1020 Record Label Names Ideas

The music industry is a vast and diverse world, home to countless record labels representing artists of all genres.

From iconic, well-established labels to independent startups, the range of record label names reflects the eclectic nature of the music they release.

Whether you’re a casual listener or a serious music aficionado, understanding the significance of record label names can provide insight into the artists they represent and the culture they cultivate.

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of record label names, taking a closer look at some of the most notable ones in the industry.

From legendary labels such as Atlantic Records, Motown, and Def Jam Recordings, to lesser-known indie imprints like Sub Pop and Rough Trade, each label name carries its own unique history and legacy.

So whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply curious about the business behind the tunes, join us as we uncover the stories behind record label names.

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Record Label Names


Vibe Vault

Label Boom

Wired Waves

Pixel Pitch

Record Flow

Gem Records

Music Verge

Label Click

New Century


Hit Factory

Rain Magnet

Karate Root

Record Ship

Trust Tunes

GOOD Record

Alloy Music


Dance Music

Song Stripe

Luna Labels

Label Crash

A&B Records

Cosmic Keys

White House

Weepy Choir

Thrash Vibe

Double Rock

Elkin Sound

Music Group

Electra Ear

Charts Hill

Record Tune

Parks Music

Label Wavey

Noble Notes

Evoke Audio

Power Label

Nomad Notes

Label Major

Kitten Keys

Label Sonic

Lab Doctors


Rhythm Corp


Meta Melody

Major Angle


Blue Player

Sugar Songs

Grate Audio

Charts Vibe

Nutty Notes

Red Records

Pastel Play

Rough Trade

Belt Record

Cozy Chords

Harmony Hub

Sonic Surge

Label Novel


Crown Cords

YBNL Nation

Record Dime


Acid Accent

Record Drop

Echo Empire

Jam Phantom

Note Nirvana

Spirit Music

Rage Records


Perfect Note

First Record

Dreamy Drums

Fierce Panda

My Own Music

Record Shift

Code Cadence

Record Synth

Octave Oasis


Record Cause

Record Aware

Sassy Sounds

Record Vinyl

Melody House

Riff Riddles

Street Music

Elite Echoes

Vibe Raiders


Liquid Lyric

Arctic Audio

Echo Enclave

Mind’s Ditty


Country Road

Best Record Label Name Ideas

Legacy Label

Mirage Music

Kinetic Keys

Toxicity Own

Record Gauge

Taming Radio


Deep Records

Eye Records,

Music Online

Lullaby Lane

Acumen Audio


The Detailed

Zenith Tunes


Meta Records

Record Pitch

Jive Jesters

Sweet Sounds


Tune Tycoons

Urban Echoes

Echo Records


Music Engine

Mask Records

Label Flight

Sonic Syntax

Blue Insight

Tope Records

Westside Mix

Lucky Record

Cliché Films

Sound Studio

Tender Tones

The Mix Beat

Matron Music

Moon Records

Repoed Music

Record Redux

Groove Goons

Radiant Bang

Cyber Chords

Audio Avenue

Zapp Records

HotBed Muxic

Sound Blast!

