220 Best Boy Names That Start with “ABER”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Why not consider a name that starts with “Aber”?

Names that start with “Aber” are not only rare and unique, but they also carry a certain charm and elegance that sets them apart from traditional names.

Whether you’re drawn to the Celtic origin of “Aber” or simply love the sound of it, there are plenty of options to choose from.

From the traditional Aberforth to the more modern Abernathy, there’s a “Aber” name to suit every taste and style.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “Aber” and their meanings, origins, and popularity.

So if you’re looking for a name that is sure to stand out and make a statement, look no further than the list of “Aber” names we’ve compiled for you.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ABER”

Aberforth – “From the river ford” (English)

Aberdeen – “Mouth of the river” (Scottish)

Abernathy – “Mouth of the river” (Scottish)

Abercio – “Sharp, keen” (Spanish)

Abercio – “Resolute, firm” (Greek)

Abernardo – “Strong as a bear” (Spanish)

Abernardo – “Brave bear” (Greek)

Aberon – “Father of a multitude” (English)

Aberon – “Shining light” (Greek)

Aberwyn – “From the river’s mouth” (English)

Aberwyn – “Fair, blessed” (Welsh)

Aberiel – “Strong as an angel” (English)

Aberiel – “Messenger of God” (Greek)

Aberito – “Bright and shining” (Spanish)

Aberito – “Radiant, splendid” (Greek)

Abersio – “Man of the sea” (Spanish)

Abersio – “Master of the sea” (Greek)

Aberimus – “Industrious leader” (Latin)

Aberimus – “Skilled, wise” (Greek)

Aberian – “Gift of God” (English)

Aberian – “He who speaks well” (Greek)

Aberius – “Courageous, bold” (Latin)

Aberius – “Man of strength” (Greek)

Abericio – “Lively, vivacious” (Spanish)

Abericio – “Bringer of joy” (Greek)

Aberonico – “Noble leader” (Spanish)

Aberonico – “Bearer of good news” (Greek)

Aberquel – “Wise, intelligent” (Spanish)

Aberquel – “Bearer of wisdom” (Greek)

Aberthol – “Noble and praiseworthy” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "ABER"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ABER”

Aberonix – “Modern leader” (English)

Aberico – “Industrious ruler” (Spanish)

Aberion – “Courageous lion” (Greek)

Aberlin – “Noble lake” (English)

Aberante – “Bold and steadfast” (Spanish)

Aberkos – “Shining star” (Greek)

Aberis – “Strong-willed” (English)

Aberolfo – “Noble wolf” (Spanish)

Aberos – “Bright and radiant” (Greek)

Aberlane – “Path of nobility” (English)

Aberesto – “Steadfast and enduring” (Spanish)

Abertheon – “Divinely brave” (Greek)

Aberwynn – “Fair river” (English)

Aberio – “Energetic and lively” (Spanish)

Aberius – “Full of life” (Greek)

Aberel – “Noble and distinguished” (English)

Aberlindo – “Linden tree of nobility” (Spanish)

Aberthas – “Strong and enduring” (Greek)

Aberlinco – “Noble and bright” (English)

Aberico – “Eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Aberix – “Brave and strong” (Greek)

Aberlinus – “Noble lineage” (English)

Aberaldo – “Noble and bold” (Spanish)

Aberdor – “Gift of courage” (Greek)

Aberwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Aberando – “Adventurous and daring” (Spanish)

Aberkles – “Renowned glory” (Greek)

Aberianth – “Flower of courage” (English)

Aberivo – “Vibrant and lively” (Spanish)

Aberphilo – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Unique “ABER” Names for Boys

Aberloch – “Lake of abundance” (English)

Aberioth – “Eternal hero” (Greek)

Aberthorne – “Majestic and strong” (English)

Aberciano – “Sky conqueror” (Spanish)

Aberionis – “Visionary leader” (Greek)

Abercade – “Gift of brilliance” (English)

Aberesto – “Eternal strength” (Spanish)

Aberelios – “Sun-like noble” (Greek)

Abercliff – “Cliff of courage” (English)

Aberano – “Golden soul” (Spanish)

