450+ Anti Bullying Slogans, Phrases and Sayings for Posters

Are you searching unique and enchanting slogans and taglines about anti-bullying? Then no need to go anywhere. Luckily! You are at the right place.

Anti-bullying refers to laws and policies to stop bullying. Bullying is a situation in which a person is bullied or insulted by other people and face the depression situation.

Bullying cause the person to feel depressed and imbalance. It affects mentally and physically on the victim. So we should work for anti-bullying movements to avoid the world from depression.

Anti bullying Slogans

Here is the list of catchy anti bullying slogans for posters:

  • Bullies break the soul.
  • Bullying doesn’t make you look cool.
  • Spare me, don’t bully me.
  • Look at yourself first.
  • Stop the bullying culture.
  • Be a dude, don’t be rude.
  • Report it, stop it.
  • We all are equal.
  • Everybody deserves respect.
  • Your words are sharper than a blade.
  • It’s you right. Don’t be quiet.
  • Do right. Be polite.
  • Your words can damage their soul.
  • Your words can damage their life.
  • Their life, their choice.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • Social media bullying is the worst.
  • Selfishness is a sign of weak people.
  • Don’t be cruel.
  • Be human.
  • Respect humanity.
  • They need your hugs.
  • Bullies are disgusting.
  • Don’t make their life living hell.
  • Don’t change yourself. Change their mind.
  • Words cannot be rewind.
  • Use your words for good reason.
  • Fight for yourself.
  • You don’t have the right to judge others.
  • Heroes don’t bully.
  • No one deserves bullying.
  • Don’t cause pain to others.
  • Please don’t ignore it.
  • Spread Love. Eradicate hate.
  • Stand up. Speak out.
  • Every kind of bullying is intolerable.
  • We want justice.
  • Don’t be evil.

Anti Bullying Phrases

These are the catchy anti bullying phrases:

  • Choose right.
  • Stand for right.
  • Don’t ruin their day.
  • Let them shine.
  • Let them fly freely.
  • Bullying is like cancer.
  • Say no to bullying.
  • We care for you.
  • Be a friend, not a bully.
  • Hold their hands.
  • Make them feel safe.
  • Bullies are cads.
  • Be confident about what you are.
  • Stop bullying, stop depression.
  • Stay cool, stay confident.
  • Don’t bully your friends.
  • Be good friends; stop bullying.
  • Let’s stop the hate.
  • Don’t wait, work for it.
  • Do right, have right.
  • Be happy and let me be happy.
  • Don’t seek perfection.
  • Everyone is fighting by its faults.
  • No need to expose other’s weaknesses.
  • Spread love.
  • Stop hating, start loving.
  • Hate creates a sad ending.
  • Be polite, be smart.
  • Be happy, be positive.
  • Negative thinking will destroy your life.
  • Bullies will take hateful results.
  • Don’t hurt others by bullying.
  • Bullies! Not accepted.
  • Stop! Stop! Stop!
  • Don’t start bad things.
  • Think good, have good.
  • Don,t tear yourself by bullying.
  • You are amazing; think about it.
  • Don’t permit others to interfere in your life.
  • No need to show your weakness.
  • Be strong.
  • Don’t break hearts by bullying.
  • Love others, live happily.
  • The more you think negatively, the more you lose temper.

anti bullying slogans and phrases

Anti Bullying Sayings

The following are the anti bullying taglines and sayings:

