1220 Catchy Tanning Salon Names to Attract Customers

Choosing the perfect name for your tanning salon is crucial in creating a strong brand identity and attracting clients.

A creative and catchy name can set your salon apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

When brainstorming ideas for tanning salon names, it’s important to consider the image and vibe you want to convey.

Whether you want to evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication, or a more casual and fun atmosphere, your salon name plays a key role in shaping potential clients’ perceptions.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative tanning salon name ideas and tips for finding the perfect name that suits your business.

Whether you’re opening a new salon or rebranding an existing one, the right name can make all the difference in the success of your tanning business.

Tanning Salon Name Ideas

Tanning Salon Names

Peerless Patina

RadiantRise Tan

Golden Paradise

Dazzle & Sizzle

Prestige Patina

TerraTint Oasis

BronzeTone Zone

Bronzique Bliss

Browned Bubbles

Caramel Chuckle

ChicFlare Haven

HeatHarmony Den

Brownie Sundown

Glo-Luxe Studio

ShineLuxe Haven

SkinLuxe Parlor

HipBronze Haven

TanGlow Network

Sun Kissed Tans

GleamDream Team

LuxeTint Lounge

RadiantInk Tans

SunSculpt Oasis

SunVoyage Haven

Cultured Chroma

FitGlow Tan Hub

TanFrenzy Arena

CoastalLuxe Spa

The Sun Palette

SunKissed Bliss

Destination Tan

SunSerenada Spa

Brightlight Tan

LuxeHue Tanning

GlimmerGlow Hub

VogueSculpt Den

RadiantWave Den

LuminaLove Glow

NomadTone Treks

GlitzGlow Oasis

RapidLuxe Haven

SunGleam Studio

Tantastic Magic

GlowMetro Oasis

UV-Hush Retreat

Tan Tint Temple

Bronze & Snooze

Lumina Luna Spa

Rays & Haze Spa

MirageSun Manor

ShadeSoothe Den

SunDash Express

GlimmerHug Oasis

SkinSerum Lounge

SunCruise Nomads

SunBurst Retreat

LuminaBreeze Den

SolsticeGlow Den

First Class Fade

ChromaGlow Haven

EdenVista Studio

GoldenElixir Spa

Luma Lounge Luxe

WarmWhisper Rays

SunCircuit Tours

UV-Eclipse Oasis

Solstice Sanctum

SolHaven Getaway

LuminousLuxe Spa

HavenHue Retreat

ShineSwift Oasis

Esteem Étincelle

SunSculpt Studio

Tan in the Glint

TrendGaze Studio

GildedGlow Guild

HipBronze Lounge

VogueVibe Studio

LuxeLagoon Oasis

Pinnacle Pigment

WarmWhisper Glow

LuminTide Lounge

Bronzed & Fizzed

SwiftShine Oasis

MobileGlo Fusion

SunWhisper Haven

Shimmer & Linger

InstantFlare Den

ShadeNixRays Den

Interstellar Tan

QuickEclat Oasis

RadianceFree Spa

InfraredHeal Spa

TrendHarmony Den

Get Your Glow On

Luminescence Tan

Best Tanning Salon Names

LuminGlow Studio

Perfect Ten Tans

The House of Sun

Prestige Pigment

RadiantWave Cave

FlashFlare Haven

TenderBeam Oasis

TanSculpt Lounge

SolCanvas Studio

TanEchelon Arena

Beach Stand Tans

Sun-kissed Haven

Golden Hue Haven

LuminLift Studio

TintTribe Nomads

GlowFirm Retreat

TropiGleam Oasis

EclatEden Escape

RadianceLuxe Hub

SolSurge Retreat

VelvetAura Haven

CityRadiance Spa

Bronzed Beauties

TerraLuxe Lounge

ModishLuxe Haven

LuminaNaked Rays

LushLatitude Den

GlowWellness Spa

Gleam Beam Salon

RosyRadiance Spa

Dazzled Duckling

CollagenVibe Den

Solstice Sun Spa

AuraRealm Circle

GildedGlow Haven

HavenHarmony Spa

TanTint Artistry

SunBask Infrared

BridalLoom Haven

GlowDoodles Tans

Caramel Carousel

TanFusion Studio

Sun Set Serenity

SpraySafari Chic

VogueGlow Studio

SunRestore Sauna

GildedHarbor Spa

Sunshine Central

GlowWave Retreat

Big Time Tanning

GlowUrbanite Den

Tan Tale Terrace

Luminary Sol Spa

ShineDash Studio

TanVista Network

GloRayless Haven

LuminElysium Spa

LuminaLuxe Oasis

