Boy Names That Start with “BED”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that’s both unique and memorable, why not consider exploring options that start with “Bed”?

While “Bed” might not be the most common starting letter for boy names, it opens the door to a world of intriguing possibilities.

From timeless classics to more modern choices, there’s something for every taste and preference.

Whether you’re drawn to strong, traditional names like Bedford, which carries connotations of strength and protection, or you prefer something more contemporary like Bede, meaning “prayer,” the options are as diverse as they are fascinating.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best boy names that start with “Bed” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this naming adventure, join us as we explore the charm and appeal of boy names that start with “Bed.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BED”

Bedan – “One judged” (Hebrew)

Bede – “Prayer” (Old English)

Bedrich – “Peace ruler” (Czech)

Bednar – “Cooper, barrel maker” (Czech)

Beden – “Dweller by the beds” (English)

Bedros – “Stone” (Armenian)

Bedson – “Son of the bed maker” (English)

Bedle – “Meadow of the bed maker” (Old English)

Bedegis – “Strong in battle” (Anglo-Saxon)

Bedrick – “Powerful ruler” (German)

Bedwen – “Birch tree” (Welsh)

Bedforth – “From the ford near the bed” (English)

Bedian – “From the beds” (Irish)

Bedward – “Guard of the bed” (Old English)

Bedel – “Messenger” (Old English)

Bedwin – “White” (Old English)

Bedriel – “Mythical tree” (Literary)

Bedrickson – “Son of Bedrick” (English)

Bedwen – “Pure” (Welsh)

Bedwolf – “Wolf of the bed” (Old English)

Bedwardson – “Son of Bedward” (English)

Bedric – “Peaceful ruler” (Old German)

Bedhar – “Mountain of the beds” (Scandinavian)

Bedianus – “From the bed region” (Latin)

Bedelyon – “Lion of the bed” (English)

Bedfrid – “Peaceful bed” (Old English)

Bedrius – “Star-like” (Latin)

Bedgost – “Spirit of the bed” (Polish)

Bedmunt – “Mouth of the bed” (Old English)

Bedrosian – “Son of Bedros” (Armenian)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “BED”

Bedan – “The one judged” (Hebrew)

Bede – “Prayer” (Old English)

Bedric – “Peaceful ruler” (Old German)

Bedwin – “White” (Old English)

Bedley – “Meadow of the beds” (English)

Bedel – “Messenger” (Old English)

Bedros – “Stone” (Armenian)

Bedford – “Ford near the bed” (English)

Bedaniel – “God is my judge of the bed” (Modern)

Bedwell – “Stream of the bed” (English)

Bedra – “From the beds” (Modern)

Bedfrid – “Peaceful bed” (Old English)

Bedkiel – “God’s bed” (Modern)

Bedrick – “Powerful ruler” (German)

Bedwin – “White” (Old English)

Bedon – “From the bed region” (Modern)

Bedward – “Guard of the bed” (Old English)

Bedricson – “Son of Bedric” (English)

Bedaniel – “Gift of the bed” (Modern)

Bedemir – “Peaceful bed” (Modern)

Bedrian – “Dark bed” (Modern)

Bedion – “God’s bed” (Modern)

Bedwen – “Birch tree” (Welsh)

Bedwig – “Warrior of the bed” (Modern)

Bedris – “Peaceful bed” (Modern)

Bedimar – “Famous bed” (Modern)

Bedwin – “White” (Old English)

Bedlon – “Strong bed” (Modern)

Bedian – “From the beds” (Irish)

Unique “BED” Names for Boys

Bedion – “God’s bed” (Unique)

Bedaniel – “God is my judge of the bed” (Unique)

Bedrosian – “Son of Bedros” (Armenian)

Bedemir – “Peaceful bed” (Unique)

Bedwig – “Warrior of the bed” (Unique)

Bedley – “Meadow of the beds” (Unique)

Bedkiel – “God’s bed” (Unique)

Bedfrid – “Peaceful bed” (Old English)

