220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “JOS”

Looking for a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than the “JOS” names!

Short and sweet, names that start with “JOS” are not only rare but also carry a certain charm and distinction.

From traditional to modern, there is a plethora of “JOS” names to choose from, each with its own special meaning and history.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Joseph and Joshua, or prefer more contemporary options like Joss and Josten, there is a “JOS” name out there to suit every preference and style.

These names offer a sense of individuality and character that is sure to make your little boy stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore a diverse range of boy names that start with “JOS”, delving into their origins, meanings, and cultural significance.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and memorable name for your son, look no further than these captivating “JOS” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “JOS”

Jose – “God will add” (Spanish)

Joshua – “The Lord is my salvation” (English)

Josiah – “Jehovah has healed” (Hebrew)

Josef – “God will add” (Czech)

Josep – “God will add” (Catalan)

Josue – “God is salvation” (Spanish)

Josiah – “The Lord supports” (Hebrew)

Joss – “God is gracious” (English)

Joselito – “Little Joseph” (Spanish)

Josephus – “God will add” (Greek)

Joslin – “Little Gautier” (English)

Joseluis – “Combination of Jose and Luis” (Spanish)

Josué – “Jehovah is salvation” (Spanish)

Josif – “God will add” (Greek)

Josselin – “Little Gautier” (French)

Josifos – “God will add” (Greek)

Joseantonio – “Combination of Jose and Antonio” (Spanish)

Josip – “God will add” (Croatian)

Josedejesus – “Combination of Jose and Jesus” (Spanish)

Josito – “Little Jose” (Spanish)

Jossi – “God is my salvation” (English)

Josel – “God will add” (Spanish)

Josemanuel – “Combination of Jose and Manuel” (Spanish)

Josko – “God will add” (Croatian)

Josua – “Jehovah is salvation” (German)

Jostein – “God stone” (Norwegian)

Jossue – “God is salvation” (Spanish)

Josmar – “Famous in battle” (English)

Josephty – “God will add” (English)

Joselindo – “Beautiful Jose” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "JOS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “JOS”

Jossian – “God is gracious” (English)

Josiano – “God will add” (Spanish)

Joshton – “From the town on the Jos” (English)

Josias – “The Lord is salvation” (Greek)

Josver – “True light” (English)

Josandro – “Combination of Jos and Alejandro” (Spanish)

Josidore – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Josten – “Justice stone” (English)

Josario – “Golden boy” (Spanish)

Josidion – “Divine justice” (Greek)

Joslen – “Joyful journey” (English)

Joskar – “Gracious defender” (Spanish)

Josifas – “God will add” (Greek)

Joslan – “Graceful land” (English)

Josmaro – “Sea of God” (Spanish)

Josikon – “Divinely victorious” (Greek)

Jostyn – “Just and strong” (English)

Joselo – “Little Jos” (Spanish)

Josianthos – “Flower of God” (Greek)

Josmino – “Little Joseph” (English)

Jossin – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Jostas – “Determined one” (Greek)

Joswick – “Victorious in battle” (English)

Josman – “Gift of Jehovah” (Spanish)

Josymon – “Godly protector” (Greek)

Jossal – “Lion of God” (English)

Joscano – “Combination of Jos and Cano” (Spanish)

Josimos – “Follower of God” (Greek)

Joster – “Steadfast and strong” (English)

Josionis – “Divine son” (Greek)

Unique “JOS” Names for Boys

Josrian – “Radiant joy” (English)

Josidias – “Divine gift of the Lord” (Greek)

Josleno – “Graceful and charming” (Spanish)

Josandrox – “Strong defender of mankind” (English)

Josianthos – “Blooming with divine grace” (Greek)

Jostelo – “Heavenly beauty” (Spanish)

Josynthian – “Harmony of divine sounds” (English)

Josafin – “God’s gracious addition” (Spanish)

Josilion – “Lion-hearted protector” (English)

Josikonos – “Guardian of divine justice” (Greek)

Josentico – “Charming and endearing” (Spanish)

