560+ Technology & IT Company Name Ideas And Suggestions

Are you looking for futuristic-sounding technology and IT company names? We have a list of catchy and creative techy & related business name ideas that you can check out to find out the perfect and captivating name for your company.

These names belong to different categories including, App Development, Computers, Mobiles, Applications, Green Tech, Hardware, Information Technology, and Software.

IT Company Names

These are most catchy information technology company names ever:

  • Dope tech
  • Trion Technology
  • Creative Information Tech
  • 7th Tower Software
  • Lane Information Technology
  • Ovid Technologies
  • Hybrid Tech
  • Triple IT
  • Buildie Tech
  • Aurora Apps
  • Capstone Technology
  • Scientech
  • Code Red Technology
  • Encoders Unlimited
  • Fiscal Analytics
  • Horizon PC Professionals
  • Computer Task Group Inc.
  • Bluelight Suites Software
  • Cornerstone Information Technologies
  • Hashtag Web Consultants
  • Next Information Systems
  • Radioactive Applications
  • Smart Tech Support
  • OmniSoft Technologies
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • Bluelight Suites Software
  • TriTech International
  • Cryptical Software
  • Vantage Point App Service
  • Haute House Data
  • Radiance Software
  • Hopper Technologies
  • Sky High Tech
  • Astray Applications
  • InTouch Software
  • Hashtag Web Consultants

Technology Company Names

These are the cute and creative tech company names to inspire your ideas:

  • Computer Bytes
  • Neft
  • Favicon Tech Repair
  • Tatech
  • Allien Apps
  • Windy technology
  • Triad Software
  • Cornerstone IT company
  • Green Touch
  • Date probe
  • PC Testers
  • Tech Cargo
  • IT Analysts
  • Thrive Encode
  • Hardware Point

Tech Company Name Ideas

Here are the creative tech company name ideas to inspire you:

  • AutoPilot Software
  • Bluelight Suites Software
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Coral Information Technology
  • Data Backup Pros
  • Dopetech
  • EchoPress Applications
  • Element Web Development
  • Encoders Unlimited
  • First Information Technology Services
  • Global Information Technology
  • Golden Analytical Software
  • High Voltage Software
  • Hot Wired Web Applications
  • InTouch Software
  • Iron Clad Software
  • Lane Information Technology
  • Launchpad Web Developers
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • Mad Mobile Develment
  • Mortar Software
  • Orion Solutions
  • Marcell Technology

Tech Brand Names

The following are the brandable tech name ideas:

  • Launchpad Web
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • Marine Techies
  • Mortar Tech Solutions
  • Neptune Technologies
  • Omega Mobile Co
  • Orion Solutions
  • Pixels Technical Solutions
  • Program Painter
  • Radiance Tech Solutions
  • Ringer the Cool
  • Sim Sam Techies
  • The Tower Ideas
  • The Code Giant
  • The Soft Crafts
  • Titan Techies
  • SouthShade
  • Trioline Technology
  • Hellinex Technology
  • TechDots

Technology Names For Company

These are the catchy names related to technology:

  • Byte This App
  • Codex My Project
  • Creative Codes
  • Cybill Technologies
  • Data Backup Pros
  • Dev Minimal
  • Dev that Speaks
  • Echo Press Applications
  • Element Web Development
  • Exodus Development
  • Farley Technology
  • Genesis Systems
  • Giddy Up Applications
  • Godfather Analytics
  • Grow Awe Plus
  • Hashtag Consultants
  • High Voltage Ideas
  • Hopper Technologies
  • Insource IT
  • Iron Clad Codes

Hi Tech Company Names

Here are the hi tech company names examples and ideas:

  • Mottus Technology
  • All Native Designs
  • Developers Thrill
  • Alien Apps
  • Aubrey Analytics
  • B Plus Data
  • BNL Programmers
  • Magma Technology
  • Sienna Hightech
  • Empire Technology
  • Urban Seven Hightech
  • Dynamo tech
  • River soft Technology Solutions
  • Tech Threads
  • Ronin Tech Technology Solutions
  • Tri-Tech International
  • Twin Apps
  • Your Code Artistic
  • ElitePlay
  • WestCoast

Technical Names For Company

Some of the best technical names for IT companies are:

  • Parallax Programmers
  • Pixels Technical Solutions
  • Radioactive Applications
  • Red Light Solutions
  • Revel Technology
  • Sage Solutions
  • Skyline Web Solutions
  • Logan Technology
  • Embrenn
  • BlueRock
  • HammetTime
  • MexiNext
  • Victormark
  • Merlin Technology
  • Alpha wave Hightech
  • Rivermark Hightech
  • Victor Technology
  • TechCraft
  • GlamaBerg
  • TechMax Technology
  • Ferbion Technology

IT Company Names Suggestions

Following are the great IT and tech startup name ideas and suggestions:

  • Smart Tech Support
  • Vantage Point App Service
  • SoftRock Inc.
  • ProSoft Technology Group
  • Millennium Technology Value Partners
  • Living Earth Technology Co.
  • Innovative Technology Authority
  • Infosys
  • DuPont Fabros Technology Inc
  • Carahsoft Technology Corporation
  • Adept Technology Solutions
  • Follex Technology Solutions
  • Magma Tech Technology
  • Getfly Technology
  • Techwide
  • Octane Tech
  • Trifecta Bit Technology
  • Falcon Tech
  • Superova Technology
  • Rank able Technology Solutions
  • VividSupply
  • Xing Hightech
  • Ellipse Technology
  • Indigo Technology
  • Falcon Hightech
  • Infinite Material

IT company names

The above tech and IT company names for your inspiration and to help you come up with new techy business name ideas.

Some of the above names are, however, unique. But you still need to confirm their availability as people who found them earlier might have taken them.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the characteristics of good business names. It will make the naming of your tech company easier.

Characteristics of great business names

How to Name a Tech & IT Company

These tips will help you name your tech company:

1. Make A Short List Of Technology Company Names

Many tech and related names have been enlisted above. While reading them, you can brainstorm more new names and make a small list of your favorite ones.

You can take help from your company officials and friends in brainstorming techy names for your company. Once you’re done, now is the time to discuss the relevant and acceptable names. Finally, you’ll have to pick one of the most suitable and catchy names.

2. It Should Be A search-friendly Name.

Any technology company would need to be available online. For this purpose, it is important that the name should be internet friendly.

When a customer types a keyword in Google, they must find your website quickly. The same is also needed for popular social media platforms.

So, don’t go for common technology company names, as everyone does. Otherwise, your company website would be buried down in the inner pages of Google.

3. Keep it short.

Think of the top technology brands in the world! Their name mostly consists of one or two words. For example, Nike, Reebok, Walmart, etc.

More than half of the businesses names consist of characters in the range of 17 to 24. If you keep your tech company name short, you’ll find it useful while marketing your business.

4. Select An Easy-To-Spell And Pronounce Name

Who would want a name that common people will have a hard time pronouncing it? Difficult names send the wrong message and the even worse news is that the promotion of the business goes waste.

Moreover, the chances of getting referrals from the word of mouth would become very low. So, it would be great to give your tech company a name that would be easy to spell out.

5. Come up with a unique tech name.

Try to be original. For example, the most common names such as “John’s tech” should be avoided for techy businesses. It is important to be unique, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd.

6. Convey Your Brand Essence

One of the important parameters while naming a tech company is to convey the specialty of your business. Make your name reflect your core work. The customers should come to know about what you offer them through the name of your company.

How about an example? Codal is a company that has expertise in coding, engineering and web portals. The name suggest these services, doesn’t it?

7. Say it out loud.

Some name ideas just look good on paper and they sound confusing when spoken! So, to make sure your tech or IT company name sounds good, you should speak it out loud.

8. Make it catchy and Memorable.

Your company name needs to resonate with customers. It must catch their eyes and mind. Definitely, you’re just starting now.

But you must keep the future of your company in mind and an eye-grabbing name will help you in attracting potential customers.

But the question is how do you know if some name is catchy and memorable? Well! You can’t pre-determine, however, you can use your gut feeling and other’s opinions.

9. Consider It for Long Term.

Technology companies take time to grow. With time, the services and products go on increasing. Also, innovations are now faster than ever.

So, while naming your technology company, remember that a very specific name would limit your growth. You can’t change your company later for the sake of the products you’ll be offering later on, right?

10. Make Sure It Is Available As A Trademark.

You come up with an original and distinct name. Definitely, you won’t want it to safe and secure from any potential theft. So, first, you’ll have to look if you can trademark the tech company name you have come up with.

Visit You’ll find out all the resources and information you need to know about the trademark.

11. Bonus Tip! Take advantage of brainstorming tools.

Did you ever hear of tools that can come up with technology name ideas for you for free right away? Shopify and Namelix are the most popular name generators available online.

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