450 Interior Design Company Names That You’ll Love

Embarking on the journey of establishing your own interior design company is an exciting endeavor.

Your creative flair, coupled with an eye for aesthetics, is ready to transform spaces and bring dreams to life.

However, before you delve into the world of design, there’s one crucial step that requires your attention: naming your interior design company.

This name will become the cornerstone of your brand, reflecting your style, values, and the essence of your design philosophy.

Let’s explore the art of naming your interior design company and discover a myriad of captivating possibilities.

Interior Design Company Names

OpulentVisions Interiors

ChicCanvas Designs

LuxeNest Creations

ArtistrySpace Studios

AmbientAlchemy Interiors

EleganceHaven Designs

VelvetAura Interiors

RadiantReverie Studios

SerenitySymphony Designs

AuroraBloom Interiors

TimelessTides Design Co.

BeyondBlueprint Interiors

UrbanZen Creations

CelestialChic Designs

EnchantedElegance Interiors

Reflect Your Style: Choose a name that reflects your design style or approach, whether it’s modern, traditional, minimalistic, or eclectic.

TranquilFusion Studios

EclecticEvolve Interiors

DreamWeave Design Studio

RenaissanceRealm Interiors

EvolveSpaces Creative

Aesthetic Living Spaces

Elegance Haven

DecoVogue Studios

LuxeNest Creations

ChicSpace Concepts

Ambiance Artistry

Envisioned Dwells

Serenity Scapes

Harmony Homescapes

ModaFusion Interiors

Use Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords such as “interiors,” “design,” “spaces,” or “decor” to clearly convey your business focus.

Urban Euphoria Designs

Graceful Abodes

Décor Odyssey

Imprint Interiors

Elite Décor Haven

StyleCraft Studios

Flourish & Form

Opulent Horizons

DreamWeave Concepts

VerveSpaces Innovations

Infinite Design Realms

Radiant Residence Crafters

PurePalette Studios

Innovare Living

Enchanté Dwelling

CosmoNest Creations

Beyond Walls & Floors

The Design Canvas

VivaLux Studios

Havenly Habitat

Best Interior Design Company Names

DecoDelight Studios

PrestigePalette Interiors

LuxeLoom Design Co.

NobleNest Creations

MajestyMark Interiors

GrandeurGrove Studios

RegalRhapsody Designs

PoshPanache Interiors

EliteElegance Studios

VerveVista Design Co.

HauteHaven Interiors

ElysianEcho Studios

VisionVogue Designs

MajesticMosaic Interiors

PrimeParagon Studios

Puns and Wordplay: Play with words, phrases, or idioms related to interior design to create a memorable and clever name.

AffluenceAlchemy Designs

OpalOracle Interiors

ImperialInk Studios

MonarchManifest Designs

ResplendentRoot Interiors

PrismPro Interiors

Maison Dazzle

SplendidSpace Studios

Artistry Haven

PoshPalette Designs

Living Loom Artistry

Signature StyleScapes

The Homestead Collective

Éclat Living Concepts

NovaNook Innovations

Local Flair: Incorporate your location or city name to show that you’re rooted in a specific area or community.

Interior Design Company Names

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Evoke Emotion: Select words that evoke positive emotions like “harmony,” “serenity,” or “elegance” to connect with your clients on a deeper level.












Personal Touch: Use your name or initials in the company name to add a personal touch and build a sense of trust.

Timeless Tidings

Zephyr Zenith Interiors

Panache Pioneers

UrbanEra Studios

Classic Verve Interiors

BloomSpace Creations

NobleNest Designs

The Living Canopy

Polished Perspectives

Luminous LivingCraft

PrestigePulse Studios

DecoSphere Innovations

RadiantRise Designs

UrbanCanvas Studios

QuaintQube Interiors



Pinnacle PoshSpaces

ChromaCraft Interiors

Enrapture Designs

Interior Design Company Names Ideas

FlourishFusion Studios

CanvasWhisper Designs

ImagineHue Interiors

TranquilRise Studios

ChromaVista Designs

CreoNest Interiors

HavenHue Studios

VerveVisage Designs

AlchemyAesthetics Interiors

ReverieRealm Studios

EpochEssence Designs

CraftedChapters Interiors

BeyondBorders Studios

ElysiumEcho Designs

SparkSerendipity Interiors

InfinitiInk Studios

OdysseyOasis Designs

RadiantReverie Interiors

Invent New Words: Combine existing words or parts of words to invent a unique and intriguing name that stands out.

