750+ Travel Blog Name Ideas, Examples, and Suggestions

Starting a travel blog can change our lives, and if you are here reading this article, it means that you are interested in doing some fun.

A few decades back, if someone told you that you would be get paid a fair amount, you might have taken that as a big joke.

But this is possible now, and people are earning good money out of it. It’s just not about earning a livelihood, but they have turned their passion into their profession, and that’s the best part of this field.

So if you are done with deciding running a travel blog, you need to name it for this.

It seems pretty tricky as every second person runs a travel agency or a blog, but don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.

The article will help you develop the right travel blog name and tell you what to avoid being in the front row as the competition is very high.

Travel Blog Name Examples

If you’re still looking for some great naming ideas, here’s a list of popular travel blogs out there that are pretty popular among people.

  • One Mile at A Time
  • Travel Fashion Girl
  • Local Adventurer
  • Just One Way Ticket
  • Travel Loving Family
  • Never Ending Voyage
  • Retire Early and Travel
  • What a Trip

Travel blog names

Here is the list of catchy travel blog names, ideas and suggestions:

  • Theme Park Mom
  • Almost Fearless
  • Twenty-Something Travel
  • That Backpacker
  • The Road Forks
  • Europe Up Close
  • Young Adventuress
  • Offbeat Travel
  • Landlopers
  • Off Track Planet
  • The Expeditioner
  • 2 Backpackers
  • The Travel Tart
  • The Planet D
  • Breathe Dream Go
  • Traveling Canucks
  • Solo Traveler
  • Virtual Wayfarer
  • A Little Adrift
  • Our Oyster
  • Never Ending Voyage
  • Adventures with Ben
  • The Poor Traveler
  • Hippie In Heels
  • View From The Wing
  • Expert Vagabond
  • Johnny Jet

Travel Instagram name ideas

Some of the coolest travel Instagram name ideas are:

  • Grazing In The Hills
  • Go Ride & Fly
  • Found The Next Hut
  • For A Great Place
  • Foolproof Traveling
  • Floating Down River
  • Finding Some Location
  • Lush White Sands
  • Located In The Deep
  • Layover Journey
  • Lay On The Beach
  • Laidback Country Vibe
  • Himalayan Undertaking
  • Hiking Through Mountains
  • Hiking Down Hill
  • Long Wandering Homer
  • Location For Beginners
  • On That Airplane
  • Nomadic Swag Man
  • Multi-Lane Highways
  • Mud Footprints
  • Mountainous Hiking

Travel blog names for couples

These are the catchy travel blog names for couples:

  • Vacation Playboys
  • Various Travel Hacks
  • Very First Travel
  • A Travel Living
  • A Travelers Episode
  • A Small River
  • A Simple Travel
  • Areas Of The World
  • An Informed Traveler
  • Beautiful Sleepy Island
  • Besides The Road
  • Dwarf Willow Trees
  • Driving Up River
  • Dozens Of Stories
  • Criss Crossed Towns
  • Covered With Snow
  • Countryside Road Trips
  • Carry The Backpack
  • Captivating Travel Stories
  • Camp In The Rain
  • Cabin Up The Hills
  • Upcoming Travel Junkies
  • Upcoming Camping Trips
  • Trails Of Green
  • Tour We Booked
  • Unique Hotel Experiences
  • Unplanned I Travel
  • Up & Left Home
  • Travel A Reality

Travel blog name generator ideas

The following are the best travel blog names manually picked from generated ideas:

  • Local Adventurer
  • The Savvy Backpacker
  • Upgraded Points
  • A Dangerous Business
  • The World Pursuit
  • Luxe Adventure Traveler
  • Getting Stamped
  • Pommie Travels
  • Jill Outside
  • The Down Lo
  • The Travel Temple
  • Burger Abroad
  • Unusual Traveler
  • Worthy Go
  • Travel to Recovery
  • Girl vs Globe
  • Travel After Five
  • That Anxious Traveller
  • Global Goose
  • The Navigatio
  • SheGoes
  • Across Coordinates
  • That Global Gal
  • Nomad In Neverland
  • Ditching The 9-5
  • Out Of The Office
  • The Tramway Traveler
  • Our Earth Journey
  • From Occident To Orient
  • Sail Away With Me
  • That One Time In…
  • The Trip Hacker

