250 Stylish and Cool Food Festival Name Ideas

Festivals are a great way to bring people together and celebrate. They can also be a lot of fun, especially when the food is involved! If you’re looking for a fun and unique name for your food festival? Look no further!

Our list of food festival names below is sure to provide you with some inspiration. Before you dive in food festival names consider these things to come up with great one.

When it comes to food festival names, you want something that will make people smile, and it should be a little playful as well. When you are deciding on festival names, keep in mind the audience that you will be serving.

Your festival name should be catchy, but also appeal to a wide range of people. You want to make sure that your festival name is fun and engaging without being too silly.

Food festivals are a great way to get your name out there and get customers excited about what you’re selling. When you are brainstorming festival names.

Do a little research to see if there are other food festivals that have already taken the idea and run with it. This will give you some inspiration for your own festival name.

It’s also important to be consistent with your festival name as well. The name that you come up with is going to be out there for a long time.

People are going to remember it if you use it consistently. If you’re not careful, your festival name could get lost in the crowd and never be remembered.

When you are brainstorming festival names, do a little research to see if there are other food festivals that have already taken the idea and run with it.

Food Festival Name Ideas

Foodies Delight

Dine Together

The Jolly Pantry

Scrumptious Chronicle

Rye Bay Scallop Week

Trust The Pizza Crust

Summer Food Trend

Mother’s Kitchen

Eat Cambridge

Taste-Driven Journey

Beaumaris Food Festival

The Welsh Menu Live

TreeHouse Treat

Gourmet Wizard

Canape’s Best

Tasty Carnival

Wimborne Food Festival

Napa Truffle Festival

We Larb You

Dartmouth Food Festival

Empire Of Savouries

Rice Treat

Gwledd Conwy Feast

Savoury Arcadia

Sushi Revolution

The Food Bribe

Hot Dogs and Tents

Earthling Diet

Dorset Seafood Festival

Spice Succulents

Catchy Names for Food Festival

Foodaholic Blast

Farm of Savouries

Foodies Of America

Nutritional Diet

Dinner with Families

Dream Mediterranean

Wheel Of Cuisines

Urban Cuisine

Guilty Diet

The Vineyard Art

Pembrokeshire Fish Week

Expert Express

Steaks & Bones

Savoury Carnival

Kendal Festival of Food

Food at Bite of Seattle

Straight from Farm

Yum Week Fest

The Aftertaste Tour

Tasty Terrace

Taste Carnival

Toast & Toss

Retro Romance

Ramen Momentum

The Wine Creator

Taste Dreamland

Grilling Road Hideout

Foodies Festival

Seafood Carnival

Food & Wine Dine

Cool Food Festival Names

Queen Of Cuisines

Briemerlot Oasis

Flavored Odds

Yum Food Bonanza

Seattle Savoury Party

Weekend of Delight

Seaside Lunch

Emmie’s Treat

Chilli Fest

Local Creations

Tasters of Essence

Pershore Plum Festival

The Worldwide Palate

Foodies Fandom

Wine Cellar Secret

The Food Genre

Delicacies Drive


Picasso’s Savouries

Meat Carnival

Zestful Seconds

Tasty Treat Event

Taste of Persia

Wild Drinkers

Tarts & Targets

Taste of Chicago

Robust Flavor Festival

Feed Fest

Flavours Of Ancestors

Flavours of Summer

What are some good food festival name ideas?