EchoEra Music

Beat Buffoons

Record Pickup

Music With Me

Atmos Records

Outlier Audio

True Melodies

Melodies Type

Record Timbre

The Sound Biz

Twinkle Tunes

Lords Of Soul

Tempo Tactics

Iceberg Audio

Record Bridge

The Authentic

Tickled Tunes


Record Ruckus

Blossom Beats

Fantastic Six

Power Strings

Noise Addicts

Honey Harmony

SingFace Sick

Record Cannon

Dotty Records

Factory Films

Palette Pitch

Oddball Audio

Clas Brothers

Mixed Records

Prestige Play

Dance Science

Chariot Music

Rebel Records

Record Rhythm

Kitty Project

Soul Sessions

Newlife Music

Spanish Music

Dynasty Drums

Crown Records

Regal Rhythms

Beat Boutique

Music Rangers

Snare Starter

Kingman Sound

Record Change

RK Recordings

Lovely Lyrics

Land of Music

Silk Symphony

Tune Tapestry

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Funny Record Label Names

Chart Toppers

Catchy Record

Music Doctors

Melody Matrix

Springer Song

Electric Roll

Mavis Records

GoldFox Music

Acoustic Aura

The Permanent

Well Recorded

Hit Cry Chord

Clouded Mindz

Legacy Lyrics

Audio Odyssey

World Records

Krazy Records

Vital Records

Mystic Melody

Pilgrim Pitch

Oasis Records

Canvas Chords


Virtual Vinyl

Trusted Tunes

Dance Mastery

Vocal Library

Jazz A Record

Music Masters

Studio Supply

Harmony Moans

Dynamic Drums

Wistful Waves

Wishful Music

Soundwise Lab

Electric Guys

Ardor Records

Funky Phonics

Sydney Stereo

SubZero Sonic

Record Outlet

The Remix Biz

Delphi Records

Couture Chords

Artifact Audio

Records Center

Harmony Record

Live to Record

Record Trigger

Golden Studios

Acoustic Music

Purrfect Pitch

Register Works

Song Solutions

Alumus Studios

Record Starter

Cutie Cadences


Music for Tots

Record Century

Tempting Tunes

Record Insight

Pinnacle Pitch

Chuckle Chords

Studio One Two

Crazy Pictures

Expert Euphony

Chart Climbers

Studio 1 Sound

Virtuoso Vibes

Giggly Grooves

Tranquil Tunes

Vanguard Vibes

Drumbeat Music

Soft Serenades

We Peace Tunes

Indie Infusion

Intent Records

Visions Sounds

Record Trident

Record Records


Abstract Audio

Timbre Terrain

Billowing Bass

Sprawl Records

Jungle Records

Notes! Records

Synergy Sounds

Midnight Music

Island Records


Velvet Vibrato

Record Horizon

Studio Doctors

Forte Frontier

Stealth Sounds

Lush Recording

Elite Editions

Nemo Music Lab

Giggle Grooves

Unique Record Label Name Ideas

Apex Audio Art

Turnt Up Music

All Sounds Mix

Liberty Lyrics

Street Records

Record Masters

Echo Equations

Music Monsters

Paramount Play

Atrium Records

Timeless Tunes

Xtreme Records

Blues Brothers

Showcase Music

Record Phantom

Fame Frequency

Sprint Reprise

Hitmaker Haven

High Acoustics

Enmore Studios

Gemini Records

HALO Recording


Sidewalk Music

Souvelle Music

Earliest Enter

Sounds X Space

Ribbon Records

Nocturne Notes

Lizard Records

Magic of Music

Snuggle Sounds

Accord Records

Hiphop Factory

Moon Unlimited

Elvira Records

Record Project

Anthem Artists

Infinity Beats

Mix Masters and

MasterMix Media

Sound Syndicate

Revered Artists

Studio Spectrum

Fantastic Label

Music Magicians

Rogue Resonance

Record Elements

Quantum Quavers

Label Broadcast

Serenity Sounds

Passion Records


Topbase Records

Trending Tracks

Proven Register

Polygon Records

Sonically Earth

Downtown Rhythm

Zolouge Studios

Serenade Select

Wacky Wax Works

Animation Music

Revive On Vinyl

Projekt Records

MainStage Music

Blueprint Beats

DIY New Records

Record and Play

Music for a Gig

Echo Star Music

Glacial Grooves

Record It Again

Hickery Studios

90Degrees Music

The Fading Suns

EchoVerse Music

Radiant Rhythms

