200 Scary Camp Names That are Amazing

If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, there are some really creepy camp names out there. Some of them may make you feel a bit uneasy, but they might also make you laugh.

If you’re an adventurous type who likes to have a good time, these camp names are sure to get you excited. We have a few ideas that might work well for you.

One way to help you decide is to simply look at the camp names for other people. If you see a name that looks exciting, then it might work well in your situation.

It’s also a good idea to check out the reviews that other people have left on their camps. This way you can find out what kinds of things to expect from these camps.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of checking out other people’s camps, then simply look at the top list we created. If you’re in need of a camp name that is fun and exciting, then these are the ones for you.

Scary Camp Names

Point X Camp

Huckleberry Summit

Summer Flame

Hollow Hillside Horrors

Camp Boss

camp of the forgotten

Wicked Woodlands

Blue Ridge Places

Kamp Woody

Cougar Creek

Royal Arch

Second Horizons

camp death

Perfect Paradise

camp blood

camp of the lost ones

Winding Woods

Perfect Paradise

The Dalles

Camp Turmoil

campers lair

Fay Bainbridge

Catchy Camp Names

Pali Adventures

Vashon Adventures

Mountain Made


Dawn Valley

Mowich Lake

Happy Campout


Fort Casey

Pleasant Valley

Traven In Tents

Lake Sammamish

Alder Lake


The Summer Sun

campers hollow

Rawhide Ranch


Little Big Troops

Camp Solitude

Funny Camp Names

Fay Bainbridge

Day Dreamer

Cool of the Wind

Buckler River

Carter Creek

New Beginnings

A Point Tours

Dolphin Overlook

King County Water

Tall Pines Camp

Sunny Days


Camp Nowhere

Ruby Chow

Real Adventures

Shrieking Harpies Camp

Take a Hike

Whiskey Rock


The Lost Ones Resort

What are some adorable scary camp names?

The Dalles

Trusted Trekkers

The Captain

American Heritage

Whispering Pines

camp hollow

Wonder Lake


Kia Campground

West Canyon

The Lake Camps

Mineral Springs

Satan’s Playgrounds

Lake Day

Monster Horror Haven

Etta Turner

College Hunks

Bear Creek

Red Arrow

Triangle Recreation

Horror Camp Names

Fort Worden

Smoky Top

Camp Hate

Hunter’s Creation

Peak a View

Hawk Point

Camp Open Door

Camp Supernova

Phantom Lake

Rolling Thunder


camp of horror

Whispers in the Creek

Camp Turmoil

Patona Bay Resort

Glamour Camping

Shadow Falls Camp

Escape Campervans

Kitsap Memorial

A Walk in the Clouds

Scary Camp Names

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How to Name a Scary Camp

Camps that are scary have a lot of power. The name can make the camp feel more intimidating and scary than it really is. 

People will think twice about visiting, which is what you want if you’re going to be a scary camp.

Here are few things that will help you in choosing scary camp names:

1.     Be creative with your naming conventions

If you’re going to be scary, then don’t call your camp “The Camp of Terror” or something.

Try to come up with a name that will scare people but will also make people remember the camp It can be a little tricky to get the balance right between scary and creative.

Peaceful Mountains

Joemma Beach

Atlantic Relocation

Fremont Canal

monsters haven

Path Finders

hillside horror

Tiger Mountain

Sabreur Ways

Oar the Rainbow

Grandy Creek

Soda Springs

Grounded Camper

Sierra Place

Olympia Camp

2.     Name your camp something that will inspire fear

If you want the camp to be scary, then it will have to be a name that gives people the creeps. Names like “Hell” or “Torture Chamber” are good choices.

This can be anything from a monster name to a scary movie title.

Belvoir Place

campers lament

Golden Memories

Blake Island Marine

Tripp Lake Camp

Camp Northway

Moon Shadow

Camp Hurricane

The Pathfinder

The Colonel

Green Mountain

Campizo Huts

Cormorant Cove

Camp Cave

den of evil

3.     Choose a name that will get campers excited about your camp

If you have a very specific theme, try to come up with a name that is representative of that theme.

Choose names that will help people remember your camp; you don’t want campers forgetting where they are supposed to go at the end of the day.

Silver Springs

Maple Grove

Red Bridge

Patagonia Camps

Falcon Camp

Point O’Pines

Peace Vans

The Tall Chief

Caravan Outfitter

Bridle Trails

Sky Blue Camp

canvas terror


Cruise America

Blue Ridge

4.     If you’re going to be scary, then don’t be so subtle

Make sure that the name of your camp is not vague or not descriptive enough. If the name is too vague, then people will have a hard time figuring out what it is that you enjoy.

Eagle Tree

spooky nook


Camp Poverty

Camp hell

Slice of Heaven

The Grizzlies

Camp Gilead

River Meadows

camp of terror

Square Lake

campers lair

Red Arrow Camp

The Quest

Sequim Bay

5.     Avoid puns and cutesy names

If you choose to name your camp “The Fun House” or “The Fun Farm”, it might end up being a little too cute. Try to come up with something more creative than that.

Island Lake Camp

Fort Flagler

Camp Turtle Shell

Chucky’s Campsite

The Dead and Forgotten

Expo Center

The Creek of Deception

South Hill Propane

Fall Creek

Salt Water Hut

Cloud Nine

Silver Lake Camp

Harbour Pointe

Roanoke Horror Show

Money Creek


In conclusion, it’s important to have a variety of names for scary camps so that everyone can find one that suits their interests.

Whether you’re looking for a horrifying experience or simply want to be scared out of your mind, there’s a camp for you. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the perfect one!

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