185 Popular and Cool Ipad Name Ideas

Naming an iPad seems pretty straightforward- after all, it is just a big tablet. One of the great things about owning a tablet is that there are so many different names for them.

So if you’re thinking about getting yourself an iPad, but don’t know what to call it, here’s a look at what may be the best ipad name ideas.

When naming an ipad, you need to think about the brand name associated with it. If you want to keep your tablet’s identity distinct from other devices that do similar things, one of the best names would be something like kindle or nook.

If you want to be more creative and really stand out, you can name it something fun. If you want to give your tablet a silly name while still retaining the brand association, you can go with something like poodle or muppet.

If you want to go even further, you can start calling it an ipad or an ipad mini. While these names may not be the most original, they are certainly memorable and memorable is a good thing when naming a product.

Another way to come up with ipad names is to find a common word that fits your particular product. If you are naming a device that is used for reading, such as an ipad, then you can use the common word of book in the name, such as kindle.

If you are naming a device that is used for writing, such as an ipad mini, then you can use the common word of paper in the name, such as notepad.

The final way to come up with a name for your ipad is to use the word iPad. This is a very common word in the English language, and it also happens to be a trademarked name.

Ipad Name Ideas



Tripin’ Beat

Annoying Machine

Apple Phonies

Bored Banana

It’s my Doll


Dino Nuggets

Willy Wonka

George Bush

Black Panther

Triple Camera

You can’t afford it

Win with Apple


Couch Kiddos

Just a showoff

Panini Head


Ipad Name Puns

Chocolate Bath

Bonny Lass


Detective Apple

Talking Thingy

Tipsy Chicken

Bloody Mary

Autumn Glory



Brutus Device

Popsicle Sucker


Junk Juice

Dangerous Karma

The Cameo

Zero Tolerance

Batman in Jail

Sizzling Popcorn

Balls Squeezer

Unique Device Names

Sofa Potato


Natural Apple

Butt Alive



Queen Bee


Have a fruit

Don’t Apple-Y Me

Chili Mango

Bloody Ploughman


Aladdin; The genie

Roses and Apple


Don’t contact it


Couch Potato

I Paid iPad

What are some good ipad name ideas?



Bad Karma


Organic Apple

Netflix Nerd

Zombie Time

iPhone’s not mine

Dead Kit Kat

Don’t touch it


Mary Jane

It’s very Appleing

I’m Blue

Steve’s Apple


Crappy and Cranky

Sofa Kiddos

Electric Apple

Eyes of Apple

Ipad Name Ideas

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How to Pick an Ipad Name Ideas

There are a lot of things you need to think about when picking an ipad name. First, you need to think about what you are going to use the ipad for.

Do you want to use it as a reading device? Then you will probably want to pick an name that is related to books, such as kindle or book.

Here are a few tips for coming up with an ipad name ideas:

1.     Choose a name that reflects your personality

If you are a geek who enjoys reading books and playing games, then you should consider picking a name that reflects this. You should also choose an ipad name ideas that is not so common.

If you pick something too common, people will probably already have it picked out before they hear the name.


Insta Born




iPhone Twelve

Google Head

Angels Eyeballs



Fats Salad

Wallet’s empty

Hi, it’s an iPhone

Funny Thugs


2.     Think of the kinds of things you like to do with your ipad

If you like to play games, then there are tons of ipad names ideas that revolve around games. Or if you enjoy reading, then there are plenty of ipad names that relate to books and reading.

Think about what your friends will think when they hear your name.



Sherlock’s Apple

Buy me an apple



Public Hugs

Afterlife Awakes


Green Crack

Born Expensive

Dimple Girl

Hot Popcorn

Richie Rich


3.     Pick an idea that relates to the purpose of your ipad

You should pick names that reflect the purpose of your ipad. Pick a name that you can easily remember and then use it often.


Black Death

Big Apple


Cripps Pink


Home Raid





Bunch of Apple

Bacon Lover



4.     Pick an idea related to your favorite hobby or activity

Or pick a name that is related to your favorite hobby or activity. Pick a name that you can relate to and use often. If your ipad is for work, then pick names like work or office, etc. Pick an idea that you can relate to and use often.

Apple Fever

Put it back

Emptied my account

Anaconda Cells

Squirrel Kids

Brutus System

Miss Piggy

Fat Salad

Dimple Woman

Just an eaten apple

Apple a day

Nameless Child

Tiger’s Eye

Squirrel Children


5.     Use your imagination and have fun with this

Pick a name that is from your favorite book or movie. Pick a name that is related to your favorite author, movie or song. If you are doing this for school, pick a name related to the subject of the class you’re taking.


Arjun; The winner


Rich Boy


Child Doodles

House Raid


Mad Max!


Tipsy Hen


Killer Karma


Itchy Blonde


In conclusion, there are many different names that could be given to the iPad. It is up to the individual to decide which name they like best.

The iPad is a great device that can be used for many different purposes. It is important to choose a name that represents the individual’s personality and interests.

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