Sounds of Vegas

Planet Discotek

Hometown Record

Whistle Wonders

Beatnik Records

Spot On Records

Solo Soundwaves

Glitch Magnetic

Tempo Territory

Crescendo Craft

Alive Recording

Top Chart Tunes

Madtown Studios

Night Owl Notes

Kreative Record

Mystic Melodies

Witness Records

Acoustic Valley

A-Tease Records

Written Tape Co

Music Machinery

Impulse Records

Billboard Boost

Studio Sessions

Creative Record Label Names

The Vault Tapes

Music Box Works

Ethereal Echoes

Rainbow Rhythms

Record Studio X

Record Out Loud

American Record

Brilliant Music

The Biz Records

Record Reckless

Rocktop Records

Sound Music Lab

Greenside Music

Visions Records

Bizkuzu Records

Play Me Records

Rhythm Republic

InStyle Records

Soulmen Records

Empire Classics

R-Miles Records

Soul2Soul Music

Chambers Studio

Tatum Recording

Algorithm Audio

Disk Chronicles

Discovery Music

360Degree Music

Red Mello Music

Eclipse Records

Cadence Kingdom

Swingtime Music

Kuso Recordings

Next Wave Audio

Visionary Vibes

Chamber Records

Classic Cadence

Vibrato Village

Audible Alchemy

The Song Studio

The Hidden Edit

Jazz City Studio

Fairytale Sounds

Modulated Motifs

Staysound Studio

Absolute Audible

Music Laboratory

Splitting Genius

Imperial Impulse

Bell Music Group

CSP Record Group

Atlantic Records

Mastery Of Music

Signature Tracks

Soul Stravaganza

Peachy Playlists

Unchained Chords

Infinity Records

Symphonic Spaces

Dream Sound Arts

Melodies Concept

Augustine Record

Imperial Records

Rockstar Records

Lone Star Studio

The Sound Lounge

Midnight Records

LENSitive Studio

Opus One Records

Green Goat Films

Acorn Film works

Executive Echoes

My Melody Studio

Tempe Sound Room

Soundset Records

Dragonfire Music

Hype Studios Out

Rockwell Visions

Renegade Rhythms

Disc Jam Records

Eastside Records

Sparks and Stars

Drumbeat Records

Bassface Brigade

Song Cry Records

Mindful Melodies

Exhibition Sound

Cultivate Chimes

Mystical Records

Alphapop Records

Drowned is Music

Banknote Records

Master Recording

Studio Zero-Four

District Records

Elegance Records

Spotlight Sounds

Sonic Sculptures

Breaking Records

Bellmans Records

Folks Love Music

Creative Record Label Names (1)

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Inspirational Record Label Names

Love Productions

Music Production

Melody In Studio

Aristocrat Audio

Evermore Records

Silly Symphonies

RetroMix Records

Basement Records

Moondust Records

Velvet Vibration

Drowned in Sound

Celestial Chimes

Future Frequency

The Stem Studios

Allywood Studios

Republic Records

Red Hill Records

Label Disclosure

Hot Hits Records

Wanderlust Waves

Actors Pleasures

Limelight Lyrics

Sovereign Sounds

Mighty Recording

YBNL Productions

Belt Enterprises

Mood Art Studios

Jazz Jives Music

Bennett Alliance

Franklyn Records

KarateEdge Music

Pinnacle Records

Penny Lane Music

Tempe Music Group

ClefCraft Records

Mainstream Melody

New World Records

Tune Town Records

This Song is Sick

K-Million Records

Black Earth Music

Welchester Record

Lil Ditty Records

Spark Music Group

Record Studio One

DreamDive Records

Bebop Babes Music

Red Label Records

Resonance Records

Recording Matters

Song Magic Studio

Live Life Records

Black Hole Reggae

Dreamless Records

Augustine Doctors

King Fine Artists

Laughter & Lyrics

Madvillins Studio

Soundbird Records

Littlefield Sound

Strom Music Group

Lone Star Records

A-Team Recordings

Aces High Records

Acorn Music Label

Corner Stone Cues

Heavy Vibes Music

Symphony Electron

Melodious Mosaics

Harmonic Horizons

The Abbey Records

SerenitySound Co.

