220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “ADAM”

Are you looking for a unique yet classic name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “Adam.”

With roots in various cultures and languages, “Adam” is a timeless and popular choice for boys.

Whether you’re drawn to its biblical origin or simply like the sound of it, there are plenty of variations and derivatives to consider.

In this article, we’ll explore a diverse range of boy names that start with “Adam.” From traditional picks to more modern twists, there’s sure to be a name on our list that resonates with you.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional English names such as Adam and Adair, or you’re interested in exploring more exotic options like Adami and Adalrich, there’s something for everyone in this comprehensive guide.

So if you’re on the hunt for a name that starts with “Adam” for your baby boy, read on for inspiration and ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a name that pays homage to tradition or one that adds a unique twist, this article has got you covered.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ADAM”

Adam – “Man” (English, Hebrew)

Adamaris – “Noble, famous for his good deeds” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamos – “Man, earthy” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamo – “Man” (Italian, Hebrew)

Adamson – “Son of Adam” (English, Hebrew)

Adamek – “Little Adam” (Polish, Hebrew)

Adamo – “Man” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamski – “Son of Adam” (Polish, Hebrew)

Adamantios – “Indomitable, unconquerable” (Greek, Greek)

Adamo – “Man” (Portuguese, Hebrew)

Adama – “Earth” (Hebrew, African)

Adamcik – “Son of Adam” (Slovak, Hebrew)

Adamides – “Son of Adam” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamik – “Son of Adam” (Slovak, Hebrew)

Adamo – “Man” (Galician, Hebrew)

Adamovich – “Son of Adam” (Russian, Hebrew)

Adamidis – “Son of Adam” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamou – “Man” (French, Hebrew)

Adamowski – “Son of Adam” (Polish, Hebrew)

Adames – “Son of Adam” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamides – “Son of Adam” (Cypriot, Hebrew)

Adamchuk – “Son of Adam” (Ukrainian, Hebrew)

Adamidis – “Son of Adam” (Macedonian, Hebrew)

Adamovic – “Son of Adam” (Serbian, Hebrew)

Adamson – “Son of Adam” (Scottish, Hebrew)

Adamides – “Son of Adam” (Cretan, Hebrew)

Adamo – “Man” (Catalan, Hebrew)

Adams – “Son of Adam” (English, Hebrew)

Adamides – “Son of Adam” (Cyprus, Hebrew)

Adamenko – “Son of Adam” (Ukrainian, Hebrew)

Boy Names That Start with "ADAM"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ADAM”

Adamario – “Heroic man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamsonic – “Son of Adam” (English, Hebrew)

Adamino – “Beloved man” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamasios – “Unconquerable man” (Greek, Greek)

Adamiano – “Admirable man” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adameon – “Man of strength” (English, Greek)

Adamanteo – “Enduring man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamios – “Manly” (Greek, Greek)

Adamorio – “Golden man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamique – “Man of integrity” (English, Greek)

Adamir – “Man of peace” (English, Spanish)

Adamosio – “Noble man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamanto – “Invincible man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamizo – “Man of wisdom” (English, Greek)

Adamiano – “Courageous man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamantez – “Zealous man” (English, Greek)

Adamesco – “Respected man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamiquez – “Wise man” (English, Spanish)

Adamendo – “Endearing man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamontes – “Mountain-like man” (English, Greek)

Adameiro – “Luminous man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamivo – “Vibrant man” (English, Spanish)

Adamion – “Gentleman” (English, Greek)

Adamian – “Loving man” (English, Armenian)

Adamero – “Steadfast man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamozo – “Zealous man” (English, Greek)

Adamal – “Man of wisdom” (English, Hebrew)

Adamoro – “Golden man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adaminoz – “Innovative man” (English, Greek)

Adamito – “Little man” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Unique “ADAM” Names for Boys

Adamicus – “Graceful man” (English, Latin)

Adamirio – “Man of inspiration” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamorous – “Charming man” (English, Greek)

Adamentis – “Determined man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamalis – “Noble and kind man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamorus – “Man with a noble heart” (English, Latin)

