560 Adorable Hippie Names For Baby

Are you looking for a unique and unconventional name for your child? Cool hippie names might be just what you’re searching for.

Embracing a free-spirited and bohemian vibe, hippie names are often inspired by nature, peace, and love.

From flower-inspired names to those with a strong tie to the earth and the universe, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgia of the 1960s and 70s or simply love the idea of a non-traditional name, the world of cool hippie names is full of creativity and meaning.

In this article, we’ll explore a list of cool hippie names that could be perfect for your little one.

Whether you’re interested in gender-neutral options or want to embrace a nature-themed name, there’s something for everyone.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of unique and whimsical names, keep reading for some inspiration.

My Favorite Hippie Names For You

  • Cove | Nature name – English
  • Apple | Fruit name – English
  • Summer | Word name – English
  • Fern | Nature name – English
  • Lotus | Lotus flower – Greek
  • Sunday | Word name – English
  • Crystal | Gem name – English
  • River | Nature name- English
  • Pine | Nature name – English
  • Diamond | Gem name – English

Hippie Names

Nova | New – Latin

Vita | Life – Latin

Pax | Peace – Latin

Luna | Moon – Latin

Lux | Light – Latin

Nero | Stern – Latin

Nova – “New” (Latin)

Lyric | Lyre – Greek

Hart | Stag – English

Soleil | Sun – French

Lulu | Pearl – Arabic

Basil | Regal – Greek

Pax (Latin) – “Peace”

Lux (Latin) – “Light”

Opal | Gem – Sanskrit

Justus | Just – Latin

Sol – “Sun” (Spanish)

Luna – “Moon” (Latin)

Zuma | Peace – Arabic

Terra | Earth – Latin

Pike (English) “Fish”

Lennon | Lover – Irish

Aria – “Air” (Italian)

Misty | Mist – English

Shalom | Peace – Hebrew

Hawk | A bird – English

Evening | Day – English

Aurora – “Dawn” (Latin)

Hero | Demi-god – Greek

Uma | Nation – Sanskrit

Soleil (French) – “Sun”

Amias (Latin) – “Loved”

Corbin (Latin) – “Crow”

Luna – “Moon” (Spanish)

Blaze (Latin) – “Flame”

Una | One; lamb – Latin

Sonny (British) – “Son”

Paloma | Dove – Spanish

Pike | A fish – English

Cassius | Hollow – Latin

Orion – “Hunter” (Greek)

Bronte | Thunder – Greek

Fitz | Son of – Scottish

Eartha | Earth – English

Nala | Unknown – African

Iris – “Rainbow” (Greek)

Hero (Greek) – “Demi-god”

Lucien (French) – “Light”

Jagger | Carter – English

Shiloh (Hebrew) – “Peace”

Unity | Oneness – English

Blaze – “Flame” (English)

Shalom (Hebrew) – “Peace”

Booker | Scribe – English

Tulip (Turkish) – “Turban”

Gypsy | Wanderer – English

Moon | Word name – English

Lark | Bird name – English

Zephyr | West wind – Greek

Sparrow | A bird – English

Crew | Word name – English

Amity | Friendship – Latin

Snow | Word name – English

Free | Word name – English

Dream |Word name – English

Best Hippie Names

Viggo | War – Scandinavian

Sky | Nature name- English

Kalina (Slavic) – “Flower”

Fox (English) – “Wild dog”

Truth |Word name – English

Celeste | Heavenly – Latin

Star | Word name – English

True | Word name – English

Love | Word name – English

Poet | Word name – English

Dawn | Word name – English

Skylar – “Scholar” (Dutch)

Serenity | Peaceful – Latin

Daisy | Day’s eye – English

Winter |Word name – English

Cicero (Latin) – “Chickpea”

Oak | Nature name – English

Glory | Word name – English

Fox | Animal name – English

Harmony | Word name – Greek

Creed | Word name – English

Jewel | Word name – English

Stone | Word name – English

Windy | Word name – English

Cassia (Greek) – “Cinnamon”

Earth | Word name – English

Fable | Word name – English

Damon (Greek) – “To subdue”