Retro Mix Records

Universal Records

LunarLoom Records

EclipseEcho Music

Excelsior Records

FrostByte Records

SonicWave Records

Majestic Melodies

SoundWave Studios

Full Moon Records

StarSound Records

Sounds of Forever

Polar Pulse Music

The Rolling Pages

Disc-Over Records

Lionsville Studio

Art Of Life Music

Grandioso Grooves

Music Enterprises

Veneration Record

Lightbulb Records

Nightwish Records

Gotham City Sound

Ethereal Auditory

The Record Office

Athenaeum Theatre

Allstar Recording

Discography Music

Starlight Studios

StarStrum Studios

Good Record Label Name Ideas

Dreamsong Records

Majors and Minors

Red House Studios

ZenZephyr Records

Accurate Register

The Music Machine

Oceanview Records

Phonix Phonograph

The Stirling Blue

Black Metal Music

Muff Puff Records

Dismal Disc Place

Maverick Melodies

Record To Perfect

NebulaNote Studios

New Star Recording

Recorded On Tracks

Rhythm One Studios

SolarFlare Records

Spinland Recording

Superstar Sessions

Fluffy Frequencies

Def Jam Recordings

Jungletime Studios

The Recording Spot

Sonic Boom Records

Wonderville Record

Upward Bound Films

Kora Entertainment

Polished Playbacks

Lucky Streak Music

The Record Project

Souled Out Records

Lonely Cow Records

Mascot Label Group

SkyBlue Soundworks

Veneration Theatre

Underground Utunes

Elements Recording

The Music Facility

Professional Pitch

Chillwave Charisma

Track Distribution

Modern Modes Music

All Star Recording

AuroraWave Studios

OdysseyOrbit Music

Riff Realm Records

Sparkling Sessions

Grassroots Grooves

Ricochet Recording

Canyon State Music

RhythmRift Studios

The Soulful Studio

Genius Music House

Low Voice Hi Heart

Careful Disc Place

LunarLyric Studios

Live Record Studio

All Valley Records

Harmonized Records


White Rabbit Music

BeatHarbor Records

Record Label House

Lil Rabbit Records

NebulaNectar Music

Double Record Note

Better Commemorate

Wicker Music Notes

Love Music Records

ElementalEra Music

Neon Nexus Records

VelvetVortex Music

Globaldown Records

BeatBender Studios

The Record Crafter

Battletown Studios

LunarLullaby Music

Dark River Studios

EnigmaBeat Studios

Chariot Recordings

Dream work Studioz

Warner Music Group

Sonny Lane Records

Bassline Boulevard

A Side Productions

Free Spirit Sounds


Interstate Records

Mood Valley Studio

Streamline Studios

Little Mix Studios

Mixed Blood Theatre

Shadow Sound System

The Wilding Studios

Enclave Music Label

Puzzled Productions

Moto-Teed Recording

QuantumQuasar Music

Infinite Recordings

Catchy Record Label Names

Renowned Record Co.

Concrete Film works

EchoEclipse Records

PulsePeak Music Co.

