180 Creative and Cool Contest Name Ideas

 If you’re looking for new contest names, there are plenty of possibilities to choose from. If you’ve been thinking about hosting your own contest but aren’t sure where to start, there are plenty of resources available to help.

 The best contest name ideas are always the ones that have some sort of clever or unique twist to them. If there is an existing contest name you think might be a good one, you can find out by searching for it on any search engine.

You can also check in the forums to see if someone has already posted the same idea or if they are already using the name.

 Think about what the contest is supposed to achieve. If you’re trying to drum up interest, focus on something that your audience will be excited about. You could come up with something clever and catchy, or you could go for something more straightforward and informative.

Perhaps you could focus on a specific theme or region of the country? The possibilities are endless! So get creative and come up with some great contest name ideas!

Contest Name Ideas


The Barbarians

Sweeps Advantage

Furious George

No Rules

Wired Technokrats

No Chance

Happy House

The Geek Bank

Turkey Shoot


Face to Face

Contest Beat

Miracle Workers

Ninja Win

Shop Your Way

Bean Counters

Fantastic 50

Shooting Stars


Treasure Map

Contest Bee

Rowdy Rockers

Quota Buster

Men of Genius

The Pistols

Everyone Wins


Chatting till I Die

Gold Rush

Funny Contest Names

Thunder Bolts


Remarkable Falcons

Giveaway Booster

Twice is Nice

Awesome Admins

Swag Partners

Easter Egg Hunt

Single Voice

Win Diesel

Cool Translators

The Test Eagles

Turn the Tables

The Eliminators

Double Prizes

The Matadors

Envelope Pass

Mind Benders

Good Times

Funny Fliers

Concept Squad


The Optimizers

The Singles

Hawk Eyes

Bridge Connect

Bonus Bucks

The Galfriends

Property Crunchers

Sweepstakes Bug

Catchy Contest Names

Just do it

The Outsiders

Just Desserts

Black Panthers

Team Extreme

Simple Minds

Phone Pals

Power House

Bhaia ji Smile


Sweepstakes Crazy

The Rooftop

North Mavericks

Hunt for Sales

Dishy Dudes

Giveaway Monkey

Greedy Foodies

Success Desk

Super Sweeps

Pair Selling

Sales Bingo

The Flash Contest

Bean Secrets


The Elite Group

Good Luck Fairy

No Spamming

Prize Stakes

Infinite Sweeps

Get Er Done

Art Contest Name Ideas

Freebie Shark

Bite Force

Dynamic Drillers

Wind Chasers

Bachelor’s Party

Contest Watchers

Name Your Team

General Raffle

Rocking Family

Money to Minutes

Go for the Gold

Haughty Leaders


White Sharks

Recycle Bin

It’s A Wrap

Passion Pavers

Snake Eyes



Feast or Famine

Red Raiders

Write Soul

The Blazers

Royal Benchers

Sales Olympics

Sons of Pitches

Rumor Mongers

Flying Squirrels

Raffle Masters

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What are some unique contest names?

Data Cleanup

Capitalist Crew

Three Idiots

Aromatic Perfumes

Rustic Blooms

Concept Creators

Ancient Lawyers

Contest Alley


Giveaway Frenzy

Golden Tickets

Profit Pig

Lucky Drawing

Contest Chest

Heads or Tails


Balloon Surprise

Tycoon Gladiators

We Don’t Lose

Star Performer

Prosper Gurus

Class Tribe

The Posse

Jokes on You

Roll for Dollars

Power Seekers

Bright Sparks


Giveaway Promote

Star Perfomer

Contest Name Ideas

Check Also

How to Name a Contest

 Use your creativity! Think of all the different ways you can use words as a noun. Nouns are great because they can be used as a verb, adjective or adverb . You can also use them in combinations to make adjectives, such as ‘good’ or ‘fast’.

 Here are some ways to come up with catchy contest names ideas:

1.     Be creative and Unique

 The more original and creative your contest is, the more people will be interested in entering it. People will be interested in your contest if it is unique and something that they have never seen before.

2.     Make it easy to remember and pronounce

 If you are going to have a contest, you may as well make it easy for people to remember. So, use simple words and phrases that are easy to spell and say.

3.     Use unusual adjectives, words and names

 Give your contest something interesting by using a name that sounds unusual or different from the rest. If you are using a name that has been used before, make it sound fresh by adding a new twist to it or changing the spelling slightly.

4.     Catch people’s attention

 Use a catchy title, a funny picture or an out-of-the-ordinary question to make it easy for people to remember your contest and get them interested in entering.

5.     Redundancy, Repetition and Rhyming

 A rhyme can put a smile on the face of anyone who hears it. It can also add a lot of colour to your contest and make it memorable.

6.     Research: make sure the name isn’t trademarked

 It is possible that the name you come up with can be of someone else’s. The other thing to look out for is that the name has already be trademarked. If it is already a registered trademark, then you can’t use the name.


 In conclusion, there are many options for naming a contest. By brainstorming and using a variety of resources, you can find the perfect name for your next contest.

Be sure to keep the goals of your contest in mind when choosing a name and use a name that will inspire participants to enter. A catchy name can help to increase awareness and participation in your contest.

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