180 Catchy Bowling Tournament Names and Suggestions

Bowling tournament names are always fun to come across. They are great for creating buzz around your event and getting people excited about it. But how do you pick a tournament name that is both memorable and catchy? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself first.

Do you want to come up with a tournament that is all about sportsmanship? Or maybe you want to focus more on the entertainment aspect of the game? Whatever kind of tournament you’d like to host, you need to decide on a theme that will set the tone for your tournament.

Bowling Tournament Names

  • I Bowl event
  • No ‘F’ in Strikes Tournament
  • Smoke a Bowl Tourney
  • Bowling Bunnies Tourney
  • Turkey Quirkies event
  • Dead Money event
  • Rock-n-Bowlers event
  • The Pin Numbers event
  • All for a Pin(t) Tourney
  • Ladies in Pink contest
  • Hot Shots Tourney
  • Pin Me Please event
  • Move to Strike Tournament
  • Balls of Thunder event
  • Munsons Tournament
  • Frames be Damned event
  • Da Ham Bones Tourney
  • Bowlers in Boots Tournament
  • Splitz Season Tournament
  • Club 300 Tournament

What are some good bowling tournament names?

  • The 300-club Tourney
  • Oily Balls Tournament
  • Ball Busters event
  • Ballbarians Tournament
  • Spare a Dime Tournament
  • Phantom Strikers Tourney
  • Changing Lanes event
  • Split Ends Tournament
  • Lord of the Pins event
  • Dangerous Dames Tourney
  • Ten Pin Wizards event
  • Framed for Murder contest
  • Pinny for your Thoughts event
  • The Stock Splits Tourney
  • Pinzee Lohan Tournament
  • Tapped Out contest
  • Gutter Gang Tourney
  • Alley-oops event
  • Just Bowl It Tournament
  • Glory Bowl Tourney
Bowling Tournament Names

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How to name a bowling tournament?

Now, the question is how do you name a bowling tournament? The short answer…

  1. Try to convey the purpose of the tournament within the name
  2. Be concise and clear with your choice of words – choose unique over over-used
  3. Think about leaving a lasting impression or image in the minds of your players

Now, the long answer…

1) Pick a name that describes what the tournament is about.

When picking a name for your tournament, you need to consider several things. First, you need to figure out what type of tournament you are running. Then, you need to find a name that best fits the type of tournament you are holding. Finally, you need to determine whether the name you picked is appropriate for your event.

  • Hall of Framers event
  • Bowlable Hours event
  • Spare no one event
  • Pin Pushers Tourney
  • Rolling Pins event
  • Brew Crew Tournament
  • Quick Release event
  • Pin Busters event
  • Stealth Bowlers Tournament
  • We’ve Got Balls event
  • Bowlger King Tourney
  • Snakes on a Lane event

2) Try something different and unusual

Sometimes, bowling tournament names are very similar to each other. For example, the same tournament might be named “The U.S. Open Golf Championship.” However, you can still come up with a unique tournament name by combining two or three words.

For example, you could combine the word “golf” with “championship” to create a tournament name such as “The USGA Golf Championship.”

  • Pin Heads event
  • Lucky Strike Tourney
  • Flaming Ballers Tourney
  • Clubsi Tournament
  • Good Time Boys Tournament
  • Bowling Belles Tourney
  • Bankrollers Tournament
  • Pinning Ain’t Easy contest
  • Wicked Pins event
  • Gutter Dusters contest
  • Mis-splits event
  • Incredi-bowls event

3) Use personalities

Think about famous personalities. Who are some athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, etc., whose names you’d like to incorporate into your tournament name? Maybe you could use the names of celebrities to inspire your tournament name. After all, people often associate certain celebrities with specific events.

  • Banana Split Tournament
  • Bowlder dash Tourney
  • A Team Tournament
  • Lebowski Urban Achievers contest
  • No Lane no Gain Tourney
  • Crime and Pinishment contest
  • Sabotage Drifters Tournament
  • Late Night Crew Tournament
  • Two Pins and a Split Tourney
  • Gutter Ballers event
  • The Nihilists Tournament
  • Ally McBowl Tourney

4) Choose words with interesting meanings.

Choosing a name for a bowling tournament is not easy. There are thousands of words available to you and choosing just a few can be overwhelming when they are also supposed to fit with each other well. However, there are some words that are more suitable than others.

