513 Stylish Name Ideas for Beauty Salon and Parlor

Searching for the ideal name for your salon is a crucial step in establishing your brand identity and attracting clients.

With a myriad of possibilities, it’s essential to infuse your salon’s essence into a name that resonates with style, elegance, and captures the latest trends. 

In this article, we dive into the world of salon name ideas, drawing inspiration from keywords like glamour, chic, beauty, and urban to help you craft a unique and captivating name.

Whether you’re opening a beauty parlor, hair salon, or a luxurious spa, we’ve got you covered with catchy, trendy, and creative suggestions that will leave a lasting impression. 

Stylish names for beauty parlor:

Glamour Haven

Chic Couture

Opulent Oasis

Enchanté Beauty

Radiant Elegance

Serene Serenity

Luxe Beauty Lounge

Divine Glamour

Flawless Charm

Vogue Vixens

Posh Reflections

Elite Grace

Stylista Studio

Classy Chic

Polished Perfection

Exquisite Glam

Refined Beauty Bar

Glamorous Oasis

Haute Haven

Sleek Sophistication

Naming Tip: Use words that evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance, while also reflecting the stylish nature of your beauty parlor.

Trendy salon names:

The Trendsetters’ Den

Hip & Chic Salon

Style Fusion

Modern Edge Salon

Trendscape Studio

Fashion Forward Salon

The Cutting Edge

Haute Trends

Chic Boutique Salon

Urban Glamour

The Style Hub

Trendy Tresses

Swanky Salon

Trend Tribe

Style Maven

Vogue Vibe

Hipster Hair Co.

Trendy Mane

Runway Ready

Trendspotter Salon

Naming Tip: Incorporate words that convey the idea of being current, fashionable, and ahead of the trends in the salon industry.

Beauty salon name ideas:

Enchanting Beauty

Radiant Glow

Blissful Beauty Bar

Serenity Spa & Salon

Glamour Haven

Pure Elegance

Divine Beauty Lounge

Inner Beauty Retreat

Ethereal Essence

Captivating Beauty

Heavenly Touch

Allure Salon

Bella Beauty

Flawless Charm

Timeless Beauty

Graceful Glamour

Envy Me Salon

Beauty Oasis

Siren Salon

Secret Garden Spa

Naming Tip: Focus on words that evoke beauty, allure, and a sense of escape, creating a haven where clients can indulge in pampering and self-care.

Hair salon names:

Mane Magic

Tress Trends

Chic Cuts

Style Savvy Salon

The Hair Studio

Locks & Co.

Mane Street

The Cutting Edge

Hair Haven

Shear Perfection

Trendy Tresses

Mane Masters

Hair Whisperers

Style Divas

Crown & Comb

Strand Salon

Salon Supreme

The Hair Emporium

Stylistic Strands

Mane Attraction

Naming Tip: Incorporate words related to hair, such as mane, tresses, locks, and strands, while also conveying a sense of expertise and style in the hair salon industry.

Spa name ideas:

Tranquil Escapes

Serenity Spa Retreat

Blissful Oasis

Radiant Wellness

Zen Haven

Pure Tranquility

Enchanted Spa

Serene Senses

Heavenly Retreat

Renewal Spa

Inner Harmony

Revive & Rejuvenate

Oasis of Calm

Peaceful Reflections

Spa Serendipity

Harmonious Balance

Tranquility Touch

The Spa Sanctuary

Wellness Wonderland

The Serene Spot

Naming Tip: Use words that evoke a sense of relaxation, peace, and rejuvenation, capturing the essence of a spa experience for your clients.

Cool salon names:

Funky Fringes

Style Fusion

Cool Cuts & Co.

The Hip Hangout

Chic & Chill

Edgy Elegance

Urban Trendsetters

The Cool Collective

Salon Swagger

Modern Chic

The Groove Salon

Cool Cutters

Hipster Haven

The Style Den

Urban Edge Salon

Chic Street

The Cool Coiffure

Trendy Vibes

The Trendy Tribe

Fashionably Fierce

Naming Tip: Aim for names that are unique, edgy, and evoke a sense of coolness and trendiness, attracting clients who want a modern and stylish salon experience.

