975 Phone Case Business Name Ideas

In today’s digital age, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without a smartphone.

And with the increasing demand for phone cases to protect and personalize these devices, the phone case business has become a highly competitive and lucrative industry.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur looking to venture into this market or an existing business owner aiming to rebrand, choosing the right name for your phone case business is crucial.

A catchy and memorable business name can make a lasting impression and set your brand apart from the competition.

But with so many options to consider, coming up with the perfect name for your phone case business can be daunting. That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of creative and unique phone case business names to help inspire and guide your naming process.

Whether you’re aiming for a trendy and modern name or something more classic and sophisticated, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your business on our list.

So let’s dive in and find the ideal name for your phone case business!

Tips for Phone Case Business Names (1)

Phone Case Business Names

Minty Cases



Adore Cases

The Private


fauna armor

Fancy Cases



Rates Group

Zippy Cases

The Nearest

Touch Group

Poles Works


Ace’S Cases

Sno Cases 2

Say Designs

Yummy Cases

Apple Cases

Cellular Co


Phone Asset

Portable Co



Press Works


Rotary Ring

Armor Smart

Phone Pouch


Crazy Locks

Reply Group


Phone Files

The caseify


Phone Casez

Clever Case

The Prepaid

Phone Cases

Mobile Bitz

Case Pizazz

Issue Works



Crank Works


Remote Ring

Safe Phones

Var Designs

Sound Group

The Outside

The Daytime

Earpiece Co


Smart Cases

Press Group



Dollar Smart

Empire Cases

Open Call Up

Line Call Up

Tiny’s Phone

The Distance


Pirahna Jaws

Strong Cases


Amazing Case

Bounce Cases

Case and Day

Gold Leather

Saving Cases

Apparatus Co

Camera Works

Might Knight

The Landline

Phone Savers

Hush Call Up



Headphone Co

The Unlisted

The Case Pro

Armor Shield

Leather Case



Cradle Works


Metro Phones

Best Phone Case Business Name Ideas

Jack Designs


Dovado Cases


Epic Leather

I Phone Case

The Case Co.

Sharp Sheath

Expert Cases



Number Group

Case Surface

Design Cases

Number Works

Prepaid Ring

Comply Group

Hermes Guard

Case Solvers


Phone Planet

Case Matters

Craft a Case

Prepaid Call

Sprint Fling

Cord Designs

Dream Covers

Theirs Works

Attic Whimsy

The Upstairs

jokers crown

Gone Designs

Custom Cases

Ring Trading

Co Ordinates

Nearest Call

Speech Sound

Earphone Pro



Booth Designs

Silicone Case

Distance Call

The Fashioned

Defined Cases

Screen Shield


Nearest Sound

Fashion Phone

Phone Case Up

My Secret One

No Smash Zone


Crystal Scape

Cell Earpiece


Horizon Cases


The Anonymous



The Casesmith


Appeals Works

Crafted Cases

Chalk n’ Cell

Cellular Ring

The Phone Box

Red Telephone


My Phone Mate


Contact Works

Address Group

Calling Group

Truly Covered

Mobile Heroes

Phone Digital


Chome Ring Co

Refereeing Co


Private Sound

Hanger Mobile

Fall Catchers

Sound Designs

Alarm Designs

Haute Couture

Collect Works

Skins Face It

Smartphone HQ


Colorful Cube

Case Up Phone

Best Phone Case Business Name Ideas (1)

Funny Phone Case Business Names


Case and Cams

The The Sound

Hush Earpiece

One & Company

Grenades proof


Bloody Call Up

Cellphone Spot

Case Solutions

Beeper Designs

Unlisted Sound

Insight Mobile

Imperial Cases


Minute Designs

Case-World Co.