Flavour Of Shetland

The Spice Fashion

Dumpling Daydream

Seafood Sailor

Dessert Delight

Drinks & Wine Carnival

Bussin’ Breakfast

Food Luxuries

Newbury Food Festival

Rocking Rib Treat

Uptown Appetit

Veggie Delight

Ludlow Food Festival

The Charcuterie Plot

Buffet Fans

EAT! Newcastle Gateshead

The Taste Culture

Heart Of Food

Savouries from Europe

Asian Arena

Delicacies of Farm

The Pals Picnic

Elements Of Taste

Fishstock Brixham

Welcoming Harvests

Vineland Pleasures

Polished Palate

Mystical Tastes

French Fry Festival


Food Festival Themes

Vegetarian Treat

Backyard Delicacies

The Steak Block

Backyard Dinner

Hanger Strike

A Bit Of Everything

Farmers’ Treat

Oyster Oasis

House Food Party

Grape Escape

Vintage Brie

Taste of Parkersburg

Celebration of Love

Delicacy Town

Henley Food Festival

Delights of Suburbs

Trip To Food Land

Blossom Steak

Cupcakes Carnival

Exotic Treat

Grill Carnival

Scottish Food Fortnight

King Of Pulps

Zest Of Buffalo

Fight For Dish

The Bread Winner

Food Planet Expo

Healthy Drink Options

LuckyRice Festival

Wine Deluxe

Food Festival Name Ideas

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How to Pick a Food Festival Name Ideas

That are already taken could be a good starting point. You can also look up food festivals in your area to see what they’re called.

If you end up with an idea that is similar to another festival, you might want to change it a little bit or come up with something completely different.

Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect name for food festival:

1.     Your name should reflect your personality and the kind of food you serve

Food festivals can be thought of as a celebration of the food itself. The name should reflect this and reflect your personality.

It should relate to food and the kind of people who will attend your festival. Your name should convey the concept that you are celebrating food and its culture.

Food Odyssey

Flavor Of Youth

Dive In Delicacies

Take Me To Taquitos

Raw & Roasted

Five State Cravings

A Bite Of Luxury

Dining During the Day

Crawling Crumbles

Savoury Bites

Lightweight Cellar

Bread Delight

Heavenly Feast

Burger Fair

Carnivore Carnival

2.     Use a name that is similar to your festival’s theme

If you are organizing a food festival that’s all about Italian food, your name should sound like Italian. Do not use something like “The Great Food Festival” or “The Food Festival”.

Taste Of Paris

Treat of Farming

Seafood Side

Melbourne Food Fest

Bridport Food Festival

Juicy Journey

Taste Grapeness

Alresford Watercress Festival

Only Organic Eats

Versatile Flavours

Barnes Food Fair

Flavour Festival

Taste Diversity

Bite Central

Trends Of Taste

3.     It is also a good idea to make the name of your festival consistent

If you are organizing a food festival that’s all about Indian food, your name should sound like Indian. Again, don’t use something like “Curry in the Park” or “The Great Curry Festival”.

Naked Earth Pleasures

Feisty Fries Wheels

English Wine Week

Nirvana Vineyard

Midnight Cuisine

Clitheroe Food Festival

Fervent Flavors

Food at SOBE WFF

Mésamerica Festival

Llangollen Food Festival

Tables Of Delicacies

Breakfast Savoury

Wildfoods Festival

Cellar Storytellers

A Night of Taste

4.     Use keywords to attract attention

Keywords should be in the name of the festival and anywhere else you want to get attention, such as when using social media. Make sure that your keywords are unique.

Thrill Of Spice

The Tongue Wanderer

Beach Delight

Great Burger Treat

Baked Banquet

Bites & Drinks

Savory Oasis

Cheddar Episode

Rich Flavor Backyard

Global Flavors

Madrid Fusión

Tangy Tongues

Ramen Show

Tame The Tamales

Narberth Food Festival

5.     Use puns: Puns can be a fun way to name a food festival

People love puns, so make sure that your festival name is something people will remember. Try to make puns that are relevant to the food theme of the festival.

Taste of Madison

Century Cellar

Treats from Cambridge

Buffet Carnival

Mixed Wine Specials

Buffet At Tree House

Black Cherry Fair

American Delights

Ribeye Of The Storm

A Night In New York

Liquor Lotusland

Weekly Food Paradise

The Sample Sorcerer

Toothsome Tables

Savour Supper


In conclusion, there are many fun and unique food festival name ideas that will get people excited to attend.

Whether it’s a new and innovative festival or an old favorite with a new spin, these names will help to create a memorable event. So get creative and start planning your next food festival today!

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