  • Control on your words.
  • Make your words a smooth path.
  • Use words, not swords.
  • Be polite, be humble.
  • Do right, even if you are alone.
  • It’s enough, stop bullying.
  • Don’t let anyone push you down.
  • No need to dull your sparkle for anyone.
  • Be cool, don’t be a fool.
  • One bad person can’t decide your destiny.
  • You are the best, believe it.
  • Don’t underestimate other’s power.
  • Avoid bullying for your nation.
  • It’s not ok; fight for it.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You are not big to make others small.
  • Be a man of manners.
  • Be kind, be loveable.
  • Dropped the mindset to stop bullying.
  • Fighting to help, end the pain.
  • Being mean never give you a positive life.
  • A negative mind is a sign of weakness.
  • Be careful of bullies.
  • True, buddy, never is a false bully.
  • Start kindnesses because words don’t rewind.
  • Be kind, a unique reason to smile.
  • Someone else’s candle doesn’t make you shine bright.
  • Bullying cycle makes others feel sad.
  • Bullying for losers, kindness for winners.
  • Do right for everyone’s rights.
  • Stop bullying; It’s enough already.
  • Stop bullying, Stop dropping out.
  • End bullying to start life.
  • Don’t type hateful lines to end a life.
  • Wear bully proof vest from killing words.
  • Don’t be a reason for others crying.
  • Be an anti-bully to support fully.
  • Don’t think status is more important than feelings.
  • It’s bright to be polite.
  • It’s unfair that you don’t care all aware that you are a bully!
  • Starter of harsh words is not smarter.
  • It’s easy to hate, but difficult to appreciate.
  • Stop hating, start to congratulate.
  • Being cruel doesn’t make plural.
  • Your cruelty shows your negativity.
  • The end of bullying starts with your smile.
  • Kindness counts; it stops to stand bullies.
  • Humanity stops spreading bullying.
  • Make a plan of noise about bullying.
  • Kindness, niceness give you success.
  • Be nice; it has no price.
  • Heart of kindness never brings down to others.
  • Pulling down to others, Never reach you at the top.
  • Rise your self against bullying.
  • Grace is a shield, so stop bullying.
  • Speak louder against Buller.
  • Rise for fat, skinny, tall, small, and all.
  • Stop bullying for taking depression and anxiety later in life.
  • Reduce the ratio of bullying from inside schools.
  • Stop bullying now prevents long term effects.
  • Delete bullying in everyone’s life.
  • Bulling is dangerous, not fun.
  • Avoid making fool other’s
  • Raise your actions against domineering people.

Say No to Bullying Lines

Here are the phrases, sayings and one liners against bullying people:

  • Don’t be a reason for other’s suicide.
  • Stop bulling, Spread the love.
  • Don’t be a villain; be a
  • Fun does not need bulling.
  • It’s a shameful crime.
  • Now it’s time to end of monsters.
  • Stop to prey weak people.
  • Respect other’s self-respect.
  • It’s good to be a gentleman.
  • Go ahead against bullies.
  • Now It’s over, no more victims of an innocent child.
  • Bullies hurt more than killers.
  • Bullies are cruel.
  • Don’t let down others.
  • Spread love, not hate.
  • Be a reason for happiness, not for tears.
  • Be aware of the tricks of bullies.
  • Bullying? It’s the destruction of society.
  • Say goodbye to bullyings.
  • Stop bullyings; show kindness.
  • Why do you cause other’s pain?
  • You have no right to hurt others.
  • Words are so sharp & painful.
  • Don’t be a fool; don’t give a chance to bullies.
  • Be a good person, not bad.
  • Stay safe; stop bullying.
  • Are you ready to stop bullying?
  • Help to other’s, spread happiness
  • Don’t think to bully because I am not looser.
  • Bullying? A sign of mental sickness.
  • Don’t be a reason for other’s mental sickness.
  • Be a noble guy, not a bully guy.
  • Don’t be let down others.
  • Bullies are killing inside.
  • Bullies deserve punishment.
  • Be a hero; defend yourself from bullies.
  • Be brave, defeat bullies.
  • Stop negative judging to others.
  • It’s time to surrender to bullies.
  • Don’t hurt other’s feelings.
  • Bullies always wrong & spread hate.
  • Feel happy to support the weak.
  • Supporters rock, Bullies shock.
  • Are you sure your bad jokes are important than my feelings?
  • Cheap bullies, Cheap jokes.
  • Don’t be an annoying person.
  • Be a human, not a bully.
  • End bullying before a big disaster.
  • Make good memories, not bad.
  • Bullies are just like ignorant.
  • Don’t cross your limits, bullies.
  • Never permit anyone who let you down.
  • Be a hero; Don’t afraid to bullyings.
  • Stop to bullying, start to share smiles

How to write awesome and unique slogans or taglines by yourself

Writing slogans for their own business and campaign is not a difficult task, but it takes some effort. Slogans or taglines play an essential role in conveying any message to the audience. Slogans show the benefit of your business or message and it helps others to understand the basic purpose.

If you want to write slogans for anti-bullying to stop the bullying, then here are some techniques that will help you to write awesome slogans by yourself.

  • First, concentrate on the keyword. Understand the meaning of keyword deeply and notice how you can use it in slogans.
  • Secondly, collect all keyword information. If you are writing slogans about anti-bullying, then focus on the advantages of anti-bullying.
  • A slogan should be short and simple that everyone can understand it easily.
  • Please focus on the point that makes you different from your competitors, but it affects the audience.
  • Be unique and select slogans by the opinion of your followers and make your slogan memorable.

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