Garden Names: 420 Marvelous Names for Your Gardens

If you’re looking for garden names, but don’t know where to start? there can be a lot of mystery for newcomers. Garden names can be derived from a variety of things, like the plants that are grown there or the style of garden it is.

They can be whimsical, poetic, or clever. But once you know the basics, it can open up a whole world of gardening possibilities. In this article we look at the various ways of naming gardens.

The best way to come up with a garden name is to use your creative mind. There are no rules for naming a garden, so feel free to brainstorm and come up with ideas.

Some garden names are made up, but many of them are inspired by the plants that grow there. The name of the garden can be a word made up by the gardener or it can be a word derived from something in nature such as “wildflower” or “shrub.

It can also be a name that is descriptive of the look or feel of the garden. Some gardeners like to name their gardens after people or pets, such as “Lily’s Garden” or “Daffodil Daisy’s Garden.”

It’s also important to have a name that is a little bit creative, because it will help your garden stand out in a crowd. It should reflects the style of gardening you enjoy and the type of plants you want to grow.

The most popular names are those that have some kind of meaning or connection to nature in general. The name can be a short phrase that describes what it is or it can be made up. Some gardeners use a theme or a description that they want to incorporate into the gardener’s name.

Garden Names


Native Land

Foxtail Garden

Floral Wish

Designer Gardening

Lotus Garden

Ashton Gardens

Sow Pretty

Good Stain

Giardino Tools

Golton Meadows

Everything’s Growing

Yamato Garden

Alpine Gardens


Flora Park

Elegant Garden

City Petal ‘n’ Leaf


Picker’s Patch

Green Moor


Darwin Landscape

Flora Fae gardening

Scarlet Carnation

Grower of Flowers

Blessed Botanicals

Pleasure Gardens

Elysian gardening

Tiki Gardens

Urban Green

Special Place


Garden Cress


Botanical Plants

Lunchtime Gardener

Green Brooks

A Rays to Grow

Thirsty Green

Gardens Wey

Planting Spot

My Patch of Heaven


Grow & Glow!

Bloom’s Garden

Honeybee Gardening

Northlake Gardens

Gardening Cousins

Great Gardens

Strawberry Garden

Keep it Green

Green Thrive

Garderiya gardening

Barnsdale Gardens

Fair Favor

Godolphin Garden

Crimson Efflorescence

Clean Cut Plants

Grow Wild

Earth Angels

Happy Backyard

Creative Garden Names

Above Angel

Lelin Garden

Garden Scape

Away Opera

Sandy’s Garden

Silver Oak Garden

Marble Greens

Just Sprinklers

Dahlia Garden


Agriculture Group

Suitable Sewage


Plant Species

Evergreen Cub

Roof Garden

Botanic Heaven

Gardening Magician

Gardner’S Toolbox

Fragrant Flores

Little Brook Garden

Healing Garden

My Garden


Fletcher Gardens

Perley Garden

Green Physix

Pretty Patios

Greenlife Gardens

Infinite Green

Heyday Group


Pink Pecan

Red Bemire


Conswell Garden

Frozen Grease

Green Blades

The French Land


Summer Fields

Lotus Island

A Garden Affair

Gardonna Gardening

Blissful Space

Planting Row

Greener Grass

Yellow Finch Farm


All Potted Plants

Fancy Garden Names

Affection Palins

Good Mane

Landscape Lessons

Riverhill Garden

Greenhouse 2U

Little Farming

Tropic Taste

Growing more

Cypress Gardens

Charming Lawns

Shakespeare Garden


New Era Garden

VIP Eco Garden

Lovely Swan

Soil to Grow

Seed Plots

Green Doctor

Brown Stain

The Plant Whisperer

Green Bang

Virgin Garden

Nature Sense

The Warm

Inch By Inch

The Little

Dirty Gloves

Western Gardens

Wood Vibe


Herb Lands

French Jardin Pro


Plant House

Green Machines

The Tiny Terrace

Round Rock Gardens

Linford Garden

Yard Spot

The Yard Princess

Cute Plant Names

Fine Flor

Eco-Powered Plants

Purley Palms


Gardener’S Den

Centennial Park

Rose Garden


Backyard Garden

What are some adorable garden names?

Heaven Swing

Veg only

Curated Care


Love of Flowers

Garden Style

Harmony Gardens

I Need Seeds

Highland Gardens

Garden Groceries

Yard Warriors

The Flower Box

The Garden Gurus

The Landscape

Weed Wizards


Fairytale Garden

Green Dreams

Exbury Garden



Plant Paradise

Minute Mulch

Dry Soil

Almost Eden

Favorite Flavor

Little Trees Garden

Vauxhead Gardens

JoyBox Gardening

Trebah Garden

Bird of Paradise


The cultivators

Growing the Love

Hastdale Plaza

Whitehall Gardens

Garden of Dreams

Green Arrive

Gardens Vale

Spanish Subsoil

Aessis Landscape

Fragrant Floriculture

Utopia Gardens

Highdown Gardens


Lawn Place

Nectar Garden

Cloud Nyne

Bok Tower Gardens

Eat Local

Cute Garden Names


Roots & Shoots

Well Planted

Silly but Green

Fragile Floral

Seven Petals

Fragile Carnation

The Sterile Grease

Premier Pray

The Garden Center

Triangle Meadows

Succulent Nannies

Taylor Gardens

Green Side

Greenest Thumbs

Well Weeded


Turf Masters

Green Heart

The Patch


Kew Gardens

Urban Orchid

Succulents Garden

The Secret Garden


Queen Rose Gardens

Willard Bay Gardens

The Sun Heyday

Fresh Veg Grows

Orange Flower

Adventure Island

Suitable Substrate

Twilight Garden

Sunsational Garden


Plants of Desire



Green Machine

Green Lens

Nature Nukes

Mystic mart

Plants In Bloom

Jasmine Planting

Garden Stone

Aestral Gardening

Wonderful Gardens

Century Garden


Garden Names

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How to Come Up with a Garden Names

