185 Dashing Boy Names That Mean Blue

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Some of our favorite boy names that mean gift from god include:











Boy Names That Mean Blue

Some of the rare boy names are Matlalhuitl, Aoki, Cerulean, Neelaya, Cyan.

Jainil – “Victory of Blue”

Jalaneel – “blue colour of the sea”

Bisman – “dark blue or black”

Cyannipus – “dark blue colored horse”

Urdin – “blue”

Nilothpal – “blue Lotus flowers”

Neelablue – “skin in pictures”

Hinto – “blue haired”

Lake – “deep blue waters”

Clodwal – “a cold, icy, blue man”

Asciano – “blue”

Nilaratam – “blue gem”

Okko – “blue-colored”

Cerulean – “dark blue”

Neelamjot – “blue color”

Bleu – “color blue”

Neeladree – “reflects blue color”

Okeley – “blue sapphireIt”

Azraq – “blue”

Niloy – “referred to Lord Shiva”

Kahurangi – “sky blue”

Neelotpal – “blue lotus”

Bisman – “Dark Blue”

Bisman – “dark blue”

Shyamal – “Dark blue, black”

What are some cool names for blue?

Some of the cool boy names are Žydr, Kalani, Afina, Aoki, Bleu. 

Puskara – “blue lotus”

Neelambir – “who fights for blue color”

Robin – “bright blue eggs”

Jalaneel – “color of the sea”

Sunil – “Dark blue”

Navy – “fleet of ships”

Nabhas – “celestial”

Ciel – “sky”

Azraq – “blue”

Zeru – “blue”

Rajiv – “blue lotus”

Celestin – “of the sky and heavenly”

Nabhendu – “blue sky”

Blu – “Blue”

Marlais – “Marley”

Azure – “blue sky”

Nabhomandal – “blue sky”

Chimalus – “A Bluebird”

Midnight – “shade of blue”

Nilambar – “The blue heaven”

Atasi – “blue flower”

Azure – “bright blue”

Delft – “dark shade of blue”

Ruka – “blue flower”

Neel – “Sky blue color”

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Good Boy Names That Mean Blue

Some of the good boy names are Indigo, Glaukon, Neelinder, Nilam, Neelanchal.

Azraq – “The color blue”

Royal – “color royal blue”

Zeru – “blue”

Neelampaul – “blue color”

Neeladree – “like blue color”

Suneel – “dark blue”

Ruka – “Bright Blue Flower”

Cielo – “sky”

Azul – “blue”

Azul – “blue color’

Indigo – “The color dark blue”

Neel – “sky blue”

Okko – “shade of blue”

Jalaneel – “Colour of water”

Denim – “indigo color of jeans”

Neelambar – “Resembles blue”

Clodwal – “An icy cold”

Cielo – “of the sky”

Neelamani – “reflects blue color”

Pushkara – “One who is like the blue lotus”

Aoki – “blue tree”

Bluford – “comes from the blue ford”

Nabanil – “clear blue sky”

Neelakantha – “blue color throat”

Aoi – “blue”

What name means baby blue?

Some of the catchy boy names are Okko, Oldrik, Claramay, Shakunt, Nabhas.

Caelum – “heavenly”

Dion – “child of heaven and earth”

Celeste – “color of the sky”

Linnaeus – “a blue flower”

Kailani – “sea and sky”

Neeladri – “blue-colored appearance”

Aouli – “a blue sky on a clear day”

Bluford – “blue ford”

Azul – “blue”

Owaissa – “bluebird”

Sunil – “dark blue color”

Chandraneel – “like the moon”

Manikanth – “a blue jewel”

Nabanil – “blue sky”

Shyamal – “a dark blue”

Neelanjan – “Shining in blue color”

Niloy – “refers to a blue colored”

Shyam – “a kind of dark blue”

Oldrik – “peak or hill”

Blatonn – “blue-tooth”

Manikant – “The Blue Jewel”

Araceli – “alter of the sky”

Slate – “A fine-grained gray”

Marlais – “blue color”

Ceruleandark – “blue, blue”

Boy Names That Mean Blue

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Unique Boy Names That Mean Blue

Some of the unique boy names are Thanh, Chimalus, Neeladri, Indeevar, Gorman.

Nabhas – “blue sky”

Chandraneel – “precious blue gem”

Manikanth – “blue jewel”

Aoichi – “blue blood”

Aohito – “blue person”

Teal – “turquoise blue colour”

Neelam – “a precious blue sapphire”

Nilmani – “Blue Sapphire”

Odeta – “blue sea”

Raajeev – “Blue lotus”

Bluesette – “blue” in it”

Nabh – “a blue space of sky”

Manikantha – “like a blue bird”

Nakesha – “Lord of Heaven”

Cerulean – “word caeruleus”

Ciel – “sky”

Firuzeh – “turquoise”

Nakesha – “blue havens”

Turquoise – “reflects in blue color”

Jaylin – “jay bird”

Jayvee – “blue jay bird”

Khazhak – “blue-eyed”

Aouli – “vast blue sky”

Bleu – “Blue”

Bleu – “The blue”

Blainn – “blue”

Suneel – “Dark blue or sapphire”

Sky – “shades of blue”

Bay – “sea inlet”

Manikant – “blue jewel”


There are many great boy names that mean gift from god. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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