200 Marvelous Boy Names That Start With O

If you’re looking for boy names that start with O, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with O include:





















Boy Names That Start With O

Some of the rare boy names are Orpheus, Octavian, Osmond, Oliverio, Ossian.

Ohel – “house”

Oni – “Shelter”

Osric – “divine or godly ruler”

Omri – “wheat sheaf”

Omar – “flourishing”

Odan – “Cloud”

Ogden – “Oak valley”

Omdutt – “God’s gift”

Oliver – “Olive tree”

Olaf – “Ancestor’s descendant”

Oscar – “God’s spear”

Omor – “Awesomeness”

Onindro – “Romantic”

Otto – “Wealth Son of Ode”

Oswald – “God’s rule”

Ottakoothan – “Name of a Tamil poet”

Odin – “God of war and death”

Ojayit – “Courageous”

Omid – “Hope”

Oakland – “A city on the San Francisco Bay”

Osmond – “God protects”

Owen – “of the yew tree”

Oswin – “God’s friend”

Obed – “Servant of God”

Onyx – “A layered black stone

Uncommon Boy Names That Start With O

Some of the uncommon boy names are Omav, Orang, Omprakash, Oskar, Onain.

Opurbo – “Beautiful”

Odhran – “Little pale green one”

Obaid – “servant”

Oaklyn – “Oak Glen”

Onir – “Shining”

Osias – “salvation”

Onil – “Wind”

Oz – “Powerful, courageous”

Obi – “Kind”

Oakley – “Meadow of oak trees”

Ornob – “Ocean/sea”

Orrick – “From the ancient oak tree”

Oday – “The searcher”

Omaditya – “Sun”

Olsen – “Son of Olaf or Ole”

Obadiah – “Servant of God”

Ojishth – “The strongest”

Orev – “Raven”

Oshea – “A savior, deliverer”

Odysseus – “son of pain”

Odin or Oden – “A god in Germanic mythology”

Oswaldo – “God rule”

Osborn – “Divine bear”

Othniel – “Strength of God”

Omari – “God the highest, high born”

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Cute Boy Names That Start With O

Some of the cute boy names are Oorjit, Oscar, Oren, Owen, Olexei,

Oran – “Green”

Orca – “whale”

Oswell – “Divinely powerful”

Osaf – “Good dancer”

Ori – “Charitable king”

Oha – “True knowledge”

Osias – “Salvation”

Ogaan – “United”

Oreta – “Virtue”

Ormund – “Mountain of bears”

Oliveanthan – “King of light”

Orville – “town of gold”

Ohas – “Praise”

Oscar – “gentle friend”

Oakes – “Oak wood”

Ole – “Ancestor’s descendant”

Osho – “Dear”

Octavius – “Eighth”

Ollepu – “Like a lion”

Othniel – “God is my strength”

Ojesh – “Light”

Otto – “Wealthy”

Ojaswit – “Radiant”

Octave – “An interval between music notes”

Oliver – “Olive tree planter”

What are some fancy names for a boy?

Some of the fancy boy names are Omswaroop, Odhran, Orson, Ozzy, Otis.

Osaf – “A good dancer”

Oviyan – “Artist”

Omari – “Flourishing or long-lived”

Olaf – “or Olin descendant of the ancestors”

Omit – “Love”

Orel – “Eagle”

Osiris – “ruler of the underworld”

Ojasvat – “Energetic”

Orian – “Privileged birth”

Ojas – “Light”

Owais – “Little wolf”

Oswald – “Power of God”

Orlando – “Renowned throughout the land”

Obalesh – “Lord Shiva”

Omar – “Flourishing or long-lived”

Osaze – “Favoured by God”

Ojaswinee – “Bright; brave”

Orun – “Sun; light”

Orsino – “little bear”

Orion – “Son of fire, dawning”

Orion – “Son of fire”

Osman – “Servant of God”

Omaswat – “Friendly”

Otis – “wealth”

Omeed – “Hope”

Boy Names That Start With O

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What are some handsome name for a boy?

Some of the handsome boy names are Orpheus, Ocean, Orik, Orhan, Oluwademilade.

Omu – “Godly”

Oha – “Meditation, true knowledge”

Oshea – “Helped by God”

Ovin – “Handsome”

Oriel – “Eagle”

Omaran – “A solid structure”

Oswald – “God’s power”

Ori – “The Lord is my light”

Olichudar – “Bright and luminous light”

Oziel – “Having the strength of God”

Omitabho – “Source of light”

Ohit – “Brilliant”

Ostin – “magnificent”

Oxley – “From the ox enclosure”

Orup – “Beautiful”

Ogden – “From the oak tree valley”

Orville – “Gold town”

Otoniel – “Wealth, powerful lord”

Oak – “Tree”

Orazio – “prayer”

Orrin – “Pale-skinned, pine tree”

Ocean – “Body of water”

Osiris – “God of the dead and the underworld”

Orson – “Bear”

Osiel – “My power is God”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter O. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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