1100 Unique Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Are you dreaming of sunny terraces, delicious olives, and aromatic wines? Look no further than the world of Mediterranean cuisine.

With its rich and diverse culinary heritage, the Mediterranean region is home to a plethora of delicious eateries, from casual cafes to elegant fine dining establishments.

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for a Mediterranean restaurant, the options are seemingly endless.

Whether you want to evoke the Mediterranean’s stunning vistas, its vibrant culture, or its sumptuous flavors, finding the right name is crucial in attracting diners and setting the tone for the dining experience.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and creative names for Mediterranean restaurants, from traditional and evocative to modern and trendy.

Mediterranean Restaurant Name Ideas

Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Ambrosia Cafe

Give Me Greek

Esperia Grill

The Feta Cafe

Tastily Kabob

The Meal Deal

Ships of Food

The Hot Greek

Sphinx Flavor

Little London

The Champions

Going Persian

The Gyroscope

Greco Taverna

Kabob Country

The Meat Gyro

Mystras Grill

Cypress Grove

Ancient Times

Odysseus Cafe

Venice Bistro

Bread N’ More

La Dolce Vita

Cyprus Bistro

Greek Delight

Bread Factory

Khoresh Et Al

Delish Dishes

Veggie Planet

Flaming Grill

Tuscan Garden

Greek Village

Le Pasticcere

Café D’italie

Cabana Breads

Athens Bistro

Kanella South

Lamb Republic

Costa Rustica

Chiron’s Cafe

Porta di Roma

Morning Bliss

Infinite Sips

Greek Taverna

Olympian Cafe

The Acropolis

The Angry Ant

Classic Greek

Curd and Whey

Grecia Palace

Ode to Greece

Persia’s Best

Athenian Cafe

The Olive Oil

Bread of Life

Crete Taverna

The Bread Box

Couscous Cafe

Boracay Diner

Greek Gourmet

The Sandstorm

Athenian Café

Shawarma Stop

Crescent Moon

Biscotti Café

Italian Magic

Niko’s Tavern

Kabob Finesse

The Fat Greek

Pita Paradise

Forever Italy

Greek Actually

Olives on Fire

The Olive Tree

Moonlight Eats

Very Vegan Inn

Kitchen Corral

Linguine Truck

Athens Taverna

The Greek Cafe

Grecian Garden

Berber Cuisine

Mykonos Market

Persia and You

Moonlight Deli

Kabob Paradise

We Need a Gyro

Nico Trattoria

The Good Olive

We Think Greek

Acropolis Deli

Grecian Palace

Magnifico Iran

Persia’s Truck

Awesome Chunks

Persian Palate

Olives & Thyme

The Greek Duke

Spoon to Greek

The Greek Dude

The Greek Fest

Best Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Iranian Palate

The Food Place

Quaint Tuscany

Athenian Style

The Alleyhouse

Valle d’Italia

The Long Table

Café Arabesque

Athena’s Point

Tuscan Bistrot

The Grape Leaf

Olives O’Clock

The Rose Water

Infinitii Sips

Harbor Odyssey

Savona Riviera

Turkish Dinner

Positano Beach

Ampeli Fortuna

Tuscany Grille

The Fates Cafe

Rimini Riviera

Yum Yum Hummus

Lebanese Aroma

Athenian Grill

Delish Persian

The Pita Place

Safavid Kabobs

The Gyro Truck

Moroccan Spice

Dining Delight

Sholezard Cart

The Mezze Mode

The Olive Cafe

Kosmos Taverna

Moustache Cafe

Greek Food Co.