Aurum Ray Lounge

ToneTaut Retreat

CherishCharm Tan

Glitz & Glam Tan

EtherealEden Den

EliteFlora Haven

The Golden Gates

ShadeRenewal Spa

Smitten with Sun

Shimmer & Simmer

Sun Sync Studios

LuminaLush Haven

RoamGlow Odyssey

TanShine Central

Tanned & Tickled

SolarGlow Studio

HeatVitality Den

SunRise Radiance

Painted with Sun

Sun Sprinkle Spa

BlushBloom Oasis

Sun at your Door

ProGlow Coliseum

TanTrail Blazers

VertexGlow Haven

Tantric Radiance

UrbanGlow Lounge

EclatSol Society

UrbanLuxe Lounge

WanderTan Trails

CollagenGlow Hub

CherishChic Haven

RadiantVoyage Spa

ChromaChic Studio

BridalGleam Haven

EleganceTan Bliss

UprightZenith Spa

SweetSunbeam Glow

RadiantRays Oasis

MirageGlow Studio

Aura Glow Atelier

Best Tanning Salon Names

Funny Tanning Salon Names

Solace Sun Parlor

TanUprising Arena

ShineWave Network

GlowCityscape Den

ShineFree Retreat

RadiantZenith Tan

LushLabyrinth Den

DreamyGlow Petals

LushLuminance Den

Glowing & Showing

TrendRadiant Loft

LuxeBotanical Spa

Glow Gala Gallery


Sol Shine Studios

TintedDreams Tans

TerraRise Retreat

OrganicLuxe Oasis

WanderTint Troupe

SunlessGlow Oasis

EclatEuphoria Spa

LuxeLuminous Duel

SpeedGlow Retreat

HavenGlow Retreat

OpulentHue Lounge

Color it with Sun

Sun & Fun Tanning

CoastalChic Haven

SunEuphoria Sauna

InstantGlow Haven

TanUniverse Arena

Glint & Go Studio

SolBeam Sanctuary

Sun Spell Studios

TrendGleam Studio

HorizonRay Studio

SunHorizon Escape

Sunny Side Suites

PureHarbor Studio

GlowRenewal Haven

Butterscotch Bash

High End Elegance

RadiantHeat Haven

LuminaSauna Oasis

SunTrail Nomadics

RaylessRefine Den

ShineSpeed Studio

SunGlobe Journeys

Tinted Tan Temple

RapidLuxe Tanning

TanAlchemy Studio

SpeedGlow Tanning

FlashGlow Retreat

BlushRadiance Spa

ElixirYouth Haven

LoveLight Retreat

CollagenCharm Den

TanUtopia Network

Glow Maven Studio

SunEclipse Circle

DreamyDelight Tan

Chocolate Chuckle

RadiantRevive Spa

TantricGlow Oasis

ModishShine Oasis

Sun-Kissed Wheels

Amber Awe Atelier

Sun Kissed Missed

GlamorGlow Lounge

LuminaLoom Parlor

UrbanLush Retreat

GlamGlow Gauntlet

Tan Tempt Terrace

VogueLuxe Tanning

Tan Twist Terrace

GlowWagon Express

TintTreks Nomadic

AmberRipple Haven

CustomGlow Studio

SolsticeSands Spa

TerraRays Tanning

CuddleLight Haven

The Gold Standard

InfraredBloom Spa

The Tanning Genie

The Contour Queen

Glow Gaze Gallery

RapidRevive Haven

GlowMatrix Parlor

LuminUrban Lounge

Tan Tidal Terrace

Tan Trend Terrace

Sol Signature Spa

LuminaGaze Lounge

TenderTwinkle Spa

Tidal Tan Terrace

SunSerenity Sauna

SunWave Sanctuary

FastTone Radiance

SereneShine Haven

LuxeSpray Retreat

Classy Tanning Salon Names

ChicCanvas Lounge

LuminaVogue Union

AmberGrove Lounge

ChicShade Retreat

LuxeLustrous Duel

Setting Sun Salon

TanNixRays Studio

ShadeElegance Den

EclatExotic Bliss

GoldenVogue Guild

GlowBliss Retreat

WeddingGlow Manor

Bronze Fire Bliss

BronzeGoddess Spa

InfraredSol Oasis

TanlessAura Oasis

UrbanBlaze Studio

AuraWhisper Haven

RapidAura Tanning

ChromaLuxe Parlor

AscendBeam Studio

LuminaLuxe Lounge

PureRadiance Haven

ElysianMist Lounge


On-the-Go Radiance

MirageMosaic Oasis

SprayStroke Studio

ToneTone Sanctuary

BridalLuxe Tanning

RadiantRosie Haven

UV-Effortless Glow

Sun Kissed Sanctum

ChicHarbor Tanning

A Side-dish of Sun

Solar Serenade Spa

ShineSprint Studio

BeamBliss Boutique

SunlessGlow Studio

RadiantRainbow Spa

DivineDust Tanning

UrbanSunrise Oasis

ModishAura Tanning

CherishCandle Rays

RadiantRevital Spa

UprightRadiant Tan

Stellar Spray Tans

GlowPalette Studio

CherishChateau Tan

ChromaDream Lounge

