200 Catchy and Cool Meal Box Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to pack your meals while on the go, check out meal box names.

Whether you’re into puns or simply want something that reflects your personality, these boxed lunches have you covered. In this article we look at the various ways of naming a meal box.

First, it’s necessary to come up with a pretty catchy name that fits your personality and lifestyle. After you’ve found a name that works for you, consider the colors of the box to match your preference.

If you’re into puns, you could opt for something like “Hoodie” or “Bunz. If you’re looking for something more tasteful and sophisticated, consider the name of a flower or plant.

For example, “Fiddlehead” is a good one if your personality leans towards the artsy side. The name of your meal box is in charge of your overall theme, so it’s important to choose something that fits your personality.

Secondly, your meal box has to be practical. It doesn’t matter how cool or creative your name is if it’s not going to fit in your bag when you’re out of the house.

So, think about what you’re going to be doing with your meal box. For example, if you’re going hiking or camping, it’s probably a bad idea to choose something like “Gardening” because you’ll never be able to fit that in your backpack.

Instead, you should go with something more practical like “Camping” or “Hiking”. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be able to pull off. 

Meal Box Name Ideas

Whole Sum

Plate Joy

The Personal

The Plastic

Meal Squared

Rice and Spice

Aging in Place


Meals To-Go

Pantry Perfect

Food Portion


Nutrition Stripped

Meal Easy

Portable Chefs


The Fresh Diet

Clean Eats

Fuel in Motion

Better Meals

Names For Food Boxes

Silver Spoon

Syllest Chef

Wellness Mama

Main Course

Meal Labs

The Soft Gourmet

Catering Angels

Pleasant Knives

Meal Made

Fast Lunch

Food Panel

Meal Capsule

Spark Chef


Potato Collective

All Natural



The Wholesome

Daily Cater

Meal Delivery Names

Grub Delicious


Path Nutrition

Wegatino Meals

Icon Meals

Soup Bowl

Upper Crust

Tiny Kit Up

Hearty Dish

Food Shop

Nutrient Boost

Sun Basket

Pitch Group

Food Pulp

No More To Go

Make Use Of


Order Meal


Modern Meal

Cathy Names for Meal Box

Necter Chef

Ultimate Bundles

Home Baking

Gladly Cooks

Little Carbs

Big Bite

Food Trolley

Catered Fit

Tasty Bite

Squawk Fox

Busy Bistro

Meal Plum

The Difficult

Prepped Meals

Satisfying Slice

Home Chef

Daily Harvest

Kitchen Prep

Fork & Spatula

Joey’s Sandwich

What are some best meal box names ideas?

The Dish Chef

I’ma Eat It


Meal Prep Savior

My Sandwich

Taste Buddy

Taste of Home

Meal Hub

Nurture Life

What a Lunch

Healthy Eats

My Nutrients

Eat Fit

Quick Cubes

Black Olives

Meal Box

Daily Deliver

Farm to Fit

Digi Kitchens

Busy Budgeter

Meal Box Name Ideas

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How to Pick Meal Box Name Ideas

There are a few main things you’ll want to consider when picking a meal box name. Most importantly, pick something that’s easy to remember.

Your meal box name has to be your own, and it has to be something that you can easily remember when you’re out of the house.

Here are a few tips for coming up with a meal box name ideas:

1.     Think about your personality

You want a name that fits with your personality, so pick something that’s easy to remember. For example, if you’re an animal lover, then “Cat Box” is perfect because it’s easy to remember and fits with your personality.

Square Meals

Scion Peprika

Essence Eat

Fast Prep

Meal Plans

Eat Smart

Quickie Meals

Pearl Point

The Stocked

Time Out

Baking Mischief

Food Break

Happy Gut

Food Fork

The Mixed

2.     Think about your current favorite food

You want a name that fits with the food you already like, so pick something that’s similar to that. For example, if you like hot dogs, then pick “Hot Dog Box.”

Food of Eden

Nutritious Group

Meal Making

The Fresh Plan

Super Ready

Vital Menu

The Pot

Food Eaze


Healthy First

Hook and Cook


Soya Sauce

Body Fuel

On the go

3.     Pick a name that suits your sense of humor

There’s nothing more annoying than getting a food box that you hate. If you’re like me and don’t care for bland, boring food boxes, then pick a name that fits with your sense of humor.

Dough Roller

Meal Prep King

Cooking Light

Food of Eden

Skinny Eats

Flavored platter

Fresh To Go

Fresh Goodness

Soup Place

Grab a bit

Hello Fresh

Standard Tools

Rendered Chef

The Effective

Meal Prep Fanatic

4.     Use descriptive adjectives

To give your food box character This will help you remember the name, and it helps make your food box unique. Pick a personality or describe what the food is like in your food box.

Salad Bar

Life Restoration

Favourite Feeding

Food to Go

Fun Favour

Frozen Foodstuffs

Food Pan

My Potion

Energy Rush

Kitchen Rescue

Golden Spoon

Pack A Lunch 

Move Food

Distal Deliverance

Well Pared

5.     Brainstorming ideas

I’m sure you can think of more names to add to the list! Don’t get frustrated if your name isn’t perfect right away. Just keep adding to your list, and you’ll find something that fits with your personality and will be easy to remember.

Feast Flavour

Fresh Feast

Food Closet

Bee Fit Foods

Meals Together

The Available

What a Lunch

Dish Swift

Diet Design

My Feed

Meal Master

The Big Kitchen

Meat Place

Ultra Foods

Fresh Meal Plan


In conclusion, there are many great names for meal boxes. You can come up with your own name, or use one of the names from this article.

Whichever name you choose, make sure it represents your meal box and its contents accurately. With so many different options available, there is sure to be a perfect name for everyone’s meal box.

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