Honey | Word name – English

Peace | Word name – English

Happy | Word name – English

Arrow | Word name – English

Haven | Word name – English

Early | Word name – English

Blue | Color name – English

Shanti – “Peace” (Sanskrit)

Indigo | Indian dye – Greek

Breeze | Word name – English

Laurel | Laurel tree – Latin

Pine (English) – “Pine tree”

Hope | Virtue name – English

Poetry | Word name – English

Blossom | To bloom – English

Cedar (Latin) – “Cedar tree”

Lake | Nature name – English

Mercy | Compassion – English

Poppy (Latin) – “Red flower”

Spring | Word name – English

Buck (English) – “Male deer”

Rainier | Wise army – German

Bear | Animal name – English

Rain | Nature name – English

Vesper | Evening star – Latin

Solara – “Of the sun” (Latin)

Berry | Nature name – English

Liberty | Word name – English

Reverie | Word name – English

Cloud | Nature name – English

Luna – “Moon goddess” (Latin)

Tiger | Animal name – English

Journey | Word name – English

Freedom | Word name – English

Celestia – “Heavenly” (Latin)

Rainbow | Word name – English

Dove | Dove, a bird – English

Best Hippie Names (1)

Funny Hippie Baby Name Ideas

Serenity (Latin) – “Peaceful”

Forever | Word name – English

Petal | Leaf – English, Greek

Honor | Virtue name – English

Patience | Virtue name – Latin

Solara – “Radiant sun” (Latin)

Starling | Bird name – English

Gaia – “Earth goddess” (Greek)

Brite | High goddess – Swedish

Midnight | Word name – English

Symphony | Word name – English

Remy | Oarsman – French, Latin

Willow | Willow tree – English

Cascade – “Waterfall” (French)

Peaches | Fruit name – English

Autumn | Season name – English

Blessing | Word name – English

Pixie | Fairy Swedish, Cornish

Sunshine | Word name – English

October | Month name – English

Laurel (Latin) – “Laurel tree”

Saffron | Spice name – English

Meadow | Nature name – English

January | Month name – English

Astro (Greek) – “Of the stars”

Rainier (German) – “Wise army”

Lotus (Greek) – “Lotus flower”

Vesper (Latin) – “Evening star”

Cedar – “Durable wood” (Hebrew)

Peace (English) – “Tranquility”

Butterfly | Word name – English

Calypso | She who hides – Greek

Fritz | Peaceful ruler – German

Fenmore (English) – “Dear love”

Season | Time of sowing – Latin

Effie | Pleasant speech – Greek

Clarity | Virtue name – English

Joplin | The afflicted – English

Scotland | Place name – Scottish

Mariposa – “Butterfly” (Spanish)

Goldie | Gold – English, Yiddish

Nash | By the ash tree – English

Miracle | Wonder, marvel – Latin

Gypsy (Old English) – “Wanderer”

Bayard | Russet-haired – English

Bluebell | Flower name – English

Seraphina – “Fiery one” (Hebrew)

Breeze – “Gentle wind” (English)

Zenith – “Highest point” (Latin)

Briar | A thorny patch – English

Trout (English) – “Type of fish”

Sonnet (Italian) – “Little song”

Zephyr – “Gentle breeze” (Greek)

Indie (American) – “Independent”

Zuma (Arabic boy name) – “Peace”

Allegra (Italian name) – “Joyful”

Cloud (English) – “Visible vapor”

Zenith – “Highest point” (Arabic)

Zen | Form of Buddhism – Japanese

Fern (Old English) – “Fern plant”

Wednesday | Woden’s day – English

Soleil (French girl name) – “Sun”

Zenobia – “Force of Zeus” (Greek)

Fritz (German) – “Peaceful ruler”

Wren – “Small bird” (Old English)

Catchy Hippie Names 

Soren | Stern – Danish, Norwegian

Goldie (English) – “Made of gold”

Basil (Greek) – “Herb” or “regal”

River – “Flowing water” (English)

Lilac | Bluish – English, Persian

Jade | Stone of the side – Spanish

Seraphina – “Fiery angel” (Hebrew)