LuxeLunar Showdown

GildedGlow Society

Aura Amber Atelier

SunSerenade Lounge

SereneChic Tanning

Sun-kissed Comfort

UrbanCanvas Studio

ExpressBlaze Oasis

LuminaRevive Oasis

GlowNurture Studio

EtherealEscape Den

LushPigment Studio

Glow Grove Gallery

HeatLuxe Sanctuary

Luminous On-the-Go

GlimmerKisses Rays

StageGlow Showdown

EclatEmbrace Oasis

GildedGlow Getaway

FitFlourish Studio

BronzedGlow Lounge

SculptedGlow Haven

RaylessGlow Studio

Sun-kissed Strokes

DesertDaze Tanning

RadiantRenew Oasis

GlimmerGoddess Spa

TintWander Voyages

OpulentSol Retreat

AuraAffinity Guild

LuminUrban Retreat

CollagenCanvas Den

Sunbeams Sanctuary

GlowGarden Therapy

EclatEden Boutique

Distinguished Dusk

MobileSol Sojourns

BronzeTone Bonanza

HeatGlow Sanctuary

Sparkle Spray Tans

Noble Sun Euphoria

SunSanctuary Oasis

RadiantRegen Oasis

SunTraverse Nomads

RadiantRays Petals

EvokeElevation Tan

Amber Aura Atelier

ShadeHarbor Lounge

RadiantTies Studio

SunFlare Sanctuary

SunVista Sanctuary

ToneTexture Studio

Nomadic Tint Tours

TanTales Creations

TanSymphony Studio

RadiantDune Parlor

GlamBlaze Showtime

VelvetVista Lounge

Sun Sculpt Studios

AirGlowScapes Tans

CherishTint Studio

SunWaves Sanctuary

SnugSpectrum Haven

GoldenCanvas Haven

Tanning Salon Names Ideas List

HueCanvas Boutique

EnchantedEra Haven

HorizonTide Studio

EleganceElixir Spa

SweetSpectrum Rays

PurePurity Retreat

PureSolstice Oasis

LushLuminosity Den

GlowUV-Free Studio

Solstice Sun Space

Luxe Lumina Lounge

LuminousUplift Tan

PurePigment Lounge

RadiantRiviera Spa

DreamGlow Boutique

Glimmer Simmer Spa

Golden Glow Grange

SunWheels Sojourns

EnchantedEvent Tan

Eclat Tan Emporium

SunlessWhisper Spa

ShadeSculpt Studio

LoveLuminance Glow

DermaRadiant Oasis

ChromaChic Retreat

LuminaLuxe Retreat

SunGoddess Tanning

AscendGlow Retreat

HeatLuminosity Den

Panache Ray Studio

Sun Bliss Boutique

AscendLumin Lounge

Sun Sync Sanctuary

ExpressEclat Oasis

RiseGlow Sanctuary

Mellow Marshmallow

Touchup Spray Tans

CherishGleam Oasis

SunSpritz Ventures

GoldenGlow Connect

SunlessHarmony Spa

Velvet Tan Enclave

MirageMelody Oasis

CozyLumina Therapy

LushLuminous Guild

Sun Seek Sanctuary

SolSiesta Paradise

UrbanHarbor Lounge

RadiantWhimsy Tans

SolRespite Retreat

Sunlit Lace Lounge

SunSafari Sojourns

GlowWheels Escapes

SolsticeNaked Rays

SolaceShine Studio

Tint Twist Terrace

PureEuphoria Haven

FlashTan Sanctuary

BlissfulBloom Glow

PureNature’s Haven

Brushed by the Sun

HeavenlyHue Parlor

SunJet Set Tanning

Tan Extraordinaire

LuminaLullaby Glow

SolSculpt Pavilion

CustomInk Airbrush

InstantEclipse Den

Sun Crafted Suites

Gilt Tanning Manor

EtherealTint Parlor

Luma Lyrical Lounge

GlitterGrove Studio

TropiGleam Pavilion

VelvetElysium Haven

Total Tansformation

SkinVitality Lounge

ShadeRadiance Haven

Sol Shimmer Studios

TanTrellis Boutique

Sunbaked Spray Tans

ElevateZenith Haven

MirageWhisper Haven

UprightRadiance Spa

DelightfulDawn Rays

LushLuminance Haven

ShadeSculpt Studios

ShineHarmony League

RadiantUrbanite Den

Seashell Spray Tans

RadiantContours Spa

LuminousZen Retreat

CanvasGlow Boutique

EleganceEpoch Arena

TerraGlisten Parlor

GildedGlow Pavilion

CuddleCharm Therapy

GlimmerGiggles Glow

QuickRadiance Oasis

BeamlessBloom Oasis

ElevateVertex Haven

GleamGoddess Studio

RadiantRoam Voyages

SnuggleSpectrum Spa

ChromaFlare Retreat

SunElegance Enclave

EarthlyElixir Haven

RadianceRise Lounge

OpulentVerde Lounge

LuminVibe Community

TerraRadiance Oasis

GlowReplenish Haven

Golden Gaze Gallery

DermaRadiance Oasis

Tanning Salon Names Ideas List

Read Also:

Catchy Tanning Salon Names

Coco Bronze

Choco Charm

Majest Tint

Shine Sheen

Sun Majesty

Light Latch

Posh Patina

TanVan Glow

Cloud 9 Tan

Valor Vivid


Verve Vivid

Sun Bun Fun

Blaze Broil

The Glow Up

Sunny Honey

Tan Triumph

Toast Trend

Shine Shaft

Capucci Tan

Sheen Slick

Pecan Prank

Tan Pancake

Twink Twist

Kiss of Sun

Blaze Blitz

Tan & Toned

Dapper Dusk

Tidal Tinge

Toast Roast

Regale Rays

Sun Academy

Hue Majesty

Twink Tweak

Shine Shift

Sheen Shift

Aire Allure

Silken Silk

Bronze Life

Tinge Twist

Shine Slide

Tinge Tidal

Elite Éclat

Bahama Mama

Fantasy Tan

The Sandbar

Extreme Tan

Sun Addicts

Brown Clown

Blaze Bloom


Twink Twine

Sheen Shaft

The Sun Lab

Totally Tan

Sun Couture

Gleam Grasp

Tinge Tweak

Maple Mirth

Sun Shocked

Tan O’Clock

Majestic Tan

Lux Huescape

Noble Nuance

Glisten Grip

Sun Spectrum

Honeyed Hoot

Sun Infinity

Sizzle Samba

Solara Haven

Whimsy Whisk

Daylight Tan

Paradise Tan

Creme Chroma

Sunspire Spa

Toffee Tease

Toasty Toast

Sunshine Tan

SolShine Spa

Refined Rays

SolQuest Spa

TrendGlo Hub

The Sun Room

Ethereal Tan

En Vogue Tan

Bronze Bunny

Poolside Tan

Waffle Wafer

Tan Jamboree

Vision Valor

TanOasis Hub

Glisten Grin

FirmGlow Den

On Call Tans

Gold Bar Tan

Classé Bronz

Elegant Tans

Shimmer Shed

UV-Chic Glow

Sun Time Tan

Elite Luster

Sinfully Sun

Tan Virtuoso

Tip Top Tans

Dusk Delight

Hold the Sun

Bronzed Buzz

D’or Chateau

Tropic Touch

Glow Getters

House of Tan

Sun Silk Spa

Seaside Tans

Shimmer Slot

HeatAura Den

Exquis Éclat

Prime Patina

Giddy Golden

Hawaiian Sun

Finesse Fade

Amber Ambush

Status Shade


Tan-on Salon

Esteem Éclat

Worst Tanning Salon Names

Posh Pigment

Tanned Pecan

The Tan Taxi

Sunset Salon

Trusted Tans

Platinum Tan

Lumina Vibes

Radiance Aid

Touch of Sun

Sunscape Spa

Pure Prestige

Top Tier Tint

GlowFit Haven

Sunny Express

TanRise Guild

Gleam Glimpse

Get Glamorous

Cinnamon Grin

HipHarbor Spa

On Trend Tans

You Glow Girl

TanHarbor Hub

Tell All Tans

GoldenSun Fun



Sovereign Sun

TanThrive Hub

Rockstar Tans

Garden of Sun

High Brow Hue

Elite Essence

Grand Glisten

HipGlow Oasis

Five Star Tan

Biscuit Bliss

Primo Pigment

Coutured Tans

The Glow Zone

Glitter Glaze

Shimmer Slide

Distinct D’or

Elite Embrace

ToneGlow Zone

Under the Sun

Magna Majesty

Luminous Loft

UrbanGlow Den

Glisten Glare

SunGlow Sauna

Glint Glimpse

Sizzle Sizzle

Silly Sunbeam

ShineLuxe Den

The Tan Touch

GlowMetro Den

Rare Resplend

SunPass Elite

Tickle My Tan

Sun Aesthetic

Imminence Tan

Gleam Supreme

AmberLuxe Spa

SunRays Plays

Orange Muffin

Dream & Gleam

Luminance Tan

Opulent Ombre

Rays of Grace

Kingly Kissed

TanPlan Salon

Sun Beach Tan

SunHaven Glow

House of Gold

Silly Sunspot

TanDuel Arena


LuxeSun Oasis

Glisten Glint

Signature Sun

Beached Blush

Tan Flan Plan

Startruck Tans

Hue’s on First

Caramel Cuddle

A Brush of Sun

Glo-Free Haven

Soleil Supreme

Toasty Twinkie

SunVerse Haven

TanTune Studio

Sol Sculpt Spa

Brillant Bronz

GlowHarbor Spa

HipHarmony Hub

DreamyDawn Tan

Radiance Dance

CityChic Haven

ChromaChic Den

Sun-kissed Zen

ReviveRays Spa

ProShine Clash

Paradise Found

GlowGentle Spa

RayFever Salon

Bronze Balloon

Sizzle Drizzle

California Sun

Subtle Shimmer