La Cote D’azur

The Omega Cafe

La Côte D’azur

Taverna Mythos

The Gyro Queen

Scorched Earth

Persian Heaven

Romano’s Resto

The Crete Cafe

The Pita House

Nonna’s Bistro

Kabob and More

Absolute Greek

Nom Nom Foodie

Crusty Chicken

Dolmades Depot

Baklava Bakery

Caravan Lounge

Greek in a Cup

Cucina Salento

Taste of Malta

Paddy O’shea’s

Souvlaki Style

Plato’s Corner

The Greek Life

Shawarma Sally

Yummy Delights

Tastily Kabobs

The Greek Girl

Eat with Style

The Greek Guys

Charybdis Café

Autumn Express

The Greek Chef

Farrok’s Kabob

The Greek Oven

Cart of Persia

The Soul Foodie

High Noon Grill

Porchetta Truck

Barbi Pizza Bar

It’s Greek 2 Me

Pulse Smoothies

Shiraz Goodness

The Greek Freak

Stargazing Cafe

Athena’s Corner

Olives and Feta

Opa! Greek Cafe

Egyptian Palate

Cuisine Catered

Cave of Wonders

Splash of Greek

Dazzling Grapes

The Nile Valley

La Casa Del Sol

Zorba’s Taverna

Crete Creations

The Greek Grove

Greek on the Go

The Retro Olive

My Big Fat Gyro

The Lamb Master

EVOO Greek Cafe

The Delphi Deli

Grecian Delight

The Sultan Cafe

Best Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Funny Mediterranean Restaurant Names

El Pirata Porch

The Fresh Greek

Midtown Goodies

Sea Breeze Cafe

Santorini Grill

King Tut’s Food

Olives O’ Clock

Jimmy the Greek

Village Taverna

A Room of Dates

Le Petit Bistro

Lebanese Palace

Maghrebi Palate

12-spice Kebabs

Rainbow Kitchen

Serenity Bistro

The Blue Cruise

So Plaka Bistro

The Spicy Kabob

The Greek Table

Healthy Iranian

The Athens Cafe

Wheaten Delight

The Olive Grove

The Moon Street

The Grape House

The French Café

Dine by the Sea

The Local Greek

The Golden Stew

Savor the Greek

Tzatziki & More

The Greek Villa

The Two Hundred

Ellinon Pelagos

The Turban Cook

Classical Egypt

The Olive Grill

Beachside Grill

Five Guys Fries

La Bella Italia

The Saffron Run

Zorba the Greco

Risotto Coarrae

Garlic & Lemons


Eridian Gardens

Stargazing Café

Sphinx’s Choice

Kings of Kabobs

The Greek Flame

Haloumi Hotspot

A Hint of Spain

Sultan’s Palace

The Melting Pot

The Green Table


Love for Greeks

Pegasus Taverna

Ash Tree Nymphs

Bosphorus Grill

Greco’s Taverna

The Greek Vegan

Kyma’s kopiaste

Meze Restaurant

Meat on a Stick

Alpha and Omega

Restaurant Reel

Pita Wrap Place

Hestia’s Hearth

The Kebab Place

Your Greek Chef

The Angry Greek

Back Bay Bistro

Olive Tree Cafe

Lord Greek Cafe

Something Greek

Sicilian Bistro

Wheelin’ Persia

Persians Buffet

Take-Out Persia

Nerds Eat First

Salt Water Cafe

The Falafel Hut

Taste of Tastes

Moussaka & More

The Green Olive

Salt-Water Café

Dmitri’s Tavern

Taverna Delight

Precious Persia

Crusin’ Foodin’

A Hint of Greek

The Cretan Bull

Taste of Mythos

The Greek Momma

Souvlaki Lounge

Alexandria Grill

Pasta Perfection

The Persian Stew

Greek Salad Stop

Famous Mediterranean Restaurant Names

The Finest Greek

East Coast Grill

The Grape Escape

Andromeda’s Cafe

Dimitri’s Tavern

Venetian Terrace

Taverna Take Out

Greek on the Way

Persian Melodies

Yellow Submarine

Occitan Explorer

Le Petite Bistro

The Olympia Cafe

Sizzle and Spice

Delicious Persia

Taste the Nectar

Kalea Bay Tavern

La Petite France

The Dinning Room

Theta Bar & Cafe

Greek Salad Guys

The Trojan Horse

The Dessert Bowl

The Simple Greek

Bistro Bernice’s

More than Kabobs

The Saucy Kabobs

Pastitsio Palace

Timeless Taverna

Saffron and Lime

Taste of Olympus

The Greek Xpress

The Hungry Olive

Leaves of Persia

Alexandros Grill

Cleopatra’s Café

Ammos Restaurant

The Kebab Master

The Greek Macron

The Olive Branch

The Greek Fusion

Food of the Gods

The Winged Horse

The Bistro Grill

The Blended Meat

Kabobs on Wheels

Coffee and Kabob

Greek Salad Spot

The Ottoman Cafe

La Petite Maison

Iranian Delights

The Ottoman Dish

Persian Barbecue

Aphrodite’s Cafe

The Hungry Greek

Bistro Turquoise

Kabobs of Magic.

