250 Mysterious and Catchy Boy Names Ending in Y

If you’re looking for boy names ending in Y, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names ending in Y include:
















Boy Names Ending in Y

Some of the awesome boy names are Harvey, Cosbey, Brady, Hadley, Riley.

Hamley – “house by the clearing”

Kennedy – “chief with a helmet”

Jerry – “Jah will rise”

Barney – “strong as a bear”

Langley – “a long meadow”

Jeffrey – “pledge of peace”

Avery – “elf”

Huckleberry – “sweet berry”

Isay – “salvation given by God”

Crossley – “clearing”

Corey – “raven”

Nikolay – “victory”

Harvey – “battle worthy”

Paisley – “church”

Thierry – “ruler of the people”

Stanley – “stoney meadow”

Izzy – “God is my oath”

Lenny – “brave lion”

Anatoly – “sunrise”

Ozzy – “Gods power”

Fynle – “fair and courageous”

Khay – “pure or clean”

Ripley – “clearing along the woods”

Iggy – “fire”

Mickey – “similar to God”

Harry – “estate ruler”

Colby – “a persons settlement”

Jacoby – “he who supplants”

Lesly – “holy harden”

Abby – “father to all”

Jeffrey – “Gods peace”

Cory – “from the hollow”

Jeremy – “God will rise”

Crosby – “village with crosses”

Aulay – “ancestors”

Ferdy – “friendship”

Bobby – “bright fame”

Bailey – “law enforcer, bailiff”

Adley – “God is just”

What are the coolest names for a boy?

Some of the coolest boy names are Darnley, Lucky, Freddy, Carry, Rocky.

Teddy – “gift of God or wealthy guardian”

Sydney – “wide meadow”

Juny – “good health”

Connolly – “fierce as a wolf”

Quincy – “the inheritance of the fifth son”

Jacky – “supplanter”

Bonny – “charming and beautiful”

Mosby – “marshy farm”

Navy – “the warriors on the sea”

Maxy – “the greatest”

Rudy – “famous wolf”

Sonny – “The Godfather”

Billy – “resolute protection”

Eddy – “happy”

JohnHenry – “gracious”

Tammy – “palm tree”

Roy – “red-haired”

Duffy – “black Today”

Danny – “God is my judge”

Jay – “victory”

Ellory – “cheerful”

Gennady – “noble or generous”

Willoughby – “farm near the willows”

Oakley – “oak wood”

Bellamy – “fine friend”

Lonny – “prepared for battle”

Donny – “king”

Dmitry – “earth lover”

Murray – “settlement by the sea”

Brantley – “sword”

Alizay – “radiant”

Landry – “ruler”

Joffrey – “a peaceful stranger”

Sky – “clouds”

Dannyray – “God is my judge”

Gregory – “vigilant, a watchman”

Humphrey – “noble warrior”

Marty – “God of war”

Sonny – “son”

Casey – “vigilant”

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Unique Boy Names Ending in Y

Some of the unique boy names are Rory, Jaimy, Paxley, Jetty, Dewey.

Landry – “landowners and rulers”

Bentley – “meadow with coarse grass”

Melody – “song”

Bowery – “farm”

Knoxley – “hill”

Teddy – “Gods gift”

Majesty – “royal or regal”

Huxley – “Hughs meadow”

Lainey – “bright light”

Corey – “from the hollow”

Rodney – “island near the clearing”

Chadley – “war”

Jay – “jaybird”

Guy – “guide, leader”

Gatsby – “The Great Gatsby”

Cody – “helpful, pillow”

Marley – “pleasant seaside meadow”

Geary – “spear”

Manny – “God is with us”

Leroy – “the king”

Perry – “dweller near a pear tree”

Ridgeley – “meadows by the ridge”

Macauley – “son of righteousness”

Brady – “large chested”

Mardy – “Tuesday”

Cully – “woods”

Rafay – “exaulter”

Mercury – “Roman messenger god”

Shady – “a singer”

Lackey – “a stony place”

Andy – “brave or manlike”

Darcy – “from Arcy”

Lewy – “brave fighter”

Gregory – “watchful”

Emery – “industrious”

Romney – “flowing river”

Rory – “red king”

Rigby – “hill farms”

Joey – “Gods will”

Luffy – “king of pirates”

What are the names in Y?

Some of the best boy names are Ridley, Rafferty, Brandy, Presley, Nickey.

Dudley – “Duddas meadow”

Baxley – “a bakers meadow”

Shay – “admirable”

Remy – “oarsman”

Everly – “wild boar of woodland”

Bentley – “grass meadow”

Monty – “mont”

Stanley – “near the stony clearing”

Rocky – “rock or rest”

Qusay – “distant”

Anthony – “from Antium”

Kingsley – “from the Kings wood”

Finlay – “fair-haired hero”

Ivory – “white”

Barnaby – “son of consolation”

Benjy – “son of my days”

Autrey – “strength of the noble”

Ronny – “rulers counselor”

Shawny – “God is gracious”

Macaulay – “son of righteousness”

Bradley – “broad wood”

Aubrey – “noble”

Huxley – “inhospitable place”

Henry – “estate ruler”

Grady – “respectable”

Noey – “contentment”

Disney – “a person from Isigny”

Hennessy – “energy or strength”

Tully – “flood, peaceful, or hill”

Bradley – “wide meadow”

Kelly – “fighter”

Symphony – “an ensemble of sound”

Jeremy – “appointed by God”

Gilroy – “the Kings assistant”

Joy – “faith, and patience”

Avery – “ruler of the elves”

Ellery – “descendant of Hilary”

Anthony – “priceless”

Calloway – “pebbly place”

Boy Names Ending in Y

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Old Fashioned Boy Names Ending in Y

Some of the old fashioned boy names are Sidney, Timothy, Henry, Nelly, Brody.

Geoffrey – “Gods peace”

Barney – “son of comfort”

McCartney – “hero”

Montgomery – “man power”

Elray – “noble”

Briley – “briar clearing”

Ackerley – “oak meadow”

Darcy – “dark one”

Olly – “olive tree”

Bucky – “male deer”

Bunty – “a lamb”

Kobey – “to follow”

Jandy – “Gods graciousness”

Mccoy – “fire”

Montrey – “the mountain of the king”

Fray – “free”

Daffy – “laurel tree”

Murphy – “sea warrior”

Crowley – “descendants of warriors”

Roddy – “fame”

Roxy – “sunlight”

Marky – “Warlike, Defender”

Ray – “wise protector”

Sammy – “elevated”

Friday – “the day of Frigga”

Franky – “free man”

Quinley – “faithful to the pledge”

Brody – “broad eye or broad island”

Huntley – “hunters meadow”

Mehdi – “the guided one”

Camry – “a crown”

Charley – “free man”

Murry – “mariner”

Kingsley – “king’s meadow”

Addy – “noble”

Tommy – “twin”

Harley – “hares meadow”

Casey – “brave in battle”

Pauly – “humble”

Kenny – “handsome”


There are many great boy names ending in the letter Y. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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