220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “JEM”

When it comes to naming a baby boy, parents often look for something unique and special.

If you’re searching for a name that stands out from the crowd, why not consider names that start with “JEM”?

These charming monikers not only have a stylish and modern feel, but also carry a sense of strength and individuality.

From classic choices like “Jemuel” and “Jemson” to more modern options like “Jemarius” and “Jemal,” there are plenty of great names to choose from.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or prefer something more unconventional, there’s a “JEM” name out there to suit every taste.

In this article, we’ll explore a selection of boy names that start with “JEM” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So if you’re on the hunt for a name that is both distinctive and meaningful, read on to discover some fantastic options for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “JEM”

Jemuel – “God’s beloved” (English)

Jemison – “Son of James” (English)

Jemal – “Handsome” (Arabic)

Jemario – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Jemarion – “Gift of God” (English)

Jemilo – “Pleasant” (Spanish)

Jemar – “Brave” (English)

Jemarco – “Mark, sign” (Spanish)

Jemir – “Song of joy” (Spanish)

Jemison – “Son of James” (English)

Jemarcus – “Warlike” (English)

Jemilio – “Industrious” (Spanish)

Jemelio – “Noble” (Spanish)

Jemidio – “Judicious” (Spanish)

Jemuelo – “God’s uplift” (Spanish)

Jemarco – “Defender of the sea” (Spanish)

Jemison – “Son of James” (English)

Jemar – “Noble spearman” (English)

Jemiano – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Jemario – “Mighty warrior” (Spanish)

Jemilo – “Beloved friend” (Spanish)

Jemir – “Eternal song” (Spanish)

Jemarco – “Bold and wise” (Spanish)

Jemiano – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Jemal – “Exalted” (Arabic)

Jemuel – “Blessing from God” (English)

Jemar – “Famous spearman” (English)

Jemarco – “Warrior of the people” (Spanish)

Jemarion – “Gift of Jehovah” (English)

Jemilo – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "JEM"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “JEM”

Jemson – “Son of James” (English)

Jemilio – “Bright” (Spanish)

Jemirio – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Jemarius – “Bringer of joy” (English)

Jemarco – “Brave ruler” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Beloved” (English)

Jemuelo – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Jemiano – “Gracious” (Spanish)

Jemiro – “Strong-willed” (Spanish)

Jemiano – “Loyal friend” (Spanish)

Jemison – “Son of the sea” (English)

Jemuel – “He who is raised by God” (English)

Jemar – “Fierce protector” (English)

Jemarion – “Valiant warrior” (English)

Jemilo – “Kind-hearted” (Spanish)

Jemalio – “Brilliant” (Spanish)

Jemarco – “Courageous leader” (Spanish)

Jemilio – “Sunny” (Spanish)

Jemiano – “Eternal” (Spanish)

Jemarco – “Defender of the people” (Spanish)

Jemis – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Jemero – “Bearer of light” (Spanish)

Jemilio – “Full of life” (Spanish)

Jemuelo – “Divine gift” (Spanish)

Jemarion – “Protector of mankind” (English)

Jemalon – “Valiant and noble” (Spanish)

Jemiro – “Free-spirited” (Spanish)

Jemalio – “Wise counselor” (Spanish)

Jemarco – “Leader of warriors” (Spanish)

Jemiano – “Gentle spirit” (Spanish)

Unique “JEM” Names for Boys

Jemaris – “Guardian of the sea” (English)

Jemilo – “Harmony” (Spanish)

Jemander – “Protector of mankind” (Greek)

Jemaldo – “Noble and brave” (Spanish)

Jemarion – “Gift from the gods” (Greek)

Jemias – “God listens” (Spanish)

Jemelon – “Bearer of light” (Greek)

Jemaros – “Warrior of the dawn” (Greek)

Jemiano – “Divinely graceful” (Spanish)

Jemelios – “Bearer of good news” (Greek)

Jemesto – “Steadfast and true” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Sea conqueror” (Greek)

Jemador – “Brave heart” (Spanish)

Jemolos – “Peaceful spirit” (Greek)

Jemelio – “Heavenly light” (Spanish)

Jemastos – “Indomitable warrior” (Greek)

Jemaldo – “Defender of the realm” (Spanish)

Jemikos – “Victorious leader” (Greek)

Jemario – “Messenger of joy” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Protector of sailors” (Greek)

Jemestor – “Faithful guardian” (Spanish)

Jemidon – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Jemaros – “Champion of the dawn” (Spanish)

Jemelon – “Guiding light” (Greek)

Jemaris – “Sea guardian” (Spanish)

Jemisto – “Bringer of peace” (Greek)

Jemoros – “Bold adventurer” (Spanish)

Jemalon – “Noble-hearted” (Greek)

Jemario – “Bearer of blessings” (Spanish)

Jemilos – “Gentle soul” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “JEM”

Jemander – “Warrior of the people” (Greek)

Jemilion – “Son of the sun” (English)

Jemarcus – “Victorious ruler” (English)

Jemelon – “Bearer of light” (Greek)

Jemuel – “God has uplifted” (English)

Jemesto – “Steadfast and true” (Spanish)

Jemaros – “Warrior of the dawn” (Greek)

Jemilio – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Jemestor – “Faithful guardian” (Spanish)

Jemison – “Son of James” (English)

Jemarion – “Brave and virtuous” (English)

Jemilos – “Lover of peace” (Greek)

Jemarco – “Courageous leader” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Protector of the sea” (Greek)

Jemaros – “Champion of the morning” (Greek)

Jemuelo – “Divine blessing” (Spanish)

Jemaristo – “Guardian of the stars” (Greek)

Jemalon – “Noble and strong” (Greek)