Olives and Thyme

Shishkabob House

Jerusalem Garden

Sun Dried Tomato

Bosphorus Bistro

The Tribal Greek

Venetian Romance

The Aegean Table

The Greek Corner

Nefertiti’s Love

Alexandros’ Cafe

Jardin De Europe

The Gods’ Liquid

Santorini Palace

The Kebab Empire

The Persian Rose

The Joyful Greek

M-Tastic Kitchen

The Persian Cook

Iran’s Favorites

Vegans Come Here

Greek Love Story

Athens Culinaria

The Happy Nymphs

The Golden Meats

The Food Pyramid

Absolutely Greek

Happy Man Hummus

French Kiss Cafe

Tastecraft Egypt

The Persian Chef

Mood Indigo Cafe

The Italian Oven

Casa Del Marinos

Lebanese Food Co

Wisdom and Dining

Yamas! Greek Cafe

Ready Restaurants

The Mediterranean

Poseidon’s Palace

The Greek Kitchen

The Red Sea Spice

The Happy Olympia

Deliciously Offal

Hoping for Hummus

Cute Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Delta Gamma Resto

The Grilled Lemon

Beachside Taverna

The Coffee Escape

Whispering Bamboo

Aphrodite’s Grill

Amalfi Coast Cafe

The Greek Phantom

Domiati Exquisite

Cyprian Trattoria

Gilan’s Specialty

Persian on the Go

The Genuine Kabob

The God of Grapes

Santorini Gourmet

Canvas by The Sea

Silver Sea Breeze

Edesma Restaurant

The Plate Smasher

Persian Food Tour

Authentic Taverna

Cafe by the Beach

Persian Specialty

Genuinely Persian

The Persian Table

Halcyon Days Cafe

Run, Persian, Run

Quick Greek Bites

Egyptian Goodness

The Spicy Persian

Greek Pasta House

Theta Bar & Grill

Bekas Pizza Shack

Adonis on a Plate

Cassiopeia’s Café

Socrates’ Taverna

Persian on Wheels

Tabora Restaurant

Restaurant Resale

Magic of Provence

Deliciously Kabob

The Italian Caffe

Eat Here Eat Well

Greeks on a Plate

Flavors of Greece

The Greek Taverna

Hamilton’s Bistro

Kabob on the Road

Espresso Pizzeria

The Greeks Coffee

Wheat of the Nile

The Iranian Kebab

Theo’s Restaurant

Sicilian Lemonade

Deliciously Egypt

Greece on My Mind

The King of Kabob

The Blue Bay Cafe

The Taverna Diner

Brasserie Torchia

Hummus On The Run

The Golden Fleece

The Roasted Greek

The Kofta Complex

The Athenian Cafe

Natural Lifestyle

The Greek Kouzina

The Greek Formula

Medusa’s Munchies

The Huntress Cafe

The Natural Greek

Taste of Tzatziki

The Fates Kitchen

Mykonos Ora House

The Taste of Iran

The Grecian Grill

Restaurant Rebels

The Balkan Yogurt

Wheat Belly Acres

Cafe Mediterraneo

The Tripod Bakery

The Tuscan Bistrot

The Laughing Greek

Taverna By the Sea

Chili Peppa Ripple

Old School Taverna

The Greeky Delight

Bacon Babe Burgers

Fight for the Food

The Mobile Persian

Lamb of the Roasts

Cute Mediterranean Restaurant Names

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The Glorious Greek

The Carnegie Oasis

The Persian Foodie

Blue Basin Cuisine

The Greek Junction

The World of Kabob

The Sizzling Greek

Here Comes My Gyro

Poppin’ Pita Grill

The Basket of Iran

Vibrant Crossroads

Mediterranean Menu

Zorba’s Restaurant

Ristorante Di Roma

