185 Clever and Catchy Party Packages Names Ideas

When it comes to hosting a party, there are many party packages that offer different activities and services for a variety of events. It can be difficult to decide which package to choose for your specific event. In this article, we’ll provide some things to consider before you come up with party packages names.

One of the best ways to make your party packages stand out is to have a great theme. it’s important to have a party packages theme that fits the type of occasion you’re hosting. For example, an outdoor beach themed party could be intimidating to some guests who are not comfortable in cooler weather. A good theme is “Frozen” or “Snowball Fight”. It will make your party packages appear unique and interesting to guests. Party packages should also be flexible. They should be able to be amended easily for your specific event.

Another way to make your party packages appear unique is to create a theme that has a purpose. For example, if you are hosting a party for a sports team, you can use the theme “Ice Hockey” or “Football”. Theme ideas should be unique and should have some meaning behind them. Your party packages should also be well laid out and easy to read. This will help a guest to make an informed decision on which package they would like. Another way to make your party packages appear unique and interesting to guests. This will help a guest to make an informed decision on which package they would like.

Party Packages Names

  • Star Struck
  • TheBirthdayHub
  • Party Packed
  • Springtime Pleasure
  • Halloween Howl
  • TheSpecialDay
  • RefreshingEvents
  • Kids Play town
  • ChilipeperParties
  • JoyParties
  • Giggle Gala
  • PartyBeam
  • Apron Parties
  • Fabulous Functions
  • TheWowParties
  • Kid Wonders
  • benediction
  • HiParty
  • Newly Turned Dirt
  • Yay Birthdays!

Unique Names for Party Packages

  • PartyZoid
  • EnjoyTheDay
  • BirthdayCorner
  • One Party Point
  • EventsDelight
  • Details Decided
  • Event-lover
  • Spunky Monkey
  • Balloon World
  • ThePartyKey
  • Novelty Candles
  • RavishingParties
  • EventsDelux
  • VibrantBirthdays
  • EventsHub
  • ThrillingEvents
  • Lil Enchantments
  • Thrill and Chill
  • Little Beans
  • RobastEvents

What are some adorable party packages names?

  • Parties Planned
  • GeekyParties
  • The Crazy Coconut
  • The Party Master
  • PartyasuLike
  • Holiday Soiree
  • Clever Endeavors
  • Cosmic Prom
  • Enchanted Evening
  • PartyLover
  • BirthdayBash
  • PartyCentric
  • Let’sGoParty
  • Destiny Awaits
  • ThePartyBay
  • StunningEvents
  • LoftyParties
  • Cosmos & Cauldrons
  • CharmingParties
  • Nifty Noggin

Good Names for Party Packages

  • Day2Celebrate
  • BirthdayMedia
  • OmegaParties
  • MagicalEvets
  • WePlanBetter
  • GorrillaEvents
  • FullCircle Party
  • Magic Time
  • Party-N-A-Bag
  • PartyOrbit
  • Little Buds
  • Casino Night
  • UrbanEvents
  • Craftyparties
  • SpicyEvents
  • PartyInStyle
  • BirthdayPies
  • ThepartyMan
  • NextDoorParties
  • Kids Kingdom
Party Packages Names

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How to Name a Party Packages

If you want to give a party package a name, this is not necessary. You do not have to use the name of any specific business or event. You can use your own name, a nickname or even a guest’s name. All you have to do is make sure it is a name that is easy to remember.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before picking a party packages names:

1.     Use a catchy name to attract attention

It is important that your party package names catch the attention of guests. You can do this by using a name that is catchy or clever. For example, if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding anniversary, you can use the phrase “50th Anniversary Party”.

  • VividEvents
  • Birthday Wise
  • Gulches Of Fun
  • Kreative Kids
  • ThePartyAdmin
  • Paradise Portal
  • Dreams ‘n Themes
  • MagnificentParties
  • An Evening of Stars
  • AffordableParties
  • LetItDone
  • MarvelousEvents
  • Party Wisdom
  • BirthdayBliss
  • YourPartyHost

2.     Be specific: avoid general terms that could apply to any type of party

Your guests will understand what the name means if they see it on your invitations. You can also use some of these party names at your place of business such as “Stupendous Party” or “The Biggest Party Ever”.

  • Cherished Moments
  • RoyalBirthdays
  • PartyGorillas
  • ThePartyLounge
  • Adventure Paradise
  • Party Partners
  • DivineParties
  • Hallelujah Prom
  • GuruEvents
  • PartyHeaven
  • BirthdayManiac
  • Party in Paradise
  • Playing Place
  • SmoothyParties
  • Fun and Festive

3.     Be clever: Use puns or alliteration for a playful touch

Some examples are: “It’s a Wonderful Party” or “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”. Be creative Surprise your guests with something they don’t expect. You could include the name of an old movie or a famous quote to make your party unique and memorable.

  • Today’sParty
  • Bootleggers Ball
  • Party Time
  • PartyCrafters
  • Magical Nights
  • ThepartyLab
  • Happy Hoopla
  • Perfected Parties
  • Denim and Diamonds
  • Caribbean Nights
  • MarvelousBirthday
  • Party All the Time
  • WiseBirthdays
  • I Do Parties
  • Illusion Events

4.     Make it age appropriate: choose a name that will appeal to your target audience

You could include a special character from a popular book or movie, a famous person that your guests can relate to and even the name of their own pet. Whatever you choose, make sure it is appealing to your guests.

  • Candle Parties
  • SecretBirthdays
  • Merry Mommy’s
  • OmegaEvents
  • Nurturing Nook
  • Moon over Miami
  • Perfect Parties
  • Witches’ Night Out
  • JuicyBirthday
  • PartyTrends
  • RobastBirthdays
  • Party Hire
  • Decor Your Night
  • Event Planner
  • LifetimeEvents

5.     Use keywords: the name should reflect what the party is about

If you are having a “surprise party” then the name should show that. For example, a “surprise birthday party” should have a name like “Surprise Party”. You can also use keywords to describe your party.

  • Emerald City
  • PartyCraft
  • Mummies & Mimosas
  • Fun Zone
  • Caribbean Romance
  • Pixieland
  • BirthdayHorizon
  • BirthdayHut
  • Parties Galore
  • Moonlight Serenade
  • PartyCanvas
  • Party World
  • Bridal Party
  • Dance fever
  • TheBirthdayKey


In conclusion, party package names are a great way to get people excited about your event. They can be creative and fun, while also providing information about what to expect. When choosing a name for your party package, make sure it is something that will grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more.

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