250 Creative Networking Event Names Ideas

Networking events are a great way to get to know other professionals in your industry, and also a great way to meet new people and make connections. The key to making the most of networking events is to come prepared and be ready to make connections. Coming up with a creative networking event name can be a difficult task.

Some people choose to use their business name, but others are more adventurous and come up with something unique. For example, when I attended a networking event the other day, I came up with the name “Next Receptionist. I’m not sure if that name will catch on, but I thought it was creative because it’s a play on words.

A good rule of thumb is to come up with something that has a little pizzazz but doesn’t sound too weird or over the top. Be sure to write down your name and website so you can use them later when you’re ready to start marketing yourself.

Networking Event Names

  • EchelonNetventures
  • Making Memories
  • Happiest Hour
  • Coffee Chats
  • Social Solution                     
  • New Friend Events             
  • Members Only
  • Come Get Drinks
  • The Essentials Event
  • bring tech
  • MingleNest
  • Meet and Repeat
  • Mogul MeetUp
  • Business Networks
  • Connectable                           
  • Be My Guest                       
  • intercom
  • Guestify
  • Socialme
  • ProPower Events
  • Events Extraordinaire
  • Mingle Magic                       
  • Suit, Tie Network
  • Network Power
  • ManagementOnes
  • NetWorking Opps
  • Expert Meeting
  • Business and Bag it
  • Ori Event
  • Suited For Growth

Catchy Event Names

  • NuVenture Values
  • Versatile Extroverts
  • Influencer Speaking
  • Every Step Events
  • Smart Seminar
  • Mogul MarketPlace
  • Essential Events
  • Business After Hours
  • Pro Meetup
  • Your Number Here
  • GoldenSpoon Circles
  • SocialRoom
  • Milky Way Mobile
  • Business Chamber
  • BusnessHandshakes
  • Hobnob
  • Eventastic                            
  • Great Links
  • Etiquette Events
  • Social Service                            
  • Exotic Con
  • Smith
  • Noisemakers
  • Partyscape
  • Events Series
  • Network Join
  • Xtreme Networking
  • Building Pathways
  • Connectgenix                            
  • Experience Spectacular

Professional Event Names

  • New Friends!
  • Skilful Man
  • Clientshare Taskforce
  • Better Business
  • Look For Allies
  • The Big Event
  • Quallity Networking
  • Social Strategies
  • Events Empire
  • Project Network
  • Success Recipes
  • Mix And Match
  • GeneWave
  • The Mixup
  • Elevated Event
  • ProRelation
  • Luminary Crossroads
  • Skilful Person
  • Indigenous Network
  • Mingledeck                                
  • Power Hour
  • MingleoryX                             
  • Cashmere Events
  • Let’S Do Lunch
  • Skilful Future
  • realdot tech
  • TieTangle Networking
  • Matrix Con
  • Happy Hour Hustle
  • Shared Stems

What are some good networking event names?

  • Socialpedia                               
  • Expert Skills
  • Room of Ideas                             
  • MyConnect
  • Networkegy
  • Mingle Mode
  • Prospect Possibilities
  • Network Now
  • Nation of Growth
  • A Social Rush                     
  • Con Universe
  • Biz Unplugged
  • Uncommon Events
  • Divine Events
  • Advice and Networks
  • Mingle Monkey
  • Master Meetup
  • Bell ‘N Balls
  • Candid Connections
  • Smart Sharing
  • Elevates Events
  • Network Runners
  • The Gathering Club
  • Network Basket
  • Single Mingle
  • Network Nights
  • Gal Pals
  • Occasions Guard
  • Chamber Cheers
  • Mind Skills

Clever Networking Event Names

  • The Networkers
  • Networking Reception
  • Branched Beginnings
  • Pavilion Networking
  • Money Mondays
  • fantasia system
  • Bemyguest
  • Monthly Mingle
  • Connect Champions                  
  • Cordial Conversation
  • Golden Day Network
  • B2B Networking
  • Meeting Mill                                
  • Product Networking
  • Events Shape
  • Media Inatia
  • Networkish                            
  • vintage Net
  • Meetingya                                  
  • Income Savvy Events
  • Generat8Speed
  • Network Industry
  • Power Lunch
  • Power lunch Talks
  • Queen Networking
  • After Work
  • Meetingly
  • The Network Club
  • Polished Events
  • Power Groups
Networking Event Names

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How to Come Up with Networking Event Names

Networking events can be extremely valuable for your career. They provide an opportunity to meet people in your field, make connections, and learn about job opportunities.

Here we enlist a few things before choosing your networking event names:

1.     Unique Ideas: standing out from the rest

Showing up at a networking event and using the same name as everyone else is not going to help you stand out from the crowd. You should come up with a unique name that is related to your industry.

  • Game-Changing Day
  • Learning Network
  • Fizz Biz Networking
  • Expert Share
  • Power Brokers
  • Networking Spring
  • 1 Day Growth Events
  • Eventonus                                 
  • Network Nerds
  • Meet and Mingle                         
  • Elbow Rub
  • Network Up
  • Can You Talk?
  • EntrepreNice
  • Network Night

2.     Choose a name that represents your event and what you stand for

If you are a political event, it does not matter what your political views are, but to the people coming to your networking event, it’s important. Therefore, choose a name that represents your event and what you stand for.

  • Mood To Mingle
  • Chamber Power Hour
  • ProNetting
  • Nation of Progress
  • Networkid
  • Social Crew                          
  • Profit Relation
  • Networking Evening,
  • Cultivate Con
  • Network Numbers                     
  • Occasions ‘N Moments
  • Netlogic Networking
  • Breakfast Skills
  • Up Network
  • Netting Center

3.     Use keywords related to your industry

This helps you to get more traffic from search engines and provides a better chance of getting people’s attention.

  • MasterMind Groups
  • SkillPro
  • Meeting Friends
  • Meeting Millions                  
  • Expert Meetup
  • Business Brews
  • Bliss Ever After
  • ThinkTank Today
  • Downlinks
  • MarkexOne
  • Digiview dot
  • MeetingPoint                          
  • Our Network Group
  • Attired Affairs
  • Mingle Makers                

4.     Be creative and think about what would attract people to your event

It is important that you choose a name which would be catchy and interesting to the visitors. The name should be eye-catching, interesting and easy to remember.

  • Share and Connect
  • Buttercup Events
  • Speed boost
  • Athletic Networking
  • PotenTarget Events
  • Tech Talks
  • Networking Party
  • Connect Chats
  • ProNet Opportunities
  • Micron Events
  • Beginning Branches
  • Banter & Drinks
  • Mix It Up
  • Ideal Marketing Events
  • Planify

5.     Use puns or wordplay if it fits your brand

For example, “Go Green” is a good name for a green-themed event. Use the name of someone famous if you want to associate your event with something famous and respectable.

  • Connectworks
  • Educate to Cultivate
  • SkillNetting
  • Pathway Party
  • Mix ‘n mingle
  • Fundamental Events
  • Made To Mingle
  • Recovery Networking
  • Go Meeting
  • Eventual Access
  • GameOn NetEvents
  • Business Unplugged
  • Bizology After Hours
  • Networking Morning
  • Coffee and Connect   


In conclusion, choosing the right networking event name is important for setting the tone and attracting the right attendees. By doing your research and using these tips, you can create a name that will help your event stand out from the rest.

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