Greek City Kitchen

The Perfect Hummus

Mediterranean Moon

The Acropolis Deli

Nectar of the Gods

Iran to Great Food

Olive in the Ocean

Persia Food To You

Kabob Lovers Unite

Kamari Sunset Café

The Mobile Khoresh

Grecia Palace Cafe

Choose your Sauces

Taverna Alexandria

Zamalek Restaurant

The Cook of Persia

The Egyptian Plate

Aush for Everybody

Remembering Shiraz

Wheat On The Beach

The Moustache Cafe

Delicacies of Iran

Ahura Mazda Buffet

The Taste of Egypt

Persia’s Favorites

The Persian Grille

The Egyptian Bread

Greek Delight Cafe

The Apollo Dynasty

The Veggie Persian

All Greek Homemade

Greek Sunrise Cafe

Poseidon’s Kingdom

Costa Rustica Cafe

Dionysus’ Wine Bar

Goody Goody Persia

Posh Mediterranean

The Grecian Garden

Café Mediterranean

Rocket Restaurants

The Souvlaki House

Nonna’s Ristorante

Opa! Greek Taverna

Rock and Roll cafe

Attic Mediterraneo

Sea of Olives Cafe

Bellini Restaurant

The Orchestra House

Thalia’s Restaurant

Sleek Tuscan Garden

The Healthy Persian

The Wheeled Bastani

Cucina Mediterranea

Casa Toscana Bistro

The Magic of Fondue

Valle d’Italia Cafe

Hera’s Chariot Cafe

The Coach of Persia

Magnolia Green Cafe

Riverside Lunch Box

The Rolling Persian

No Rest Restaurants

Balearic Gastronomy

The Veggie Egyptian

La Baguette Infinie

The Spanish Taverna

Specialties of Iran

Italian Pasta House

For the Kabob Lover

Persia Comes to You

Greek Coffee Crumbs

Pyramid of Goodness

Mediterranean Coast

House of Greek Chef

Bobby’s Bar & Grill

Persian Feast to Go

The Souvlaki Lounge

The Banquet of Iran

Return of the Kabob

The Greek Guys Cafe

Chianti Dining Room

Bistecca Ristorante

The Grilled Kitchen

The Balkan Cookbook

Theta Bar and Grill

The Iranian Banquet

Aush for Rainy Days

Mediterranean Restaurant Names Ideas

Samos Greek Kitchen

90 Minutes to Greek

Kabobs of the Stars

Magnificently Kabob

Juice Nook and Cafe

Dypnosofistes Diner

Italia Gastronomica

Escape to Santorini

Banquet of the Gods

Legumes and Veggies

The Sacking of Troy

Fool for Greek Cafe

The Santorini Grill

Mezzogiorno Taverna

Mediterranean Treat

Avec Toi Restaurant

Buffet for a Sultan

Lettuce Love Eating

Thalassa Restaurant

Milo’s Bar and Cafe

Persian Food Empire

We Drink Greek Cafe

It’s Greek Actually

Cafe of The Riviera

New Life Restaurant

Zigzag Greece Point

The Golden Anisette

The Filling Dahnsak

Mediterranean Feast

The Madness of Ajax

Quaint Tuscany Cafe

The Blue Pearl Cafe

The Food of Perseus

Iran’s Foodelicious

Mediterranean Bites

Persian Food Garden

Greek Chicken Truck

Apollo’s Restaurant

Sea Side Greek Cafe

Dynastic Gastronomy

Ampeli Fortuna Cafe

Tuscany on The Table

The House of Ghormeh

Athena’s Cafe Corner

It’s All Greek to Me

Mykonos Coffee House

Gourmet by Santorini

The Dulux Restaurant

Dining Room Resource

Little Parisian Cafe

Mykonos Seafood Cafe

Portofino Restaurant

Nicholas’ Olive Cafe

Bandar Abbas of Food

You Feta Believe It!