The following are the bowling tournament names that help you brainstorm more ideas:

  • Babes & Balls Tourney
  • Gutter Snipes Tourney
  • Barack Obowlers Tourney
  • Cross Overs Tournament
  • Balls to the Wall Tourney
  • Incredibowl Hulks event
  • The Pinslayers event
  • Incredibowls Tourney
  • Pinguins Tourney
  • Oddballs Tourney
  • Balls Out Tournament
  • 300-ers Tourney

5) Avoid using any words that have negative connotations.

If you use a word that has a negative connotation, such as “cheap,” “shoddy,” “inexpensive,” etc., you may lose audience who feel uncomfortable with the tournament name.

  • Scratch and Sniff contest
  • Gutter-licious contest
  • Thank God We’re Bowling event
  • Rambowls Tournament
  • 300 Wannabees Tournament
  • Elbow Benders Tournament
  • Lane Surfers Tourney
  • Lickity Splits Tourney
  • Unbowlievable Tourney
  • Up in Frames Tourney
  • Lil’ Achievers Tournament
  • Ten In Da Pit Tourney

6) Think about the location where the tournament takes place.

If the tournament is held in a city, consider naming the tournament after the city. For example, if the bowling tournament is held in New York City, you could call the tournament “NY Memorial Tournament.”

  • Bowl Durham event
  • Bowler’s Dozen Tournament
  • Pin Pricks Tournament
  • Fort Knocks Tournament
  • Split Happens Tourney
  • Striking Power Tournament
  • Never Say Die event
  • Bowl Deep Tourney
  • Bowling Babes Tourney
  • Split Head Tournament
  • Up our Alley Tournament
  • Alley Masters Tourney

7) Choose a name that is easy to pronounce.

When naming a tournament, you want to make sure the name is easy to remember and spell. This means that the tournament name must be easy to write down. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, try writing it down on paper and see if you can figure it out. Writing down the name helps you get a better sense of how it sounds and looks. Once you know how it sounds and looks, you can come up with a more fitting name.

  • Twisters Tournament
  • Lane Violation Tournament
  • Livin’ on A Spare event
  • NSink event
  • Tidy Bowls Tourney
  • Freedom Reigns Tourney
  • High Rollers contest
  • Bowl-o Contendre Tourney
  • Bowled Girls Tournament
  • Pocket Pounders Tourney
  • Frickin Ten Pin Tournament
  • Pinny Lane event

8) Be creative!

If you can’t think of anything, try this: Go to a local library and look through magazines and catalogs. Look for bowling tournaments that have unusual names. Or go to an art gallery and see what kind of names they use.

Don’t limit yourself to just one idea. Try different ideas until you find one that works best for you.

  • Gutters ‘R’ Us event
  • 2 Legit 2 Split Tourney
  • Gutter Geckos Tournament
  • Pin Pals Tourney
  • Trick Shot Bowlers event
  • Foul Language Tourney
  • Hang 10 Bowlers event
  • Here 4 the Beer contest
  • Bowling Stones Tourney
  • Lucky Strikes Tourney
  • Jive Turkeys event
  • Time to Spare Tournament

9) Involve other people

One of the biggest challenges is choosing a good name for your bowling tournament. If you want to avoid headaches later on down the road, it’s better to find a name that is catchy and memorable. This means you don’t just come up with a name, then hope no one else has already thought of it. Instead, you should involve other people in the process. They may have ideas they haven’t considered yet.

You can also ask friends, family members, and colleagues for their opinion. They may have suggestions that you hadn’t thought of. The more input you get, the better off you’ll be.

  • Bowl you Over event
  • Strike a Pose Tourney
  • Ebowla event
  • Night Shift Tournament
  • Legally Bowled event
  • Pin Money Tourney
  • Fingers and Gutters contest
  • The T-Bowls Tourney
  • Senior Stars event
  • King Pins contest
  • Ten Pin Tournament
  • Bowling A-Loan Tourney

10) Do not use long names

Long tournament names are not always bad. In fact, they can be very good. However, there are times when long names are just too much. If you want to have a successful bowling tournament, then you must keep in mind that short names are better than long ones. This is especially true if you are trying to market yourself online. People love short names, and they are easier to remember. So, if you are looking to get more traffic on your website, then you should consider using short names.

  • Lane Rangers Tourney
  • Gen X Tournament
  • Bi-polar Rollers contest
  • Strikes-R-Us Tournament
  • Livin’ on a Spare Tournament
  • Spare Despare Tournament
  • Spare Us Tournament
  • Strike Club Tournament
  • Dolls with Balls Tourney
  • Strikes R Us contest
  • Unlucky Strikes event
  • Bending Babes contest

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