Vale | Geographical name – English

Indigo – “Deep blue color” (Greek)

Reverie (French name) – “Daydream”

Bodhi – “Enlightenment” (Sanskrit)

Shine (American) – “Reflect light”

Rivo (Italian boy name) – “Stream”

Bridger (English) – “Bridge maker”

Azalia (Greek) – “Reserved by God”

Indigo – “Deep blue hue” (English)

Cypress – “Evergreen tree” (Greek)

Seraphim – “Fiery beings” (Hebrew)

Paz | Gold; peace- Hebrew, Spanish

Lotus – “Symbol of purity” (Greek)

Haven (English) – “State of safety”

Laszlo | Glorious ruler – Hungarian

Juniper – “Evergreen shrub” (Latin)

Orion – “Hunter in the sky” (Greek)

Sage – “Wise and judicious” (Latin)

Hawk – “Bird of prey” (Old English)

Zen – “Meditative state” (Japanese)

Saffron – “Golden flower” (Persian)

Poppy | Red flower – English, Latin

Drummer (English) – “One who drums”

Nile | Champion; River name – Greek

Forest | Woodsman or woods – French

Clover | Key; flower name – English

Sierra – “Mountain range” (Spanish)

Ellery (Old English) – “Alder tree”

Blossom – “Flowering” (Old English)

Spirit – “Essence of being” (Latin)

Oceanus – “God of the ocean” (Greek)

Sojourner | To stay a while – French

Jasper – “Treasured stone” (Persian)

Posey | A bunch of flowers – English

Canyon | Spanish word name – Spanish

Echo – “Reverberating sound” (Greek)

Marigold – “Golden flower” (English)

Ocean – “Vast body of water” (Greek)

Lorcan (Irish) – “Little fierce one”

Calliope (Greek) – “Beautiful voice”

Autumn – “Season of harvest” (Latin)

Skye (Scottish) – “Island of clouds”

Posey (English) – “Bunch of flowers”

Dandelion – “Lion’s tooth” (English)

Stella (Latian and Italian) – “Star”

Tulip | Turban; flower name – Persian

Whistler | One who whistles – English

Lotus – “Symbol of purity” (Sanskrit)

Sunny | Word name; nickname – English

Willow (Old English) – “Willow trees”

Everest – “Highest mountain” (Nepali)

Meadow – “Open grassy area” (English)

America | Place name – English, Latin

Laszlo (Hungarian) – “Glorious ruler”

Melody – “Sweet musical tune” (Greek)

Luna (Latin) – Name that means “moon”

Meadow – “Grassy field” (Old English)

Apple (English) – Fruit and tree name

Cool Hippie Names

Harmony – “Unity and peace” (English)

Starling – “Small songbird” (English)

Rain – “Water from the sky” (English)

Freedom (English) – “Not in captivity”

Cosmo | Order, beauty – Italian, Greek

Willow – “Graceful tree” (Old English)

Wilder |Surname or word name – English

Berry (English) – “Small, pulpy fruit”

Thierry | Ruler of the people – French

Hendrix | Estate ruler – Dutch, German

Cloud (American) – “Nebula” or “vapor”

November | Month name – English, Latin

Thistle – “Spiky flower” (Old English)

Phoenix | Dark red; place name – Greek

Hollis (English) – “Of the holly tree”

Harmony (Greek) – “Concord” or “unity”

Brooks (English) – “Water” or “stream”

Gardenia (English) – “Garden’s flower”

Aspen | Nature and place name – English

Wolf | Traveling wolf – English, German

Clover (English) – Symbolizes good luck

Harmony – “Unity and balance” (English)

Jade – “Precious green stone” (Spanish)

Dusk – “Evening twilight” (Old English)

Jasper – “Semiprecious stone” (Persian)

Odin | Old Norse mythology name – Norse

Amethyst | Gem and color name – English

Stardust – “Cosmic particles” (English)

Arrow (English) – Word name for “arrow”

Oak (Old English boy name) – “Oak tree”

Sonnet | Little song – English, Italian

Laurel (Latin) – “Laurel plant” or “bay”

Saffron – “Golden-yellow spice” (Arabic)