ZoomSun Studio

CityGlow Oasis

RenewDerma Spa

Unique Tanning Salon Names

FlashSerenity Oasis

ChromaTrove Retreat

GlimmerGaze Retreat

LuminaLullaby Oasis

SunSculpt Sanctuary

Sunlit Serenity Spa

TanHarmonics Studio

VerticalSol Retreat

ToneTighten Retreat

Beam & Gleam Studio

RadianceRay Retreat

CoastalSerenity Spa

GlowBlossom Therapy

YouthfulGlow Studio

RadiantRays Tanning

EleganceMist Lounge

Golden Grain Grange

ToweringTint Parlor

VerticalGlow Studio

SunRadiance Retreat

Sun Serenade Suites

Imperial Sun Lounge

WanderTint Journeys

MirageGlow Boutique

CherishGlow Therapy

TanSculpt Sanctuary

ArtisticLuxe Studio

ArtisticBronze Tans

TranquilTides Oasis

SprayGlamour Studio

BronzeBravado Brawl

Bronze Me Beautiful

RadiantRosette Rays

ParadiseTan Escapes

Flawless Spray Tans

LuminaLagoon Parlor

ShineAffinity Union

HueFinesse Boutique

ChromaGoddess Haven

LuxeBotanic Retreat

Blushing Glow Haven

Opal Solstice Oasis

ElysianGlow Retreat

Regal Sunbeam Haven

On-the-Glow Odyssey

PureRadiance Parlor

SolsticeHush Lounge

Elysian Glow Parlor

SnuggleSunrise Rays

ExpressEuphoria Den

Solar Sequin Suites

VerdantGlow Sanctum

GildedGrove Tanning

Majestic Glow Manor

SolsticeSerene Glow

MajesticVerde Haven

Regent Glow Gallery

Solstice Spray Tans

ZenithUplift Parlor

YouthRevive Retreat

ElevationHarbor Tan

Shine On Spray Tans

SprayEclipse Studio

LuminVista Paradise

LuxeEarthly Sanctum

LuminousTighten Den

ShadeRevitalize Spa

VelvetVibe Boutique

SunStrokes Boutique

BridalRadiant Bliss

AirCanvas Creations

LuminLuxe Community

Lumina Lyric Lounge

GlimmerGentle Haven

GlowSansRays Lounge

GlamVortex Showdown

TenderTonic Therapy

AdoreLumina Therapy

Golden Gale Gallery

TrendElixir Tanning

SparkleSnuggle Rays

SolsticeWhisper Spa

LuminousLift Studio

Solar Signature Spa

RadiantPinnacle Tan

SolSculpture League

Luminary Lux Lounge

AuraEssence Tanning

HeavenlyHorizon Tan

GleamGlamour Lounge

Serenity Spray Tans

GlowVenture Odyssey

SprayJetset Odyssey

AscendLounge Studio

SereneSpray Tanning

AmberSolstice Oasis

DreamyGlow Boutique

SunbeamVibe Tanning

WanderSpray Travels

RadiantDunes Lounge

Radiant Roaming Tan

MirageMingle Lounge

BronzeBattle Royale

CozySunrise Retreat

AirGlow Masterpiece

SunSerenity Tanning

ShadeSculpt Retreat

GlowHustle Radiance

TanCanvas Creations

LuminousLift Lounge

LuminousLove Studio

BlazeRays Sanctuary

SolVista Collective

GlowRumble Showtime

TropicGlow Hideaway

ShadeElixir Retreat

EtherealGlow Tanning

Shine & Line Tanning

PureEarthly Pavilion

ShineAlternative Den

LuminEclipse Retreat

LushLagoon Sanctuary

GlowCrafted Airbrush

Lustrous Lounge Luxe

ArtisticFinesse Tans

FlexTan Fitness Zone

CityRadiance Retreat

BridalLuster Tanning

EdenRadiance Enclave

TrimTone Tanning Hub

Cool Tanning Salon Names

EliteBloom Sanctuary

TurboLuminance Haven

SolsticeSculpt Oasis

Grandioso Sun Studio

PureHarmony Boutique

EliteNaturista Haven

Flare & Glare Studio

RegalGreenery Studio

LushLuminance Studio

RadiantRomance Haven

GlimmerGrove Retreat

LuminaHarmony Studio

CoastalVibe Paradise

BronzingBrush Studio

FitLuminosity Studio

BronzeLush Sanctuary

Amber Horizon Lounge

Solstice Silk Suites

AuraWhisper Boutique

Opulent Glow Retreat

GlowSilent Sanctuary