ZenithZest Studios

BloomBoulevard Designs

EssenceEra Interiors

Ambrosia Abodes

MingleMosaic Studios

OpalOrchid Designs

NovaNest Innovations

Infinity Illuminates

Vivace Vistas

Enlivened Edens

Aura Alcove Studios

EthosElevate Designs

Storytelling: Craft a name that tells a story about your design philosophy or the experiences clients can expect.

Interior Design Company Names Ideas

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Other Names for Interior Design Company

SpatialSculpt Studios

AmbianceCraft Designs

FusionFinesse Interiors

PerceptPalette Studios

NimbusNest Designs

TerraTales Interiors

EvolveEra Studios

CrescendoCove Designs

HorizonHues Interiors

ArcaneAura Studios

KaleidoKraft Designs

EpochEnigma Interiors

EtherealEdges Studios

OpusOrbit Designs

LuminousLoom Interiors

QuestQuintessence Studios

Visual Imagery: Create a name that paints a vivid mental image of beautiful interiors or design concepts.

ResonateRhythm Designs

ProdigyPulse Interiors

VelvetVista Studios

SynergyScape Designs

Elysian DwellingCraft

Virtuoso Vignettes

InspireDwell Studios

VividVisions Innovations

EmbellishEden Creations

Odyssey Opulence

Mosaic Marvels

TrellisTide Studios

Utopia Urbane

RadianceRealm Designs

Simplicity: Opt for a simple and easy-to-pronounce name that sticks in people’s minds effortlessly.

TerraTone Interiors


Élan Elysium Studios

Ethereal Echo

Pantheon Palettes

HavenHue Innovations

PrismPath Interiors

GraceGrove Studios

UrbaneUplift Designs

Reflective Radiance


LustrousLiving Studios

ModaMorph Innovations

VerveVista Interiors

Aria Arbors

NuanceNook Designs

TimelessTide Studios

Euphoria Epoch

BelleBloom Innovations

Celestial Canvases

How to Come Up with a Catchy and Unique Interior Design Company Name?

Naming your interior design company is a creative process that involves brainstorming, inspiration, and careful consideration.

A memorable and distinctive name can set you apart in the competitive design industry, attracting potential clients and leaving a lasting impression.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to conjure up a catchy and unique interior design company name that resonates with your vision:

Reflect Your Style and Values

Your company name should mirror your design philosophy and values.

Consider the elements that define your approach, whether it’s minimalism, luxury, sustainability, or innovation.

Your company name should mirror your design philosophy and values, and it’s important to emphasize your specialization in interior design photography.

Consider the elements that define your approach, whether it’s minimalism, luxury, sustainability, or innovation.

For instance, you could have a name like ‘CapturaVision” which suggests an interior designing and photography service to reflect your design philosophy and values.

Example: “EcoLuxe Interiors” suggests a blend of eco-friendly practices with a touch of luxury.

Embrace Wordplay and Alliteration

Playful and clever use of words can make your name more memorable. Alliteration, rhyming, or puns can add a touch of whimsy.

Example: “Palette & Panache” combines the artistic aspect of design with a sense of style.

Invoke Emotions and Imagery

Use words that evoke emotions and paint vivid mental images, creating a strong connection with your potential clients.

Example: “SereneScape Studios” conjures images of tranquil and harmonious spaces.

Consider Future Expansion

Choose a name that will still resonate if your company diversifies its services or expands to new areas of design.

Example: “UrbanElegance Designs” leaves room for growth beyond interiors.

Keep it Short and Memorable

A concise and easy-to-pronounce name is more likely to stick in people’s minds. Avoid complicated or lengthy phrases.

Example: “ChicHaven” is short, snappy, and easy to remember.

Check for Availability

Before finalizing your name, ensure that the domain name and social media handles are available.

Example: If “EtherealEden Interiors” is taken, consider variations like “TheEtherealNest.”

While it’s essential to stay relevant, be cautious of overly trendy names that might become outdated.

Example: “RetroRevive Designs” may sound current now but might not age well.

Test the Name’s Resonance

Share potential names with friends, family, or colleagues to gauge their reactions and gather feedback.

Example: If most people find “VividVisions Interiors” inspiring, it might be a winner.

Remember, your company name is a doorway into your design world. It’s a representation of your creativity, professionalism, and uniqueness.

Take your time, explore different possibilities, and let your imagination run wild as you discover the perfect name that encapsulates your design aspirations.

Just like a beautifully curated room, your company’s name should evoke a sense of wonder and leave a lasting impression.

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