Up Phone Cases

Cranks Designs

IronLion Shell

Direct Protect

Pure Case Race

Encrypted Ring

The Phone Guyz

Metro Cover It

Creative Cases

Mobile Fun Ltd

Bespoke Design

Watson Designs

Asterisk Works

Wolverine roar

Zeus VelValise

Bass PointCase

Case In Action

Best Buy Cases

Asterisk Group

Ur Smart Phone

luxury Demeter

Answered Group

Damned Call Up


Truly Wireless

UAG Phone Case

TNT Phone Case




Earpiece Works

All Protectors

Lifetime Cases

Phone Phitters

His Collective

All Star Phone


Umbraa Leather

Plastic Covers

Hush Telephone

Cellular Works

Open Headphone

A+ Phone Cases

Two Chronicles

Face It Mobile

Number Designs

Sprint Factory

Video Earpiece

Hers & Company

Cradle Designs

Bell & Company

Gone & Company

Safe Telephone

Cell & Company

Move & Company


Done & Company

Nearest Call Co

High Tech Cases

Mobile Madhouse

Python Elegance

Taurus Elegance

Red Phone Cases

Rim Phone Cases

Pure Phone Case

Confidence Case

Buddys Wireless

Locks on Wheels

Mobile Cover It

The Rubber Pads

Outside Call Up

Appeals Designs

Tiny Ring Place


Apple Chermside

Case Up Mobiles

Mesa Phone Case

Phone Case Business Names Generator

One and Company

Wrap It Closure

Referer Designs

Cellphone Group

Case Controller

Symmetry Series


Video Telephone

Ring Collective

Spartan Leather

iWireless Cases

Encased Mobiles

The Phone Scoop

Tone Collective

King Phone Case

GTA Phone Cases

Important Cases

Vaporicez Cases

Cover Solutions

Mine Collective

Bars Collective

Powered Call Up

RK Mobile Phone

Phone Coveright

MerryCase Mates

My Kind of case

Innovation Line

Calling Designs

pfenix leathers

It’s Just Phone

Accessory Depot

Headphone Group

Protect Connect

Mind Chronicles

Tech Savvy case

Tied Collective

MAD Phone Cases

Amoi phone case

Jack Chronicles

Shield My Phone

Stylish Devices


Co Ordinates Co

Bell Chronicles

Gone Collective

Safe Phone Case

Cover with Case


Reply & Company


GalaxyPhone case


The Earpiece Pro

Phone Case Store

Button Telephone

Case Corporation

AZ Mobile Coverz

The Lollipop Box


TechSmith Design


Fixed Call Works

The Case Tailors

Phone Protectors

Wise Phone Cases

Collecting Works

Casing The Phone

Green Phone Case

Sound Collective

Cricket Wireless

Locksmith Fix It

Rates Chronicles

Contacts Designs

Clove Technology


The Case Upgrade

Rugged Tri-Folio

Sonic Phone Case

The Crystal Case

Style Your Phone

Addressing Works

Design in Action

Remote Telephone

Move and Company

Distance Call Up

Bell and Company

Powered Sound Co

Regular Earphone

Aircraft Designs

Green Lynx Cases

Gone and Company

The Case Masters

Lux Phone Scapes

Sears Phone Case

Cool Phone Case Business Name Ideas

Calls Chronicles

Cell and Company

Cell Phones Plus

Speech Sound Pro

The The Sound Co

Glow Phone Cases

Momo Phone Cases


Answered Designs

Sneaks and Sassy

Pockets and More

Get A Phone Case

Celluconic Cases

Button Cellphone


All iPhone Cases


Done and Company

A Case Exquisite

Tower Collective

Nearby Headphone

Posh Phone Cases

The Skinny Phone


