220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “AVO”

Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for a unique and meaningful name? If so, you might want to consider choosing a name that starts with “AVO.”

While this may not be a common starting letter for many names, there are still plenty of great options to choose from.

Names that begin with “AVO” can come from various origins and have different meanings, making them all the more intriguing.

From traditional names to more modern and trendy ones, the list of “AVO” names offers a great range of options for parents seeking something special for their little one.

Whether you’re drawn to the strong and masculine sound of Avo, the elegance of Avon, or the exotic appeal of Avorio, there’s no shortage of appealing choices to consider.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most captivating “AVO” names for boys, each with its own unique charm and significance.

So if you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and standout name for your son, read on to discover the world of boy names that start with “AVO.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “AVO”

Avon – “River” (English)

Avonel – “From the River Avon” (English)

Avorio – “Ivory” (Italian)

Avonlea – “Meadow by the River” (English)

Avonmore – “Great River” (Irish)

Avoy – “Living Water” (Spanish)

Avocet – “A type of Water Bird” (English)

Avocato – “Lawyer” (Italian)

Avos – “Advocate” (Greek)

Avonius – “Of the River Avon” (Latin)

Avocan – “Hopeful” (Spanish)

Avonex – “Explorer of Rivers” (Latin)

Avont – “From the River’s Source” (English)

Avocade – “Advocate” (Old French)

Avondre – “From the Riverbank” (English)

Avocetos – “Water Bird” (Greek)

Avolos – “Sunbeam” (Greek)

Avopos – “Guardian of the River” (Greek)

Avokan – “Adventurer” (English)

Avocia – “River Dweller” (Latin)

Avonvil – “Village by the River” (English)

Avoly – “Lively” (English)

Avonato – “Advocate” (Spanish)

Avontay – “River Town” (English)

Avokos – “Swift River” (Greek)

Avota – “Favored by the River” (English)

Avotas – “River Watcher” (Greek)

Avogel – “River Song” (English)

Avold – “Old River” (English)

Avodeo – “River God” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "AVO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “AVO”

Avorin – “Adventurous” (English)

Avoros – “Brave Defender” (Greek)

Avotan – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Avolux – “Bright Future” (English)

Avolios – “Gift of the Sun” (Greek)

Avoray – “Ray of Hope” (English)

Avonton – “Town by the River” (English)

Avorrez – “Resolute” (Spanish)

Avoben – “Blessed Friend” (English)

Avorosso – “Red Dawn” (Spanish)

Avocruz – “Crossing the River” (Spanish)

Avorikos – “Strong Leader” (Greek)

Avocero – “Skywalker” (Spanish)

Avoncio – “Daring” (Spanish)

Avostar – “Shining Star” (English)

Avofel – “Loyal Friend” (English)

Avontez – “Fearless” (Spanish)

Avolion – “Lionhearted” (English)

Avoguard – “Protector” (English)

Avonico – “Victorious” (Spanish)

Avoran – “Adventurer” (English)

Avorico – “Rich in Courage” (Spanish)

Avocanto – “Singer” (Spanish)

Avokris – “Golden Rule” (English)

Avoflo – “Flourishing” (English)

Avonero – “Bold” (Spanish)

Avocadeo – “Advocate” (Spanish)

Avonimbus – “Bringing Good Fortune” (English)

Avolyx – “Radiant” (English)

Avontezo – “Boundless” (Spanish)

Unique “AVO” Names for Boys

Avorin – “River Stone” (English)

Avosio – “Son of the River” (Spanish)

Avotaro – “Brave Defender” (Spanish)

Avogil – “Joyful Song” (English)

Avonelio – “Bright Sky” (Spanish)

Avonir – “Bringer of Light” (Greek)

Avoldor – “Gifted Protector” (English)

Avolito – “Little Aviator” (Spanish)

Avorosso – “Red-Haired” (Spanish)