Adamiqueño – “Unique man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamaroza – “Radiant man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamikos – “Courageous man” (Greek, Latin)

Adaminio – “Innovative man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamirios – “Respected man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamara – “Admired man” (English, Latin)

Adameiros – “Man of love” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamendoz – “Soothing man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamilos – “Cheerful man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamelio – “Eloquent man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamoruso – “Man of mystery” (English, Latin)

Adaminas – “Endearing man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamionis – “Man of integrity” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamianis – “Peaceful man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamizon – “Visionary man” (English, Latin)

Adameto – “Man with purpose” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamados – “Gifted man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamisos – “Wise man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamisto – “Harmonious man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamarisio – “Man with a strong character” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamirian – “Man of dreams” (English, Latin)

Adamitoz – “Optimistic man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamarion – “Man of honor” (English, Latin)

Adamoros – “Man of grace” (Greek, Latin)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ADAM”

Adamian – “Noble and virtuous man” (English, Armenian)

Adamio – “Man of distinction” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamore – “Enduring man” (English, Latin)

Adamantez – “Resolute man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamirios – “Man of dignity” (Greek, Latin)

Adamoso – “Admirable man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamiano – “Gentleman” (English, Latin)

Adamiko – “Manly and brave” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamion – “Beloved and honorable man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamis – “Man of strength” (English, Greek)

Adamanto – “Unyielding man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamix – “Wisdom and strength” (English, Greek)

Adamiquez – “Eloquent and wise man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamios – “Noble and upright man” (Greek, Latin)

Adamito – “Little noble man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamiel – “God’s noble man” (English, Hebrew)

Adamikis – “Man of justice” (Greek, Latin)

Adamorio – “Golden-hearted man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamose – “Wise and serene man” (English, Greek)

Adamov – “Beloved man” (Russian, Greek)

Adamoros – “Man of grace and beauty” (Greek, Latin)

Adamantino – “Immovable man” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamarque – “Man of distinction” (English, Latin)

Adamides – “Descendant of Adam” (Greek, Latin)

Adamiqueño – “Unique and special man” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamonis – “Son of Adam” (English, Greek)

Adamovski – “Man of wisdom and strength” (Macedonian, Greek)

Adamus – “Man of noble birth” (English, Latin)

Adamez – “Man of integrity” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamidon – “Honorable and righteous man” (Greek, Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ADAM”

Adamiru – “Noble warrior” (Hausa, West African)

Adamiyan – “Son of Adam” (Persian)

Adamito – “Beloved man” (Italian)

Adamu – “Man” (Japanese)

Adameir – “Brave and noble” (Irish)

Adamianu – “Graceful and noble” (Romanian)

Adamara – “Admired man” (Yoruba, Nigerian)

Adamiano – “Heavenly man” (Italian)

Adamir – “Man of peace” (Russian)

Adamaël – “Man of God” (French)

Adamirius – “Respected man” (Roman)

Adamilo – “Man of wisdom” (Esperanto)

Adamus – “Noble and distinguished” (Polish)

Adamez – “Man of integrity” (Spanish)

Adaminos – “Lordly man” (Spanish)

Adamoș – “Manly” (Romanian)

Adamino – “Man of honor” (Portuguese)

Adamen – “Eternal man” (Swedish)

Adamay – “Praiseworthy man” (Arabic)

Adambek – “Leader of men” (Kazakh)

Adamshay – “Gift from God” (Kurdish)

Adanov – “Son of Adam” (Kazakh)

Adampour – “Son of Adam” (Persian)

Adamqul – “Servant of Adam” (Uzbek)

Adamyra – “Noble and radiant” (Tatar)

Adamescu – “Little Adam” (Romanian)

Adamic – “Man of the earth” (Slovenian)

Adamko – “Young Adam” (Slovak)

Adamaraq – “Beautiful man” (Quechua, Andean)

Adamuwa – “Noble child” (Hausa, West African)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ADAM”

Adamara – “Beloved one” (English, Greek)