U Buy Phone Case

Phone Cover Guys

Damned Cellphone

Comply & Company

The Nearest Ring

Bloody Cellphone

Beeper & Company

Mobile Cellphone

Barred & Company

Answer & Company

Trunk Chronicles

The Public Sound

Magic Phone Cases

Precision Choices

Crash Proof Cases

Theirs Collective

Mobiverse Designs

Safe Phone Screen


First Choice Case

Hush Earpiece Pro



Unbreakable Cases

Chandler Phone Co

Phone Case-Nation

The Phone Gallery

Tungsten Celltech

Interoffice Sound

Own Telephone Set

Nexus Phone Cases

Energy Smart Case

Phone case Locker

Phone Personality

Mobile Essentials

Outside Headphone

PhoneCover For Me


Cartoon Art Cases


Republic Wireless

Appeal Chronicles



Phone Case by DDS

Cellphone Designs

Comply Collective

Lucky City Mobile


Luxury Rhino Hide

Phone in a Bottle

Macy’s Phone Case

Barred Collective

The Mobile People

Safe Speech Sound

Cover Phone Cases

Stampede Phone Co

Catchy Phone Case

Number Collective

Carefree Carriers

Safe Telephone Co

Headphone Designs

Cradle Chronicles

Poetic phone case

Cab Co phone case

Cranks Chronicles


Daytime Headphone


Phage Phone Cases

Cool Phone Case Business Name Ideas (1)

Read Also:

Good Phone Case Business Name Ideas


Telephone Set Pro

Reply and Company

Mobile Design Co.

Pink Speech Sound

Strong Phone Case

Satellite Call Up

Apparatus Designs


Collect & Company

Red Telephone Set

Testing & Company

Jazz It Phone Case

Secure Call Up Pro

Referer Chronicles

Design Phone Store

Inter Call Up Spot

Classic Phone Rack

Mobile Phone cover

Mind International

Encrypted Earpiece

Cases Incorporated

Feccio  Phone Case

Telephone Set Spot

Hermes Leatherware

HookUp Phone Cases

Phoenix Phone Care

Just 4 Phone Cases

Distance Telephone

Coil International

Monogrammed Mobile

Pink Earphone Spot

Chatter Chronicles

Layered Protection

Video Telephone Co

Galaxy Phone Cases

Phorce  Phone Case

True Value Cellars

Holster Collective

Apple Phone Repair

Active Cell Phones

Antenna Chronicles

Famous Phone Cases

Aparejo Phone Case

Call Up Chronicles

iMobile Case Store

Hers International

Testing Chronicles

Accessories Galore

My Cell Phone Case

Mobile Case A To Z

The Phone Boutique

Dazzle-Designs Co.

Answer and Company

Phone Case Experts

One Stop Wholesale

The Phone Slingers

Rubber Accessories

Armako  Phone Case

Damned Sound Group


Beeper and Company

Mobile Cover Kings

Barred and Company

StagOne Phone Case

Comply and Company

Unlock Phone Cases

Rugged iPhone Case

Case Modem Express

M2K Wireless Cases

The Own phone case


Bullet Proof Cases

Infinity Exclusive

Outside Ring Works

Refereeing Designs

Capistrano Leather

Personality Covers

Time International

Ankeral Phone Case

Crown Custom Cases

The Inter Earphone

Upstairs Headphone

Cranking & Company


Refereed & Company

Earphone & Company

Protect and Connect

GrnSlate Phone Case


Tune Up Phone Cases

Protectors Director

Babylon Phone Cases

Casey’s Phone Cases

Mobile Shop Business Names

The Case Specialist

Public Ring Designs

Phone Lice Freezers

Statement Cases Co.

