Salon Name Ideas: 300+ Stylish Names for Beauty Parlour

So, you decided to jump into beauty parlour business and looking for catchy salon name ideas to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

  • Know what a good business name means.
  • Find out hundreds of beauty and salon business name suggestions. 
  • Learn how to come up with a unique name for your beauty salon.

Salon Name Ideas

These are the most catchy beauty salon names for you new startup:

  • Upper Crust Hair Salon
  • Price Attack
  • Cloud Hair Studio
  • Excellent Beauty Salon 
  • Do Hair Salon
  • Style Express
  • Six Five Salon
  • Epic Designs Beauty Salon
  • Salon Express Garden
  • Smooth Styling
  • Mermaid Salon
  • Valhalla Salon
  • Vanity Hair
  • Wax and whiskers
  • White Shears Salon
  • Wicked Salon
  • Will Shear Boulevard
  • World of Elegance
  • Inspire Hair & Beauty
  • Our Place Salon 
  • Cellar Door Salon
  • The Circle Salon
  • The Hive Salon
  • Muse the salon
  • Clips Hair Salon

Stylish Names for Beauty Parlour

These are the most elegant, fancy and stylish names for beauty parlours:

  • Beauty Box Salon
  • First Class Beauty
  • Happy Trimming
  • Beauty Lord
  • Mane Avenue Parlour
  • Professionals Beauty Parlour
  • Plush Beauty Lounge
  • Smart + Glam
  • Designers Edge
  • Salon de Elegance
  • Shear Trendz
  • Stylish Flow
  • Simply Hairlicious
  • Bombshell Studio
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Curly Girl

Cute Beauty Parlour Name Suggestions

Here are the cutest beauty parlour name suggestions ever:

  • Beauty Center
  • Colour Lounge Parlour
  • Beauty Clinic Parlour 
  • Glowy Beauty Bar
  • Lifestyle Salon & Spa
  • Beauty Lounge
  • Sisters Beauty
  • About Me Me
  • Cosmetic Engel
  • Selfie Nails & Beauty
  • Diamond Beauty
  • Eternal Beauty Cosmetics
  • Secret of beauty
  • Waxing Company
  • Waxing & Kosmetik

Cool Beauty Salon Names List

This list has the coolest beauty salon names of all time:

  • Salon My Time
  • Beauty World
  • Hollywood – Beauty,
  • Beauty Solutions
  • Health & Beauty Service
  • Make-up Studio
  • Beyond Style
  • Roots Beauty Shop
  • Salon deluxe
  • Hairstyling Sandy Wagner
  • Sally Hair & Beauty
  • Amour Beauty Salon
  • Red Hill Beauty
  • Glamour Daze
  • Elegance
  • Miss Fine Beauty
Salon Names

Characteristics of Good Business Names

These are the characteristics that you must keep in mind while picking your favorite salon name ideas.

Characteristics of great business names

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