Best salon names:

Excellence Salon

Stellar Styles

Premier Cuts & Co.

The Elite Salon

A-List Glamour

Prime Tresses

Superior Salon Services

Supreme Beauty Bar

The Ultimate Hair Studio

Top Tier Trends

Finest Touch Salon

Pinnacle of Beauty

Stellar Scissors

Crème de la Cuts

Luxe Locks

Top-Notch Stylists

Elite Glamour

First-Class Hair

High-Class Haven

Leading Edge Salon

salon name ideas for parlor

Naming Tip: Use words that convey excellence, superiority, and being at the top of the salon industry, creating an impression of high-quality and exceptional service.

Related ideas:

Modern salon names:

Moda Salon

Trendscape Studio

Chic Modernity

Urban Elegance

The Modern Maven

Contemporary Cuts

Modern Chic

Style Innovators

The Modern Edge

Vogue Vixens

Modish Mane

The Modernist Salon

Fashionable Fusion

The Modern Oasis

Futuristic Flair

The Modern Collective

Modern Glamour

Cutting-Edge Coiffure

Modernista Studio

The Modern Affair

Naming Tip: Incorporate words that denote a contemporary and stylish atmosphere, reflecting the latest trends and modern sensibilities in the salon industry.

Elegant salon names:

Eleganza Salon

Opulent Glamour

Graceful Mane

Refined Beauty

Elegant Reflections

The Serene Salon


Grandeur Beauty Bar

Classique Cuts

Timeless Elegance

Regal Glam

Luxurious Locks

Exquisite Beauty

Elite Affair

Polished Perfection

The Elegance Haven

Majestic Mane

Aristocratic Style

Classy Cuts & Co.

The Elegant Enclave

Naming Tip: Opt for words that convey sophistication, refinement, and a sense of luxury, appealing to clients who desire an elegant and upscale salon experience.

Luxury salon names:

Luxe Manor

Glamour Sanctuary

Opulence Spa & Salon

Prestige Beauty

The Luxe Lounge

Royal Reflections

Haute Haven

Luxuria Salon

The Divine Retreat

Lavish Locks

Exquisite Glamour

The Posh parlor

Regal Splendor

Luxe & Lustrous

Gilded Glam

The Opulent Oasis

LuxeLife Salon

High Society Salon

The Elite Emporium

Luxurious Moments

Naming Tip: Use words that evoke a sense of exclusivity, indulgence, and lavishness, creating an impression of high-end luxury for your salon.

Retro salon names:

Vintage Vibe

Retro Reflections

Classic Cuts & Co.

The Retro Revival

Rockabilly Reds

Timeless Tresses

Retro Glamour

Nostalgic Beauty Bar

The Vintage Haven

Retro Rendezvous

Vintage Waves

Swingin’ Styles

Classic Couture

Retro Chic Cuts

The Retro Retreat

Vintage Vibes Salon

Glamour Retrograde

The Throwback Salon

Retro Revolution

Timeless Elegance

Naming Tip: Incorporate words that reflect a vintage and retro theme, capturing the essence of a bygone era and appealing to clients who appreciate classic styles.

Vintage salon names:

Antique Elegance

Vintage Glamour

Classic Curls

The Timeless Salon

Retro Chic Cuts

Nostalgic Beauty Bar

Vintage Vibes

Glamour Retrograde

The Vintage Haven

Classic Couture

Elegant Era

Retro Reflections

Vintage Waves

Throwback Salon

The Retro Retreat

Vintage Vixens

Glamourous Nostalgia

The Vintage Emporium

Vintage Charm

Classic Beauty

Naming Tip: Use words that evoke a sense of vintage charm, timeless elegance, and retro aesthetics, attracting clients who appreciate classic and nostalgic styles.