Bedrian – “Dark bed” (Unique)

Bedra – “From the beds” (Unique)

Bedros – “Stone” (Armenian)

Bedan – “The one judged” (Hebrew)

Bedward – “Guard of the bed” (Old English)

Bedrianus – “From the bed region” (Unique)

Bedlar – “Warrior of the bed” (Unique)

Bedhar – “Mountain of the beds” (Scandinavian)

Bedwolf – “Wolf of the bed” (Old English)

Bedian – “From the beds” (Irish)

Bedon – “From the bed region” (Unique)

Bedfield – “Field of the beds” (Unique)

Bedfort – “Fort of the bed” (Unique)

Bedwin – “White” (Old English)

Bedmir – “Peaceful bed” (Unique)

Bedel – “Messenger” (Old English)

Bedric – “Peaceful ruler” (Old German)

Bedlyon – “Lion of the bed” (Unique)

Bedfric – “Peaceful bed” (Unique)

Bedaniel – “Gift of the bed” (Unique)

Bedlon – “Strong bed” (Unique)

Bedros – “Stone” (Armenian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BED”

Bedford – “Ford of the Beda” (English)

Bede – “Prayer” (Old English)

Bederic – “Powerful, ruler” (Germanic)

Bedwin – “Son of Bedwig” (Old English)

Bedan – “Son of judgment” (Biblical)

Bedros – “Stone, rock” (Armenian form of Peter)

Bedwyr – “Of the birch tree” (Welsh)

Bedward – “Guard of the bed” (English)

Bedon – “From the prayer” (Old English)

Bediv – “Prayer” (Old English)

Bedulf – “Wolf of the bed” (Old English)

Bedison – “Son of the bed” (Old English)

Bedric – “Ruler of the bed” (Old English)

Bedmore – “Great bed” (Old English)

Bedram – “Famous bed” (Old English)

Bedfrith – “Peace of the bed” (Old English)

Bedwalter – “Ruler of the bed” (Old English)

Bedgar – “Spear of the bed” (Old English)

Bedmund – “Protection of the bed” (Old English)

Bedvin – “Friend of the bed” (Old English)

Bedwardine – “Guardian of the bed” (Old English)

Bedwin – “Son of Bedwig” (Old English)

Bedricson – “Son of Bedric” (Old English)

Bedlind – “Linden tree by the bed” (Old English)

Bedborn – “Born by the bed” (Old English)

Bedry – “King of the bed” (Old English)

Bedolf – “Noble wolf of the bed” (Old English)

Bedgief – “Gift of the bed” (Old English)

Bedwinn – “Friend of the bed” (Old English)

Bedarian – “Guardian of the bed” (Old English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BED”

Bedros – “Stone, rock” (Armenian form of Peter)

Bedri – “Early” (Albanian)

Bedirhan – “Full moon, leader” (Turkish)

Bedrosian – “Son of Bedros” (Armenian)

Bedien – “To serve” (Indonesian)

Bedlin – “From the prayer” (Indonesian)

Bedrosian – “Descendant of Bedros” (Armenian)

Bedji – “Prayer” (Hausa)

Bedina – “Blessing” (Ethiopian)

Bedrick – “Rich, powerful” (Czech)

Bedani – “Brave, bold” (Fijian)

Bedoko – “Blessed” (Igbo)

Bedero – “Bright, shining” (Ethiopian)

Bedun – “Prayerful” (Hausa)

Bedrov – “Of Bedros” (Bulgarian)

Beday – “Brave, valiant” (Filipino)

Bedoune – “Blessed” (Igbo)

Bedu – “From the desert” (Arabic)

Bedno – “Wise, intelligent” (Filipino)

Bedeker – “Guide, leader” (Dutch)

Bedriye – “Early morning” (Turkish)

Bedhayan – “Dancer” (Indonesian)

Bedzran – “Blessing” (Hausa)

Bedene – “Joyful” (Ethiopian)

