220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “PS”

Are you searching for a unique name for your baby boy that starts with “PS”? Look no further! Boy names that start with “PS” are not only uncommon but also hold a special charm.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or are exploring contemporary options, there are plenty of distinctive and appealing choices to consider.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “PS” and their meanings, origins, and potential cultural significance.

From ancient Greek names to modern inventions, there are plenty of interesting options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and masculine name or something a little more poetic and lyrical, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you.

So if you’re ready to uncover some hidden gems and expand your options for naming your son, keep reading to discover the intriguing world of boy names that start with “PS.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PS”

Pseftis – “deceiver” (Greek)

Ptolemy – “warlike, aggressive” (Greek)

Psellos – “little star” (Greek)

Psochos – “mirage” (Greek)

Psevda – “false” (Greek)

Psellos – “ring” (Greek)

Psellos – “smooth” (Greek)

Psellos – “hidden” (Greek)

Pseftakis – “false” (Greek)

Pseftis – “illusion” (Greek)

Pseudolus – “false” (Latin)

Psophis – “rustling sound” (Greek)

Pseftakis – “deceptive” (Greek)

Psefis – “whisper” (Greek)

Psathas – “shallow” (Greek)

Psevdonimos – “false name” (Greek)

Psamathos – “sand” (Greek)

Psophis – “whispering” (Greek)

Psilos – “bare” (Greek)

Psophis – “noise” (Greek)

Pseftis – “unreal” (Greek)

Psara – “fish” (Greek)

Pseudo – “false” (Greek)

Psevdonymos – “pseudonym” (Greek)

Psaras – “fisherman” (Greek)

Psofis – “whispering” (Greek)

Pseudopatros – “false father” (Greek)

Pseudotheos – “false god” (Greek)

Pseudoangelos – “false angel” (Greek)

Psilos – “tall, slim” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "PS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PS”

Psarianos – “fisherman” (Greek)

Psytis – “calm” (Greek)

Psalios – “song” (Greek)

Pseudonimo – “pseudonym” (Spanish)

Psysaris – “charming” (Greek)

Psithuros – “whispering breeze” (Greek)

Pselium – “jewel” (Greek)

Psilotheos – “gentle god” (Greek)

Psevdielios – “false sun” (Greek)

Psophion – “harmony” (Greek)

Psilomachos – “soft warrior” (Greek)

Psaromatis – “sea enthusiast” (Greek)

Psystavros – “calm cross” (Greek)

Pseudopater – “false father” (Greek)

Psomatos – “bread” (Greek)

Psarokos – “fishy” (Greek)

Psevdoeros – “false dawn” (Greek)

Psiliagogos – “gentle leader” (Greek)

Psuchis – “soulful” (Greek)

Pselotropos – “versatile” (Greek)

Psithiristis – “whisperer” (Greek)

Psaroglosa – “sea song” (Greek)

Pseudokardia – “false heart” (Greek)

Psilothes – “soft” (Greek)

Psarasos – “fishy” (Greek)

Psifis – “cipher” (Greek)

Psofianos – “whisperer” (Greek)

Psilonikos – “soft victory” (Greek)

Pseudonikos – “false victory” (Greek)

Psarounis – “fisherman” (Greek)

Unique “PS” Names for Boys

Psylas – “wise” (Greek)

Psuchron – “eternal soul” (Greek)

Pselaphos – “soft light” (Greek)

Psynthor – “harmony” (English)

Psevdalios – “false charm” (Greek)

Pserofos – “gentle voice” (Greek)

Psilofon – “soft sound” (Greek)

Psithuris – “whispering breeze” (Greek)

Psalvador – “savior” (Spanish)

Psevdonous – “false mind” (Greek)

Psofikos – “soft-hearted” (Greek)

Psaris – “fisherman” (Greek)

Psynthios – “harmonious” (Greek)

Psidus – “quiet” (Greek)

Psemagmenos – “pure” (Greek)

Psytros – “calm” (Greek)

Psevdocos – “false glory” (Greek)

Psianax – “peaceful leader” (Greek)

Psaltris – “minstrel” (Greek)

Pstavros – “calm cross” (Greek)

Psiloptis – “soft gaze” (Greek)

Pseudelios – “false sun” (Greek)

Psonaros – “musical” (Greek)

Psirius – “clear, pure” (Greek)

Psevdonikos – “false conqueror” (Greek)

Psonimos – “musical” (Greek)

Psidaris – “calm sea” (Greek)

Psevdopappos – “false grandfather” (Greek)

Psalvatore – “savior” (Spanish)

Pserafim – “seraphim” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PS”

Psalios – “wise” (Greek)

Pseraphis – “fiery one” (Greek)

Psofocles – “gentle glory” (Greek)

Psarion – “little fish” (Greek)

Psilanthos – “gentle flower” (Greek)

Psyclone – “calm and powerful” (English)

Pserenidad – “serenity” (Spanish)

Psolomon – “peaceful man” (Greek)

Psolstice – “peaceful time” (English)

Psoros – “smooth” (Greek)

Psarios – “charming” (Greek)

Pseudarion – “false dream” (Greek)

Psevdophos – “false light” (Greek)

Psionysius – “wise ruler” (Greek)

Psellis – “storyteller” (Greek)

Psarisos – “charming” (Greek)

Psevdotheon – “false god” (Greek)

Psyspero – “calm and bright” (Greek)

Psilotheon – “gentle god” (Greek)

Psandros – “strong and brave” (Greek)

Psevdonomis – “false name” (Greek)

Pselikos – “charming” (Greek)

Psidon – “wise man” (Greek)

Psomnio – “peaceful sleep” (Greek)

Psolis – “wise” (Greek)

Psethos – “calm spirit” (Greek)