Spark & Lark Tanning

ToweringRadiance Tan

Luminous Cascade Spa

Solar Silk Sanctuary

LuminousUnion Studio

SpeedHarbor Radiance

ChromaMingle Retreat

BronzeBlitz Coliseum

EleganceEclat Lounge

SkywardElevation Tan

SkinSculpt Sanctuary

Luminous Loom Lounge

SunSculpt Collective

SunGraffiti Boutique

GlowingCanvas Studio

Crystal Sun Serenity

Crystal Luminary Spa

RadiantRelax Retreat

RadiantChroma Parlor

Palatial Ray Enclave

Luminous Lace Lounge

CollagenCraft Lounge

RadianceRenew Parlor

RadiantRivals Studio

InfraredEuphoria Den

DreamyDazzle Retreat

SwiftSolstice Studio

WeddingWhimsy Studio

ZenithGlow Sanctuary

ToneTransform Lounge

DesertRipple Tanning

TurboSolstice Studio

GoldenEclipse Lounge

GlowUnity Membership

LuminousElegance Tan

RadiantRayless Haven

SpeedEssence Retreat

UpliftedAura Retreat

SprayArtistry Studio

RadiantElevation Tan

EarthlyEssence Oasis

LuminVista Sanctuary

TropicTwilight Haven

LuminaBalance Studio

InfraredRelax Parlor

BrushedBronze Studio

EleganceEuphoria Tan

BlissfulBronze Haven

UrbanRadiance Studio

On-the-Glow Journeys

BlushingBronze Haven

SkywardGlow Boutique

BridalBreeze Retreat

Bronze Beam Boutique

Flare & Stare Studio

LuminaElixir Retreat

VelvetAir Tan Parlor

EtherealElegance Tan

Spark & Bark Tanning

ExpressBronze Studio

VerdantElixir Studio

Supreme Tan Escapade

EnchantedMist Parlor

RadianceRelax Studio

QuickLuminance Oasis

ElysianBronze Asylum

SkinElixir Sanctuary

ModishSculpt Retreat

FlashHarmony Retreat

PureLuminance Lounge

EclatEmerge Boutique

GlowCanvas Creations

HavenHarbor Paradise

Glaze & Gaze Tanning

TerraGlow Tan Parlor

TonedRadiance Center

GoldenZephyr Tanning

RadiantRipple Lounge

RadiantRetreat Oasis

Wanderlust Tan Tribe

GlowVagabond Express

Radiant Aura Tanning

TanlessEclipse Oasis

Glow Guardian Grange

ChromaHarbor Retreat

Rays & Blaze Tanning

Shine Divine Tanning

Radiant Rush Retreat

RadiantUtopia Circle

Radiant Rise Retreat

SolSeaside Sanctuary

SolsticeAscent Haven

Luxury Tanning Salon Names

RadiantUrbane Studio

MobileGlow Explorers

RadiantRevive Studio

GoldenHarbor Network

TanElevate Syndicate

SprayCanvas Elegance

PureBlissful Retreat

CollagenAura Retreat

SolsticeVibe Society

GlowWhisper Boutique

ShineBloom Sanctuary

MajesticNatura Lounge

Elite Eclat Tan Haven

RadianceRevive Studio

MirageBreeze Boutique

SolsticeUpright Haven

RadiantRealm Boutique

ShadeSerendipity Tans

Supple Sun Spray Tans

OpulentStrokes Lounge

Radiant Jewel Tanning

Bronze Bloom Boutique

OpulentWhisper Studio

LuminousLegacy Parlor

TrimZen Fitness Haven

GoldenEclipse Tanning

CollagenHarbor Parlor

SunEssentials Coterie

RadiantVista Pavilion

Rapture Tanning Salon

RadiantShores Tanning

Golden Glisten Grange

DivineElegance Lounge

GoldenEssence Coterie

Bronze Belle Boutique

VerdantHarmony Lounge

InstantElegance Haven

LuminousAffair Studio

GoldenBreeze Pavilion

RaylessRadiance Haven

Liquid Sun Spray Tans

EliteSunGrove Retreat

RadiantRoutes Roaming

GlowSymphony Boutique

RadianceRefine Lounge

ElysianSunrise Lounge

Empyrean Glow Chamber

Euphoric Tan Emporium

MobileGlam Wanderlust

SolsticeBeam Boutique

RadianceRenewal Haven

EtherealEclipse Haven

SunwavesRayless Haven

RefinedTone Sanctuary

YouthfulCanvas Lounge

