210 Prettiest Girl Names Ending In Y

If you’re looking for girl names ending in Y, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names ending in Y include:











Girl Names Ending in Y

Some of the amazing girl names are Wendy, Cady, Pansy, Marley, Rosemary.

Chardonnay – “variety of grapes”

Fanny – “crown”

Chasady – “pure”

Blakely – “dark wood”

Imany – “faith”

Bryony – “flowering perennial vine with heart-shaped leaves”

Haely – “hay meadow”

Poppy – “red flower”

Harmony – “unity”

Charity – “carus”

Fancy – “elegant”

Melody – “song”

Ainsley – “meadow”

Denay – “the mother of Perseus by Zeus”

Zoey – “life”

Wednesday – “Woden’s day”

Peggy – “pearl”

Adry – “mountain”

Cacey – “vigilant”

Evy – “to live”

Harmony – “unison and peace”

Indy – “land of the Indians”

Kary – “Pure”

Briony – “climbing plant”

Tammy – “a palm tree”

Eny – “ardent”

Crosby – “cross village”

Chelsey – “chalk lands”

Emily – “excel”

Cindy – “woman of the Mount Kynthos”

What are some unique names for a baby girl?

Some of the unique baby girl names are Burgundy, Jenny, Pearly, Elody, Crissy.

Daphney – “laurel tree”

Delaney – “dark challenger”

Betsy – “God is my oath”

Eternity – “everlasting”

Candy – “sweet”

Ebony – “deeply black wood”

Camy – “champion”

Sky – “the sky”

Ashantay – “thank you”

Joy – “delight or great happiness”

Lexy – “protector of mankind”

Holiday – “born on a holy day”

Liberty – “freedom”

Trudy – “spear strength”

Bethany – “house of God/welcome”

Ginny – “Virginia”

Icey – “ice-like”

Waverly – “meadow of quivering aspens”

Blueberry – “gift of God”

Aubrey – “noble ruler”

Lovely – “attractive or beautiful”

Chessy – “at peace”

Divinity – “divine”

Chesney – “oak grove”

Charsley – “manly”

Andy – “energetic”

Gypsy – “wanderer”

Emberly – “glowing fragment of fire”

Casey – “battle bravery”

Berty – “noble”

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Vintage Girl Names Ending in Y

Some of the vintage girl names are Harley, Eternity, Cody, Audrey, Adaly.

Amarey – “strength”

Romilly – “strength”

Amry – “brave power”

Camry – “bent nose”

Debby – “bee”

Sophy – “Wisdom”

Elsy – “Gods promise”

Beverly – “beavers stream”

Stacey – “resurrection”

Fay – “Fairy”

Bonny – “beautiful”

Connelly – “love, friendship”

Holly – “dwelling by hollow”

Courtney – “short nose”

Gracey – “blessing”

Felicity – “happiness”

Izzy – “God is my oath”

Emery – “hard-working”

Dotty – “gift of God”

Honey – “nectar”

Mary – “bitter”

Eily – “light”

Buffy – “the vampire slayer”

Hadley – “heather field”

Bethany – “daughter of the lord”

Cindy – “woman of Mouth Kynthos”

Ivy – “faithfulness”

Kellsey – “brave”

Hetty – “ruler of the house”

Hawley – “hedged meadow”

Cute Girl Names Ending in Y

Some of the cute girl names are Henley, Glory, Daveney, Peony, Cassidy.

Dorothy – “a vision, gift of God”

Ellery – “cheerful”

Karly – “womanly strength”

Ensley – “ones meadow”

Imani – “faith”

Roxy – “dawn”

Hedy – “war”

Haizley – “hazel wood”

Cicily – “blind of self beauty”

Keely – “beautiful”

Amy – “beloved”

Molly – “star of the sea”

Aubrey – “ruler of the elves”

Bunny – “little rabbits”

Embry – “hill with the flat top”

Quenby – “womanly”

Everly – “from the boar meadow”

Tansy – “eternal life”

Sally – “princess”

Betty – “God is my oath”

Berkley – “from the Birch Wood”

Darcy – “from the palace”

Journey – “a period of travel”

Bailey – “bailiff”

Elly – “light”

Bryony – “climbing plant”

Amity – “friendship”

Avery – “ruler of the elves”

Cassidy – “cleaver or curly-headed”

Brendy – “sword”

Girl Names Ending in Y

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Short Girl Names Ending in Y

Some of the short girl names are Bexley, Sissy, Genny, Destiny, Daisy.

Fortney – “strong one”

Shelby – “from the village”

Kay – “pure, keeper of the keys”

Becky – “captivating”

Haley – “ingenious”

Chrissy – “follower of Christ”

Bunny – “little rabbit”

Haley – “heroine, brave one”

Tiffany – “Gods appearance”

Andry – “ruler”

Everly – “brave as a wild boar”

Baley – “bailiff”

Franny – “from France”

Sunday – “born on Sunday”

Ivory – “white as elephant tusks”

Penny – “weaver”

Holley – “holy tree”

Holly – “the holly tree”

Hilary – “cheerful”

Polly – “little or humble”

Betsy – “pledged to God’

Abby – “joy of a father”

Lily – “lily flower”

Britney – “from the great lands of Britain”

Bindy – “beautiful”

Gentry – “Gentry”

Hatty – “home ruler”

Fernley – “fern meadow”

Nancy – “grace”

Royalty – “of royal blood or status”


There are many great girl names ending in the letter Y. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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