500+ Catchy Fishing Company Name Ideas of All Time

Figuring out name for your fishing business? Here we suggest fishing company name ideas to inspire you and help you brainstorm new and original fishing business names.

You ready?

Make sure you pick up pen and paper and write the down the ideas that come to your mind.

Fishing company names

Following are some of the catchy fishing company name ideas:

United States Seafoods

Pacific Shrimp Company

Hilo Fish Company

Eastern Fish

Trident Seafoods Corporation

Loop Tackle

Capitol Fishing Tackle Company

Ocean Beauty

Direct Seafoods

Pesky Fish

Daily Fish Supplies

Wharf Trading International

The Upper Scale

Bard Shellfish

Capital Seafoods

Dolphin Solutions

Ocean Wave Fisheries

Venus Enterprises

Coastal Adventures

Fishfull Adventures

Little Hooker Landing

Monroe Charter

The Minnow Fishing Charters

Rosewood Charterss


FishoFly Charters

Packoshade Crating

Fine Food Specialist

Anglo Fishing

Go Fishing Worldwide

GO Outdoors

Unique Seafood

BlueBar Adventures

WinPack Charters

FlexFish Crating

Mayer Charters

Marine Players

True World Foods

Angling Direct Crayford

The Fish Society

Fish brand names

Here are some of the fishing brand names to inspire your ideas:

Off Limits Fishing

Miami Fishing Charters

Lucky Bear Charters

Hooks Landing

Get Hooked

Fish Taxi

Cutthroat Anglers

Chuck’s Charter Fishing

Channel Island Fishing

Berkely Marina Charters

Bay Fishing Adventures

Bare Bassed

Bass Backwards

Best Cast Fishing

Bold Adventurers

Creekside Fishing Supplies

Dawn Fishing

EpicSea Charters

AnchorZest Charters


RoyalLink Charters

GoldenRod Fishing Charters

Master Anchor

FishSetter Charters

Joss Solo Charters

happyForth Adventures

BlueBig Landing

Go For It Adventures

Well Hooked Charters

Fishing team names

These are the coolest team name ideas:

Deep Dive Fishing

Fish Anchor

Favorite Fishers

Crown Fish Charters

Anchor Charter

The Undulating Lake

The Wild Minnow

Boat & Bait

Fishhead River Supplies

Water Wilderness

Fresh Angler

Fish Culture

Creek & Tackle

Lake & Reel

Pond & Bucket

The Fish NetWorm

Bluewater Bait & Lure

Outdoor Anonymous

The Fish Rec

StandForce Adventures

Fish Channel Charters


Urban Blossom

Yente Charters

Genuine hook Charters

SureShip Charters

Tricton Crating


FinoFit Charters



Neptune Charters




RiverSide Plaza

Gladstone Charters

East River

Hazelnut Plaza

Urban Spring

Fish Corner

Pleasant View Charters

Cypress Charters

FishBuddy Landing

RiverFlag Charters



Fishing store name ideas

Below are the good fishing store name ideas for your shop:

Off the Dock

All Things Fishing

Bait by the Barrel

Rivers & Gills

Rod’s Gallery

90 Degree Angler

Rig Runners Fishing

All Day Angler

Bad bass Fishing

Bait And Poles

Bait And Tackle

Tackle Treasures

The Catfish Canoe

Top Gun Charters

The Long Run Fish Charter

Summertime Charters


Reel Men Fishing Charters

Randy’s Fishing

Bigwest Charter

WiseTime Charters

RedMad Landing

Qrodims Charters

Fish Glare

Ocean Breeze



Nature Ethics


fishing company name ideas

How to Come up With Fishing Company Name Ideas

Brainstorm new name ideas from the above names.

Make a list of words that you’d want to use in the name.

Intermix words and play with names to make a unique name by yourself.

Avoid the exact copy of others name.

Check the availability of domain name, if you’d want to be available online.

Also, find the social media usernames availability.

Make sure you pick short, sweet and simple.

The name must be easy pronouncing and spelled.

Bottom Line

When you have made a list of your favorite fishing business name, shortlist it to few names. Get feedback from your friends and family members. Proceed with the one that gets most votes.

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