185 Annual Event Names That are Amazing

Every year, there are a handful of events that get people talking and bring them together. Whether it’s a popular festival or an unassuming street fair, these events have something special about them.

These events are just a few of the many ways that communities come together to celebrate, create memories, and show their love for one another. There are so many different ways you can get clever annual event names.

When naming an annul event, you need to think about what you want your attendees to get out of the event. You can use a variety of different approaches to make sure your event is remembered, especially with the help of a great event name.

Don’t settle for something that is so typical, boring and uninspired. Instead, give your event a name that will make people remember it forever.

It’s also important to think about how you want to use your event name. If you’re planning a large event, such as a school dance or a wedding, you may want to choose something more creative.

If you’re planning a smaller event, such as a birthday party or a reunion for college classmates, you may want to choose something more personal.

The goal of your event name is to make people remember it. You don’t want a generic, boring name that will be forgotten after the next year. Instead, choose something that is memorable and fun for everyone who attends.

Annual Event Names

Apple mystic

Active Makers United

Apple Of My Eyes

Picking the apple

Fearless Festival

Rake, Dump, And Jump!

Stars Align

Fire Festivals

Fruits Magic

All Entertainment

Event Planners

Full Moon Fest

Steak it Up

Sunrise Place Festival

Cultural Gathering

Picking Pumpkins

Valley Festivals

Golden Fall days

Festival For Cure

Catchy Event Names

Changing Seasons

Albuquerque Vino

Pumpkins 4 Sale

Leap Into Leaves

Pumpkin Patch Princess

Field Of Friends

Best of Festive

Only Good Vibes


New Year New Fest

Fall Party Names

Life After School

Falling In Love Again

The New Star Festival

Natchez Balloon Fiesta

Success-Val Fest

Riverside Mania Fest

Halloween chase

Festival Facilitators

Have A Good Fall, Y’all

Common Event Names

Mommy’s Little Pumpkin

Let’s Get Festive

It’s Pumpkin Time

Music Dreamland

The Dance-Off

As The Leaves Turn

The Yearly Fest

Autumn Harvest

Manzana fiesta

Going off to Rake

Hen the Chicken

Elite Annual Event

De fete tomber

Magic Distortion

Beautiful Muse

Picking The Pumpkin

Pleasing Pumpkin Fiesta

Atomic Jazz Festival

Full Entertainment

Just A Little Bit Corny

What are some best annual event names?

Pumpkin peek in

Have A Good Fall

Feast On Festivals

Warrens Dinieren

Leaves Extravaganza

Fresh Fest

Harbor Harvest

Fest Invasion

Nacht Wein

Citrouille pièce

Autumn On My Mind

Autumn Leaves Ballet

The Perfect Pumpkin

Beachside Fest

Aloe Plus Festival

It’s A Monkey Business

Venue Beast

Trickle Of The Creek

Greatness Festival

Gala Events

Annual Event Names

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How to Name an Annual Event

It’s important to choose the right name for your annual event. If you really want to make an impact, you should think about using a different name each year.

This will guarantee that people remember which events are coming up and will come back every year to attend. Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect annual event names:

1.     Think about the event in itself

What makes it special? People will remember the events that they have attended in the past. For example, if your annual event is a camping trip, you could call it “Camping with Friends.

Gala Temple

Fest VIP

Festival Oasis

Family Fest

Silly As A Scarecrow

Leaves hitting hard

Celebrating Fall

Grape stomp

Milk the Cow

Autumn Time

Fervent Fest

Piling Up The Memories

Gig Glory

Best Fest

Let’s Party

2.     Make it relevant to the event itself

For instance, if you’re organizing a camping trip, you should aim to get people who love to camp and want to experience the wilderness. This will ensure that your annual event is enjoyed by everyone.

Lavender Pasture

Just Corny

Fever Festival

Success Fest

Mistic Flavoured Falls

Silly scarecrow

Party Hearty

Wired And Wonderful

Blended Acts Festival

Annual Sin

Golden Days

Apple Splashes

Follow Us Festival

Autumn’s Palette

By The Bay

3.     Think about the impact you want to create

If you want people to be excited about coming to your event, then make it memorable. Remember that the name of your event should reflect its impact on our lives.

Pumpkin Trends

Pumpkin Patch

Colorful Autumn

Raise the Eggs

Sunset Fest

Circle Of Love Festival

Positive Vibes Fest

The Veggie Craze

Country life fair

Fest Pros

Hay ride

Autumn’s Here

Plan Ahead

Slump Fest

Fall wild

4.     Make sure the name has some meaning to it

Remember that the name of your annual event should have some meaning to it. If you re organizing a camping trip, you could call it “Camping with Friends. If you re organizing a picnic, call it “Picnic with Friends”.

Breckenridge Falls

Festive Mood

Fever Fest

Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Pasta Making Event

The Soul Child

Blue Corals Festival

The Great Pumpkin

“Hay” Fever

Wide Open Festivals

Gala Jungle

Amplify The Soul

Up In The Hills

Shades Of Autumn

Festival day

5.     Use keywords

When naming a campout If you want to increase the number of people who come to your event and increase the visibility of your event, then use keywords in its name.

Fallin’ Into Fun

Fest Kingdom

Wed for Money

Jump Into Fall

The Exclusive Invite

Be Our Fest

Pumkin’ Chunkin’

Entertainment Purposes

Open Dance Festival

Downtown Disco

Awesome Autumn

Color Of Love Festival

Autumn’s In The Air

Midsummer Splendour 

Bonfire bash


In conclusion, there are many names for the annual event. It is important to pick the right one that will represent the event in the best way possible. A call to action would be to go out and vote for the name that you think is the best!

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