180 Indian Camp Names That are Perfect

There are probably a lot of things to consider when naming your camp. You need to think about the theme of the camp, and what it is you want to communicate to the public .

Camp names are supposed to be fun and interesting, but they also need to be easy to understand and remember. You may want to name your camp after something that is personal to you, or after a place where you have been.

Take some time to think about the name you want for your camp, and make sure that it fits both the theme and purpose of the camp.

The name of your camp is a great way to communicate what you want people to know about your camp. A good name will attract attention and interest from the public and potential campers.

The name can also be a unique selling point for your business , and helps to stand out from all the other camps in the area.

Your camp name can be anything that you want, but we recommend you to choose something more family friendly!

Indian Camp Names

Escape Campervans


Pine Village

Grandy Creek

Camping World

Thousand Trails

College Hunks

Lake Day

Fay Bainbridge

Lake Pleasant

Ruby Chow

Maple Grove

Issaquah Village

Eagle Tree

Carter Creek

Camp Gilead



Middle Fork

Green Mountain

Trailer Inns

Joemma Beach

Lena Creek

Denny Creek

Mowich Lake

Kitsap Memorial

The Dalles

Harbour Pointe

Sierra Place

Scenic Beach

Catchy Camp Names

American Heritage

Fort Worden

Expo Center

Buckler River

Silver Lake Camp


The Captain

Camp Northway

Olympia Camp

The Pathfinder

Phantom Lake

Camp Pinehurst

The Quest

Red Arrow



The Colonel

New Beginnings

Pali Adventures

Pleasant Valley

Point O’Pines

Point X Camp

The Lake Camps

Rawhide Ranch

Sunny Days

West Canyon

Whispering Pines

Caravan Outfitter

Peace Vans

Cruise America

Nature Camp Names

Tiger Mountain

Soda Springs

Vasa Resort

Lake Sylvia

Renton City

Belltown Cottage

Sixty Acres

Green Lake



Tradition Lake

Denny Blaine

Adventure Ready

Kobe Terrace

Alki Beach

Sammamish Valley

Lake Wenatchee

Ronald Bog

Saint Edward


Cal Anderson

Lake Chelan



Matthews Beach


Brant Lake

Camper’s Den

Camper’s Point

Campfire Fuel

What are some popular Indian camp names?


Creative Campers

Double H Ranch

Echo Hill Ranch

Falcon Camp

Forest Acres

Guiding Arrow

Havenly Laager

Oceanevo Campsuite

Oysteo Camp Huta


Prestige Pines

Qiaris Camp

Set Up Camp

Supplies Guys

Supplies Solutions

Triptician Den

Vacatis Barracks

Previous Campers

Sleepaway Camp

Special Tent

Village View

Visitor Pool

Winter Collective

Winter Dates

Woods in Hoods

Space Needle

Camp Pigott

Ascent Outdoors

Sacred Groves

Native American Camp Names

Silver Springs

Porter Creek

Deception Pass

Fall Creek

River Meadows

Camano Island

Fort Casey

Lake Sammamish

Roaring Creek

Vashon Adventures

Triangle Recreation


Square Lake

Graves Creek

Bear Creek

Sam Smith

Etta Turner

Bridle Trails

Alder Lake

Fremont Canal

Belvoir Place

Miracle Ranch

Sequim Bay

Royal Arch

Fort Flagler


Mineral Springs

Longfellow Creek

Ravenna Ravine


Indian Camp Names

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How to Name Indian Camp

 You can call your camp anything you want. If you are going to have people coming in and out of your camp, it is important for them to know where they are. The names should be something that can stand out and be remembered easily.

 Below are few things that can help you in brainstorming indian camp names ideas:

1.     Avoid clichés: give your camp a unique name

 You should avoid using the same names that you find in other camps. Instead, name it something unique and different from what is already out there. It will be a great way to make your camp stand apart from all the others.

2.     Choose an accurate and descriptive name

 It is important to choose an accurate and descriptive name for your camp. A name that describes what the camp will be about is the best way to go.

For example, if you are going to have a camp where people can learn how to make their own food, then the name should describe that.

3.     Stick to the naming conventions for your tribe

 For example, if you are a Woodland tribe and you want your camp name to be something that sounds like it should belong to a wooded area or forest, then stick with the Woodland naming conventions.

4.     Usefulness: ensuring the name is meaningful and useful to those who will visit or use the camp

 A name that is not useful or meaningful will be a waste of time and effort. Sincerity making sure the name is not something that could be offensive or hurtful to any of the tribes in your camp.

5.     Choose a name that reflects your camp’s personality

 Choose a name that you like, and is not offensive. Try to make the name sound natural. Try not to go overboard with the names. Remember, your camp name is only there for your tribe members and your tribe members alone. It’s not for you or anyone else!


 In conclusion, the Native American names for camps are beautiful, descriptive, and meaningful. They serve as a reminder of the history and culture of the people who first inhabited this land.

It is important to remember these names and to use them whenever possible in order to keep these traditions alive.

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