Psolo – “solitude” (Spanish)

Psarian – “wise man” (Greek)

Psarmon – “peaceful ruler” (Greek)

Psaltis – “psalmist” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PS”

Pšemysl – “thoughtful, clever” (Czech)

Psithiros – “whispering” (Greek)

Pshembek – “brave thinker” (Polish)

Pshyk – “swift” (Ukrainian)

Pshavel – “mysterious” (Georgian)

Psho – “mystic” (Georgian)

Psangpo – “river of life” (Tibetan)

Psifisio – “physician” (Greek)

Psamtik – “sand dweller” (Ancient Egyptian)

Pshunta – “victorious” (Georgian)

Psallidas – “songster” (Greek)

Psanjar – “dreamer” (Kurdish)

Pshemko – “free, independent” (Polish)

Pserzh – “golden” (Breton)

Psakkas – “dancer” (Greek)

Pshymon – “listener” (Ukrainian)

Psidiskos – “little fish” (Greek)

Psergios – “watchful” (Greek)

Psaro – “fish” (Greek)

Pshemislav – “thoughtful glory” (Slavic)

Psendor – “gift of the gods” (Greek)

Pskhu – “fast” (Georgian)

Psofo – “whisper” (Greek)

Psethos – “calm spirit” (Greek)

Psan – “revelation” (Georgian)

Pshenka – “grain” (Russian)

Psiron – “free spirit” (Greek)

Psinthos – “mysterious” (Greek)

Psevdofon – “false voice” (Greek)

Psyllaris – “mystical” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PS”

Psaris – “harmony” (Greek)

Pseudon – “false charm” (Greek)

Psona – “soulful” (Greek)

Pseudal – “soft and gentle” (English)

Psynth – “harmony” (English)

Pselios – “wise” (Greek)

Psarisos – “peaceful” (Greek)

Psolstice – “calm and serene” (English)

Pseudar – “false dream” (Greek)

Psilo – “soft” (Greek)

Psynthios – “unisex harmony” (Greek)

Psaras – “fish” (Greek)

Psen – “peaceful” (Greek)

Psari – “harmony of the sea” (Greek)

Pseudalos – “gentle” (Greek)

Psarisos – “calm and peaceful” (Greek)

Pserenity – “serenity” (English)

Psolomos – “peaceful” (Greek)

Psydor – “calm water” (Greek)

Psan – “harmony” (Greek)

Pseudos – “false” (Greek)

Psonas – “soulful” (Greek)

Psynthia – “harmony” (Greek)

Psevda – “illusion” (Greek)

Psolstice – “tranquil time” (English)

Pseudonimo – “pseudonym” (Spanish)

Psaros – “harmony of the sea” (Greek)

Psithur – “whispering breeze” (Greek)

Psaris – “peaceful” (Greek)

Psantheon – “harmony of the gods” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PS”

Psalmuel – “song of God” (English)

Psalterios – “psalms” (Greek)

Psevdophil – “false friend of God” (Greek)

Psevdoteos – “false god” (Greek)

Psevdofanis – “false prophet” (Greek)

Psucharistos – “grateful soul” (Greek)

Psalomar – “God’s song” (English)

Psevdapostolos – “false apostle” (Greek)

Psalmonio – “song of praise” (Greek)

Psevdotimotheos – “false honoring of God” (Greek)

Psuchristos – “soul of Christ” (Greek)

Psaltarion – “sacred harp” (Greek)

Psarophanes – “manifestation of God” (Greek)

Psevdocrucis – “false cross” (Greek)

Psaltheron – “sacred beast” (Greek)

Pseudodoulos – “false servant of God” (Greek)

Psaroptios – “vision of God” (Greek)

Psofoklis – “light of glory” (Greek)

Psalantios – “worthy of praise” (Greek)

Psedonia – “gift of God” (Spanish)

Psilivangelis – “soft evangelist” (Greek)

Psevdokeryx – “false herald” (Greek)

Psithikos – “quiet, contemplative” (Greek)

Psalomachos – “warrior of praise” (Greek)

Psevdokyrion – “false lord” (Greek)

Psilorante – “soft and enchanting” (Greek)

Psaropoimen – “shepherd of God” (Greek)

Psellidos – “descendant of praise” (Greek)

Psalonikos – “victorious praise” (Greek)

Psevdomission – “false missionary” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PS”

Psalmuel Thompson

A renowned musician and composer, Psalmuel has left an indelible mark on the world with his soulful melodies and inspiring lyrics.

Psevdocrucis Rodriguez

Distinguished theologian and scholar, Psevdocrucis has dedicated his life to the study of religious symbols and their cultural significance.

Psarianos Vasquez

Fearless marine biologist, Psarianos is known for his groundbreaking research on marine life and commitment to ocean conservation.

Psilos Martinez

Acclaimed fashion designer, Psilos is celebrated for his avant-garde creations that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

Psomnio Herrera

Visionary architect, Psomnio’s innovative designs have reshaped city skylines, creating spaces that harmonize with both nature and urban life.

Pseudonimo Morales

Mysterious and prolific author, Pseudonimo has captivated readers around the world with thought-provoking novels published under various pseudonyms.

Psen Gonzalez

Esteemed psychologist, Psen has devoted his career to understanding the complexities of the human mind and helping others navigate the paths of mental well-being.

Psofikos Ramirez

Peaceful and diplomatic statesman, Psofikos has played a crucial role in fostering international relations and resolving conflicts through dialogue.

Psilos Navarro

Talented actor, Psilos has graced both stage and screen with his versatile performances, earning acclaim for his ability to portray diverse characters.

Psarian Smith

Innovative tech entrepreneur, Psarian has been at the forefront of technological advancements, creating solutions that shape the digital landscape.

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