220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “EB”

Looking for a unique and eye-catching name for your baby boy? Consider a name that starts with “EB”!

Boy names that begin with “EB” are not only rare and distinctive, but they also carry a sense of individuality and charm.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic name or something more modern and trendy, there are plenty of options to choose from in the “EB” category.

From traditional options like Eben and Eber to more modern choices like Ebenzer and Ebrahim, there are a variety of boy names that start with “EB” that can suit any style and preference.

These names offer a sense of sophistication and elegance, while also standing out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and regal name or something more whimsical and unique, boy names that start with “EB” offer a diverse range of options to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a name that will make your little boy stand out, consider exploring the world of “EB” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “EB”

Eben – “stone” (English)

Ebenezer – “stone of help” (Hebrew, English)

Eberardo – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebon – “dark, black” (English)

Ebrahim – “father of many” (Arabic, English)

Eberhardo – “strong as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Eber – “beyond, crossing over” (Hebrew)

Eberardo – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Eberhard – “strong as a wild boar” (Germanic)

Eberardo – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebert – “bright, famous” (Germanic)

Ebo – “born on Tuesday” (Akan, English)

Ebenicio – “son of the stone” (Spanish, English)

Ebenzer – “stone of help” (English)

Ebene – “stone” (French)

Eberhardo – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebrima – “peace” (African, English)

Ebenhaezer – “stone of help” (English)

Eberado – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Eberwin – “friend of the wild boar” (Germanic, English)

Ebrauc – “from the city of York” (Old English)

Ebbo – “boar” (Old High German)

Eborard – “brave boar” (Old English, Germanic)

Ebraucus – “strong” (Celtic)

Ebeneser – “stone of help” (Spanish, English)

Eberardo – “brave as a wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Eburwin – “friend of the wild boar” (English)

Eberto – “bright, famous” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebrulf – “wolf of the boar” (Old English, Germanic)

Eberik – “ruler of the boar” (Germanic)

Boy Names That Start with "EB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “EB”

Eban – “gracious” (African, English)

Eberico – “ruler of the wild boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebro – “strong, vigorous” (Spanish)

Ebrian – “strong, honorable” (English)

Eberio – “brave ruler” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebenito – “blessed” (Spanish, English)

Eberon – “brave protector” (English)

Ebias – “life” (Greek)

Ebonio – “dark, rich” (Spanish, English)

Ebertus – “bright, famous” (Greek, Germanic)

Ebriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish, Hebrew)

Ebryx – “prince of strength” (English)

Eberio – “brave ruler” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebairos – “fiery, passionate” (Greek)

Ebrista – “wise leader” (Spanish)

Ebston – “noble stone” (English)

Eberos – “strong, powerful” (Greek)

Ebbertus – “bright boar” (Greek, Germanic)

Ebsen – “son of Eber” (English)

Eberius – “son of the wild boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Ebrios – “intoxicated with joy” (Spanish, Greek)

Ebbertino – “bright little boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebramis – “exalted father” (Greek, English)

Ebryan – “noble, strong” (English)

Ebrius – “full of life” (Latin, Greek)

Ebelio – “brave boar” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebonas – “black, dark” (Greek)

Ebsworth – “enclosure with the wild boar” (English)

Ebrius – “intoxicated with joy” (Latin, Greek)

Eberian – “ruler of the wild boar” (English, Germanic)

Unique “EB” Names for Boys

Ebenix – “peaceful stone” (English)

Ebrin – “strong, bear-like” (English)

Ebasto – “bold, daring” (Spanish)

Eberinio – “noble ruler” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebrelis – “strong like the wind” (Greek)

Ebdon – “hill with yew trees” (English)

Eblis – “night demon” (Greek)

Ebenzio – “gift of the stone” (Spanish, English)

Ebrox – “mighty protector” (English)

Ebelardo – “noble and brave” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebrial – “heavenly strength” (English)

Ebonir – “dark warrior” (English)

Ebercio – “bold ruler” (Spanish, Germanic)

Ebryxus – “prince of strength” (Greek)

Eberson – “son of Eber” (English)

Eberosio – “strong and noble” (Spanish, Greek)

Ebbertson – “son of the bright boar” (English, Germanic)