Answered Chronicles

Collect and Company

Awesome Peach Cases

Coordinates Designs

Nearest Sound Place

A Better Phone Case

iTrendy Phone Cases

Monarch Phone Cases

Eclipsed Phone Case

Contacts Chronicles

Platinum Rose Cases

One-Stop Protection

Crank International

D and M Phone Cases

Custom Cell Content

Cheever  Phone Case

Concept Phone Cases

Satellite Cellphone

Press International

Mobile Cellphone Co

The Cellular Artist

telehide Phone Case

The Public Sound Co

AllTech Phone Cases

Contacts Collective

MegaTec  Phone Case

Lovely Cases Like U

pegasoar Phone Case

Silent Call Designs

Phantom Phone Cases

godskin  Phone Case

Big Drop Protection

Portable Collective

Phoenix Phone Cases

Silent Speech Sound

Telephone Set Place

Testing and Company

CellSell phone case

First Phone Designs


Telephone Set Group


Staples Phone Cases

CudaWare Phone Case

Crystal Phone Cases

Cranking Collective

Go Phone Case Store

Video Sound Trading

Cellphone & Company

Cordless Collective

Headphone & Company

Tiny Call & Company

Majestic Phone Cases

Stitching It Up Hand

The Chome Ring Group

Barred International

Refereed and Company

Satellite Call Up Co

Case-ify Phone Cases

The Nearest Ring Pro

Premium Phone Covers

GrnSlate  Phone Case

Nerd’s Paradise Inc.

Mate Phone Coverings

Duo Phone Collection

Tres Cuir Phone Case

Theirs International

A Case for Unlimited

Safe Headphone Works

Mate Phone Solutions

BullSkin  Phone Case

CaseTech Phone Cases

Flawless Phone Cases

Bloody Cellphone Pro

Creative Phone Cases

Envelope  Phone Case

Pink Speech Sound Co

Platinum Phone Cases

iDesignz Phone Cases

Apparatus Collective

The Phone Case Squad

Cellphone Cases Plus

Prepaid Speech Sound

Earphone and Company

Absolute Accessories

Cellitron Phone Case

The Phone Case Store

Icy Fox Mobile Cases

Touchwiz Phone Casez

Headphone Chronicles

Catchy Phone Case Business Names

Line Call Collective

Safe Telephone Works

Hush Call Collective

Cranking and Company

Hounskull Phone Case

Pink Call phone case

The Fizzy Phone Case

Mobile Outfitters UK

Easel Tech Solutions

HALO Brand Solutions

Phone Cases By Vicky

Snooti’s  Phone Case

Telephone Collective

Silent Earpiece Spot

Line Ring Chronicles

Fortcuir  Phone Case

Encrypted Ring Works

Cell Phones and More

LexoPiel  Phone Case

The Nearby Sound Pro

Secure Sound Trading

Digital Ring Trading

Tiny Call Up Trading

Headphone Trading Co

Closest Ring Trading

Regular Call Trading

Cellphone and Company

Chatter International

Mobile Cellphone Spot

Call Up International

Celebrity Phone Cases

Headphone and Company

All About Phone Cases

Closest Call Up Place

Own Speech Sound Spot

Fixed Cellphone Group

Fashioned Sound Place

Phone Case Indulgence

Connection Collective

Tiny Call and Company

Shatterproof N Serene

Piccadilly Clear Case

Cellular Call Up Spot

Upstairs Headphone Co

Tech Accessories Guru

Addressing Chronicles

Crusted Paint Slinger

Addressing Collective

Red Telephone Set Pro

Celling Awesome Cases

Outside Call Up Place

The Public phone case

Call and Case Gallery

The Phone Skins Store

Nearest Telephone Set

Interoffice Headphone

Refereeing Collective

EnduraHide Phone Case

Safe and Pretty Cases

Telephone Set Designs

Silent Call & Company

The Distance Earphone

The Outside Telephone

Coordinates & Company

Contact International

Closest Telephone Set

Bloody Ring Chronicles

Encrypted Speech Sound

Contacts International

Mobile Cellphone Works

The Inter Earphone Pro

Anonymous Earphone Pro

Safe Phone Accessories

Coordinated Chronicles

LuxuryFits  Phone Case

Smartphone Accessories

Powered Earphone Works

Fashioned Speech Sound

Distance Sound Designs

Lucky Phone Cases Shop

TrapCone Case and More

Video Sound Trading Co

The Rotary Sound Place

Bandbadass Phone Cases

Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio

Aircraft International

Customized Phone Cases

MedusaHide  Phone Case

Cranking International

hide armor  Phone Case

Cellular Earpiece Spot

Indestructible Designs

Shatterproof Situation

Catchy Phone Case Business Names (1)