Josidran – “Lover of divine wisdom” (Greek)

Jostaro – “Star of justice” (English)

Josilios – “Divinely bright” (Greek)

Joscano – “Graceful and versatile” (Spanish)

Josiron – “Majestic and powerful” (English)

Josphoros – “Bearer of divine light” (Greek)

Joseldo – “Noble and divine” (Spanish)

Jostarian – “Guardian of celestial realms” (English)

Josalio – “Messenger of divine tidings” (Spanish)

Josidian – “Believer in divine wisdom” (Greek)

Josynthos – “Harmonious and melodious” (English)

Joscario – “Beloved and cherished” (Spanish)

Josidianos – “Divine leader” (Greek)

Josariox – “Warrior of divine strength” (English)

Joselithos – “Divinely gentle” (Greek)

Josmaros – “Sea of divine wisdom” (Spanish)

Josirion – “Champion of divine justice” (English)

Josidario – “Gift from divine sources” (Spanish)

Josyndros – “Gifted with divine charisma” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “JOS”

Joslinus – “Gracious son” (Latin)

Josander – “Enduring and strong” (English)

Joselian – “God’s gracious gift” (Greek)

Josmarian – “Eternal sea” (Spanish)

Joswell – “Noble protector” (English)

Jostian – “Timeless and enduring” (Greek)

Josario – “Everlasting love” (Spanish)

Josidoreus – “Enduring gift of God” (Greek)

Joslynx – “Eternal roar” (English)

Joscilian – “Everlasting brightness” (Latin)

Jostavo – “Eternal honor” (Spanish)

Josidoros – “Gift of enduring light” (Greek)

Joslanthos – “Timeless flower” (English)

Josifero – “Everlasting bearer” (Spanish)

Josynthianos – “Timeless harmony” (Greek)

Josanderus – “Enduring man” (Latin)

Josello – “Eternal and beloved” (Spanish)

Jostephyr – “Timeless breeze” (English)

Josidorian – “Gift from the timeless age” (Greek)

Josalon – “Eternal strength” (Spanish)

Josidianus – “Enduring wisdom” (Latin)

Josirex – “Timeless ruler” (English)

Jostiano – “Everlasting grace” (Spanish)

Josilionus – “Enduring lion” (Greek)

Joscelius – “Timeless brilliance” (Latin)

Josariox – “Eternal warrior” (English)

Josiferus – “Bearer of timeless divinity” (Greek)

Joselio – “Everlasting sun” (Spanish)

Jostelian – “Timeless charm” (English)

Josmarianos – “Enduring sea god” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “JOS”

Josab – “Healer” (Arabic)

Josko – “Joyful” (Croatian)

Josianu – “Flower of the sun” (Romanian)

Jossalito – “Little joy” (Italian)

Josuru – “Graceful wind” (Japanese)

Jostan – “Lion of the tribe” (Hebrew)

Jostein – “Stone of justice” (Norwegian)

Joslynxio – “Majestic roar” (African)

Josidranos – “Gift of wisdom” (Latin)

Josiahn – “God supports” (Swahili)

Josiavel – “Swift and strong” (Portuguese)

Joskai – “Ocean of joy” (Finnish)

Josmundo – “Worldly and wise” (Spanish)

Josiphar – “Handsome traveler” (Irish)

Joskoz – “Protector of the harvest” (Slavic)

Jostaros – “Star of the east” (Persian)

Josuanu – “Graceful soul” (Samoan)

Josverno – “Northern light” (Scandinavian)

Josinu – “Born of the moon” (Korean)

Jostari – “Brave adventurer” (Hindi)

Josidario – “Divine gift” (Italian)

Jostarion – “Heavenly messenger” (Greek)

Joselinu – “Loyal and noble” (Spanish)

Joskian – “Sky conqueror” (Mongolian)

Jospello – “Golden warrior” (Latin)

Josianth – “Flower of joy” (Cambodian)

Jostero – “Eternal traveler” (Swedish)

Josvan – “Graceful leader” (Dutch)

Jossito – “Little joy” (Spanish)