Bedwyn – “From the birch tree” (Welsh)

Bedjo – “Lucky” (Javanese)

Bedie – “Brave, bold” (Gaelic)

Beduhn – “From the prayer” (Hausa)

Bedjara – “Noble” (Swahili)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BED”

Bedora – “Calm and serene” (Latin)

Bedri – “Full moon” (Turkish)

Bedra – “Blessed” (Arabic)

Bedan – “Graceful” (Hebrew)

Bedwyn – “White heather” (Welsh)

Bedraen – “Strong” (Old English)

Bedelia – “Exalted one” (Irish)

Bedmar – “Ocean” (Spanish)

Bedros – “Rock” (Armenian)

Bedan – “Unique” (Hebrew)

Bediel – “Mythical name” (Fictional)

Bedina – “Blessed one” (Latin)

Bednor – “North dweller” (English)

Bedel – “Beneficiary” (Old English)

Bedo – “Bright” (German)

Bedmin – “Firm and strong” (English)

Bedraha – “Blessed and happy” (Hebrew)

Bedene – “From the valley” (Old English)

Bedelia – “Strength” (Irish)

Bedaniel – “God is my judge” (Hebrew)

Bedlin – “Pure” (Welsh)

Bedison – “Son of the strong” (Old English)

Bedalyn – “Joyful” (Latin)

Bedyr – “Bright and clear” (Welsh)

Bedariel – “Lion of God” (Hebrew)

Bedisa – “Promise” (Latin)

Bedian – “Guardian” (Latin)

Bedera – “Fruitful” (Latin)

Bedien – “Truthful” (Old English)

Bedony – “Sacred tree” (Fictional)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BED”

Bedan – “Son of judgment” (Biblical)

Bedros – “Rock” (Armenian, Christian)

Bedar – “Moonlight” (Persian, Islamic)

Bedaniel – “God is my judge” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedrick – “Power of peace” (Old English, Christian)

Bedaliel – “Friend of God” (Hebrew)

Bedariel – “Lion of God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedamin – “Son of the right hand” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedor – “Generous” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedidiah – “Beloved of God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedaziel – “God’s mercy” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedekiah – “The Lord protects” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedorach – “Blessing” (Hebrew, Christian)

Beduel – “God’s servant” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedri – “Full moon” (Arabic, Islamic)

Bedanin – “Gift of God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bednael – “God has given” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedomer – “Famous ruler” (Germanic, Christian)

Bedlion – “Brave lion” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedahiel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedaham – “Father of many” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedal – “The Lord’s servant” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedarius – “Upholder of the good” (Latin, Christian)

Bedomiah – “Exalted by God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedorim – “High mountain” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedaretz – “Strong rock” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedeshiah – “Joy of the Lord” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedalon – “Dedicated to God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedanias – “Gift from God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Bedashiel – “Protected by God” (Hebrew, Christian)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BED”

Bedrich Smetana

Renowned Czech composer, known for his compositions such as “The Moldau” and “Ma Vlast.”

Bede Griffiths

British-born Indian monk and theologian, known for his pioneering work in interfaith dialogue and his association with the Shantivanam ashram in India.

Bedřich Hrozný

Czech orientalist and linguist, noted for deciphering the Hittite language, which was previously considered undecipherable.

Bedros Keuilian

Entrepreneur and fitness expert, founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, a popular fitness franchise.

Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan

Czech painter and illustrator, known for his symbolic and allegorical works.

Bedřich Fritta

Czech Jewish artist, known for his drawings and sketches depicting life in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II.

Bedros Kirkorov

Russian-born Bulgarian singer and actor, known for his contributions to the Bulgarian music industry.

Bedřich Diviš Weber

Czech composer and music theorist, remembered for his contributions to Czech classical music.

Bedřich Golombek

Czech chess master and chess writer, known for his contributions to chess literature and his success in international chess tournaments.

Bedros Apelian

Armenian-American businessman and philanthropist, known for his contributions to the Armenian community and various charitable causes.

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