Unique Phone Case Business Name Ideas

Refereed International

Satellite Speech Sound

Secure Cellphone Works

Own Speech Sound Group

Unique Mobiles Outfits

Co Ordinates & Company

The Red Ring & Company

Digital Ring & Company

Speech Sound & Company

The Public Call Up Spot

Electric Lighting Cases

Video Cellphone Designs

Regular Call Trading Co

Distance Cellphone Spot

Line Telephone Set Spot

Comic Phone Accessories

Closest Cellphone Place

Fearless Phone Ventures

Line Call Up Collective

Exchanged International

Tropical Mobile Designs

Patent Cell  Phone Case

Coordinates and Company

Wacom Phone Case Outlet

The Best Case Scenarios

Copperhead Phone Covers

leather lure Phone Case

Mobile Cases and Covers

Outside Telephone Place

Prepaid Headphone Group

Digital Ring Trading Co

Perfect-Fit Phone Cases

Distance Earphone Group

Secure Sound Trading Co

Speech Sound Chronicles

Connectivity Collective

Closest Ring Trading Co

Tiny Call Up Trading Co

Sassy SmartPhone Covers

Daytime Cellphone Place

Powered Sound & Company

Prepaid Cellphone Place

The Cell Call Up Designs

Interoffice Speech Sound

Mobile Skins of Surprise

The Satellite Call Works

The Headphone Collective

The Red Ring and Company

Red Speech Sound Designs

Tiny Telephone Set Group

The Electronic Treasures

The Cell Call Chronicles

chic shields  Phone Case

The Distance Earphone Co

Powered Sound Chronicles

Phone Rubber Accessories

Speech Sound and Company

Closest Telephone Set Co

Co Ordinates and Company

Outside Earphone Trading

The Prepaid Earphone Spot

T-Mate Mobile Accessories

The Inter Ring Chronicles

The Cell Phone Specialist

Razzle-Dazzle Accessories

Powered Sound and Company

The Wireless Call Designs

The Outside Telephone Pro

Customized Case Creations

Interoffice Call Up Group

Dazzling Phone Protection

Damned Ring International

FRĒ Series Waterproof Case

Regular Speech Sound Works

Closest Call International

Eco Friendly Phones Covers

RhinoShield SolidSuit Case

Nearest Telephone Set Place

Transatlantic Call Up Works

Outside Earphone Trading Co

The Cellphone International

Pick ‘n Choose Mobile Cases

Regular Telephone & Company

Interoffice Sound & Company

Double Rainbow Silicone Case

The Cell Sound International

The Fixed Call Up Collective

iPhone Intelligence Solutions

Regular Telephone and Company

The Pink Speech Sound Designs

Safe Telephone Set Collective

More Name Ideas:

Creative Approaches to Phone Case Business Naming

1. Exploring Unique and Catchy Terms Related to Phone Cases

Tech-Inspired Language: Incorporate terms related to technology, gadgets, or phone features. Examples include “GizmoGuards” or “TechWrap Designs.”

Case-Related Imagery: Use words that evoke the protective nature of phone cases, such as “ShieldCraft” or “GuardianGear.”

2. Incorporating Design Elements or Materials into the Name

Material Focus: Highlight the materials used in your phone cases, like “LeatherLux Cases” or “CarbonCraft Covers.”

Design-centric Names: Emphasize the design aspect with names like “ArtistryCases” or “ChicArmor.”

3. Utilizing Wordplay, Puns, or Alliteration

Playful Puns: Infuse humor or playfulness into the name with puns, like “PunnyProtectors” or “CaseCraze.”

