300+ Clever and Classy Hair Salon Name Ideas

So, you decided to jump into the hair salon business and looking for classy hair salon names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

  • Know what a good business name means.
  • Find out hundreds of hair salon name suggestions.
  • Learn how to come up with a unique name for your hair cutting salon.

Let’s dive into the catchy, classy and elegant hair salon name ideas, that will help you in choosing a great name.

Hair Salon Names

These are the best brainstorming name ideas for your hair salon:

  • Beck Hair Boutique
  • Best Little Hairhouse
  • Cutting Up Salon
  • Gloss Hair Salon
  • Cute Hair Beauty Salon
  • The Final Cut
  • The Gilded Lily
  • Coco Head Hair Studio
  • The Hair Elements
  • Urban Betty Salon
  • Prime Cuts
  • Cutting Business Studio
  • Styles and Smiles
  • Holiday Hair Salon
  • Hair Perfect
  • Boutique Hair Parlor
  • High Style Salon
  • Cut-Away Hair

Classy Hair Salon Names

Here is the list of most popular hair salon names to help you get more ideas of your own name:

  • Edit Salon
  • Epoch Studio Salon
  • Blossom Hair Salon
  • Barbara&Barbara
  • Touss Hair Salon & Spa
  • Twisted Scissors
  • The Circle Salon
  • Roots Hair Studio
  • Hair Extensions Salon
  • Snip & Tips Beauty Salon
  • Hungry Hair Salon
  • Exclusive Beauty Salon
  • Stylish Look
  • Professional Hair Salon
  • The Hair Parlour
  • Great Clips
  • Cristophe Hair Salon
  • SmartStyle Hair Club
  • Image Beauty Salon

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Hair Salon Names

Tips for Naming Your Hair Salon Business

Like every other business, a hair salon needs a catchy name. How you can come up with a catchy name it’s important. Below are the few tips for choosing classy hair salon names.

Consider your target audience.

Do you want to target the youngster audiences? Mostly young people care about their hairstyles and color. what’s your plan, keep it in mind while naming your hair salon business.

Brainstorm hair salon name ideas.

Now start brainstorming. Try to produce hair salon names as more as possible. Think about the words and phrase, you can use in your hair salon name.

Also, take help from your teammates and family member. May someone one name, clicks your heart. After the complete research make a list of the hair salon name ideas.

Shortlist your favorite names.

Once you come up with a list, then its time to narrow down it to your favorite names. Remove the boring and meaningless names that do not make sense.

Use related words.

Use the related words, about your service. For example, in hair salon there are many types of services you can offer such as color, cut, style, blow, dry, and curl, etc.

You can also use the hair salon equipment names. Such as look at this name Great Clips and Scissors & Razors.

Use your name.

You can also your name with the keyword. Many people prefer to use their names as a business name. There is nothing wrong with this if it is easy to rhyme use it and see the attractive results.

Avoid using the too long and complicated name.

People love a short and simple name. Especially in the hair salon business, you have to choose a stylish and good name. Lengthy and complicated names are also not easy to remember and spell.

Finalize your name by getting feedback.

Before finalizing your name, ask people what they think about your name. Also, get feedback from your family members and friends.

More Name Ideas:

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