Desert Sound Studio

Blue Haze Recording

Little Record Press

Under Radar Records

Interesting Disc Co

Roots Entertainment

Sun Country Records

Lab Universal Music

King Street Records

Jazzy Record Studio

Lionheart Recording

Track International

Black Sheep Studios

Sweet16 Music Group

The Mixtape Company

The Internet Genius

Crown Point Records

Opportunity Records

Million Dollar Ears

Wonder City Records

Blue Town Syndicate

Abstract Audio Arts

VelocityVox Studios

Prodigy Productions

SonicSpiral Studios

Orange Sofa Records

AstralAlchemy Music

Prime Pulse Records

Heavenly Recordings

Viral Vibes Records

SingFace Management

Lighthearted Labels

Animals Music Label

Record Player Label

Young Again Records

SonicSculpt Studios

White Snake Studios

CelestialCoda Music

Record House Encore

Molly Entertainment

Red Poppy Recording

Heaven Child Records

Pinnacle Productions

The Entire Disk Spot

Bubbly Beats Records

Artisan Sound Studio

Greenville Recording

Studio One Touchdown

High End Sound Works

EnchantingEcho Music

Jazz It Time Records

Town Dimension Music

Good Company Records

Mystical Productions

Black Cherry Records

VelvetVortex Records

The Black Hole Sound

GrooveGalaxy Records

Rhythm Roots Records

SonicSculpture Music

MysticMelodies Music

Alfred Record Studio

Bass & Piano Records

Soul Sound Recording

New Sound Recordings

Grateful Hands Music

The Paradise Records

Faithful Immortalize

Accurate Immortalize

Pristine Productions

On Point Music Music

Beacon Music Studios

Elysium Echo Records

Indie Sonic Identity

Unconventional Rules

EtherealEcho Studios

Springer Opera House

The Records Workroom

Velvet Voice Records

Zany Zigzags Records

Piece By Peace Music

Sound Blends Masters

Art In Vinyl Records

Music Production Inc

Guitar Wizard Studio

Happy Note Recorders

Long Best Chronicles

Tempo Fusion Records

Freeform Frequencies

No Slack Productions

Suburban Pro Studios

NebulaNectar Studios

Detailed Enter Works

The New School Music

Neve Recording Group

Rap Rock Rules Music

Augustine Record Co.

Prodigy Play Records

Catchy Record Label Names (1)

Hip-Hop Record Label Names

Sonic Canvas Records

Platinum Productions

Syracuse Boom Sounds

Vegas Valley Studios

Berkeley Music Works

Güd Muzic Management

StellarSonnet Studios

CosmosCadence Studios

Digital Dream Records

Looking Glass Studios

Drop The Bass Records

White Feather Records

VelvetVibrato Records

Eclipse Harmony Group

Summer Aria Recording

Self-Inflicted Groove

We Make Music Records

Grandma’s House Audio

Ethereal Echoes Music

SonicSculptor Records

Graphic Enter Designs

HorizonHarbor Records

The Dizzy Mizz. Dizzy

Red Light Music Label

TwinSpasm Productions

HarmonicHaven Studios

QuantumQuaver Records

Mama Bear Music Group

HarmonicHorizon Music

Precision Productions

Parallel Play Records

Groove Garden Records

The Better Tape Group

Photographic Show Pro

Eardrummers Anonymous

Acoustic Cool Records

Exquisite Productions

Universal Music Group

CelestialClef Records

Snowflake Music Group

EtherEnsemble Records

Veneration Record Inc.

The Full Enter Designs

Authentic Tape Designs

QuantumQuartet Records

Red Zone Entertainment

Platinum Pulse Records

CelestialChord Records

ZenithTune Productions

Historic Platter Works

Superior Sound Records

Saturday Drive Records

RadiantRhythms Records

Harmonic Haven Records

90Degrees Record Label

Oceanview Distribution

Unconventional Records

Mind’s Eye Productions

UrbanGroove Collective

VelvetVibe Productions

VortexVibrations Music

Lumberjack Music Label

Cuddle Note Collective

Toxicity Entertainment

First Dance Management

NebulaNectar Collective

Celestial Notes Records

Elite Music Center Inc.

EtherEdge Entertainment

Full Moon Records, Inc.

Stage Right Music Label

Third Dimension Records

Gemini Production Group

Half Moon Entertainment

Oceanview Records, Inc.

Tips Industries Limited

MelodyMinds Music Group

Sound Boost Productions

Music Mastery Unlimited

Elite Audio Engineering

Marsten House Recording

White Rabbit Production

American Western Records

Distinguished Disk Group

The Academic Register Co

Visual Immortalize Works

NebulousNoise Collective

SonicSerenade Collective

Tinted Glass Music Label

VerveVista Entertainment

Official Tape Collective

Sly Fox Multimedia Group

Sony Music Entertainment

Independent Star Records

In the Woods Music Label

NebulaNova Entertainment

Royal Descendant Records

SereneSonic Entertainment

CelestialCrescendo Records

Digital Production Company

CelestialClef Entertainment

Detailed Tape International

Biblical Disc International

The Medical Book Chronicles

SerenitySonar Entertainment

More Name Ideas:

Key Considerations in Choosing Record Label Names

1. Emphasizing the Genre or Style the Label Represents

Genre Specificity: Ensure that the name communicates the primary music genre or style the label focuses on.

This helps potential artists and listeners immediately connect with the label’s identity.