Blog names related to travel

Here are the most creative blog names related to travel:

  • My Northern Compass
  • The Freedom Traveler
  • Voyaging Across Vineyards
  • Keen Observer.
  • Wandered soul.
  • Out of Continent.
  • Exploring Unseen.
  • Spending Movements.
  • Travel Freak.
  • Magical Adventures.
  • Tourists’ paradise.
  • Family on the trip.
  • Timely Exploration.
  • Hidden beauties.
  • Paradises on earth.
  • Bag Packing.
  • Off Track views.
  • Exploring nature.
  • Hitting the Road.
  • Escape planners.
  • Unseen Navigation.
  • Out of home.
  • Mesmerizing Sites.
  • Travel with heart.
  • Around the Aesthetics.
  • Wonders of Earth.
  • Travel and Repeat.
  • Story at every corner.
  • Shores and Mountains.
  • Trip planner.

Travel usernames for Instagram

Have a look at these travel usernames for Instagram:

  • Motored & Boats
  • Throngs Of Tourists
  • The Western Side
  • Some Nicer Hotels
  • Small Summer Houses
  • Running Above Water
  • Rolled In The Sky
  • Places People Pass
  • Proper Caving Adventure
  • Popular Backpackers
  • Plunge Into Water
  • Swim Under Waterfalls
  • Surrounded By Nature
  • The Waterfall Hikes
  • The Stunning Cliffside
  • The Natural Reserve
  • The Colorful Fishing
  • The faraway peaks
  • Sunset With A Beer
  • Sunbath By The Pool
  • With Tropical Fish
  • The Virgin Places
  • Wild & Hilly Country
  • We Hike & Swim
  • Watching Flamingos
  • Walk With Navigation
  • The Vast Skies
  • The Breathing Air
  • Set Your Feet On
  • Mountains Are Magical
  • Just Stay A Bit More

Travel blog names ideas

These are the attractive and unique travel blog name ideas you can ever find:

  • Insight takeover.
  • The Simple Outing.
  • Islands to Beaches.
  • Foodie Adventure.
  • Camping Advice.
  • Fearless Outing.
  • Lost in Woodland.
  • One step forward.
  • Keen tourists.
  • Unconditional Travelling.
  • Hacking spots.
  • Happy Rolling.
  • Desired spots.
  • Traveling Fluency,
  • Travel and Taste.
  • Family on Airplane.
  • Vacation Travelling.
  • Fast pace Travel.
  • Beach Holiday.
  • Symbolizing Travel.
  • Impeccable Journey.
  • Finishing the roads.
  • Sunshine Adventures.
  • Traveling Couples.
  • Traveling Buzz.
  • The traveling Buddy.
  • More Travel Cases.
  • 365 Atlanta Family

Travel blog names

Adventure names

This is the list of the most adventurous names you can use for your startup:

  • Y Travel Blog
  • Fearful Adventurer
  • Wandering Earl
  • Never Ending Footsteps
  • Pause the Moment
  • Travel Mamas
  • Life Cruiser
  • Alaska TravelGram
  • The Professional Hobo
  • Sharing Travel Experiences
  • Mom Most Traveled
  • Go Nomad
  • Velvet Escape
  • Wild Junket
  • Uncornered Market
  • Happy Hotelier
  • Adventurous Kate
  • Practical Nomad
  • Yomadic
  • iBackpackCanada
  • Traveling Mamas
  • InACents
  • Notes from Spain
  • Runaway Jane
  • As We Travel
  • Flip Nomad
  • Mommy Poppins
  • Ordinary Traveler
  • Time Travel Turtle
  • The Storybook Sisters

Picking a Name for Your Travel Blog

Picking a name is the most challenging task for people, and they feel stuck with this.  Though you should not make this a reason not to start one at all, get up and start doing it now.

