200 Creative and Catchy SSID Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a new wireless network, there are many ways to come up with a great wireless network, but you don’t have to use the standard SSID (Service Set Identifier) names.

You can also create custom SSID names that reflect your business or organization. Here we enlist few things to consider before you get started.

First, remember that the wireless network name of your wireless router is what will be seen by all wireless devices within range of the wireless network.

Choose an easy-to-remember name, such as your business or organization’s name. You can also use the SSID name of your router to create a unique name that is easier to remember, especially if you are creating a log-in network for employees.

It can also help prevent unintentional connections between networks.

Next, make sure the SSID name is . Long names, such as the SSID name of your wireless router, can make it difficult for people to remember and connect to the network.

Avoid using spaces in the SSID name. For example, if your router SSID name is “Cisco_Wireless”, use “Cisco Wireless”. You should also avoid using special characters in the SSID name.

For example, don’t use “!@#%&”, or “#’!@” in your SSID name.

SSID Name Ideas

Vance Refrigeration

Password is Popcorn

Network Not Found

Abraham Linksys

Pick Me!

Obi WAN Kenobi

Prem Chopda

Honey LAN

Ye Olde Internet

Winter WonderLAN

Bilbo Laggins

The LAN of the Free

Wifi art thou Romeo

I Left the Seat Up


You Click, I Pay


Wi-Fi Fo Fum

Pretty Fly for Wifi

Professional SSID Names

Routy McRouterface

Life on the Line

The LAN Down Under

Winternet is Coming


Free Public Wifi

The Password is…

Piping Hot Access

House LANister

I Can Haz Wireless?

Spread the Wealth

My Neighbors Suck!


I Believe Wi Can Fi

Life in the fast LAN


Step on the Gas

Lord Voldemodem

Darude LANstorm

Torrent Gump

Best SSID Names

Thanks Obama


Take my Wifi, Please

Bill Clinternet

Byte Me

Capture the Lag

Titanic Syncing

Bondage Club

The Promised LAN

Volvo Mafia Safehouse

Open Sesame

Connect Automatically

NSA Net Secure


Area 51

Wu-Tang Lan

Obi-WAN Kenobi

FBI Surveillance Van

Living on the Wire

Russian Hackers

What are some good SSID names ideas?

No Laughing Router

Lag Out Loud

It Burns When IP


Pokemon Slo

Network Unavailable

Rhianna’s Navy

Very Slow

Wifi Info

Don’t Snoop

Mom, use this one!

Wifi? Wi-not?

Marty McWi-Fi

Herpes Positive

Elite Wifi

Theodore Routervelt

Routers of Rohan

Bill Wi, the Science Fi

LAN Morrison

Velle Log

Cool SSID Names

Optimus Prime

The Force

Lord of the Pings

Occam’s Router

Wu Tang LAN

That’s my Momma

Starbucks Wi-Fi

Slow WiFi

Brewed Stream

Daily Bread

Knock Knock

Unsafe at any speed

Modem Pole

Please Wait…

Benjamin FrankLAN

America is Awesome

Connecto Patronum

Get Off My LAN

SSID Name Ideas

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How to Name a SSID

There are a few ways to get creative with your SSID name. For example, if you’re using a wireless router, you could use the name of your company or organization, like “Cisco Wireless”.

Or, you can use your favorite movie quotes or sayings. There is no limit to what you can come up with for your SSID name. You just need to be creative and have fun with it!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before picking a SSID Name:

1.     Be creative: come up with a name that will make your network stand out

Think of a name that is memorable, unique, and creative. Keep your SSID name short, keep your SSID name to 10 characters or less, so it doesn’t get too confusing for users.

Man and Wifi

Untrusted Network

Free Public Wi-Fi

Free for 1 day


Race Against Time


Hidden Network

I’m Under Your Bed

Sweet Victory

Series of Tubes

Wham Bam

Unlock the stream

Girls Gone Wireless

Missed Connections

2.     Choose a name that is easily remembered and recognizable

Make your SSID name easy to remember and can be associated with your organization or business. Give it a catchy name that will get attention and create awareness of your network.

Choose a name that is easily recognizable, so your users know exactly what they are connecting to.

Not a Meth Lab

Malware Repository

Chance the Router

Ready to Mingle

This LAN Is My LAN

The LAN Before Time

Lost Connection

The fast track

Call Me Maybe

Midnight Munchers

Wifi Bill Wi

Not in Range

Drop it Like a Hotspot


The Ping in the North

3.     Include your company or organization’s name, if applicable

When providing your SSID name, you can include your organization’s name or business name if applicable. Use a meaningful and common abbreviation for your SSID.

Khud Ka Net

Aukat Mei Rh

Beer me a password


Kill the Wabbit

No Internet Access

99th Floor It is

Nacho Wi-Fi

Brave Little Router


John Wilkes Bluetooth

Viruses Are Us

AOL Dial-up

Silence of the LANs

4.     Use caution when choosing special characters

As some devices may have difficulty connecting to a network with special characters in its name , it is important to consider the device and your network before choosing a name that includes special characters.

Trump Rules

Phillip J WiFry

I’m In Your Closet

LAN Halen

IP Freely

Panic At The Cisco

Printer Only

Full bars

Wifi the feeling?


Surveillance Van

Brewed Connections

Wi of the Figer

Guess where we live

Bandwidth on the Run

5.     Use common words or phrases

Avoid using uppercase and lowercase letters Use alpha or numeric characters. For example, use your organization’s initials or an abbreviation for your business name instead of a full name.

Bill Wi the Science Fi

Virus-Infected Wi-Fi

Now you see me…

For a wireless web


The Mad Ping

No Wi-Fi For You

Its Free, Enjoy

Gone Catfishing

Start Surfing


Area 51 Test Site

No more Mister Wifi

Nacho Wifi

Shut your dogs up!!


In conclusion, choosing an SSID name for your wireless network can be a fun and creative process. However, it is important to keep in mind the practical implications of your selection.

By following the tips in this article, you can create an SSID that is both unique and easy to remember.

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