Avotaros – “Warrior of the Dawn” (Greek)

Avolero – “Lone Wanderer” (Spanish)

Avonius – “Eternal River” (Greek)

Avorizo – “Born of the Dawn” (Spanish)

Avonexis – “Explorer of New Horizons” (English)

Avosol – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Avonikos – “Bearer of Victory” (Greek)

Avorayos – “Rays of Hope” (Spanish)

Avogris – “Green Fields” (Greek)

Avonaro – “Noble River” (Spanish)

Avomir – “Peaceful Strength” (English)

Avolindo – “Song of the Wind” (Spanish)

Avorus – “Boundless Sky” (Greek)

Avoleto – “Flying High” (Spanish)

Avolaz – “Brilliant Star” (Spanish)

Avogente – “Gentle Breeze” (Spanish)

Avonito – “Little River” (Spanish)

Avoriko – “Mountain Warrior” (Greek)

Avonivo – “New Beginnings” (Spanish)

Avotimo – “Honored by Time” (Spanish)

Avorosio – “Sunrise” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “AVO”

Avonelos – “Eternal Light” (Greek)

Avorioz – “Golden Dawn” (Italian)

Avogrande – “Great Voice” (Spanish)

Avolandro – “Land of Timeless Beauty” (Spanish)

Avotimus – “Everlasting Honor” (Greek)

Avofelix – “Lucky One” (Spanish)

Avolykos – “Guardian of Time” (Greek)

Avorian – “Time Traveler” (English)

Avopelas – “Ancient Rock” (Greek)

Avosanto – “Holy Time” (Spanish)

Avonetos – “Eternal Victory” (Greek)

Avogusto – “August Time” (Spanish)

Avorelios – “Timeless Sun” (Greek)

Avonimbus – “Time of Abundance” (English)

Avoteros – “Enduring Strength” (Greek)

Avonante – “Timeless Adventurer” (Spanish)

Avomirador – “Time Observer” (Spanish)

Avodoro – “Gift of Time” (Greek)

Avofaro – “Time of Harvest” (Spanish)

Avomilas – “Timeless Smile” (Greek)

Avoncelo – “Heavenly Time” (Spanish)

Avoplato – “Time of Wisdom” (Greek)

Avofresco – “Fresh Time” (Spanish)

Avonilo – “Eternal Song” (Spanish)

Avolargo – “Wide Time” (Spanish)

Avodorus – “Gift of the Hours” (Greek)

Avocanto – “Timeless Song” (Spanish)

Avotitan – “Timeless Giant” (Greek)

Avomente – “Timeless Mind” (Spanish)

Avonexio – “Eternal Journey” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “AVO”

Avorio – “Ivory” (Italian)

Avodar – “Guardian” (Sanskrit)

Avontu – “Brave” (Swahili)

Avoglio – “Desired” (Italian)

Avolat – “Sky” (Arabic)

Avonté – “Alive” (French)

Avonui – “Peaceful” (Maori)

Avorak – “Leader” (Hindi)

Avoyar – “Dreamer” (Turkish)

Avonti – “Wind” (Fijian)

Avoghan – “Warrior” (Persian)

Avonzi – “Prosperous” (Zulu)

Avolei – “Thunder” (Hawaiian)

Avoros – “Brave” (Portuguese)

Avokai – “Strength” (Japanese)

Avodan – “Fire” (Irish)

Avomar – “Sea” (Spanish)

Avokha – “Sun” (Mongolian)

Avorin – “Ruler” (Russian)

Avolun – “Moon” (Chinese)

Avodin – “Gift” (German)

Avorinu – “Noble” (Yoruba)

Avolan – “Mountain” (Scottish)

Avomen – “Tree” (Swedish)

Avoraz – “Gold” (Korean)

Avolen – “Lion” (African)

Avolil – “Love” (Hebrew)

Avonil – “Hope” (Gaelic)

Avosha – “Honor” (Armenian)