Ebraxos – “wise leader” (Greek)

Ebdonio – “gift of the hill” (Spanish, English)

Ebrius – “intoxicated with joy” (Latin, Greek)

Ebillion – “noble lion” (English)

Eberion – “brave ruler” (English, Germanic)

Ebrizo – “vigor and strength” (Spanish)

Ebenzo – “gracious gift” (Spanish, English)

Eberthos – “strong like a boar” (Greek)

Ebolius – “bright, radiant” (Greek)

Ebustian – “firm, steadfast” (Spanish)

Ebronis – “strong and wise” (English, Greek)

Eburian – “noble boar” (English, Germanic)

Ebricos – “wise ruler” (Greek, Germanic)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “EB”

Ebenus – “stone of strength” (Latin, English)

Eberosius – “wise advisor” (Latin, Greek)

Eborius – “ancient strength” (Latin)

Eberlin – “noble protector” (English, Germanic)

Ebrius – “sober, temperate” (Latin, Greek)

Ebonton – “dark settlement” (English)

Eberius – “strong ruler” (Latin)

Ebonos – “noble, virtuous” (Greek)

Ebdonius – “from the yew tree hill” (Latin, English)

Eborardus – “brave boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Eberidus – “wise leader” (Latin)

Ebradius – “radiant, bright” (Latin)

Ebercio – “skilled ruler” (Latin, Spanish)

Ebrianus – “noble one” (Latin)

Ebersius – “son of the wild boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Eborinus – “strong like a boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Ebrodus – “mighty protector” (Latin)

Ebrimus – “brave and strong” (Latin)

Ebonian – “gracious gift” (Latin, English)

Eberic – “leader of the boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Ebersio – “son of a boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Ebster – “steadfast and enduring” (English)

Ebroxus – “powerful leader” (Latin)

Eberus – “brave, strong” (Latin)

Eblisios – “night demon” (Latin, Greek)

Ebraxton – “ton settlement near the wild boar” (English)

Ebustius – “steadfast, enduring” (Latin)

Ebenhard – “brave as a rock” (English, Germanic)

Eborstan – “stone settlement” (English)

Eberhartus – “strong boar” (Latin, Germanic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “EB”

Ebube – “glory” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebrahimov – “son of Ebrahim” (Azerbaijani)

Ebondu – “born on a market day” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebene – “rock” (Frisian, Dutch)

Ebiowei – “king of all” (Ijaw, Nigerian)

Ebrima – “the bridge” (Mandinka, Gambian)

Ebuoluwa – “God’s gift” (Yoruba, Nigerian)

Ebisu – “prosperity” (Japanese)

Ebeneezer – “stone of help” (Hebrew, Ghanaian)

Ebubedike – “glorious warrior” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebed – “servant” (Hebrew)

Eboka – “wealthy” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebyan – “clear” (Somali)

Ebuzo – “king of wealth” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebrahimzadeh – “son of Ebrahim” (Persian)

Ebsa – “born on Sunday” (Amharic, Ethiopian)

Ebn – “son” (Arabic)

Ebere – “mercy” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebnasar – “son of victory” (Persian)

Ebtihal – “supplication, prayer” (Arabic)

Ebadullah – “servant of Allah” (Arabic)

Ebuke – “wealthy” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebenhaezer – “stone of help” (Hebrew, South African)

Ebunoluwa – “gift of God” (Yoruba, Nigerian)

Ebubenna – “wealth from the father” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ebla – “white rock” (Arabic)

Ebnar – “son of fire” (Persian)

Ebor – “wild boar” (Old Norse)

Ebresima – “peace” (Ijaw, Nigerian)

Ebow – “born on a Thursday” (Akan, Ghanaian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “EB”

Ebanis – “beautiful” (English, Greek)

Ebeni – “graceful stone” (English, Italian)

Ebrina – “strong, boar-like” (English, Spanish)

Ebonis – “dark beauty” (English, Greek)

Ebrielle – “strong, courageous” (English, French)

Ebrio – “intoxicated with joy” (Spanish, Italian)

Ebulis – “noble, virtuous” (English, Greek)

Ebrose – “mighty protector” (English)

