200 Majestic and Rare Radio Station Name Ideas

 When it comes to naming your radio station, there are a lot of things to consider. You want something that is catchy and easy to remember, but you also need to make sure that it is appropriate for your target audience. You also need to make sure that the name is not already taken by another station in your area.

One option is to come up with a clever acronym or play on words. For example, WTOP in Washington D.C. stands for Washington’s Top News. Other options include using the name of your city or state, or choosing a theme for your station.

If you are targeting a specific demographic, you may want to use their language or slang in your name.

 Whatever you choose, make sure that it reflects the tone and style of your station. The name should be something that listeners will remember and associate with your show.

Radio Station Name Ideas

The Buzz


True confessions

The Gist City


Hello Hosts!

Night Talk

Bash FM

Twiddle Twiddle

Today’s melodies

Native Radio

Listen Up

Plugged In

Wolf Radio

Dope Radio

The Rush

Radio Wow


Cover Up Radio

Podcast Live


Eclectic 24

The crazy hour

Press room


Pause, Please

Pop Notch Tunes

Pigeon Talks

The Girly Show

Heartbeat Station

Radio Labs

Test Drive

Radio Discovery


Radio Blast

Catchy Radio Station Names

Non Stop Hits


Judge Radio

Night Truce

Wolf FM


Crazy Radio

Radio Bluebird

Palet of Sounds

This morning

Weird Noises

Kiss Me FM

The circle

Podcast Now

All the Hits


Millennial world


Youth melody

Espresso FM


Just Radio

Afternoon Tunes


Just the Hits


FM Wannabe

Dude FM

The Rockies

Radio Deep

Sound Power

Radio Oddities

We Love the 90’s


Happy Hosts

Creative Radio Station Names

Vintage Joy FM

Here on Earth

Chilli FM


Fairly rare

Shouty Voices

On The Air

Super Hit Mix

City Spirit

Zest FM

The Waveform

Radio Real

Deluxe Dream

The Holy Cow!

The big cabin

Vibrant News



The Groove

Daily Drive


Eclipse Radio

Listen Up Lessons

Jungle Groove

Morning Breath

Cadence FM


Future Investment


Wave Rider

Wholesome Hosts

Blazing Honor

The Drive

Star FM


Best Radio Station Names

Sound Up

Crowd Roar

The Mixx


Spin the Hits


Real Rap News

The Edge

Yappy FM

Spirits Radio

Surround Mix

Morning Glory


Universal News

Kickin’ Country

Melody FM

Bad Radio

Dance Anthems

Happy Radio

Wavy Records

Talk Takes

The Screamers



Let’s Get Lost

The Talk Box

Motivation Chats

Wipeout FM

The Blaze

Liking Radio

Probe Community

News and Music

Out of place

Real Hits


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Listen Again

Call In Club

Hot Station

Red Hot Radio

Last word

Yours Truly FM

Rising Star FM

Smooth Jazz



Radio World

Rock of Ages



Rundown Radio

Joy Radio


Nirvana Radio

SWAG Radio

Remixed Radio


Signal Bundle



Bang Bang

Take Two FM

Radio Waves

Futurist Story

Fire N Ice

Finish in Blue

Smash Hits!


Inside Tracks

Life Is a Song

Dark Channel

Radio Station Name Ideas

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How to Name a Radio Station

 When it comes to naming your new radio station, simplicity is key. Just think about all of the one-word names that are already out there – ESPN, MTV, and HBO, to name a few. These stations have been able to brand themselves with one word and become instantly recognizable.

 So when you’re choosing a name for your new station, make it something that people will remember. And stay away from long and complicated names – they just won’t stick in people’s heads.

 Checkout these few things before choosing your radio station name ideas:

1.     Start with a name that people can easily remember and spell

 The name of your business should be understandable Avoid using numbers or a name that is likely to cause confusion.

 The name of your business should be easy to spell and remember.

2.     Make sure the name is easy to say

 The name of your business should be easy to say. Don’t make it so long that people can’t remember it. Try to make it something unique, like “The Big Bad Wolf”. It should be easy to pronounce.

3.     Choose a name that is simple and unique

 It should be a name that you feel is unique and different from all the other names. You could also include a special meaning to your name. Choose the name that you feel is the best fit for you, and then stick with it.

4.     Name it after what it is

 Think about the use of your name in addition to what it means. Consider the simple fact that your name is what you are called by people. You are not defined by it, but it is part of your identity. It is the first thing they see when they look at you or think of you.

5.     Don’t pick a name that sounds like an existing radio station

 If you are going to name your station after a character of your choice, choose a name that is not similar to any other radio or television channel. Do not cause confusion in the minds of listeners.

6.     Avoid having your name contain any numbers, as these will be very difficult to pronounce

 Avoid having your name contain any numbers or special characters, as these will not be pronounceable or remember.


 In conclusion, there are plenty of great radio station name ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more contemporary, there’s definitely a perfect name out there for your station.

So get creative and have some fun with it – after all, your listeners will be hearing it every day!

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