Versatility: If the label covers multiple genres, consider a name that captures the essence of diversity without pigeonholing the label.

2. Reflecting the Label’s Values and Mission

Mission Alignment: The name should align with the overall mission and values of the record label.

Whether it’s promoting emerging artists, fostering innovation, or representing a particular cultural movement, the name should encapsulate the label’s identity.

Long-Term Vision: Choose a name that can grow with the label, accommodating changes in direction or expansion of goals over time.

3. Considering the Target Audience

Demographic Appeal: Tailor the name to resonate with the target audience, which may include artists, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts.

Consider the preferences and values of this demographic.

Global or Local Focus: Decide if the label aims for a global or local presence and adjust the name accordingly.

4. Checking Domain and Social Media Availability

Online Presence: Verify the availability of the chosen name as a domain for a website. Also, check its availability on major social media platforms to maintain a consistent online presence.

Brand Cohesion: Having a unified presence online contributes to brand recognition and accessibility.

5. Artistic Representation and Symbolism

Visual Imagery: Consider names that evoke visual images or concepts, providing a sense of the label’s aesthetic. This can be particularly effective in creating a memorable brand.

Symbolic Elements: Incorporate symbols or icons that represent the label’s philosophy or artistic vision. These can add depth and meaning to the name.

6. Cultural and Global Relevance

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural connotations and references, ensuring the chosen name doesn’t unintentionally offend or misrepresent cultural elements.

Global Appeal: If the label has global aspirations, choose a name with universal appeal, considering linguistic and cultural nuances.

7. Versatility for Future Growth

Adaptability: Opt for a name that allows for versatility and growth. Consider how well the name can encompass new genres, trends, or creative directions the label might explore in the future.

Avoiding Trends: While staying current is essential, be cautious about choosing a name based solely on current trends that may fade over time.

8. Legal Considerations

Trademark Searches: Conduct thorough searches to ensure the chosen name is not already trademarked by another entity.

This helps avoid legal complications and ensures the label’s unique identity.

Registration Compliance: Verify that the selected name complies with registration requirements in the relevant jurisdiction, enhancing the label’s legal standing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Record Label Naming

1. Ambiguity or Lack of Clarity

Unclear Messaging: Avoid names that are overly ambiguous or don’t clearly convey the type of music or atmosphere the label represents. Clarity is essential for attracting the right artists and audience.

Misleading Impressions: Steer clear of names that might mislead artists or listeners about the label’s focus or style.

2. Neglecting Online Presence Considerations

Domain Availability: Failing to check the availability of the chosen name as a domain can hinder the label’s ability to establish a dedicated online presence.

Social Media Handles: Overlooking the availability of the name on major social media platforms may result in inconsistencies and challenges in building a cohesive online identity.

3. Failing to Resonate with the Target Audience

Mismatched Tones: Ensure that the tone of the name resonates with the preferences of the target audience, including artists and listeners.

A mismatch could lead to a disconnect and potential disinterest.

Underestimating Demographics: Neglecting the specific interests and preferences of the target demographic may result in a name that doesn’t resonate.

4. Choosing Names that Limit Future Growth

Overly Specific Terms: Avoid names that pigeonhole the label into a narrow niche, especially if there are plans for expanding to different music genres.

Trend-Dependent Names: While staying current is important, avoid names based solely on current trends that may quickly become outdated.

5. Ignoring Cultural Sensitivity

Global Considerations: If the label has global aspirations, be mindful of cultural differences and potential misinterpretations of names in different regions.

Language Nuances: Ensure that the chosen name doesn’t have unintended meanings or connotations in various languages.


In conclusion, choosing a record label name is a critical endeavor that shapes its identity and resonance in the music industry.

By avoiding common mistakes like ambiguity, neglecting online presence, and failing to connect with the audience, label owners can set the foundation for a successful venture.

A well-crafted name becomes a symbol of the label’s mission, values, and commitment to the diverse musical landscape.

Through this process, the label establishes a lasting connection with artists and audiences, contributing to the dynamic tapestry of the music industry.

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