Aberthys – “Abundant strength” (Greek)

Aberflint – “Swift river” (English)

Aberdoro – “Gift of courage” (Spanish)

Aberdias – “Divine strength” (Greek)

Aberflare – “Radiant fire” (English)

Aberantez – “Bold and fearless” (Spanish)

Aberkosmos – “Harmony of the universe” (Greek)

Aberlocke – “Brave defender” (English)

Abericoast – “Coastal ruler” (Spanish)

Aberpheidon – “Bright serpent” (Greek)

Aberthornix – “Noble and strong” (English)

Aberhidalgo – “Noble knight” (Spanish)

Abertheonis – “Divine essence” (Greek)

Aberfrost – “Cold-hearted courage” (English)

Aberjando – “Journey of valor” (Spanish)

Aberlynx – “Majestic and swift” (Greek)

Aberquill – “Quill of wisdom” (English)

Abersolis – “Sun-like strength” (Spanish)

Aberchrysos – “Golden leader” (Greek)

Aberwind – “Blessed by the wind” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ABER”

Aberfield – “Meadow of the river” (English)

Aberneo – “New beginning” (Spanish)

Aberionus – “Everlasting strength” (Greek)

Aberford – “Ford of the boar” (English)

Aberalma – “Soulful and noble” (Spanish)

Aberthasius – “Eternal courage” (Greek)

Aberdale – “Valley of honor” (English)

Abervento – “Wind of change” (Spanish)

Aberarchon – “Ruler from the beginning” (Greek)

Aberleigh – “Meadow of brightness” (English)

Aberalero – “Brave wing” (Spanish)

Aberkosmas – “Order of the universe” (Greek)

Aberwood – “Forest of strength” (English)

Aberencanto – “Enchanted soul” (Spanish)

Aberkristos – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Aberstone – “Strong as a rock” (English)

Aberluminar – “Illuminated leader” (Spanish)

Aberphilotheos – “Lover of God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Aberdawn – “Beginning of the day” (English)

Aberfiel – “Faithful and loyal” (Spanish)

Abertheonos – “Divine essence” (Greek)

Aberbrook – “Stream of courage” (English)

Abercanto – “Singing heart” (Spanish)

Aberphilos – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Aberwolfe – “Noble wolf” (English)

Abercorazón – “Heart of courage” (Spanish)

Abertheos – “Godly strength” (Greek)

Aberhaven – “Safe harbor” (English)

Aberfuego – “Fire of bravery” (Spanish)

Aberangelos – “Messenger of the divine” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ABER”

Aberiak – “Eagle’s cry” (Basque)

Aberzal – “Moonlight” (Arabic)

Abershan – “Mountain of knowledge” (Persian)

Aberiko – “Heroic leader” (Japanese)

Aberzel – “Bright as the morning star” (Hebrew)

Aberonov – “Son of the sun” (Russian)

Abertanu – “Graceful dawn” (Sanskrit)

Aberziro – “Golden dawn” (Swahili)

Aberanto – “Enduring love” (Portuguese)

Aberiño – “Little hero” (Galician)

Aberikos – “Swift and strong” (Georgian)

Aberanto – “Everlasting” (Spanish)

Aberkai – “Sea warrior” (Maori)

Aberestan – “Star of the East” (Persian)

Aberovan – “Bringer of joy” (Welsh)

Aberujo – “Bright spirit” (Japanese)

Aberouad – “Lion-hearted” (Arabic)

Aberzio – “Life of a lion” (Italian)

Aberiko – “Noble child” (Bulgarian)

Aberanis – “Gift from above” (Yoruba)

Aberomir – “Eternal peace” (Armenian)

Aberush – “Blessing of the rain” (Amharic)

Aberamir – “Prince of the morning” (Arabic)

Aberiko – “Steadfast ruler” (Swedish)

Aberilio – “Sunrise” (Esperanto)

Aberante – “Courageous spirit” (French)

Aberito – “Blessed one” (Spanish)

Aberiko – “Enduring greatness” (Akan)

Aberido – “Favored by the gods” (Latin)

Aberalim – “Bright soul” (Turkish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ABER”

