190 Groomer Name Ideas That are Perfect

If you’re looking for a name for your new groomer, there are plenty of options out there. You want to find someone who is qualified and experienced, but you also want to find someone who your pet will feel comfortable with.

Choosing a groomer can be a daunting task. However, here we enlist few things to come up with a great one. First and for most, the name of groomer should be something that your pet is comfortable with.

It needs to be something that the groomer will use, but it also needs to be a name they won’t forget. If your groomer changes their name every time you have them, then this won’t be working for you.

It’s important to find a groomer who is experienced, and this will help you have the best experience possible. The more they are experienced, the more they will be able to customize your pet’s cut to your exact specifications.

Secondly, the name of groomer should be something that your pet will not hate. If it’s really common and everyone calls him by this name, then he won’t like it.

A name change will help you but also be a great way to break the monotony. If you have to change the name of your groomer every time your pet has a new name, he’s going to get sick of it.

You need to match your pet’s personality with the name of his or her groomer. If you want a clean and beautiful dog, then find a groomer that specializes in that. The more specialized they are, the better.

Groomer Name Ideas


Papa Pooch

Bathe and Fluff

Tyson Furry

Dogz and Duds


Dog Shack

Chewy Pantz

Curly Tail Wags

Petco Groomer

Doodles Haircuts

Doggy Star


Yappy Hour Kennels

MC Whiskers



Maggie’s Paw Paws

Dog Nights


Cute Grooming Names

Dog Gone Sharp

Clean Barky

Bonnie’s Dog



We Dog Groomers

Paws With Ease

Vetpet Care

Bark and Tail

Hug N Pups

Slim’s Pets

Spot On Grooming

Charming Canines

Haute Pets

Hands & Paws


Doggone it!

Paws To Perfection



Good Grooming Names

Dry N Dawg

Fully Groomed

Happy Doggie

Pet Paradise

Doggy Hut

Happy Clicks


Dogz and Groomz

Classy Canines

Dog Groomerations


Bark in the Park

Hounds to Bed

Pup Pedal Pet

Bark to Basics

My Pooch ‘n Me

Fine Pawz

The Fur-Bidness

The Dog Lab

Fluff’n Buff

What are some unique groomer name ideas?

Pup Gala

Paws 2 Go

Fire Plug


Groomers Den

Pooch and Joy

Champion Care

Bathing Beauties

Grooming Buddies

Perfect Paws

Downtown Dogs

Pampered Paws

Wagging Tails

Groomers City

Canine Country Club


Tailored Pups

Doggy Fairy Tale

Barkin’ Bandit

Swaggy D

Catchy Dog Groomer Names

Virtud Wolffe

Fetch Fun

Ruff Dog Grooming

Spotz and Stripes

Dog Trends

About Paws

Exotic Pooch

Get The Grub

Heads to Tails

Elegant Pet

Pooch Sanctuary

Buddy Central

My Barking Daycare


Doggy Day Spa

A Dog’s Tale


Dynamic Grooming

Groom Your Pooch

Fresh Paws

Groomer Name Ideas

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How to Pick a Groomer Name Ideas

A great name for your dog’s groomer is something that will suit both you and your pet. You have to pick a name that is also something that he or she can relate to easily.

It’s a good idea to have a name that is easy for your dog to remember as well. You should always pick a name that’s unique so that no other pet in the area has the same one.

Here are few things that will help you in choosing a groomer name ideas:

1.     Keep it simple

The name shouldn’t be too long or too complicated. If you’re going to pick a name that is long and complicated, then it will make it difficult for your dog to remember.

If you want your dog to remember the name, you should pick something simple like Buddy or Rover.

Diva Dogs Centre


Finishing Touches


On Fleek Pets

Barking Outfits

Puppy Cuisine

Fine Canine

Pawloose Groomers

Dog Negotiators




Fur Coat Fabulous

Scruffy Canines

2.     Consider your groomer’s personality

You should choose a name that reflects the personality of the groomer. For example, if you pick a name like “Shelby,” then it might be a good idea to have “Shelby” as your dog’s groomer.

Ooh La La Pooch!

Doggies Divine

Pet N Shine

Pampered Pets

Doggies Gone Wild

Pet Resort




K9 Nails & Spa

Paw Patrol

The Dogside

Palace Dogs

Paws World

Cuddle Cuts

3.     Naming your groomer after yourself

Dogs are very loyal and love their owners. If you groom your dog, then it is a good idea to name your groomer after you so that it will not be difficult for the dog to remember his or her name.


Great Tails



The Groomy Girls

Big Cat Parlor

Athletic Paws


The Bark Salon

Golden Bone

Dog Worx

Kiss My Mutt

K9 Grooming

Woof and Pawz

Puppy Purrfection

4.     Avoid common pitfalls

Avoid using the groomer’s last name or the name of any other person that you know. Avoid using names that are too long. It is a good idea to have a short, simple and easy to remember name.

Groomer Has It

Bark in Style

Gentle Brush

Mob Dog

Groomers Hop

Chocks & Dog

Pooch Parlor

Happy Paws

Sally’s Dog Grooming

Happy Tails

Groomers on the Go

Dogiggle Dogs

Pet Groomerology

Floofy Pawz

Pets Love Us


In conclusion, when choosing a groomer for your pet, it is important to do your research and find one that you feel comfortable with.

Ask around for recommendations, and take the time to read reviews online before making a decision. By following these tips, you can be sure that your pet will receive the best possible care.

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