Adameo – “Charming and lovable” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamelle – “Graceful and gentle” (English, French)

Adamicos – “Harmonious being” (Greek, Latin)

Adamia – “Inner strength” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamee – “Admired soul” (English, French)

Adamique – “Unique essence” (French, Greek)

Adamilo – “Tender and wise” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamis – “Essence of strength” (English, Greek)

Adamin – “Harmony within” (Spanish, Greek)

Adamorel – “Loved for who they are” (English, French)

Adamence – “Gentle and enduring” (English, Latin)

Adamiquez – “Wise and eloquent” (Spanish, French)

Adamon – “Universal love” (Greek, Latin)

Adamere – “Everlasting love” (English, Latin)

Adamicus – “Balanced and fair” (Latin, Greek)

Adamaraq – “Beautiful and radiant” (Quechua, Greek)

Adamir – “Peaceful spirit” (English, French)

Adamaël – “God’s presence” (French, Hebrew)

Adamento – “Eternal love” (Spanish, Latin)

Adames – “Gift of love” (English, Greek)

Adamiqueño – “Special and unique” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamilo – “Little love” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamiza – “Pure and beloved” (English, Latin)

Adamenco – “Soulful and wise” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamianis – “Peaceful essence” (Greek, Latin)

Adamiso – “Loving and serene” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamea – “Eternal flame” (English, Greek)

Adamoro – “Golden-hearted being” (Spanish, Greek)

Adameto – “Purposeful spirit” (Spanish, Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ADAM”

Adamas – “Unyielding faith” (Greek, Greek)

Adamuel – “God with us” (English, Hebrew)

Adaminoel – “God’s gift of light” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamiyah – “Protected by God” (English, Arabic)

Adamareo – “Devoted to God” (Spanish, Latin)

Adamosai – “God’s beloved” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamario – “Dedicated to God” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamiel – “God’s noble servant” (English, Hebrew)

Adamiquez – “God’s wisdom” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamosios – “Belonging to God” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamair – “Godly peace” (English, Hebrew)

Adamus – “Pleasing to God” (English, Latin)

Adamiano – “God’s grace” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamanthos – “Everlasting love of God” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamishai – “God’s gift” (English, Hebrew)

Adamaiah – “God’s support” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamidis – “Son of God” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamasios – “God’s strength” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamoel – “God’s light” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamentis – “Firmly rooted in God” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamochristos – “Christ-like man of God” (English, Greek)

Adamicus – “Godly justice” (Latin, Hebrew)

Adamezekiel – “God strengthens” (English, Hebrew)

Adamzion – “God’s mountain” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamosiah – “Praised by God” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamarquis – “God’s noble decree” (English, Latin)

Adamicai – “God’s joy” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamianis – “God’s peace” (Greek, Hebrew)

Adamayel – “God’s blessing” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Adamtheon – “Divine presence” (English, Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ADAM”

Adam Smith

Scottish economist and philosopher, considered the father of modern economics. Author of “The Wealth of Nations.”

Adam Levine

American singer, songwriter, and frontman of the pop-rock band Maroon 5. Renowned for his distinctive voice and stage presence.

Adam Sandler

American actor, comedian, and filmmaker known for his roles in comedic films like “Happy Gilmore” and “The Waterboy.”

Adam West

American actor best known for his iconic portrayal of Batman in the 1960s TV series “Batman.”

Adam Clayton

Irish musician and bassist for the rock band U2, known for his influential contributions to the band’s sound.

Adam Lambert

American singer and actor, gained fame as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. Later joined the band Queen as lead vocalist.

Adam Driver

American actor known for his roles in films like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Marriage Story,” and for his work in the TV series “Girls.”

Adam Rippon

American figure skater and Olympic bronze medalist, known for his charisma on and off the ice.

Adam Rodriguez

American actor and director, best recognized for his role as Eric Delko in the TV series “CSI: Miami.”

Adam Beach

Canadian actor of Saulteaux descent, known for his roles in films like “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Windtalkers.”

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