Choose a name from the list of all possible names. You can narrow it down by making it short or long, but you must use at least two words.

Pick a name that reflects your personal interests and hobbies. If you like plants and gardening, using a plant name in your name may help inspire you.

Here we enlist some ways to come up with garden names:

1.     Use your imagination: Be creative with names

Use your imagination to come up with a unique name. Use a word that describes something in the garden or is related to gardening. If you want to name your daughter’s garden, use a plant name such as Lily or Rosemary.

Green Garden Glow

Paradise Gardens

Bayshore Gardens

Hoe Down!

Vera’s Villa

Flamingo Gardens

Dirt Huggers

Castle Gardens

Green Posh

Alpine Orchards

Grow and Go To

Greens Ford

Blooms N’ Things

Beginner’S Garden

Garden Spot

Green Eyes

Lush Harvest

Life of A Gardener

Move Mounts

Seeds for Weeds

Royal Gardens

Blossom Nursery

Golden Grounds




Eden East

Northside Orchard

Joe’s Plants

We Cultivate

2.     Give your garden a name that will inspire you to work on it and make it thrive

If you like gardening and have a certain plant or flower in mind, use that plant name. Use your imagination to come up with a name that will inspire you.

Garden Central

Exposed Sprout

Allotments and Lawns

Wild & Free

Flowers Landscape

Soiled Rotten

Petal Picking

Botanical Garden


Garden Plantland

Ole Fern

Natural North

Sprinkler Services

Southside Garden

Owlfeather Plaza

Ida Gaye Gardens

The Oriental


Zwiggy Space

Fresh Flora

Green Bliss

Gainful Gardening

Bonnet House

Lakeview Memorial

Fruit & Spice Park

Green Eyes Garden

Elite Jade

The Greenery

The Exotic

The Bei Root

3.     Name your garden according to its style

Use the names of your favorite flowers or fruit trees, such as apples or cherries. Use a name that gives you inspiration so you can enjoy the garden all year long.

Choose a name that is connected to gardening. Few things will inspire you more than creating a garden in honor of your child or relative.

Winter Garden

Natural Immersion

Golden Duck Garden

EcoCool Garden

The Loom Florist

Curb Masters


Blooms Landcare

Garden Artist

Floral Alleys

Bemire Pro

The Grower

Garden of Wales

The Lost Garden

Garden Hood

Flora Plant Shop

Blade Runners

Nature Garnish

Rose Bouquet

Cloud Forest

Green Hands

Goodness Gardens

The Herb Barn

Butchart Gardens

Queens Park

Baby Bulbs

The Garden Guru

People’s Choice

Hard Soil

Bulb Babes

4.     Theme: Choose a theme for your garden and name it accordingly

Maybe you want to name it after a person or animal. Be creative and consider the theme you are choosing. Consider your own personal style and whether or not you will like the garden to be formal or informal.

Planted Roots


Ecoe Baby Flowers


The Harvard Garden

Leafy Garden

Green Isle Gardens

Fresh Floral

Super Seeds

Grass Gone Wild

El Jardin

Almond Garden

Window Boxes

From The Garden

Cyan Eco Garden

Flower Dome

Light Horticulture

Green Gardening

The Purple Floral

Encircling Gardening

Crooked Garden

Arbor Gardening

Golden Elms

Plant Prevention

Young Greens

Eynsington Meadows

Causaly Meadows

Gardening Solutions

The Wise Gardener

5.     Use puns and wordplay

Using these can add a fun twist to the theme. Consider using a name that has a double meaning, such as “Love” or “Passion”.

Consider using a name that is memorable, such as “French Garden”. Place the word in quotes if you want to make it an indirect reference. For example, “A garden of love.” Consider using a word that has multiple meanings.

Grow Fresh!

Nature Captured

Pink Pony

Favorite Gardening

Gardens of Babylon

Oceanside Meadows

Nature Thrive

Rousal Berry

Grateful Gardens

Prepared Grease

Minute BEE

Sally’s Flower Bed

A-Sister Garden

Bloom Season



Premier Mart

Earthen City

Soilless Landscaping

Fowler Flower

Fresh vegetables




Fine Grower

Green Solutions

Bedrock Roses

Overpowered Flower


Sacred Begrime


In conclusion, garden names can be a fun way to show off your personality, or to give your garden a unique identity.

They can also be a way to commemorate someone special, or to celebrate a special event. Whatever the reason for choosing a name, it’s a good idea to take some time to select the perfect one.

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