The Mystic of Delphi

The Breads of Persia

Stop, Ponder and Eat

The Colors of Israel

Tabletop Restaurants

The Erymanthian Boar

The Stewed Vegetable

Zorba the Greek Cafe

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Genuine Persian Aush

Constantinople Grill

The Shishkabob House

The Pita Garden Cafe

Kinondoni Restaurant

The Middle East Cafe

The Mushroom Delight

Rise of Spice Kabobs

Oil, Bread, and Wine

The Special Persians

Eat and Greek Bistro

Homer’s Food Odyssey

The Greek Excellence

The Pulse Restaurant

Eat Like an Egyptian

The Blue Lagoon Cafe

The Varka Restaurant

The Levantine Palate

The Sultan’s Banquet

Secrets of Kashafrud

Adonis’ Healthy Eats

Coffee of the Greeks

Mon Amore Restaurant

Kokino Greek Taverna

Modern Mediterranean

Persia, Here We Come

Wheat, Wine and Dine

The Santorini Palace

The Greek God Bistro

The Mythical Taverna

The Meze Specialists

The Greek Excitement

One Oia or the Other

The Middle East Chef

The Flavors of Kabob

Good Food, Good Mood

Alexa’s Mediterranean

Taverna Greek Kitchen

Unique Mediterranean Restaurant Names

The Greek Dining Room

Pharaoh’s Food Palace

Elia Greek Restaurant

Greek Town Restaurant

The Family Plaza Cafe

The Pharaohs’ Banquet

Truly Authentic Greek

The Persian Food Cart

Olive Tree Food Truck

Forever Mediterranean

Mediterranean Kitchen

The Kingdom of Paella

Bread and Breeze Talk

Zante Cafe & Taverna‎

Beach Side Greek Cafe

The Alpha Greek Plate

The Greek Garden Cafe

Blue Bay Fish Taverna

The Golden Cornucopia

Iranian Farm to Table

The Pizza of Sicillia

Pomegranat Restaurant

The Corner Greek Cafe

Botticelli’s Pizzeria

From Hummus with Love

Mediterranean Delight

A Mediterranean Feast

A Taste of the Aegean

The Moonlight Delight

Mediterranean Express

Fine Dining Delivered

The Liondi Restaurant

The Authentic Taverna

The Persian Appetizer

Middle Eastern Buffet

Rozafa Cafe and Grill

The Olive Specialists

In the Med Restaurant

Haoma’s Farm to Table

Five Star Restaurants

Mediterranean Breezes

The Blueberry Delight

Mediterranean Flavors

Skopelos at New World

The Chariot of Greece

The Little Greek Cafe

The Middle East Grill

The Greek Reservation

Skopelos Coffee House

The Farm and the Vine

The Streets of Persia

Your Ultimate Junction

Think First – Then Sip

The Greek Phantom Cafe

The Goodness of Persia

The Mediterranean Café

The Persian Food Truck

Taste of the Parthenon

Andromeda’s Greek Cafe

Recommended Restaurant

Pronto Pizza and Pasta

The Pyramid of Gizzard

The Persian Food Wagon

Greek Stack Restaurant

The Awesome Greek Cafe

Persian Kabob Paradise

The Golden Greek Hours

Buffet of the Desserts

Cattleman’s Steakhouse

Mediterranean Treasure

Cyprian Trattoria Cafe

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Sofia’s Orchard Bistro

Lettuce Love Eat Truck

Greek Seafood Delights

Massively Giant Kabobs

Brick House Stackhouse

Take a Bite Outta This

The Kabob Strikes Back

The Greek Food Company

Athens Bistro and Cafe

Trattoria Bar & Bistro

The Foie Gras Republic

Santorini Bar and Cafe

Saqqara Cheese Kingdom

Wheaten Delight Bistro

Very Attica Restaurant

The Hypothetical Greek

Food of the River Nile

Seed and Sprout Dining

The Gastronomic Voyage

Mediterranean Food 101

Happy Gabba Restaurant

The Egyptian Specialty

The Midday Greek Point

Iranian Food Boulevard

Ambrosia Mediterranean

Catchy Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Greek Creative Cuisine