First of all, go and make sure which hosting or domain provider you will take their service from.

Because once you decide the name, you have to go to that hosting provider website and ask them whether the name is available or not.

If the name is available, you should purchase it immediately as most of the time; these service providers booked those sites themselves so they can sell in the future and ask as much money as they want.

If you want to go for blogging, this step by step guide is enough to teach you how to start a travel blog that will walk you through all the steps.

I promise it’s not as difficult as you think. After that you can freely hop on back to this piece of article, which will lay out everything you need to know before picking a travel blog name to stand out.

To help you get started, some of the essential steps on choosing a travel blog name, which you can read below.

1.      Decide What Your Blog to Be About

First things first, getting a clear idea of your blog will help narrow down your choices when choosing a travel blog name.

So if you are having trouble deciding a niche, try to write down all possible blog topics.

This will be very helpful in brainstorming on topics you’re interested in.

Move on to know whether you want to write about adventure travel? Food? Family travel? Traveling around Europe?

Your selected topics will enormously help you narrow down what you are passionate about and what you enjoy writing about.

It’s easy to say that you want to have a travel blog and share traveling experiences but choosing a niche and working regularly is pretty hard.

We decided to focus on Adventure Travel as this is something we are interested in.

Choosing a niche from the get-go will help establish what people associate you with and give you a general direction in the name picking front.

As soon as you’ve decided what your travel blog will be about, you can then start thinking of names that will work around it.

Before you go on a name picking journey, first things first; here are a few guidelines on what to avoid.

2.      A Descriptive Blog Name

After deciding on your blog niche, it’s now the perfect time to shortlisting blog names.

And remember, good blog names should be descriptive, catchy, and SEO based if possible. It would be much better to go for ‘.com.’ Blogs.

Although the perfect blog name might be available in .net or .biz, .com websites are the most powerful and recognizable out of all the domains.

3.      Blog Names have Good SEO

While making a travel blog, all you need to remember is SEO is what Google uses to determine whether or not they put your content on the front page of Google search.

For instance, if you know that you need to start a travel food blog; so you have to make sure that the word food must be in your blog name.

And if you are interested in a specific destination blog with a destination in your name, believe that the blog will be ranked soon.

Just by the keywords they use, you already get an idea of their blog because of how they inserted keywords in their blog name.

4.      Pick Names that Reflect Your Brand

If you’re going to build a personal brand, having your name attached to your blog is the right way of going about it.

If you opt to sell your blog, later on, having your name attached to it will make it a lot harder as well. Later on, if you decide to expand your team and hire writers, doing this under a self-named blog might also be more problematic.

First of all, you need to consider your those topics which you want to include in your blog, what type of message you want to send across, and find a name that sticks.

5.      Register Your Blog Name

Now that you have a blog name in mind, it’s now time to register your name to avoid anyone else getting it.

I recommend signing up through the best hosting service providers because they give you a free name for the first year.

Otherwise, you will have to buy the domain name separately from another provider.

6.      Set Up Your Blog

Once you have your domain and hosting registered and set up, it’s now time to start designing it, creating the first few articles, and coming up with the overall look.

As soon as you came up with the best travel blog name, you have lot more to do like designing a logo, picking brand colors, and agreeing on how the layout looks.

Although choosing the perfect travel blog name seems very stressful, but I would like to advise you is to enjoy the whole process.

Remember, although we suggest coming up with keyword-friendly names, just because you have a unique name, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build it up into a big brand.

Sometimes, it also pays to be unique and memorable to help you stand out.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has cleared lots of your ambiguities and helps you. Also, give you a few tips on how to choose the right travel blog name.

Your name is one of the essential parts of your blog, so don’t rush the process!

However, as soon as you’ve found one, make sure you purchase it right away. Remember, you don’t need the perfect name to start your blog.

So stop worrying and plan your next trip and collect images and data to create some amazing posts for the readers.

Javed Kamal

I am the founder of NamesFrog. Focused on startups, naming businesses and brands, and marketing. I am always learning and love to help.

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