Urban salon names:

Urban Chic Cuts

City Glamour

Street Style Studio

Urban Edge Salon

Trendy Urbanistas

The Metro Salon

Urban Vibe

Downtown Divas

Urban Oasis

Chic Street Salon

City Slicker Styles

Urban Elegance

The Urban Collective

Stylish Urbanites

Urbanite Salon

Hipster Haven

Urban Shears

Urban Bliss

Cityscape Cuts

Urban Trendsetters

Naming Tip: Incorporate words that reflect the energetic and trendy nature of an urban setting, capturing the essence of a modern and stylish salon experience in a bustling city environment.

Parlor name ideas:

Charming parlor

Enchanted Oasis

Serene Retreat

Blissful parlor

Delicate Touch

Divine Beauty parlor

Elegant Escape

Inner Radiance

Graceful Glamour

Enchanting Haven

Tranquil parlor

Opulent Oasis

Whispers of Beauty

Paradiso parlor

Captivating Charm

Polished Perfection

Harmony Haven

Serendipity Salon

Secret Garden parlor

Paradigm of Beauty

Naming Tip: Choose words that evoke a sense of charm, enchantment, and tranquility, creating a relaxing and inviting ambiance for your parlor.

Salon name ideas:

Style Fusion Salon

Glamourous Vibes

Chic & Classy Salon

Allure Studio

Radiant Reflections

Serenity Salon & Spa

Classique Cuts

The Beauty Den

Heavenly Hair

Elite Glam Salon

Pure Elegance Studio

The Style Lounge

Beyond Trends Salon

Glamour Avenue

Enchanté Beauty Salon

Vogue Vibes

Divine Touch Salon

Mane Attractions

Flawless Beauty Bar

The Ultimate Salon Experience

Naming Tip: Use words that convey style, glamour, and a sense of sophistication, setting your salon apart as a destination for impeccable beauty services.

Catchy salon names:

Shear Brilliance

Mane Street Magic

Glamourize Me

Style Savvy Squad

Cuts & Curls Galore

Hairitage Salon

Beauty Bound

Tress Temptations

Captivating Cuts

Mane Masters

Chic Appeal

Snip & Style

Locks of Love

Trendy Tresses

Glamour Gurus

Flair & Fabulous

Strands of Beauty

The Style Spot

Mane Attraction

The Beauty Vault

Naming Tip: Play with words, rhymes, and alliterations to create catchy and memorable salon names that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

Unique salon names:

Tress Treasures

Solace & Style

Enigma Salon

Euphoria Cuts

Quirky Chic Studio

Mane Muse

Style Infusion

Whimsical Waves

Charisma Cuts

Beyond the Brush

The Artistic Edge

Salon Enigma

Funky Fusion

Mane Marvels

Intrigue Salon

Style Odyssey

The Beauty Oasis

Iconic Curls

Nouveau Trends

Enchanting Whiskers

Naming Tip: Think outside the box and experiment with unique combinations of words, creating a salon name that stands out and sparks curiosity.

Creative salon names:

Mane Manifesto

The Beauty Canvas

Sculpt & Style

Artistry in Motion

Salon Symphony

The Creative Coiffure

Brushstrokes & Beyond

Whimsy Waves

Fusion Fantasia

Innovative Cuts

The Salon Gallery

Crafted Creations

Visionary Vixens

Style Alchemy

Salon Studio 360

Quirky Couture

The Artful Tresses

Beyond Imagination

Cutting-Edge Creations

The Beauty Lab

Naming Tip: Let your creativity shine by incorporating words that relate to art, innovation, and imagination, reflecting your salon’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique styles.

Beauty parlor name ideas:

Enchanting Beauty Parlor

Glamour Glow

Serene Splendor

Radiant Reflections

Divine Beauty Parlor

Graceful Glamour

Tranquil Touch

Elegance Escape

Captivating Charm

Polished Perfection

Blissful Beauty Bar

Inner Radiance Parlor

Serendipity Salon

Pure Bliss Beauty

Paradiso Parlor

Enchanted Oasis

Whispers of Beauty

The Beauty Haven

Serene Sirens

Allure Aura

Naming Tip: Emphasize words that evoke a sense of beauty, enchantment, and tranquility, capturing the essence of a relaxing and luxurious beauty parlor experience.