Natural Herbs and Dews

The Greek Tasting Menu

The Roasted Olive Cafe

Think First – Then Eat

French Flavours Brunch

Doublemunch Restaurant

Ristorante La Favorita

The Mediterranean Menu

Diodos Archaias Agoras

The Mediterranean Farm

Bekas Pastries and Cafe

Resourceful Restaurants

The Mediterranean Bliss

Savor the Mediterranean

The Rigo House and Cafe

Zest Mediterranean Cafe

Lithos Greek Restaurant

The Mediterranean Place

Big Island Beach Bistro

Grapes of the Black Sea

Mykonos Cafe and Bistro

Olive, Wheat, and Bread

The Mediterranean Dream

A Mediterranean Sunrise

The Conquest of Flavors

Caravan Lounge and Cafe

Calypso Cafe and Bistro

The Mediterranean Treat

The Greek Coffee Desire

Olive Tree Food Cuisine

Krasopoulio tou Kokkora

The Mediterranean Olive

Mediterranean Snack Bar

The Greek Culture & Co.

Cape Cod Tortilla Chips

Barracuda Catfish House

Bella Dolce Cafe Bistro

Persia’s Supreme Fooder

Halcyon Days Restaurant

Middle East Food Basket

Mother Nature’s Kitchen

Peaceful Acropolis Cafe

The Mediterranean Oasis

Black Olive Garden Cafe

Curcuma Cafe and Bistro

The Mediterranean Table

Mystras Cafe and Bistro

The Cuisine of the Nile

Persian Meals on Wheels

The Foodie Greek Fusion

The Mediterranean Plate

San Fernando Oasis Café

Poseidon’s Seafood Spot

Couscous Cafe and Bistro

The Heart of Eish Baladi

Absolutely Mediterranean

House of Food and Wisdom

The Eggplant Specialists

Little Olive Garden Cafe

Kraving Greek Restaurant

The Greek Dining Delight

True Halloumi Restaurant

White Napkin Restaurants

Hermes’ Food for Thought

Koimoi Restaurant Palace

Big Fat Greek Food Truck

Sumac Mediterranean Cafe

Serenity Bistro and Cafe

Zaytinya Cafe and Bistro

The Modern Mediterranean

Olive’s Greek Restaurant

Matteo’s Italian Kitchen

Authentic Iranian Kabobs

In the Middle of the Sea

Classic Greek Restaurant

The Persian Food Persona

The Lightning Thief Cafe

Mediterranean Crossroads

Nicky’s Greek Restaurant

Jewel of the Middle East

The Food of the Pharaohs

The Home of Reshteh Polo

Nikeiza’s Cafe and Grill

The Morsels of Greatness

Mediterraneo Restaurant‎

Coffee Place by Christos

Cypress Grove Restaurant

Icarus Garden Restaurant

Back Bay Bistro and Cafe

The Mediterranean Foodie

The Soothing Greek Place

The Persian Food Factory

The Mediterranean Eatery

Deliciously Mediterranean

Mama Mia Greek Restaurant

The Polow and Dami Center

Classically Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea Breezes

Yiannis Purely Greek Cafe

Ancient Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Authentic Taste of Sicily