EleganceEncounter Hub

Ray of Sun Spray Tans

Tansformation Station

Solar Serenity Suites

MobileTan Expeditions

LushLuminosity Lounge

ZenithSolstice Parlor

EarthlyEnrich Retreat

LuminArtistry Tanning

Lustrous Light Lounge

ElysianSunset Retreat

UpliftedUtopia Studio

ZenithEvoke Sanctuary

GildedHorizon Getaway

FlexFlare Tanning Hub

RadiantReverie Lounge

VerdantGoddess Studio

LuminaLotus Sanctuary

Glaze & Raise Tanning

CustomChroma Boutique

GlowMomentum Showtime

Subtle Sun Spray Tans

Be Natural Spray Tans

Royalty Tanning Salon

ElegantAura Sanctuary

Sun-Kissed Spray Tans

LuminaHarmony Society

RapidRadiance Retreat

SunRay Mirage Retreat

SolsticeHaven Retreat

RadiantWhisper Studio

TanTapestry Creations

SereneStrokes Tanning

RadianceRevive Parlor

RadiantReverie Studio

High Shine Spray Tans

Aristocrat Tan Parlor

ElevateBeam Sanctuary

Embellished Sun Salon

Pinnacle Sun Pavilion

LuminElegance Coterie

SereneSolstice Escape

EclatTribe Membership

LuminousLuxe Alliance

EliteNaturals Retreat

Gilded Rays Sanctuary

RadianceWhisper Haven

GildedNaturals Parlor

MirageMingle Boutique

TranquilTide Paradise

Bronze Bliss Boutique

SolSerenity Syndicate

RadiantVoyage Tanning

BeamlessBreeze Studio

MobileBronze Elegance

Radiant Realm Retreat

SunKaleidoscope Haven

SolsticeShine Retreat

Glisten Bliss Tanning

TurboLuminosity Haven

Radiance Royale Salon

EleganceEdge Showdown

BridalRadiance Tanning

ToweringHarmony Lounge

AirbrushAura Creations

LuxeNurtures Sanctuary

WeddingWhisper Retreat

UprightSerenity Studio

SolsticeNurture Studio

Great Touch Spray Tans

Radiant Opulence Oasis

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tanning Salon Names

1. Clarity is Key

Ensure that your salon name clearly communicates its purpose. A tanning salon’s name should give potential customers an immediate understanding of the services offered.

2. Keep it Concise

Short and sweet names are more memorable. Avoid lengthy or complicated names that might be challenging for customers to recall.

3. Engage with Emotion

Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Choose words or themes that evoke positive feelings, such as warmth, relaxation, or beauty.

4. Target Your Audience

Tailor your name to appeal to your specific target demographic. Consider age groups, interests, and lifestyles when crafting a name that resonates with potential customers.

5. Be Unique and Memorable

Stand out from the competition by choosing a unique name. Ensure it’s not easily confused with other businesses in the area, and make it memorable to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

6. Consider SEO Impact

If you have an online presence, think about search engine optimization (SEO). Choose a name that includes relevant keywords to enhance online visibility.

7. Think Long-Term

Consider the long-term implications of your salon name. Avoid trendy names that may become outdated quickly, and choose one that can grow with your business.

8. Visual Appeal Matters

Think about how your salon name will look on signage, business cards, and promotional materials. A visually appealing name enhances your brand’s overall aesthetic.

9. Legal Check: Trademark and Availability