Avorez – “Free” (Czech)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “AVO”

Avon – “River” (English)

Avonel – “From the River Avon” (English)

Avoros – “Brave Defender” (Greek)

Avofin – “White Bird” (English)

Avolux – “Bright Future” (English)

Avotan – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Avolindo – “Song of the Wind” (Spanish)

Avomir – “Peaceful Strength” (English)

Avosio – “Son of the River” (Spanish)

Avolun – “Moon” (Chinese)

Avoray – “Ray of Hope” (English)

Avolito – “Little Aviator” (Spanish)

Avonus – “Harmony” (Latin)

Avotaro – “Brave Defender” (Spanish)

Avoyar – “Dreamer” (Spanish)

Avoris – “Golden” (Greek)

Avostar – “Shining Star” (English)

Avoflo – “Flourishing” (English)

Avonix – “Innovator” (English)

Avovida – “Life” (Spanish)

Avolando – “Flying” (Spanish)

Avonix – “Enlightened” (Greek)

Avofaro – “Time of Harvest” (Spanish)

Avonero – “Bold” (Spanish)

Avorel – “Light” (Greek)

Avorus – “Boundless Sky” (Greek)

Avorin – “River Stone” (English)

Avolon – “Brave Lion” (English)

Avolei – “Thunder” (Hawaiian)

Avorosso – “Red-Haired” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “AVO”

Avonathan – “Gift of God” (English)

Avonzo – “Blessed by God” (Spanish)

Avodos – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Avoriel – “God is my Light” (Spanish)

Avoseph – “God will Increase” (English)

Avonelios – “God is my Savior” (Greek)

Avorius – “Belonging to God” (Latin)

Avoruel – “God’s Promise” (Spanish)

Avopetro – “Rock of God” (Greek)

Avonatan – “God has Given” (Spanish)

Avotimo – “Honored by God” (Spanish)

Avogelon – “Messenger of God” (Greek)

Avonez – “God’s Strength” (Spanish)

Avotitanos – “God’s Strength” (Greek)

Avomiel – “Who is Like God?” (Spanish)

Avonico – “Victorious through God” (Spanish)

Avonico – “Conqueror for God” (Spanish)

Avodoro – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Avostefano – “Crowned by God” (Italian)

Avogonzalo – “Battle of God” (Spanish)

Avonuel – “God is with Us” (Spanish)

Avodario – “Beloved by God” (Spanish)

Avovito – “Alive with God” (Spanish)

Avofeo – “Fire of God” (Spanish)

Avonezekiel – “God Strengthens” (Hebrew)

Avogabriel – “God is my Strength” (Hebrew)

Avorafael – “Healing of God” (Spanish)

Avomelec – “King of God” (Spanish)

Avodaniel – “God is my Judge” (Hebrew)

Avohelios – “Sun of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “AVO”

Avogadro, Amedeo

Italian scientist known for his contributions to molecular theory, including Avogadro’s law.

Avonius, Ambrosius

Roman statesman and military leader who played a significant role in the Roman Empire’s decline.

Avoglio, Antonio

Renowned Italian composer and violinist of the Baroque era, known for his virtuosic compositions.

Avotino, Alessandro

Italian Renaissance artist celebrated for his exquisite paintings and contributions to the art world.

Avonatti, Angelo

Notable Italian-American lawyer and entrepreneur known for his involvement in high-profile legal cases.

Avonar, Abraham

Spanish explorer who played a crucial role in the European colonization of the Americas.

Avocette, Armand

French poet and playwright esteemed for his lyrical verses and profound literary works.

Avokan, André

Haitian revolutionary leader who played a pivotal role in the fight for Haiti’s independence.

Avotaro, Augusto

Argentine revolutionary and political figure recognized for his efforts in the struggle for Latin American independence.

Avollio, Antonio

Spanish painter renowned for his masterful use of light and shadow in his artwork.

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