Constantine’s Garden Cafe

The Persian Food Carriage

Beachside Bistro and Cafe

Tara’s Cafe Mediterranean

Sidi Abdelaziz Restaurant

Demeter’s Harvest Taverna

Alcazar Tapas Bar & Grill

Persian Culinary Delights

Athens Taverna Restaurant

Greek Classics Restaurant

Authentic Taste of Athens

YoVantage Cafe and Bakery

The Mediterranean Kitchen

Feta’s Mediterranean Cafe

Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

Food of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Environment

Classic Ganj Par Delights

Greek Beauty Coffee House

Positano Beach Restaurant

Golden Greek Heritage Cafe

Knock Knock! Greek is Here

Sofia’s Orchard Restaurant

The Iranian Cup and Saucer

Alexandria Bakery and Cafe

Tiri and Tishtrya’s Heaven

Gifts of the Mediterranean

Easy and Fast Persian Food

Nikosina’s Cafe and Garden

Taste of the Mediterranean

The Morning Dew Restaurant

Pelazie Mediterranean Cafe

Icarus’ Flame-Grilled Meat

The Culinary Magic of Iran

Big Fat Greek Food Cuisine

Zorba’s Taverna and Bistro

The Greatest Kabob Awakens

The Nest of the Greek Food

Rigani’s Quick Coffee Stop

Ionian Cafe and Restaurant

Nexus House and Restaurant

Aegean Cafe and Restaurant

Delightfully Mediterranean

Little Italy Pizza Kitchen

Alcazar Tapas Bar and Grill

Vassilis’ Modern Greek Cafe

Intense Mediterranean Taste

Mediterranean Culinary Park

The Mediterranean Snack Bar

The Healer’S Brewkeep Going

Tuscan Grill and Restaurant

Tuscany Cafe and Restaurant

Alexis’ Cafe and Restaurant

Sumac Mediterranean Cuisine

Sheermal and Komaj Republic

Mediterranean Food Paradise

Dimitri’s Tavern and Bistro

Hella’s Cafe and Restaurant

The Best of Persian Cuisine

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

Olives and Thyme Restaurant

Venice’s Seaside Restaurant

Acropolis Garden Restaurant

Alexi’s Cafe and Restaurant

Alpha and Omega Bar & Grill

New Volpone Lounge and Cafe

The Mediterranean Tradition

Sokrates Taverna and Lounge

It’s the Spanikopita for Me

Alexandros Grill and Bistro

The Greek Palace Restaurant

Heading Towards Greek Hours

Calypso Cafe and Restaurant

Genuina Pissaladière Italia

The Mediterranean Concourse

The Memphis Greek Restaurant

Mt. Damavand Eat All You Can

Greek Taverna and Restaurant

The Jupiter Plaza Restaurant

Greek Nature Cafe and Bistro

Mediterranean Delight Bistro

Thalassa Restaurant and Cafe

Gastronomic Delights of Iran

Mezzogiorno Taverna and Cafe

Nonna’s Mediterranean Bistro

The Plate of the Middle East

Grecian Delight Grill & Deli

Specialty Iranian Restaurant

Istanbul Cafe and Restaurant

The Mediterranean Sea Breeze

Santorini Gourmet Restaurant

Fountail Cafe and Restaurant

Riverfront Fusion Restaurant

Tahitian Island Grill & Pizza

Romano’s Crown Italian Bistro

The Philosopher’s Coffee Stop

Capriccio Bistro & Ristorante

Sultan’s Mediterranean Palace

The Oasis Cafe and Restaurant

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mediterranean Restaurant Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Mediterranean restaurant is an important step in creating a strong brand identity. Here are some tips to help you come up with a memorable and appealing name:

Reflect the Cuisine

Ensure that the name reflects Mediterranean cuisine. Use words or phrases associated with the region’s flavors, ingredients, and cooking styles.

1. Keep it Simple

Aim for a name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. A simple name will make it easier for customers to find and talk about your restaurant.

2. Cultural Elements

Consider incorporating cultural elements from the Mediterranean region into the name. This could include references to specific cities, landmarks, or traditions.

3. Geographic References

Use geographic references such as names of Mediterranean islands, seas, or coastal regions. This can evoke a sense of authenticity and transport customers to the region.

4. Descriptive Words

Include descriptive words that convey the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Words like “Sunny,” “Garden,” “Olive,” “Mediterranean,” and “Cuisine” can add a positive and appetizing touch.

5. Avoid Generic Terms

Try to steer clear of generic terms that could apply to any type of restaurant. Make sure your name stands out and communicates the unique offerings of your Mediterranean establishment.

6. Consider Your Target Audience

Think about your target audience and what might appeal to them. If you’re targeting a more upscale crowd, the name might differ from one targeting a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.

Remember that your restaurant name is a key part of your brand, so take the time to choose a name that reflects the character of your Mediterranean restaurant and appeals to your target audience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Mediterranean Restaurant Names

When choosing a name for your Mediterranean restaurant, it’s important to avoid certain common mistakes that could hinder the success and appeal of your establishment.

Here are some mistakes to steer clear of:

Unpronounceable or Difficult to Spell

Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. If potential customers struggle to say or remember your restaurant’s name, it might negatively impact word-of-mouth referrals and online searches.

Overly Generic Names

Avoid choosing a name that is too generic or could apply to any type of restaurant. Generic names make it harder for your business to stand out in a crowded market.

Ignoring Cultural Sensitivity

Be mindful of cultural sensitivity when choosing a name. Avoid using terms or references that might be offensive or misinterpreted.

It’s important to respect and accurately represent the diverse cultures within the Mediterranean region.