Buzz (American) – “Village in the woods”

Amity (Latin and English) – “Friendship”

Thierry (French) – “Ruler of the people”

Serenity – “Peaceful and calm” (English)

Aulora (Latin) – “Golden laurel blossom”

Poppy (English and Latin) – “Red flower”

Dreamer – “One who dreams” (Old English)

Helena (Greek) – “Bright, shining light”

Indigo – “Deep blue-purple color” (Greek)

Kaleidoscope – “Colorful pattern” (Greek)

Ocean | Nature name – English, Aboriginal

Star (English) – Word name meaning “star”

Birch (English) – “Hardwood tree species”

Raiden | Thunder and lightning – Japanese

Magnus (Scandinavian and Latin) – “Great”

Hyacinth (Greek) – “Blue larkspur flower”

Seraphina – “Fiery-winged angel” (Hebrew)

Reverie (English and French) – “Daydream”

Sunshine (English) – “Light from the sun”

Ansel (German) – “With divine protection”

Camillia (Latin) – “Helper to the priest”

Lavender | Plant and color name – English

Astrid | Divinely beautiful – Scandinavian

Saffron – “Vibrant orange spice” (Persian)

Solaris (Latin unisex name) – “Of the sun”

Dawn – “Early morning light” (Old English)

Crystal – “Clear, transparent gem” (Greek)

Jonah (Hebrew) – “Dove”; a symbol of peace

Sage | Wise and knowing; herb name – Latin

Colt (Swedish and English) – “Young horse”

Ziggy | Victory, victorious peace – German

Nila (Indian, Hindi, and Sanskrit) – “Sky”

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Classy Hippie Baby Name Ideas

Lyric – “Expressive musical verse” (Greek)

Kaia (Hawaiian girl name) – “From the sea”

Thackeray | Place with thatching – English

Winsome | Agreeable, lighthearted – English

Calder (Scottish and Welsh) – “Rocky water”

Bodhi | Awakening, enlightenment – Sanskrit

Orion – “Hunter in Greek mythology” (Greek)

Mystic – “Enigmatic and mysterious” (Greek)

Venus | Roman mythology name – Latin, Roman

Ari (Nordic and Hebrew) – “Eagle” or “lion”

Lyric – “Expressive musical verse” (English)

Coco | Nickname; word name – Spanish, French

Storm | Word name – English, Danish, Swedish

Kauri (Moari) – “Tree native to New Zealand”

Tallulah (Native American) – “Leaping water”

Free (English) – “Free person” or “free man”

Blossom – “Flowering and blooming” (English)

Dharma – “Righteousness and duty” (Sanskrit)

Comet – “Celestial body with a tail” (Latin)

Kai | Sea – Hawaiian, Scandinavian, Japanese

Phoenix – “Mythical bird of rebirth” (Greek)

Muse | Greek mythology name – English, Greek

Ember (French) – “Golden fragment of a fire”

Bluebell (English) – “Flower with bluebells”

Rowan – “Sacred tree of protection” (Gaelic)

Harper (English unisex name) – “Harp player”

Cyan | Color name (greenish, blue) – English

Zenith – “Highest point in the sky” (Arabic)

Oz | Strength, powerful, courageous – Hebrew

Paz (Hebrew and Spanish) – “Gold” or “peace”

Primrose | First rose; flower name – English

Thistle – “Prickly wildflower” (Old English)

Daphne (Greek) – “Laurel tree” or “bay tree”

Aidan (Gaelic and Irish name) – “Little fire”

Willow – “Slender and graceful” (Old English)

Lavender (English) – “Purple flowering plant”

Oleander (Greek boy name) – “Flowering shrub”

Nirvana – “State of perfect peace” (Sanskrit)

Brenton (English) – “Town of fire” or “flame”

Seraphim – “Highest order of angels” (Hebrew)

Solstice – “Turning point of the sun” (Latin)

Wisteria – “Climbing flowering plant” (Latin)

Whisper – “Soft, hushed speech” (Old English)

Rune – “Mystical symbol or letter” (Old Norse)

Wilder – “Untamed and free-spirited” (English)

