190 Awesome Girl Names That Mean Blue

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Girl Names That Mean Blue

Some of the best girl names are Nilakshi, Mazarine, Clamaray, Amrin, Linna.

Meena – “precious blue stone”

Oleander – “blue”

Jaibrian – “noble or strong”

Shawnita – “blue diamond”

Azul – “blue”

Safaia – “sapphire stone”

Doli – “a bluebird”

Talia – “near water”

Mazarine – “a deep blue color”

Odeta – “Blue sea”

Ulanni – “heavenly beauty”

Marilee – “blue sea”

Nakesha – “blue havens”

Claramay – “bright and clear”

Larmina – “blue sky”

Oldwina – “The neckline color is blue”

Owaissa – “A Bluebird”

Sinikka – “One who is like the color blue”

Aeluin – “blue lake”

Hinto – “Having deep blue eyes”

Sinikka – “color blue”

Neelkamala – “blue lotus”

Livie – “Color Blue”

Neelja – “Bright blue color’

Amrin – “blue sky”

Odeta – “a blue sea”

What are some exotic names for a blue?

Some of the exotic girl names are Hyacinth, Azurine, Meena, Nilashri, Bluesette.

Livianna – “who envies other people”

Oldwina – “color blue”

Neelavathi – “Reflects the blue”

Anurna – “blue water lily”

Sunila – “dark blue”

Azul – “blue color”

Aoki – “evergreen tree”

Lynae – “small blue flower”

Neelma – “of the sky”

Lapis – “semi-precious stone of the intense blue colour”

Minjonet – “Petite Blue Flower”

Charaya – “blue and pink color”

Mora – “little blueberry”

Aeluuin – “A mountain lake’

Amrin – “a blue sky”

Neelu – “Reflects dark navy blue”

Aoko – “one who is outside”

Linna – “a small blue flower”

Neelprabbha – “Glimmering blue color”

Neelambari – “reflects blue color”

Aeluin – “A blue lake or pool”

Jey – “blue-crested bird”

Jaylin – “color of the jay bird”

Claramay – “A combination of blue and pink colours”

Lapis – “azure blue stone”

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Pretty Girl Names That Mean Blue

Some of the pretty girl names are Owaissa, Kailani, Odeta, Neelavathi, Doli.

Neelma – “The blue-colored sky”

Qing – “blue color”

Mazarine – “color of blue”

Gormlaith – “blue princess”

Jaylin – “color jay bird”

Nilashri – “Loveliness or attractiveness of blue color”

Celia – “heavenly”

Sini – “color blue”

Noelani – “heavenly mist”

Lilac – “bluish-purple”

Minjonet – “blue flower”

Okelani – “pleasant blue sky”

Ruqa – “a blue flower”

Aoko – “An evergreen blue tree”

Jey – “Blue crested bird”

Okelani – “blue sky”

Azurine – “sky blue”

Neelam – “blue color eyes”

Hyacinth – “blue larkspur”

Lynae – “blue flower”

Nilima – “The goddess blue”

Lulani – “sky”

Jaibrian – “blue bird”

Azora – “clear sky”

Atasi – “blue flower”

English Girl Names That Mean Blue

Some of the English girl names are Sinikk, Neela, Neelanjana, Mora, Sama.

Claramay – “blue colors”

Gaganasri – “clear blue sky”

Livia – “blue and envious”

Neelima – “The sky which reflects blue”

Okelani – “from heaven”

Azura – “sky blue color”

Larkspur – “blue flower”

Araceli – “alter of the sky”

Livia – “color blue”

Afina – “blueberry”

Sinikka – “Sininen, meaning blue”

Fairuza – “turquoise”

Nilakshi – “blue kind of eyes”

Nilshikha – “blue hills”

Nilshikha – “of blue hills”

Neela – “dark blue”

Azura – “blue color”

Neelam – “dark blue color of eyes”

Ruqa – “bright blue flower”

Gaganasri – “blue color sky”

Ruka – “bright blue flower”

Cyan – “Greenish blue in color”

Nilam – “light shade of blue”

Marilee – “star of the blue sea”

Afina – “blueberry”

Girl Names That Mean Blue

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Fancy Names for Blue

Some of the fancy girl names are Bluebell, Celia, Lilac, Sapphire, Afina.

Nilasha – “The sapphire”

Azora – “A blue and clear sky”

Kehlani – “sky and heavens”

Doli – “blue bird”

Nilambari – “The pleasant blue sky”

Livianna – “color blue”

Neelambika – “Blue color”

Livie – “the color blue”

Sunila – “dark blue”

Indigo – “The color dark blue”

Mazarine – “blue colour”

Safaia – “the color blue”

Nilakshi – “kind, blue eyes”

Qing – “aqua coloured”

Sama – “sky”

Hinto – “deep, blue eyes”

Nilaprabha – “Blue shine”

Azura – “sky blue”

Aaliyah – “highborn and exalted”

Cyan – “blue that looks a little green”

Iris – “blue-purple flower”

Neeladree – “reflects blue color”

Amrin – “blue sky”

Aoki – “An evergreen blue tree”

Aqua – “water”


There are many great girl names that mean blue. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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