)

Azubel – “Son of strength” (Spanish)

Azuliose – “Blue joy” (Spanish)

Azuphos – “Bearer of the dawn” (Greek)

Azusol – “Sunshine blue” (Spanish)

Azudios – “Gift of Zeus” (Greek)

Azurlo – “Loyal blue” (Spanish)

Azurox – “Blue warrior” (English)

Azumos – “Son of the azure” (Spanish)

Azudias – “Divine gift” (Spanish)

Azurlo – “Loyal blue” (Spanish)

Azuphoenix – “Reborn in blue” (Greek)

Azuryos – “Heavenly blue” (Spanish)

Azudis – “Beloved gift” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AZU”

Azumi – “Safe residence” (Japanese)

Azuka – “Prosperous” (Igbo)

Azulio – “Blue sky” (Portuguese)

Azuaro – “Golden dawn” (Yoruba)

Azurin – “Azure” (Filipino)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azurak – “Sky stone” (Basque)

Azucarito – “Sweetness” (Spanish)

Azurro – “Azure” (Italian)

Azulito – “Little blue” (Spanish)

Azuaje – “Friend of the sea” (Spanish)

Azulay – “Sky” (Hebrew)

Azusawa – “Fresh breeze” (Japanese)

Azuma – “Safe harbor” (Japanese)

Azuhito – “Great person” (Japanese)

Azumah – “Born on the east” (Akan)

Azulay – “Blue” (Spanish)

Azuma – “Peaceful space” (Japanese)

Azusato – “Quiet village” (Japanese)

Azuelo – “Little blue one” (Spanish)

Azumai – “Blue dance” (Japanese)

Azukari – “Acceptance” (Japanese)

Azuceno – “Lily” (Spanish)

Azurio – “Azure” (Portuguese)

Azudor – “Blue mountain” (Spanish)

Azucarillo – “Little sugar” (Spanish)

Azulay – “Heavenly” (Hebrew)

Azurimi – “Beautiful blue” (Japanese)

Azukari – “Acceptance” (Japanese)

Azurito – “Little azure” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AZU”

Azura – “Sky blue” (English)

Azule – “Azure, blue” (Spanish)

Azuma – “East” (Japanese)

Azury – “Blue-eyed” (Spanish)

Azuley – “Heavenly blue” (Spanish)

Azulio – “Blue sky” (Spanish)

Azukai – “Harbor” (Japanese)

Azulín – “Little blue” (Spanish)

Azufre – “Sulfur” (Spanish)

Azunne – “Fourth-born” (Igbo)

Azuphoenix – “Reborn in blue” (Greek)

Azuris – “Azure, sky blue” (Spanish)

Azupar – “Sparkling blue” (Spanish)

Azulo – “Blue one” (Spanish)

Azuray – “Blue river” (Spanish)

Azurion – “Son of the blue” (Spanish)

Azumel – “Blue moon” (Spanish)

Azuris – “Of the sky” (Spanish)

Azuris – “Heavenly blue” (Spanish)

Azumon – “Blue mountain” (Spanish)

Azunua – “Bluebird” (Spanish)

Azutile – “Blue gem” (Spanish)

Azuris – “Blue sea” (Spanish)

Azunex – “Blue night” (Spanish)

Azufin – “Blue finch” (Spanish)

Azuria – “Blue” (Spanish)

Azuris – “Sapphire” (Spanish)

Azufaifo – “Blue fig” (Spanish)

Azufral – “Sulfuric” (Spanish)

Azuris – “Bluish” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AZU”

Azuriah – “God is my help” (Hebrew)

Azubiel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Azuel – “God is my light” (Spanish)

Azuric – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Azubert – “Bright pledge of God” (English)

Azuriel – “My strength is God” (Hebrew)

Azuthael – “God’s support” (Hebrew)

Azufiel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Azuelo – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Azuryah – “God’s vision” (Hebrew)

Azuphar – “God’s flower” (Hebrew)

Azurito – “God’s chosen one” (Spanish)

Azurel – “God is my rock” (Hebrew)

Azubin – “God is understanding” (Hebrew)

Azumin – “God’s gift of wisdom” (Japanese)

Azurit – “God’s secret” (Hebrew)

Azufiel – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Azurah – “God’s protection” (Hebrew)

Azuban – “God’s blessing” (Hebrew)

Azurim – “God’s song” (Hebrew)

Azudiel – “God’s justice” (Spanish)

Azurim – “God’s promise” (Hebrew)

Azuciel – “Heavenly grace of God” (Spanish)

Azurin – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Azubel – “God’s courage” (Spanish)

Azurito – “Little gift from God” (Spanish)

Azuvan – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Azuhito – “Great person of God” (Japanese)

Azulai – “Protected by God” (Hebrew)

Azurin – “God’s love” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AZU”

Azumah Nelson

Azumah Nelson is a Ghanaian former professional boxer who is considered one of the greatest African fighters of all time.

Azu Ishiekwene

Azu Ishiekwene is a Nigerian journalist and columnist known for his insightful commentary on Nigerian and African politics.

Azubuike Oliseh

Azubuike Oliseh is a Nigerian former professional footballer who played as a midfielder and represented Nigeria internationally.

Azuolas Tubelis

Azuolas Tubelis is a Lithuanian professional basketball player who plays for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Azumino is a famous Japanese painter known for his vibrant and expressive landscapes inspired by the natural beauty of Japan.


Francisco de Azuara was a Spanish playwright and poet of the 16th century known for his contributions to Spanish Golden Age literature.


Azur is a character in medieval French literature, known for being the lover of the fairy Melusine in the legend of Melusine.


Manuel J. Calle Azuay was an Ecuadorian lawyer and politician who served as President of Ecuador from 1939 to 1940.


Azul is a Brazilian professional football club based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, known for its passionate fan base and success in Brazilian football.


Azumi Muto is a Japanese musician and composer known for her innovative blend of traditional Japanese music with contemporary elements.

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