Waverly | Meadow of quivering aspens – English

River (English) – “Water that flows naturally”

Cypress (English unisex name) – “Cypress tree”

Hale | Someone who lives in a hollow – English

Juniper (Latin) – “Evergreen shrub” or “young”

Happy (English) – “Lighthearted” or “cheerful”

Velvet – “Soft and luxurious fabric” (English)

Echo | Greek mythology name; word name – Greek

Cascade – “Falling water in a series” (French)

Oberon (German) – “Royal bear” and “bear-like”

Darrell (French) – “Dearly loved” or “beloved”

Serenity – “Tranquil and calm state” (English)

Philo (ancient Greek name) – “Love” or “loving”

Heather (British) – “Flowering evergreen plant”

Lyric (English unisex name) – “Words of a song”

Trenton (English) – “Gushing or flooding water”

Hurley (Gaelic and Irish boy name) – “Sea tide”

Moonbeam – “Soft light from the moon” (English)

Lars | Crowned with laurel – Scandinavian, Latin

Ember – “Glowing fragment of fire” (Old English)

Hippie Names Generator

Willow (Old English unisex name) – “Willow tree”

Nova (Latin) – “New”; relates to the “supernova”

Azure – “Bright blue color of the sky” (Persian)

Alaska | Great land – Native American (Aleutian)

Blaze (Latin nonbinary name) – “Fire” or “flame”

Betony (English and Italian name) – “Wildflower”

Lake (English) – “Water body surrounded by land”

Quincy | Estate of the fifth son – French, Latin

Leaf | Nature name; heir – English, Scandinavian

Rumi – “Enlightened spiritual teacher” (Persian)

Cord | Maker or seller of rope or cord – English

Symphony (English unisex name) – “Musical piece”

Starshine – “Radiant light from stars” (English)

Juniper | Young; Latin tree name – English, Latin

Keanu | Cool breeze over the mountains – Hawaiian

Ellen (Greek name) – “Shining light” or “sun ray”

India | Place name from the River Indus – English

Hillary (Latin and Greek) – “Cheerful” or “happy”

Winsome (English) – “Agreeable” or “lighthearted”

Opal – “Gemstone with iridescent hues” (Sanskrit)

Tennessee | Native American place name – Cherokee

Lake (English androgynous name) – “Body of water”

Rain – “Water falling from the sky” (Old English)

Kiara (Korean girl name) – “The first ray of sun”

Dakota (Sioux – Native American) – “Friendly one”

Ludovic (English and Scottish) – “Famous warrior”

Aspen – “Tree with heart-shaped leaves” (English)

Nebula – “Celestial cloud of gas and dust” (Latin)

Meadowlark – “Free spirit of the meadow” (English)

Maple | Piece of cloth; tree name – English, Latin

Rainbow – “Colorful arch in the sky” (Old English)

Dahlia – “Flower named after a botanist” (Swedish)

Bliss – “State of perfect happiness” (Old English)

Aspen (English) – “Shaking tree”; also a place name

Sunny (English) – “Filled with sunshine” or “happy”

Rhapsody – “Euphoric expression of emotion” (Greek)

Indiana | Land of the Indians; place name – English

Rainbow – “Symbol of peace and diversity” (English)

Lennox (Gaelic and Scottish) – “With many elm trees”

Celeste (Latin) – “Celestial” or “heavenly daughter”

Banjo (English and Australian) – Stringed instrument

Symphony (Greek) – “Agreement” or “harmony of sound”

Harmony – “Balanced and peaceful existence” (English)

Petunia (French) – Flower with pink or white blossoms

Mystic – “A person who seeks spiritual truth” (Greek)

Solstice – “Time of enlightenment and change” (Latin)

Yarrow (English) – “Rough stream” or “medicinal herb”

Cypress (ancient Greek name) – “Conifer tree species”

Solstice | When the sun stands still – English, Latin

Jayden (Hebrew) – “Thankful”; also spelled as “Jaden”

Clover – “Lucky plant with three leaves” (Old English)

Finley (Gaelic) – Warrior name meaning “white warrior”

Alto (Latin) – “Lower female voice in a musical piece”