Ebrinex – “wise and strong” (English, Greek)

Ebulla – “bubbling with life” (Spanish, English)

Ebinova – “new beginning” (English, Spanish)

Ebronis – “strong and noble” (English, Greek)

Ebrys – “prince/princess of strength” (English, Greek)

Ebuven – “well-spoken” (English, Spanish)

Ebalis – “steadfast, enduring” (Greek, English)

Eberto – “bright, famous” (Spanish, English)

Ebrelis – “everlasting strength” (English, Greek)

Ebronia – “strong protector” (English, Spanish)

Ebsara – “clear dawn” (Greek, Spanish)

Ebenar – “yew tree by the river” (English, Spanish)

Ebito – “abundant gift” (Spanish, English)

Eboris – “ancient strength” (Greek, English)

Ebronia – “brave ruler” (English, Spanish)

Ebonel – “dark cloud” (English, Spanish)

Eblin – “eternal beauty” (English)

Ebulon – “noble hill” (English, Spanish)

Ebusto – “firm and strong” (Spanish, Italian)

Ebilian – “noble child” (English, Spanish)

Eblen – “gentle and kind” (English, Spanish)

Ebriosi – “intoxicated with joy” (Spanish, Italian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “EB”

Ebeniah – “God has built” (Hebrew, English)

Ebram – “exalted father” (Hebrew, English)

Ebeneus – “stone of faith” (Latin, English)

Eberziel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew, English)

Ebudiah – “servant of God” (Hebrew, English)

Eberim – “God will rise” (Hebrew, English)

Eboan – “God is gracious” (Hebrew, English)

Ebroseph – “God will add” (Hebrew, English)

Eberonel – “God is my light” (Hebrew, English)

Ebeneus – “faithful stone” (Latin, English)

Eberai – “my help comes from God” (Hebrew, English)

Eboniel – “God is gracious” (Hebrew, English)

Eberel – “God is my shepherd” (Hebrew, English)

Ebdonias – “God is judge” (Hebrew, English)

Ebzra – “helper” (Hebrew, English)

Ebrayim – “God will exalt” (Hebrew, English)

Eberziel – “God is my rock” (Hebrew, English)

Ebenoi – “God has built” (Hebrew, English)

Eberthaniel – “God has given” (Hebrew, English)

Ebalion – “God is my refuge” (Hebrew, English)

Ebersias – “follower of God” (Hebrew, English)

Ebertias – “God is my delight” (Hebrew, English)

Ebzekiel – “God will strengthen” (Hebrew, English)

Ebeliah – “God is my Lord” (Hebrew, English)

Ebronius – “God is our strength” (Hebrew, English)

Eberdiel – “God is my judge” (Hebrew, English)

Eberos – “God’s gift” (Hebrew, English)

Ebrahias – “God will help” (Hebrew, English)

Ebenzias – “God is gracious” (Hebrew, English)

Ebulonius – “dedicated to God” (Hebrew, English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “EB”

Ebenezer Thompson:

A diligent and kind-hearted teacher, Ebenezer is known for his patience and dedication to helping students succeed.

Ebrahim Rodriguez:

Ebrahim is a charismatic and compassionate community leader, working tirelessly to foster unity and positive change in his neighborhood.

Eberardo Sanchez:

Eberardo is a skilled and innovative architect, recognized for his ability to transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

Ebeneza Johnson:

Ebeneza is a dynamic entrepreneur with a flair for creativity, leading successful ventures in the fashion and design industry.

Eberhart Monroe:

Eberhart is an adventurous and nature-loving explorer, dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Ebon Harper:

A talented musician and songwriter, Ebon captivates audiences with his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics, leaving a lasting impact on the music scene.

Ebuka Okafor:

Ebuka is a visionary tech entrepreneur, known for his groundbreaking innovations and commitment to advancing technology for the greater good.

Ebrima Taylor:

Ebrima is a passionate human rights activist, advocating for justice, equality, and empowerment on a global scale.

Ebenjean Foster:

Ebenjean is a charismatic motivational speaker, inspiring audiences with his powerful messages of resilience, positivity, and personal growth.

Ebrock Mitchell:

Ebrock is a dedicated medical researcher, making significant contributions to the field of healthcare with his groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

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