Jemar – “Famous spearman” (English)

Jemiano – “Everlasting grace” (Spanish)

Jemirios – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Jemalio – “Heavenly light” (Spanish)

Jemaristo – “Protector of the skies” (Greek)

Jemaris – “Bringer of calm seas” (Greek)

Jemaldo – “Noble and brave” (Spanish)

Jemestos – “Steadfast protector” (Greek)

Jemarian – “Gift from the gods” (Greek)

Jemilio – “Bright and cheerful” (Spanish)

Jemaro – “Brave and noble” (Spanish)

Jemikos – “Follower of truth” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “JEM”

Jemeh – “Eternal” (Persian)

Jemuelo – “Divine blessing” (Filipino)

Jemby – “Peaceful spirit” (Filipino)

Jemir – “King” (Turkish)

Jemal – “Beauty” (Arabic)

Jemilo – “Beloved friend” (Filipino)

Jemari – “Brave prince” (Swahili)

Jembo – “Strong and powerful” (African)

Jemiano – “Blessed by God” (Italian)

Jemmy – “Supplanter” (Dutch)

Jemmett – “Eternal ruler” (Welsh)

Jemau – “Sunrise” (Welsh)

Jemak – “Warrior” (Armenian)

Jempi – “God will increase” (Flemish)

Jemello – “Gracious gift” (Italian)

Jemalai – “Hopeful” (Thai)

Jemico – “Vibrant energy” (Latin)

Jembe – “Musician” (Swahili)

Jemishi – “Jewel” (Japanese)

Jemun – “Dreamer” (Korean)

Jemul – “Strong foundation” (Korean)

Jembay – “Born to lead” (African)

Jembi – “Graceful” (Indonesian)

Jemid – “Beloved” (Arabic)

Jemek – “Polished gemstone” (Polish)

Jemai – “Peaceful heart” (Japanese)

Jemmo – “Brave warrior” (Italian)

Jemule – “Gift from heaven” (Filipino)

Jembin – “Clever” (Indonesian)

Jemar – “Precious” (Armenian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “JEM”

Jemry – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Jemarie – “Beloved friend” (Spanish)

Jemex – “Guardian of the earth” (Greek)

Jemba – “Protector” (Spanish)

Jemelle – “Beautiful gem” (English)

Jemida – “Fruitful” (Greek)

Jemero – “Brave heart” (Spanish)

Jemellin – “Radiant light” (English)

Jemino – “Faithful” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Gift of the sea” (Greek)

Jemeca – “Healer” (Spanish)

Jemad – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Jemiren – “Messenger of peace” (English)

Jemico – “Harmonious” (Spanish)

Jemara – “Eternal love” (Greek)

Jemilo – “Joyful spirit” (Spanish)

Jemori – “Warrior of the dawn” (Greek)

Jembar – “Protector of the home” (Spanish)

Jemirra – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Jemelon – “Guiding light” (Greek)

Jemelio – “Sun-kissed” (Spanish)

Jemora – “Springtime” (Greek)

Jemalla – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Jemesto – “Loyal and true” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Harmony of the sea” (Greek)

Jemaro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Jemalyn – “Joyful song” (English)

Jemora – “Golden one” (Spanish)

Jemeco – “Unity” (Spanish)

Jemaris – “Guardian of the waves” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “JEM”

Jemuel – “God’s gift” (Hebrew)

Jemach – “God will establish” (Hebrew)

Jemir – “God will see” (Hebrew)

Jemario – “Beloved of God” (Spanish)

Jemios – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Jemmanuel – “God is with us” (Hebrew)

Jemith – “God is merciful” (Hebrew)

Jemar – “God’s greatness” (English)

Jemal – “God’s exalted one” (Arabic)

Jemad – “God’s wisdom” (Hebrew)

Jemias – “God listens” (Spanish)

Jemari – “God’s chosen one” (Hebrew)

Jemisto – “God’s justice” (Greek)

Jemilo – “God’s beloved” (Spanish)

Jemelon – “God’s light” (Greek)

Jemoran – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Jemacho – “God’s strength” (Spanish)

Jemario – “God’s joy” (Spanish)

Jemian – “God’s grace” (English)

Jemaras – “God’s favor” (Spanish)

Jemara – “God’s love” (Hebrew)

Jemeste – “God’s steadfastness” (Spanish)

Jemico – “God’s victory” (Spanish)

Jemaros – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Jemach – “God’s protector” (Hebrew)

Jemalon – “God’s peace” (Greek)

Jemaric – “God’s ruler” (English)

Jemariel – “God’s messenger” (Hebrew)

Jemara – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Jemias – “God’s salvation” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “JEM”

Jemaine Clement

A talented New Zealand comedian, actor, and musician known for his work in the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords.

Jem Finch

A fictional character from Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” known for his moral integrity and empathy.

Jem Stansfield

British inventor and television presenter, famous for his innovative engineering projects on TV shows like “Bang Goes the Theory.”

Jem Karacan

Turkish professional footballer who has played for clubs like Reading and Galatasaray, known for his midfield skills.

Jem Mace

A renowned 19th-century English prizefighter, considered one of the greatest bare-knuckle boxers of his time.

Jem Godfrey

British musician and producer, best known as the founder and keyboardist of the progressive rock band Frost*.

Jem Cole

Australian artist and musician, known for his contributions to the electronic music scene and his collaborations with various artists.

Jem Yoshioka

A popular Australian illustrator and graphic designer recognized for her distinctive style and whimsical artworks.

Jem Harris

American entrepreneur and founder of the popular online platform JemJem, specializing in refurbished Apple products.

Jem Finer

A British musician and artist, best known as a founding member of The Pogues and for his innovative art installations exploring time and space.

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