200 Fresh Vendor Event Names and Suggestions

As technology advances, so does the way in which vendors market and sell their products. To keep up with the competition, many vendors have begun adopting more modern and catchy event names to draw more attention to their marketing campaigns.

However, choosing the right name can be a daunting task.

When planning an event, it is important to choose a name that will help promote attendance. Vendorvent names are usually short and sweet, but each one holds some sort of meaning or message that relates directly to the product or service being advertised.

Popular names are often the best choice, though not always. Using numbers, letters or abbreviations can help avoid people having problems with spelling.

When marketing a new product, it is important to choose a name that will be memorable. Identifying the audience for your event allows you to create a name that will appeal to this group.

It is important to keep the name short, simple, and meaningful. Having a catchy name for your event can help increase attendance at the event.

Vendor Event Names

Chamber Cheers

Private League


Village of Lights

Hipster Fest


The Acute Festival


Reflect Event

Commerce & Cocktails

Fiesta Hall

Open Boat Fest

5:00 Dash


Seafood Pirates

Acapella Fest

Amplify me


Alive After 5


Moment Elite

Fry Samaritans

Prospering Conference


Chamber Golf Outing

Meadow County

Catchy Vendor Event Names


River Float Fest

Smart Seminar

Rate of Resonance

The Strange

Business Studio

2nd Seminar Spot

Metered Muse Fest

Jingle Fiesta

Raving Music


Extravaganza Spot

Vintageer Events

Extraordinary Election

Beatnik Fest

Crystal Palace

Open Lands Fest

Initial Festival

Food Picasso

Recipe for Success

Event Names List

The Happy Symposium

Game Changers

The Famous Briefing

Regal Gateway

Turkey Turks

The Pretrial

Brief Symposium

Confidence Conference

Jazz Foliage

Chamber on Tap

The Jolly Spot

Beachside Fest

Fervent Fest


Decisive Case Spot


The Unlikely

Regs and Eggs

Adverse Case Co

Party Kingdom

What are some amazing vendor event names?

Pop Supreme

24th Forum Pro

Followers Fest

Single Ceremony Place

Request Event

Smack O’Dia

Live at 5


Taste Crusaders


Recent Presentation Spot

Open Field Fests

Workshop Lunch

Business Beers

B2B Networking

Fish O’ Holic

Pan Fry Panache

Chamber University

Venue in the Grove

The 20th

Grand Event Names


Gala Group

External Extravaganza

Conf Place

The Fifth Meetings

Pulsify Fest

The 5th Briefing

Annual Parade

Dance Archilles


Extraordinary Eventuality


Dramatic Gala

Off the Clock

The Remarkable Ceremony

Gateway Center

Meditative Beats

Follow Us Festival


Funky Playhouse

Vendor Event Names

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How to Name a Vendor Event

The name of an event is often used to brand it. Traditionally, names of events were created based on the theme or topic that was being discussed during the event.

The name of an event can be changed if the theme changes.

Here are some ways to come up with catchy vendor event names:

1.     Find an interesting word that can be written in italics or bold

Use a word that expresses the event Create a new word by combining two common words Use a keyword phrase and make it into an acronym Use words that are commonly used in conversation

Unwind After 5


Salami Serenade

The Great Case

Biennial Seminar

The Significant Parade

Significant Gala

The Unlikely Festival

Zion Music

The Village Venue

Party Parade

Notable Celebration

Pasta Tribe

Unwind Ruled

Unexpected Parade

2.     Try to find a unique word that is not already used by another event or company

For example, the term “upgrade” has been used many times in this chapter already. The name of an event can also be changed if a new theme is chosen or if a new name is considered to be more memorable or catchy.

Electric Harmony

Business Unwind

Wireless Blues


Inspired Events


Xo Music Factor

Luau on the Links

Protect Event

Lights of Love

Popex Musicals

Elite Bookings

Sad Tournament

The Decisive Parade

Folk Vibes

3.     Create vendor event name ideas from the theme of an event

For example, if the event is a celebration of your employees and the theme is Fun at Work, then an event name that includes the word fun would be appropriate.


Loaded Down

Tournament Spot

Festival Facilitators

Banter and Beers

Mughlai Maven

Sunset Chords

The Latter Festival

The Secret

Symposium Collective

The Catastrophic

Sound Freedom

Chamber Cup

General League

Chamber Chat and Chew

4.     Find words that describe the event

For example, if the event is a conference to discuss a new technology and the theme is exploring growth opportunities, then an event name that describes the topic of the conference would be appropriate.

Fifth Meetings Spot

Decisive Symposium

Lunch Bunch

On The Coast


Somethin’ Dishy

Topics at 12

The Singular Ceremony

Power Hour

The 14th




Constitutional Congresses

Summer Swing

5.     Create a catchy combination of words

For example, A Nuts and Bolts of the Industry Create event names that are short and easy to remember. Use active verbs in the name of your event.

Create a title and subtitle for your event. Use short words, strong verbs and keep it simple.

Oh, What Fun…

Mix and Mingle

Muted Techno

The General Meetings

Bespoke Events

Conf Spot

Friendly Fests

Moving Beats

Moonlight Beats

Pearl Stable



Forest Beats

Pies N’ Fries

Notable Symposium


In conclusion, consider using creative and interesting names for your vendor events. This can help to create excitement and anticipation among your attendees.

It can also help to set your event apart from the others. Use our tips to get started, and be sure to get creative!

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