Nova – “A star that suddenly becomes brighter” (Latin)

Zara | Blooming flower; God remembers – Hebrew, Arabic

Cloud – “Visible mass of water droplets” (Old English)

Campion (French) – “Champion” or “campion wildflowers”

Basil (Greek unisex hippie name) – “Royal” or “kingly”

Lotus – “Symbol of purity and enlightenment” (Sanskrit)

Maple – “Tree with vibrant autumn leaves” (Old English)

Nirvana – “Transcendental state in Buddhism” or “bliss”

Cherry (Old French and Middle English) – “Cherry fruit”

Stardust – “Magical particles from the cosmos” (English)

Aster (Greek unisex name) – Boho name that means “stars”

Bayou (English) – “Small stream” or “slow-moving stream”

Birdie (English) – “Little bird,” “‘bright,” or “famous”

Starlight – “Gleaming light from distant stars” (English)

Dash | Word name; diminutive of Dashiell – English, French

Inara (Arabic girl name) – “Ray of light” or “heaven-sent”

Wylie |From Wylye; resolute protection – English, Scottish

Sykler (English gender-neutral name) – “Scholar” and “sky”

Ocean (English and Aboriginal) – “Large, salty water body”

Aspen (American) – “Shaking poplar tree” or “quaking aspen”

Sienna | Italian place name; orange-red color clay – Italian

More Baby Names:

Choosing Hippie Names: Tips and Considerations

1. Emphasizing Meaningful and Positive Associations

Positive Vibes: Opt for names that evoke positivity and good vibes. Consider meanings associated with love, peace, joy, and nature.

Avoiding Negative Connotations: Be mindful of potential negative associations or meanings that might come with certain names.

2. Reflecting the Values of Peace, Love, and Harmony

Peaceful Imagery: Look for names that embody the spirit of peace and harmony. This could include names inspired by calm landscapes, serene elements, or gentle creatures.

Love and Unity: Consider names that convey a sense of love and unity, aligning with the core values of the hippie movement.

3. Balancing Uniqueness with Practicality

Unique Sounds: Embrace uniqueness in the sound and structure of names. Hippie names often feature distinctive combinations of vowels and consonants.

Practical Considerations: While uniqueness is valued, consider the practicality of the name in daily life, including ease of pronunciation and spelling.

4. Celebrating Nature and Natural Elements

Floral and Plant Names: Explore names inspired by flowers and plants. Examples include Rose, Lily, Sage, or Cedar.

Elemental Inspiration: Consider names associated with natural elements like Sky, River, Rain, or Forrest.

5. Incorporating Positive Emotions and Values

Joyful Names: Look for names that exude joy and happiness. Examples include Bliss, Sunny, or Harmony.

Values in Names: Choose names that directly represent values such as Hope, Serenity, or Freedom.

6. Exploring Spiritual and Mystical Elements

Spiritual Significance: Consider names with spiritual or mystical significance. This might involve names related to meditation, enlightenment, or cosmic elements.

Astrological Names: Explore names inspired by astrology, constellations, or celestial bodies.

7. Gender-Neutral Options for Inclusivity

Breaking Gender Norms: Opt for names that transcend traditional gender roles. Examples include River, Sky, or Harmony, which can be used for any gender.

Inclusive Choices: Celebrate inclusivity by choosing names that can resonate with people of all genders.

8. Blending Sounds and Themes for Creativity

Sound Combinations: Experiment with the combination of sounds to create unique names. Consider blending syllables or combining familiar elements in new ways.

Thematic Combinations: Combine themes, such as nature and peace, to create names that carry multiple layers of meaning.


In summary, choosing a hippie name for your baby is a distinctive and meaningful process that involves emphasizing positive associations, embracing values of peace and love, and connecting with nature and spirituality.

Balancing uniqueness with practicality ensures a name that is both distinct and functional in everyday life.

Whether drawing inspiration from nature, expressing positive emotions, or exploring spiritual elements, the possibilities for hippie names are diverse.

The inclusivity of gender-neutral options adds creativity and modernity to the naming journey, making it a celebration of individuality and family values.

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