Limited Scope Names

Avoid names that limit the perception of your restaurant to a specific dish or ingredient.

While you may specialize in a particular aspect of Mediterranean cuisine, having a name that allows for a broader range of offerings can be beneficial in the long run.

Overcomplicated or Lengthy Names

Keep the name concise and avoid overly complicated or lengthy names. Short and memorable names are more likely to stick in people’s minds.

Ignoring Trademark Issues

Before finalizing a name, conduct thorough research to ensure it is not already trademarked by another business. This will help you avoid legal issues down the road.

Lack of Online Presence Consideration

Check the availability of the domain name for your restaurant’s website early in the naming process.

Having a consistent online presence is crucial, so make sure the name you choose has an available domain.

Ignoring Competitor Names

Be aware of the names of other Mediterranean restaurants in your area. Choosing a name too similar to a competitor’s can lead to confusion and might dilute your brand.

Failing to Consider Translations

If your restaurant is in an area with diverse linguistic backgrounds, consider how your name might be translated or interpreted in different languages to avoid unintended meanings or associations.

Not Testing the Name

Before finalizing the name, test it with a small group of people, preferably your target audience. Make sure it resonates positively and conveys the right message.

Ignoring Future Growth

Choose a name that allows for future growth and diversification.

A name too specific to a single concept or location might become limiting if you decide to expand your offerings or open additional locations.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase the likelihood of selecting a Mediterranean restaurant name that is not only appealing and memorable but also aligns with your brand identity and business goals.

Hypothetical Scenarios Based on General Principles of Effective Branding

Let’s explore some hypothetical scenarios based on general principles of effective branding for Mediterranean restaurant names

Scenario 1: Mediterra Bites

Principle Applied: Alliteration and Descriptive Appeal

Explanation: “Mediterra Bites” uses alliteration for a catchy and memorable effect.

It also incorporates the term “Bites,” which suggests a menu featuring a variety of small, flavorful dishes, highlighting the diverse and appetizing nature of Mediterranean cuisine.

Scenario 2: Olive Grove Taverna

Principle Applied: Descriptive and Evocative

Explanation: “Olive Grove Taverna” paints a vivid picture of a rustic, inviting setting with the mention of an olive grove.

This name sets an expectation for fresh and authentic Mediterranean dishes, creating a strong visual and sensory appeal.

Scenario 3: AzureMare Kitchen

Principle Applied: Color and Cultural Elegance

Explanation: “AzureMare Kitchen” combines the color “Azure,” associated with the Mediterranean Sea, with the term “Mare” (Italian for sea).

This not only emphasizes the restaurant’s coastal connection but also adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the brand.

Scenario 4: Saffron & Vine Mediterranean Grill

Principle Applied: Ingredient Focus and Class

Explanation: “Saffron & Vine” puts the spotlight on two key elements: saffron, a distinctive Mediterranean spice, and the vine, suggesting a connection to wine or a lush, vineyard-like ambiance.

This name conveys a sense of quality and a focus on premium ingredients.

Scenario 5: Sunset Harbor Mezza Lounge

Principle Applied: Atmosphere and Location

Explanation: “Sunset Harbor Mezza Lounge” not only hints at a waterfront location with the term “Harbor” but also suggests a relaxed and atmospheric dining experience with “Sunset.”

“Mezza” adds a touch of authenticity, signaling a menu with a variety of shared Mediterranean appetizers.


In conclusion, the naming of Mediterranean restaurants plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence and allure of this rich and diverse culinary tradition.

A well-crafted restaurant name not only serves as an initial invitation to potential patrons but also acts as a symbolic representation of the vibrant flavors and cultural heritage associated with Mediterranean cuisine.

Whether drawing inspiration from regional landmarks, traditional ingredients, or linguistic nuances, a carefully chosen name can set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

As the culinary landscape continues to evolve, the significance of a captivating and evocative restaurant name becomes increasingly apparent, acting as a key element in establishing a unique identity and fostering a lasting connection with a diverse and discerning clientele.

Ultimately, the art of naming Mediterranean restaurants transcends mere words, becoming a nuanced expression of the passion, authenticity, and hospitality that define this beloved culinary genre.

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