185 Catchy Names for Hotspot That are Clever

If you’ve ever used your phone to check flight schedules or look up directions, then you’ve used a hotspot. A hotspot is a wireless connection that allows you to use your phone’s data connection without having to use the cellular network.

There are many hotspots around the world, and each has a different name. There are so many different ways you can get clever names on hotspot.

The first thing to come up with a hotspot name is to use your current location! To get the most creative, you should look up what the hotspot is called in your area. After this, you can start brainstorming words that relate to where you are. A great place to start is with the name of a street or landmark nearby. If you have time, the more creative you get, the better!

It’s important to develop a hotspot name that is different from all the others, which will make people remember it when they use it. Add a little personality to your hotspot. After you have come up with a name for it, the next step is to add some personality to it. This can be done by making it funny or clever.

For example, some hotspots are called “The Caffeine Bar” or “The Pub.” You can also give it a name that will make you laugh when you hear it. If it’s not spelled correctly, people will just think that you are lazy and won’t remember it. Try to make your hotspot name as entertaining as possible.

Hotspot Names

Net Neutral

Will U Marry Me

The Lethal Weapon


Benjamin FrankLAN

Connecto Patronum

Lan Solo


Rebellious Amish Family

Unprotected WiFi

The Night’s PiΠg

Routers of Rohan

Wireless Fidelity

I Believe Wi Can Fi

Fight on LAN


Click here to get Virus

Hotspot in range

Starbucks free WiFi

Ping’s Landing

Wifi Hotspot Names

Wi-Fi from Mars

Use At Your Own Risk

High Fi The Wi Fi

Wu-Tang LAN


Dance Monkey

Move on dude

Linksys Lohan

Monster WiFi

Byte Me

Protected Cex

Serve your master

Low signal strength

12 Grimmauld Place

Knock Knock

Allergic To Outsiders

Clash of LANs

Vladimir Routin

Optimus Prime

Sesame Street

Professional SSID Names


Join My Bandwith


KunFi LANda

DyLAN Obrien

The Door to Narnia

Be My Wifi Friend

LAN of the free

Frodo Laggings

Arania Exumai

Work Hard Play Hard

Hacker WiFi

House LANnister

Deep Thought

The Buffering World

Do or die

The Ping of the North

The Creep Next Door

Missed Connections

Free Cex

What are some good hotspot names?

Last Try Left

404 Hotspot missing

Very Slow

Connect or Die

Low Bandwidth

Pass with Password

The Elder Wi_Fi

Give me Something in return

Winter Wonder LAN


Go Home Tourists

Premium 5G WiFi

Trust the LAN

Gone Catfishing

Unprotected Cex

Hotspot 42


Viruses Are Us

My neighbours suck

Hotspot Names

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How to Name a Hotspot

A good way to remember a hotspot’s name is by using the name of a famous person, place, or thing. For example, if you want to name your hotspot “The Tavern,” you could use the name “The Lincoln Inn” or “The Cheeseburger Place.”

If you want to make it more classy, use the name of a famous historical figure.

Here are a few things that will help you in choosing hotspot names:

1.     Add personality: Make it fun and memorable

Make it fun and memorable. If it is not memorable, people will never remember it. Add special meaning to your hotspot. It can be a place name or a word.

For example, you could name your hotspot “The Sandwich Shop” and add “The Home of the Big Mac” to it.

Common Room Wifi


It’s over Anakin

Hey, don’t use it

The LANdon Bridge

Password Is 1234


Access Denied

Cash First

The Last Lanbender


Drop your Password



Local Skynet

2.     Use keywords

Add a keyword that your hotspot name has in it. It can be a number, letter, or even a word. For example, if you want to name your hotspot “The Bar,” you could use the “B” keyword.

Undercover Bluetooth

Obi-LAN Kenobi

OBI WAN Kenobi


Router Rangers

Life of WiFi

Winona Router

Divine Intervention

Girls Gone Wireless

The Good Wi-fi


Ex WiFi

Not so wireless


Let them use it

3.     Use names that have puns or wordplay

It can be a word that has two meanings or a name with a funny meaning. For example, “The Bar with No Name” has no real name. Use catchy names that are easier to remember than the actual hotspot’s name.

Bedroom CAM 3

Banana Stand Money

Tyrian WLANnister

Get Off My LAN!

My Wi-Fi master

Dialup modem

Untrusted Network

WiFi not found

IP in the shower

Warren Buffers

It Hurts When IP

Wi-Fight Wi-Win

Basement Dweller

WiFried Chicken

Spider Web LAN

4.     Keep your hotspot name simple for easy recall

Use the same name that you would use for your hotspot on the site. If you have a lot of hotspots. Use a unique name that’s easy to remember but still descriptive.

For example, “The Coolest Bar” would be easier to remember than “The Bar.


Great WiFi Names



Theodore Routervelt

Bilbo Laggins

Love me first

Abraham Linksys

The Internet Messiah

Wave Force

Password on Delivery

The Promised LAN

Silly WiFi

Intense Musician

lesbian lover

5.     Avoid using special characters

Using these characters in your hotspot name If you have an unusual name that contains special characters, people may not be able to type it in correctly.

Unknown Device


This LAN is my LAN

The Silent Bandwidth

The Syncing Ship

Network Unavailable

Goodnight, No Wi-Fi

The Pentagon Network

Lord of the Pings

HawkEye WiFi

Frog Anteena’s

The Hotshot

Live Love Laugh


Connection Lost


In conclusion, it is evident that there are many different names for hotspots. While they may be called by different names in different parts of the world, they all serve the same purpose.

If you are looking for a place to get online while you are on the go, a hotspot is a great option.

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