200 Alluring and Cute Fairy Garden Names

Fairy gardens are a popular attraction in many parks and gardens all over the world. They provide a whimsical, enchanting atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

The names of these gardens often reflect the culture or folklore of the countries in which they are located. However, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one, here we enlist few things to consider before you get started.

If you don’t know where to start, then it would be best to start with the general theme of your choice. The idea is to create a garden that reflects your own personality and one which you would be proud of.

A garden should reflect your personal taste, so choose one that you like. Since it will be your own, choose one that you have always wanted to have. It is best to go with a theme that appeals to your interest and passion.

Whether or not you can actually afford this idea is completely up to you.

Fairy Garden Names

Oceanside Meadows

Sundercastle Garden

Spring Garden

Tiger Lily Garden

The Marigold Fairy

Sandy’s Garden

Owlfeather Plaza

Genus Greenery

Typical Roses

Stony Smudge

Lunchtime Gardener

Happy Cultivation

Alpine Orchards

The Periwinkle Fairy

The Greenery


The Lively Leaf

Rose Orchards

Little Trees Garden

Magical Fairy Garden Names

Trebah Garden

Lelin Garden

Pleasure Gardens

Foxtail Garden

Natural Immersion

Container Garden

Golden Elms

Garden of Dreams

Rosewood Park

Cormwell Gardens


Ecoe Baby Flowers

Hastdale Plaza

Sterile Sunshine

Bird of Paradise

All Potted Plants


The Petaled

Sunsational Garden

Green Garden Glow

Cute Fairy Garden Names

Strawberry Garden

Gentle Gardner’s

Elegant Garden

Valborough Plaza

Essen Blume

Juliet Garden

Midland Meadows


Twilight Garden


Your Fairy Garden

Fine Flor

Greenhouse 2U

Landscape Revivers

Majestic Garden


Plants In Bloom

Peak Horticulture

Fading Floriculture

Linford Garden

What are some good fairy garden names?

Minute Mulch

Woodland Joy

Minnequet Garden

Fading Florist

Botanical Garden

Conswell Garden

Garden of Wales

Full Floral

Powis Castle

Violet Garden

Castle Gardens

Almond Garden

Garden Way

Yamato Garden

Dirt Group

Riverhill Garden

Alacook Garden

Pictorial Yard

The Loom Florist

The Cornflower Fairy

Creative Garden Names



Aestral Gardening

Plant Living House

Northside Orchard

The Candytuft Fairy

Latin Garden

Grow and Go To

Young Greens


Good Stain

Efflorescence Spot

The Giggle Barn

A Lovely Fruitbed


Garden Central

Mount Stewart

Eynsington Meadows

Springwater Nursery

Keep it Green

Fairy Garden Names

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How to Name a Fairy Garden

If you are looking for ideas on how to name a fairy garden, then you have come to the right place.

You can find some creative names here that will probably be able to inspire you when you want to name your garden.

Here we enlist few thinks before choosing fairy garden names:

1.     Be Clever: Use puns or alliteration to make it more interesting

There is no limit to what you can invent. You are free to choose whatever name that you like. It would be great if it means something for your garden because it will be a memorable one for all of your guests.

Suncoast Nurseries


New Era Garden

Sunflower Garden

Golden Bloom

Golton Meadows

Saturated Sunshine


Godolphin Garden

A Garden Affair

Well Planted

Bloom Pots

City Trails

Eco Friendly Greens

Brown Grime

2.     Choose a name that is pleasant to your ears

You will want your guests to enjoy hearing their name when they are walking on your garden.

Lush Harvest

Danterel Garden


Rosshurst Garden

Northlake Gardens


Lily Pad Garden

Bolldale Garden

Careful Gardening

Perley Garden

Plant Paradise

Southside Garden

Green Plains

Cyan Eco Garden

The Good

3.     Choose a name that will fit the theme of your garden

Choose a name that follows the theme of your garden The theme of your garden should be reflected in its name too.

If you are having a fairy garden then it will be great if its name is one that reflects the theme of fairy gardens like Tinker Bell or Cinderella.

Doubter Flower

Exbury Garden

Cute Greens

Home a Dream

Organic Farming

Borde Hill Garden

Roosevelt Gardens

Fairy Flowers Gardens

Silver Oak Garden

Dogwood Garden

Curated Care

Barkenford Plaza

Stone Lake Ground

Arundel Castle

Cypress Gardens

4.     Choose names that have meanings related to fairies and faeries

Names that have meaning to magic and enchantment are great for a fairy garden.

Names such as Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, or Magician are good ones to choose.

Lakewood Garden

Italian Begrime

Sunny Nook

EcoCool Garden

Green Heart

The Shaped

Virgin Garden

The Rare Blossom

Gardening Cactus

The Alkaline

Infinite Flora

Botanical Plants

Favorite Flavor

Winter Garden

Cultivation Pro

5.     Choose names with meanings related to nature and the environment

If you are having a garden with lots of plants then names like Seedlings or Plants will fit the theme of your garden.

Choose names that have meanings related to nature and the environment.

Goulton Garden

The Phlox Fairy

Sapphire Garden

Ryganna Garden

Agape Greenhouse

Golden Grounds

Causaly Meadows


Elegant Garden

Triangle Meadows

Arundel Castle

New Era Garden

Rose Garden

Godolphin Garden

Sedum Garden

Havermark Gardens

Full Floral


In conclusion, fairy garden names can be a fun way to personalize your garden and add a touch of whimsy. There are many different options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and style.

So get creative and have fun picking out a name for your fairy garden!

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