Beauty parlor names:

Glamour Express

Beauty Oasis

Radiant Charms

Sheer Elegance

Enchanted Beauty Bar

Graceful Touch

Pure Glamour

Divine Beauty Studio

Elegant Essence

Blissful Beauty

Serene Styles

Polished Perfection

Allure Avenue

Enchanting Beauty Hub

Lovely Locks

Paradigm Parlor

Heavenly Haven

Captivating Cuts

Inner Glow Beauty

Serendipity Salon

Naming Tip: Choose words that evoke beauty, elegance, and a sense of enchantment, reflecting the ambiance and services provided by your beauty parlor.

Good Parlor name ideas:

Charming Escape

Enchanté Parlor

Graceful Glow

Blissful Retreat

Radiant Beauty Bar

Divine Escape

Elegant Oasis

Tranquil Charms

Captivating Elegance

Polished Parlor

Inner Harmony

Serene Enclave

Paradiso Retreat

Enchanted Haven

Whispers of Beauty

Graceful Reflections

Serendipity Parlor

Secret Garden Retreat

Paradigm Beauty

Harmonious Hideaway

Naming Tip: Select words that convey a sense of charm, tranquility, and enchantment, creating a welcoming and serene atmosphere for your parlor.

Urban salon names:

Chic Urban Cuts

City Glam Studio

Urbanista Beauty

Downtown Elegance

Trendy Urban Salon

Metro Mane

Urban Oasis Salon

City Chic Studio

Stylish Street Salon

Urban Vibe Beauty

The Urban Retreat

Modern Urban Salon

Metropolitan Styles

Urban Elegance Studio

The Urban Edge

Urbane Cuts & Co.

Urban Haven Salon

Chic Cityscape

Urbanista Trends

The Urban Beauty Spot

Naming Tip: Use words that reflect the energetic and stylish nature of an urban environment, capturing the essence of a contemporary and trendsetting salon.

More ideas:

How to Name a Salon

Reflect Your Style: Choose a name that reflects the style and ambiance of your salon.

For example, if you have a salon with a sleek and modern aesthetic, you could consider names like “Chic Couture” or “Urban Edge Salon”.

Capture the Essence: Think about the essence of your salon and what sets it apart.

Consider names that capture the unique qualities or specialty services you offer. For instance, if your salon specializes in intricate braiding styles, a name like “Braid Envy” or “Tress Treasures” could be fitting.

Play with Words: Get creative and play with words, using puns, alliteration, or rhymes to make your salon name memorable and catchy.

Examples include “Shear Brilliance”, “Mane Magic”, or “Cutting-Edge Coiffure”.

Emphasize Luxury: If your salon offers luxurious experiences or high-end services, incorporate words that convey luxury, opulence, and exclusivity.

For example, names like “Luxe Manor” or “Opulent Glamour” give a sense of upscale indulgence.

Consider Location: Incorporate your salon’s location or the surrounding community into the name to establish a local connection.

For instance, if your salon is located on Main Street, you could use a name like “Mane Street Magic” or “Main Street Salon”.

Keep it Simple and Memorable: Choose a name that is simple, easy to pronounce, and memorable. Avoid overly complex or lengthy names that may be challenging for clients to remember or spell.

Examples of simple yet effective names include “Pure Elegance” or “Radiant Glow”.

Connect with Emotions: Consider names that evoke positive emotions and make clients feel good about themselves.

Words like “Blissful”, “Serenity”, or “Divine” can create a sense of relaxation and well-being, making clients excited to visit your salon.

Research Competitors: Research other salons in your area to ensure your chosen name stands out and avoids any confusion with existing businesses.

Look for a unique angle or differentiating factor to set your salon apart.

Get Feedback: Once you have a list of potential names, seek feedback from friends, family, or even potential clients. Their input can provide valuable insights and help you narrow down the options.

Trademark and Domain Availability: Before finalizing your salon name, check for trademark conflicts and ensure the corresponding domain name is available.

This will help you establish a strong online presence and protect your brand in the long run.

Remember, the perfect salon name should reflect your salon’s personality, capture attention, and resonate with your target audience.

Consider these tips as guidelines to help you in the naming process, and customize them to align with your specific salon vision and brand identity.

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