Alliteration Appeal: Create memorable names using alliteration, such as “SleekShield” or “PhoneFashion.”

4. Considering Trends in the Tech and Fashion Industries

Tech Trend Integration: Stay current with tech trends by incorporating relevant terms like “SmartStyle Cases” or “FutureTrend Covers.”

Fashion Forward: If your phone cases align with fashion trends, use names like “TrendyTech Wraps” or “CoutureCovers.”

5. Embracing Lifestyle and User Experience

Adventure Themes: If your phone cases are designed for adventure seekers, consider names like “ExplorerShields” or “VentureArmor.”

User-Centric Names: Highlight the experience of using your cases, such as “ErgoGrip Covers” or “ComfyHold Tech.”

6. Personalization and Customization

Personal Touch: If your business offers customizable cases, incorporate terms like “MyStyle Shields” or “CustomCrafted Covers.”

Individuality Focus: Emphasize uniqueness with names like “DistinctiveWraps” or “OneOfAKind Cases.”

7. Pop Culture and Trendy References

Pop Culture Tie-ins: Integrate popular culture references or trends into your name, like “GeekChic Cases” or “RetroGuardian.”

Seasonal Themes: Consider names that align with seasons or holidays for timely appeal.

8. Innovative and Futuristic Naming

Tech Innovation: Showcase innovation with names like “FutureTechArmors” or “InnoGuard Cases.”

Sleek and Modern: If your cases have a modern aesthetic, use names like “SvelteShields” or “UrbanGuard Covers.”

9. Minimalist and Elegant Approaches

Simplicity Matters: Opt for minimalist names that convey elegance, like “PureShield” or “SleekSilhouette.”

Classic Elegance: Use timeless terms for a classic touch, such as “TimelessCovers” or “ClassicGuard.”

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Phone Case Business Naming

1. Ambiguity or Lack of Clarity

Vague Terms: Avoid using overly abstract or unclear terms that don’t convey the purpose of your phone cases. Clarity is key for attracting the right customers.

Misleading Names: Ensure the name accurately represents the style, design, or features of your phone cases to avoid confusing potential buyers.

2. Neglecting Online Presence Considerations

Domain Availability: Failing to check the availability of the chosen name as a domain can hinder your ability to establish a dedicated website.

Social Media Handles: Overlooking the availability of the name on major social media platforms may result in inconsistencies and challenges in building a cohesive online presence.

3. Failing to Resonate with the Target Market

Mismatched Tone: Ensure the tone of the name aligns with the preferences of your target market. A mismatch could lead to a disconnect and potential disinterest.

Ignoring Demographics: Neglecting the specific interests and preferences of your target demographic may result in a name that doesn’t resonate.

4. Choosing Names that Limit Future Product Lines

Overly Specific Terms: Avoid names that pigeonhole your business into a narrow niche, especially if you plan on expanding your product lines in the future.

Trend-Centric Names: While it’s tempting to adopt trendy terms, be cautious about names that might become outdated as trends change.

5. Neglecting Legal and Trademark Considerations

Trademark Checks: Ensure the chosen name is not already trademarked by another entity. This prevents potential legal issues and protects your brand.

Legal Compliance: Verify that the selected name complies with legal requirements, including copyright restrictions.

6. Ignoring Cultural Sensitivity

Global Considerations: If your business targets a global audience, be mindful of cultural differences and potential misinterpretations of names.

Language Nuances: Ensure that the chosen name doesn’t have unintended meanings or connotations in different languages.


In summary, naming your phone case business requires careful consideration to avoid common mistakes.

Clarity, relevance, and resonance with your target market are crucial.

Creative approaches, such as incorporating design elements or using catchy terms, can make your business stand out.

Steer clear of ambiguity, ensure online availability, and think about future growth.

A well-crafted name not only represents your brand but also contributes significantly to its success.

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