Josyaro – “Divine arrow” (Hawaiian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “JOS”

Joslen – “Gracious and gentle” (English)

Josario – “Garden of roses” (Spanish)

Joswyn – “Joyful wanderer” (English)

Josilis – “Delicate and charming” (Greek)

Jossian – “Harmony and peace” (English)

Josmaris – “Sea breeze” (Spanish)

Josidian – “Divine wisdom” (Greek)

Josleno – “Tender and kind” (Spanish)

Joslinn – “Graceful and free” (English)

Josariox – “Eternal joy” (Greek)

Joswen – “Joyful spirit” (English)

Josmarin – “Beloved by the sea” (Spanish)

Josidion – “Divine justice” (Greek)

Joslo – “Free spirit” (English)

Josimar – “Sea lover” (Spanish)

Jostar – “Guiding star” (English)

Josiano – “God’s gracious gift” (Spanish)

Josynth – “Harmonious melody” (Greek)

Josler – “Free thinker” (English)

Joselia – “Divinely gentle” (Spanish)

Josikon – “Harmony of justice” (Greek)

Jossal – “Soft and tender” (English)

Josar – “Beloved one” (Spanish)

Jossianthos – “Flower of joy” (Greek)

Josleni – “Tender and graceful” (Spanish)

Josaryn – “Eternal joy” (English)

Josarion – “Divine messenger” (Greek)

Josilin – “Kind and gentle” (English)

Josan – “Gracious soul” (Spanish)

Josynthian – “Harmony of existence” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “JOS”

Josaphat – “God has judged” (Hebrew)

Josephus – “Jehovah will add” (Greek)

Josiahel – “God supports” (Hebrew)

Joselius – “Belonging to God” (Latin)

Josueco – “God is salvation” (Spanish)

Josipheus – “God will add” (Greek)

Josmarcos – “God of war” (Spanish)

Josifer – “Bearer of divine light” (Latin)

Jostephan – “Crowned by God” (Greek)

Joselael – “To whom God is God” (Hebrew)

Joscanoel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Josidon – “Gift of Jehovah” (Greek)

Josiahelios – “God is my sun” (Spanish)

Jostelianos – “God’s eternal charm” (Greek)

Josimmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Josphaios – “Divine healer” (Greek)

Josangel – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Joseraph – “Seraph of God” (Hebrew)

Josiliad – “Gift of God’s favor” (Greek)

Josjairus – “God enlightens” (Spanish)

Jostheos – “Godly and divine” (Greek)

Josilazarus – “God is my helper” (Spanish)

Josiahad – “Praise to God” (Hebrew)

Joselinus – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Josiabriel – “Strength of God” (Spanish)

Josijonah – “Dove of God” (Hebrew)

Josielias – “God is my God” (Greek)

Josammanuel – “God with us” (Spanish)

Josithaniel – “Gift of God’s judgment” (Hebrew)

Jospablo – “Small but strong in faith” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “JOS”

Jose Mourinho

Portuguese football manager known for tactical prowess, charisma, and numerous league titles with top European clubs.

Joseph Stalin

Soviet leader during World War II, implemented industrialization and collective farming, controversial for authoritarian rule.

José Saramago

Renowned Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize winner, famous for his unique narrative style and philosophical themes.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

American actor, director, and producer, rose to fame in films like “Inception” and “500 Days of Summer.”

José Martí

Cuban national hero, poet, and revolutionary, played a key role in the fight for Cuban independence from Spanish rule.

José Andrés

Spanish-American chef and philanthropist, recognized for culinary innovation and humanitarian efforts.

Joseph Haydn

Austrian composer of the Classical era, often called the “Father of the Symphony” and “Father of the String Quartet.”

José Carreras

Spanish tenor, part of the “Three Tenors,” celebrated for his powerful and emotive operatic performances.

Joseph Conrad

Polish-British novelist, famous for works like “Heart of Darkness,” explored themes of colonialism and human nature.

Josh Hutcherson

American actor known for his role as Peeta Mellark in “The Hunger Games” series, versatile and socially engaged.

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