Aberlyn – “Meadow by the river” (English)

Aberro – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Aberionyx – “Precious gem” (Greek)

Aberace – “Graceful and strong” (English)

Aberroca – “Rock of refuge” (Spanish)

Aberisca – “Shining star” (Greek)

Aberin – “Enduring love” (English)

Aberanza – “Hopeful” (Spanish)

Aberido – “Favored one” (Greek)

Aberleaf – “Lifelong vitality” (English)

Aberroso – “Full of grace” (Spanish)

Aberphaedra – “Bright light” (Greek)

Abergleam – “Gleaming beauty” (English)

Aberrojo – “Red dawn” (Spanish)

Aberthea – “Divine essence” (Greek)

Aberbloom – “Blooming with life” (English)

Abervida – “Vibrant life” (Spanish)

Aberthos – “Hopeful strength” (Greek)

Aberdawn – “New beginning” (English)

Abervero – “Truthful” (Spanish)

Abertheon – “Eternal being” (Greek)

Aberdream – “Dreamer of peace” (English)

Aberluz – “Bright light” (Spanish)

Aberzena – “Gift of life” (Greek)

Aberwind – “Blessed by the wind” (English)

Aberalma – “Soulful and noble” (Spanish)

Abermetis – “Wise counsel” (Greek)

Aberecho – “Echo of eternity” (English)

Aberel – “Noble and distinguished” (Spanish)

Abertheon – “Divine essence” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ABER”

Aberiel – “God is my strength” (English)

Aberanto – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Aberonimos – “Belonging to the Lord” (Greek)

Aberfaith – “Faithful servant of God” (English)

Aberdorai – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Abertheonos – “Divine essence” (Greek)

Abergrace – “God’s grace” (English)

Aberador – “Adorer of God” (Spanish)

Aberdoulos – “Servant of the Lord” (Greek)

Aberhope – “Hope in God” (English)

Aberpaz – “Peace from God” (Spanish)

Aberiren – “Born of God” (Greek)

Aberjoy – “Joyful in God” (English)

Aberalabanza – “Praise to God” (Spanish)

Aberdoxa – “Glory to God” (Greek)

Aberjustice – “Justice of God” (English)

Aberamor – “Love of God” (Spanish)

Abertheos – “Godly strength” (Greek)

Abermercy – “God’s mercy” (English)

Aberredentor – “Redeemer of God” (Spanish)

Abertheophilus – “Lover of God” (Greek)

Aberfaithful – “Faithful to God’s will” (English)

Aberalianza – “Covenant with God” (Spanish)

Aberangelos – “Messenger of God” (Greek)

Aberblessed – “Blessed by God” (English)

Aberamado – “Beloved of God” (Spanish)

Abertheologos – “Theologian of God” (Greek)

Abermiracle – “Miracle from God” (English)

Abervidente – “Seeing God” (Spanish)

Aberprophete – “Prophet of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ABER”

Abernathy Jones

An adventurous character in mystery novels, known for solving complex cases with his keen intellect and deductive skills.

Aberlin Archer

A talented archer and mythical hero in fantasy literature, celebrated for his bravery and precision with the bow.

Aberimus Blackwell

A wise and ancient wizard in a magical world, renowned for his mastery of spells and magical artifacts.

Aberlin Everest

A skilled mountaineer and explorer, famous for conquering some of the world’s highest peaks and documenting his daring expeditions.

Aberon Phoenix

A visionary artist known for his avant-garde creations, combining traditional and modern elements to evoke powerful emotions.

Aberthol Vanguard

A charismatic political leader known for his advocacy for social justice and tireless efforts in promoting equality.

Aberico Sterling

A brilliant scientist specializing in cutting-edge technology, whose innovations have revolutionized various industries.

Aberknight Valor

A chivalrous and honorable knight from medieval tales, celebrated for his unwavering commitment to protecting the realm.

Aberon Blaze

A renowned chef and culinary artist recognized for his innovative approach to blending flavors and creating exquisite dishes.

Aberwind Melody

A gifted musician and composer, whose melodic compositions have left an indelible mark on the world of classical music.

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