Before finalizing your salon name, check for trademarks and ensure the name is legally available. This avoids potential legal issues and protects your brand.

Use these detailed tips as a roadmap for choosing the perfect name for your tanning salon, ensuring it aligns with your brand and attracts your desired clientele.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Tanning Salon Names

1. Lack of Clarity

Avoid names that don’t convey that your business is a tanning salon. Clarity is essential to help potential customers understand your services at a glance.

2. Overly Complex or Lengthy Names

Steer clear of names that are difficult to spell, pronounce, or remember. Opt for simplicity to enhance recall and word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Ignoring the Target Audience

Failing to consider your target demographic can lead to a disconnect between your salon and potential customers. Ensure your name resonates with the audience you want to attract.

4. Choosing a Generic Name

Generic names may make it challenging for your salon to stand out in a competitive market. Aim for uniqueness to create a memorable brand identity.

5. Forgetting About SEO

In the digital age, neglecting the importance of SEO can limit your online visibility. Include relevant keywords in your salon name to improve search engine rankings.

6. Being Too Trendy

While trends can be appealing, they can quickly become outdated. Avoid overly trendy names that might not age well and could require a rebrand in the future.

7. Neglecting Legal Considerations

Failing to check for trademarks or the availability of the chosen name can lead to legal issues. Conduct thorough research to ensure your salon name is legally sound.

8. Ignoring Visual Appeal

The visual aspect of your salon name is crucial. Avoid names that are visually unappealing or challenging to incorporate into your branding materials.

9. Overlooking Feedback

Don’t make the mistake of not seeking feedback from others. Input from friends, family, or potential customers can provide valuable insights and catch potential issues.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase the likelihood of choosing a tanning salon name that is clear, memorable, and resonates positively with your target audience.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your tanning salon is a pivotal step in establishing a strong and memorable brand identity.

The process demands careful consideration of clarity, conciseness, and engagement with the target audience.

Avoiding common pitfalls, such as generic names, lack of legal checks, and neglecting visual appeal, is essential.

By incorporating local elements and thinking about the long-term viability of the chosen name, salon owners can set the stage for success.

Ultimately, a well-thought-out and unique salon name not only communicates the nature of the business but also plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining clientele.

It’s an investment in the salon’s identity that can significantly contribute to its growth and recognition in the competitive beauty and wellness industry.

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Bilal is BS computer science student. He is learning programming and coding. Branding and marketing are his other interests. When he isn't working, he loves indoor games.