Playhouse Names: 220 Stylish Name Ideas for Playhouse

When it comes to choosing a playhouse name, there are plenty of options to consider. Whether you’re looking for something whimsical and creative or something more traditional and classically inspired.

There’s sure to be a name that fits your needs. Here we enlist various things to help you come up with creative playhouse names.

From something to convey the theme of your playhouse, like a castle or a tree house, to something that’s simply fun and whimsical like a rocket ship or a dream catcher.

You might just discover an idea you love and will be able to use for years. If you want to give your playhouse a unique name, consider naming it after something you’ve always enjoyed or have one-word names.

Like “Splash” or “Play” that can be used over and over again. You can also look at the terms of other playhouse designs and see how they were named.

While you’re searching for some great playhouse names, you can also look at the playhouse designs on this site and see what they include. You might find a name that you like to use for your own design.

Once you’ve found a great name for your playhouse, you can start looking at the different designs available. There are a lot of different ideas to choose from, and you can narrow down your design to a specific theme or setting.

Playhouse Names

Little Daisies

Wonderland Park

Excalibur Playground

Hooray! House

Fairy Tree

Tyke Town

Play Planet

Bizzy Bees

Dragon Races Fun Land

Pump it Up

Dapper Dans Doodling Den

Buried Treasure

Doodle Dandy’s

Kids Fun Zone

Odyssey Adventure

Hardy Harr Play Land

Kids Outlet

Hawk Kid’s Park

Bungaloo Bounce

Future Leaders

Lily Pad Preschool

Bright Horizons

Little Eagle

Lords and Ladies

Anna Bananas

Bo Jangles

Playday & Parties

The Magic Forest

Teddy Bear Fun Park

Prodigy Child

Babes in Playland

Little Lambs

The Sandbox

Shining Stars

Cool Playhouse Names

KidZ Fun Daze

Tiny Tots



Little Sprouts

Rainbow Fun Haven


Crypto Wonder park


Ju Ju Playground

Kids Island

Bear Trap Park

Stout Child

The Misty Hills Adventure

Bouncy Plex

Bible Story Playground

The Fun Tree

The Pumpkin Patch

Tumble Bounce

North Wall

Camp DoUwanna

Over The Rainbow

Kamakana Playground

Little Flower

Fun Factory

Wonder Haven

Building Blocks

Tic Tac Tot


High Hopes

Cute Playhouse Names


Family Funville

Kids’ Korner

Imagination Station

Jumping Zone

Treasure Box

Treasure Island

Old West Action

Kids Planet

Tots Gallore

Small Steps

Thrashers Corner

Monkey Circus

Tree Grove

Always Sunny Inside

Tinker Tots Fun Zone

Little Orchards



Wee World

What are some good playhouse names?

Buzzies Game Hive

Playground in a box


Kids Adventureland

Primary Colors


The Kidz Planet

Bright Beginnings

Toddler Town

Kids Kaboom


The Last Frontier

Toddle Wobble

Little Lighthouse

Tree of Life

Kangaroo Kids

Mr. Magoo’s


The Cubbyhole

Beautiful Minds

Fun Playhouse Names

Kidz Fun Hut

Acres of Fun

EZ Bitsy Outlet

Adventure Hut

Castle Park


Travel in Time

Camp Canine Park

Spirit Park

Kids’ Play

A Children’s Habitat

Wee Fun Time

Ghost Town Fun Park


Kidz Only!

Jumpin’ Monkeys

Kids Fun Zoo

Tumble Town

Harry Thomas,Sr

Monkey Nest

Playhouse Names

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How to Pick a Playhouse Names

It’s very important to get the right name for your playhouse. If you want to come up with a great name, you’re going to need to think about your own personal tastes, and what will resonate with you.

You should also consider what other people might like or respond to. Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect name for a playhouse:

1.     Think about the character or theme of your playhouse

Will it be a pirate or fairy tale house? You need to think about the setting and style of your playhouse as well. Would you like it to have a rustic feel, or do you want something more modern?

Magical Cocoon


Go Fetch park

Jumpin’ Jax

Evergreen Academy

Zachary’s Playground

Kids Fun World

Kidz Play Daze

Bounce A’bout

Sunrise Center

Jump ‘N Monkeys

Pitter patter Park


Cozmic Kidz

Another Fun Day

2.     Think about the type of playhouse you’d like

What kind of playhouse would you like to have? A castle for knights, a farm for cowboys or a tree house? This will help you decide on the right name.

Double take

Starting Line

Nature’s Point

Healthy Starts

Dinosaur Den

Happy Trails Wonder Park

The Launching Pad

Play Groups

Brooklyn’s Playground

All Smiles Playland

King Pup Dog Park

The Nurtury

Tunnel of Fun

Tiny Giants

Stepping Stones

3.     Name your playhouse to fit its function

Think about the playhouse’s purpose. Do you want it to be a place where you can have parties with friends? Or do you need it as a fort or hideout? Or maybe it is your camping site and you would like it to be named “The Camping Point”.

The Royal Quest

First Steps

Itsy Bitsy WonderLand

Stay and Play

Kidz Play Park

Lets Bounce

Bungaloo Playhouse

Kids Klub

Kid Kastle

Pogo Zone

Smart Alec Playhouse

Just Kidding!

Kids’ Ranch

Children at Play

Kellogg Park

4.     Keep it small for manageable fun

If you want to make it bigger, then use your imagination to figure out what you can do with it. If you want to add a lot of toys, then keep in mind that the playhouse needs to be big enough for all of them.

Fun N Games

Popular Grove

A Brighter Rainbow

Chase your tail

Little Creek

Green Sprout

Fantasy Exploration

The Cub House

Inside Africa


Toddler Tech

Play Palace

French Park Playground

Growin’ Up

Kids Funville

5.     Use your imagination!

Let your imagination flow as you design a place for your children to enjoy. Imagine what it will look like and how you can decorate it.

The Discovery Den

Adventure Quest

PuppyDog Tails Park


Can-Do Playground


Bulldog Pups

Little Feats

Mad hatter Funland

Jump ‘N Jacks

Goose Jumps

Abundant Life

PattyCake Playhouse

Little Seeds

Legends Adventure World


In conclusion, the playhouse names mentioned in this article are all excellent choices for a theatre lover. Each one has its own unique history and charm that make it worth visiting.

So if you’re looking for a new playhouse to explore, be sure to check out any of these options!

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